This Weekend With Lyn and Her Family Pt. 2


Well, I had sucked off Lyn's father and he filled my mouth then her mother grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to her. She shoved me to my knees and told me in not very nice words to eat her pussy. It was hairy and looked like it had never been shaved and she shoved my face into it. It was soaking wet and I began to eat her even with the pungent smell, as if she did not wash every day. Then her hands were again in my hair and she shoved my face into her and I could not breathe. I though she would let me but after a few seconds I began to worry and tried to move. Then hands were on my shoulders holding me there and I tried to reach up to push off but strong hands grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind me and my face was pushed further into the pussy smothering me. I heard laughing as I passed out. I do not know how long but when I woke up I was secured to an "X" shaped table of sorts. I could not move my body at all. There weres traps on my wrists, elbows and shoulders. My ankles, knees and upper thighs as well as my waist and under my tits and at the base on my nexk. My head had a type of strap around the forehead. On each side of me were Lyn and her father on one side and her mother on the other, all talking to each other. They were all naked and so was I. Lyn began telling me what they said, "When Lyn told us about her teacher we were delighted.

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   We wanted to meet you and there were things we also wanted to do so we set up this meeting to see if we could find out just how much sex you could enjoy. " Lyn laughed here and told then of the night with the students and the dog she told me later. Her parents both looked at me and smiled and then she said, "Good, we think you will enjoy our experiments on you. " I asked what kind and Lyn just smiled and kissed me. "If you are able to enjoy it all then you will thank us. " she said. I then saw that she had on a leather collar and her nipples has large post piercings, something that she had not worn before. Her mother said something and she said to me, "My mother says that she hopes you will survive so much pleasure because if you do you wil be a great lover for us. Lyn then put a tube to my lips and said, "Drink. " and I sucked on it and a bitter liquid went into my mouth and I swallowed. I did not realize how thirsty I was and I drank more. "This is a special tea and it will heighten all that you experience. " Lyn said. I felt warn all over and then her mother help up a long gold needle. It was slender and very sharp and maybe 12 inches long.

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   "I told mother that just sucking and biting your breasts made you have orgasms so she is going to find the center of pleasure in them. You will have many orgasms while she is looking for it. It is a form of tantric accupuncture. She is an expert and it is wonderful to watch. " she said and then her mother swabbed my breasts with something to steralize them. The pads were cold and made my nipples hard as rocks and they laughed. Lyn held my right breast in her hands and her mother pulled at the nipple making it hard and very sensative. Her father was filming with a video on a tripod and so they began. The sharpe point touched my nipple in the middle and I felt a twing of pain mixed with pleasure. I know my pussy began getting wet because it felt good and Lyn said so to her parents and her father looked and they talked. Her mother spoke and Lyn said, "We do often have women with such big tits to do this with, mostly smaller. " The needle went into my nipple and Lyn held it. Her mother watched my face and I know I closed my eyes for the pleasure was mounting. I would have been moving my hips but the straps would not let me. I wanted something to fil my pussy but they did offer a dildo or probe.


   She was twisting the needle as it went in and as it did I felt my hips convulsing in and orgasm. My pussy must had sprayed for they got excited and bega talking and laughing. Her father wrote in a notebook and the she waited for the orgasm to finish and began twisting the needle again, having never removed it. I felt it deeper in my tit and the pain was moving all over my body from that point. I remember crying out, "Oh yes, yes, oh that is so fucking good. " over and over. Suddenly another orgasm came and my hips wanted to break out of the straps and I needed to wrap my legs around someone but could not. Later I saw the video that showed my pussy spraying a stream of liquid over two feet away. The stream was like I was pissing but I was not. The orgasm finally finished and again she twisted the needle and it went deeper still. I felt something like it was pushing against my rib cage under my tit and she was moving the needle around. Her mother laughed and spoke and then Lyn said, "My mother says that the needle now is all the way to the base of your breast. If she wanted to she could puncture your right lung. She could kill you or give you more pleasure. " I think I surprised them because in a for from the tea I said, "Would there be any difference?" and Lyn told them and they seemed very solomn.

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   Now they moved to the left breast Lyn held it as she had the other one. The needle went in and again I sprayed a stream from my convulsing pussy. I looked at Lyn, "Oh please tell your mother, I need to get fucked my something, my pussy is going nuts. " she told her and the woman laughed. She comtiuned and pushed the other needle in further and after more spraying it too was al the way in. They all drew back and Lyn said, "We will let you rest some now. We will start again in an hour. Mother has something to get ready for the next part. " and they left the room and I was there with my tits stuck thru with two long gold needles and my pussy in need to by fucked my anything that would fill it up. Part 3 later everyone. lovetessby the way, feel free to email me at Tripleebbw@yahoo. com.