This Weekend with Lyn and Her Family Pt. 3


I slept for a while but I did not know how long. I was sleeping when something began to tingle in my chest. It was the needles being twisted that were still there. My eyes opened to Lyn standing over me smiling. She kissed me, "Time for more fun. " she said. "Fun?" I said and she said "Yes, now for the serious part. Mother is going to try something new. " "Like what?" I said. "You will see. " she said and stepped back. I could see the needles in my nipples and they were still deep inside. Her mother stepped to my view and she had a wire with a clip in the end and she clipped the end on one wire. Then with another wire she attached it to the other needle. She spoke and Lyn said, Now you will begin to feel a little more sensation in you body. Mother thinks that you will feel this all over.

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   Her father had the camera again and he was moving around with it. Her mother was standing with something that looked like a switch for a toy and she looked at me. Then she smiled and I felt somehing begin in my tits. I was all over though not just in one place at the nipples. My tits began to feel warm and there was a shocking sensation but not a full shock like a cord that you touch. It seemed to radiate out from the middle of my tits and out so that all of the tits were shocked and the warmth moved over me till it was al over my chest and then down my arms. "Does that feel good?" Lyn asked me and I said, "Oh yes, it does. " and she told her mom. I saw her move the switch and the feeling was now more of a shock than a tingle and it did not feel as good. It was now moving faster over my body. I could not speak smoothly, "Oh, no that is not as good. " I said and Lyn just told her mother. Then the switch moved more and it now realy began to shock me like touching a bare wire. I was not realy able to say anything and now my hips moved by themselves. The camera moved all over me and they talked to each other.

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   "No mother is going to try something else, be ready Teresa. " she said and the looked at her mother. A shock went through my body and I passed out. I woke up later with them all around me and smiling. "What happened?" I said. "You were knocked out by the shock. " Lyn said. "The good thing is that when you had the full shock you also had an orgasm as you passed out. Mother is very happy with that. " "She may be happy but I think we should stop now. " I said. Lyn told her mother but she got angry and go in my face yelling at me. "Mother said that she has much more she wants to learn. " Lyn said. I was now afraid and she looked at me and laughed.

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   "But I can't take that much" I began and the tingling had already began. "Oh please no. " I said. The tingling got stronger. I was feeling warm again and then suddenly she turned it all the way and I jerked and passed out again. I woke up again and they told me again that I had an orgasm. I could not imagine it but they said I did. I laid there trying to tell them that I could not take anymore and that it might hurt me. NOw Mom came around and moved the straps across my chest and she looked at me carressing my upper body. She took off the wires and took the needles out and then I saw that about 12 inches had been in my tits. Mom began kissing me and I was getting hotter and saying, "Oh that is better. " Her hands made me feel good all over and they went to my dripping pussy and probed deep. She was working to an orgasm when she stopped and made me moan. She began again and after getting me to the edge stopped again. Now her hands came to my upper chest above my tits and she was carressing my neck and sucking and biting my nipples.


   My orgasm was on the way and I was expecting her to stop again and then I felt it hard to breathe. Lyn began sucking my nipples and Mom moved around to watch my face. She had her hands on my neck now and I was torn between the pleasure in my chest and the fact that I was having trouble breathing. Then her hands were tight just as I had felt my orgasm beginning. I was gasping and trying to breathe and her hands were tighter and then everything faded. I woke up and again they said I had a really strong orgasm. Again she began the same thing and as I was passing out this time I felt the orgasm flooding over my body. I woke and now saw several people around me, all watching and all naked. Lyn spoke and said, "Mother wants to thank you, we have only one more thing she wants to see, how many men can you have sex with?" I laughed and said, "Well, it will be best if I am loose. " and they began taking the straps of. I got off and was weak and they helped me to a sort of bed. I laid there and streached out and said, "Well, now for the fun for me. I will take one of as many that can get something in me at one time. " I said. A nice sized cock was in me quickly and one at my face.


   I sucked it in and the one went into my pussy and I felt an orgasm instantly. "Oh my god this is great!!!" I yelled. He moved in and out hard and now I was having one orgasm after another. After a short time he filled my pussy and then another skipped in. The one filed my throat and another orgasm shook my body. The one in my pussy again moved my pussy to convulsing and grabbing the cock in me. Now there was a continous stream of cocks, in my pussy and mouth and then they got my up so that one could slip into my ass at the same time and there were constantly 3 at a time in me. I was going crazy with seeming constant orgasms. One after another filled me and I was still as if I had just began. I do not know how long but finally the men stopped filling me and I was laying there dripping cum from every hole. Lyn looked at me, "Mother wants to know if you have energy for maybe one more or two. " she said. "Oh yes, please. " I said. I was helped up and laid over a soft bench and then I felt licking on my bottom.

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   Sure enough a huge shcpard was mounting me and he found his target quickly. "Oh fuck yes," I began yelling as she mounted and filled my pussy. Then in slipped his knot and I was screaming from the constant orgasms that shook me. The dog moved off and I laid limp over he bench. I dozed off and then Lyn woke me, "Now the last one. " she said and there werwe people all around us. I was in another room and heard the sounds of another animal. I was moved to a mating bench and a chestnut stallion was there his cock fully extended. I was moved under him and then he was guided into me. "Oh fuck yes, yes, all of it, of yeh. . . " I was screaming now. He mounted me and drove me hard and so deep that he rocked me forward with every stroke. His gallon of cum filled and overflowed till it flowed down my legs.

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   He finised and they moved him and me. I was laid on a bed and allowed to sleep. I woke and Lyn helped me to the shower and she and I bathed. She made sure to get all the cum out of my hair and off me. I did not let her clean out my pussy and ass for I love the taste of cum after being very well fucked. The nex day I was with all three of them eating supper and Lyn told me about her mother and her interests in seeing how sex is done by many different people. She had been subject to her mother's research the year before when she had her first period. They dressed me in some nice clothes and drove me home. Steve was there and he kissed me and they all came in. Lyn was excited and sat on his lap and began moving around. It was easy to see his excitement growing. Lyn said something to her father and he said something back and she stood up and undressed and moved Steve's pants down. His 9 inches sprang up and she almost died with excitement. She licked it slowly and Steve moaned and then she got over it and moved her pussy lips around it. She moaned and then began working down little by little until it was in her half way, then she began moving up and down and each time it went further in.

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   Finally, with about 2 inches left she sank down on it and she collapsed onto his chest. She began moving and slipping it half way in and out. She sped up and then suddenly rammed it deep in her and her orgasm shook her body. She laid against his chest and was obviously squeezing his cock with her pussy and he moaned and then, he filled her pussy with a few days of cum. It began dlowing out from around his cock and she began moving again and he was still hard. This time she rode him hard and deep and after about half an hour he filled her again and she shook all over with orgasms. They left Lyn and Steve and she and I got in the garden tub and soaked. She went between the two of us, kissing and carressing us till she found Steve hard again and mounted him yet again. She made him cum again and slipped off. We all dried off and ate and then slipped to bed. Lyn between the two of us. Well folks. Hope you enjoy. Mary, one day you need to cum let us fuck you. lovetess.

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