Three Wicked Brothers


Daddy just nodded. "No. I know my princess she is not like that. She knows what's good and what's bad. "Andrew just chuckled. "Yeah right. If a guy is a smooth talker, someone as naive as Chandra will fall for it. "Daddy was now getting very upset. "Look. I said she can go and that's final. I know how much you all care for Chandra but it's time to let her be a lady. " With that comment, daddy just walked away from the dinner table. The three brothers just looked at each other trying to come up with a plan to keep Chandra home. So many wicked and evil thoughts were running through their heads. Jared had thought about tying his sister down on his bed all night. Andrew had thought about locking her up in his room.

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   And Mark wanted to get her in the basement and have the three brothers spank her for conning her father to let her go out with this loser guy. Daddy was going to be going out that night with his new girlfriend. A women the boys' didn't like either. Some woman who would soon become their step mother. They didn't want any other woman in the house but their sweet sister. They loved her so much. She was so beautiful and fragile. Her petite little frame and her divine looks was what the brothers loved the most. They all at one time sat around talking about their fantasies about their little sister. OH yeah they wanted her badly! Today was going to be that perfect opportunity. It was now Saturday night and Chandra was upstairs getting ready for her big night out. She put on a stunning short red dress that draped down her shoulders a bit. Some red high heels to match the gown as well. She was wearing no bra because the dress was a bit thick in the material, so no need for a bra. She'd made sure to put on her sexiest black silk and lace panties just in case Daniel wanted to get a peep at them.

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   She felt she was so ready to lose her virginity to Daniel. She'd been having so many feelings of lust lately. She'd heard her friends as well swap stories about their wildsexual encounters. She'd never even kissed a boy before but all that would change tonight. She would let Daniel kiss her tonight. It was ten minutes before eight o'clock that night and she heard the doorbell ring. She'd let one of her brothers answer the door just as her father had ordered. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time to make sure she looked her best. Her pretty long brown hair was down with big curls and decorated with shiny red barrettes. Her big green eyes just glowed with excitement as she was ready to head downstairs and see her date all dressed in his tuxedo. A few minutes later, Chandra was downstairs but saw no one. The house seemed to be gloomy and cold. He walked slowly trying to see if her brothers had played some sort of trick on her as they always did. It was just silent. "Hello? Guys? Daniel?" She asked loudly.

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   All of a sudden she felt a strong hand around her covering her mouth. She tried to struggle but the hold was too strong. She still couldn't make out who was the person dragging her down to the basement. She felt her legs weaken and as she was being almost dragged to the basement, she lost her shoes. Now her bare feet were touching the cold floor. Finally she felt herself being pushed in the basement. It was very dim inside and trying to recover from her arrival, she was trying to make out the faces of the other two people there. She suddenly saw a bright light turn on. no, it couldn't be. But it was. It was her brothers. She kept wondering what evil trick had they played on her now. It was Andrew holding her from behind and then he let her fall to the floor. She looked up and saw her three big brothers surrounding her. "Well, I guess you won't be going to prom tonight.

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  " Mark said sarcastically. "Come on now. Dad said I could go. " Chandra pleaded. They guys just laughed wickedly. "Oh little sister, when will you learn that we just want what's best for you. " Andrew said as he began to help her up. Chandra took her brothers hand as he helped her up. Her heart was pounding with fear now. For some reason she knew this was not an evil trick. This was something more. "OK I know you all care about me, but I have to go. I believe Daniel will be here soon. Please guys. " Chanrda continued to plead.

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  "Oh no little sister. Daniel just left. We told him you got very sick and could not make it. " Jared assured Chandra. Chandra felt her eyes begin to tear. She couldn't believe her brothers were this mean to her. She couldn't wait to get older and move out so she wouldn't have to deal with them any longer. A stream of tears flowed down her rosy cheeks. "You are all such assholes. Daddy said I could go out. I can't believe you all ruined my date!" Chandra said softly as she sobbed. "You didn't miss out much Chandra. This guy was just expecting to get you to bed. " Andrew said trying to wipe her tears away. "So what? So what If I was going to have sex with him? You guys have casual sex with different women all the time and I don't say anything about it.

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  " Chandra was now raising her voice. Mark got closer stroking her hair. " NO baby sister, we didn't mean you can't have sex. Just have sex with someone you love. And don't tell me that you love that loser?" Chandra just looked at one brother and then the other and the other. They all looked so concerned for her. She felt their heat all over her. She tried to walk away slowly but it was impossible to get away. They were standing around her in a circle. All of them lusting after their precious little sister. Mark put his arms around her and held his sister tight and delicately kissed her cheek. Chandra could feel his strong hands glide up and down her arms. He kissed her other cheek now and then soflty began to kiss her mouth. Chandra just stunned didn't open her mouth but just let her brother slobber all over her sultry lips. Mark started to stroke her hair as Andrew began to put his arms around her.

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   "What the hell do you guys want? This is all wrong. Please stop. " Chandra begged as she spoke with a shaky tone. The brothers had no intentions of stopping. Jared was starting to kiss one side of her neck as Andrew kissed the other side from behind her. Mark wanted more kisses from his sister. "Chandra, it's not wrong. We love you. We truly care about you. " Mark said as he began to put his hands on Chandra's breasts. Chandra could feel the indecent touches of her brothers all over her body. It was all so astonishing. All three of her brothers wanting her this badly. Chandra knew it was all so forbidden but yet she could'nt move as she was losing herself in this wicked game of theirs. She felt the warmth of Andrew as he stood behind her with his arms locked tightly around her small body. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   She watched as Mark leaned down to kiss her once again. His lips met with hers so softly and gracefully. She felt his tongue begin to explore inside her mouth. Soon enough their tounges were linked together in the wetness of their passion. Chandra began to put her arms around Mark. They were kissing more intense now. Chanrda found herself craving more of her brothers kisses. Mark gently eased himself away from his sisters kiss. He wanted his other brothers to share the same excitement as he had felt kissing his beautiful sister. Andrew was next to kiss Chandra. His kiss was a bit more extreme. It seemed as he'd been yearning to kiss her for years. He held her petite little body in place as he let himself hold her so close to his body. They kissed for a few moments until Jared had to break up their kiss. Jared too wanted to see what it was like to kiss his sexy sister.

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   He'd always admired her voluptuous lips. As he planted his lips on hers he felt the most powering hard on begin to grown down his pants. Chandra knew by this time it was too late to get away. She was starting to desire all her brothers now. She loved the way their strong hands were all over her. The way they caressed her skin sending her strong sensations the tingled all over her body. Being the eldest, Mark pushed the other two brothers aside. He wanted his little sister more than anything at that moment. He wanted to take away her sweet innocence away. He began to unzip the back of her dress as the other two brothers let big brother continue his mission. Chandra felt a cold breeze hit her all over as her dress fell to the floor. Her breasts were now fully revealed. Her pink nipples were errect and her skin began to get goosebumps. Her brothers began to focus on her beautiful breasts. They were a nice b cup size so firm and so young.

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   She was left standing there with her black panties on. Andrew and Jared then walked closer to take her panties off and expose her sweet tight pussy. Chandra felt her cheeks begin to redden as her brothers glared at her with so much sexual emotion. Mark picked her up and carried like a ragdoll over to the pool table they had downstairs. chandra felt her body fall gently on the pool table as her brothers stood around looking down at her with eager eyes. Mark steped up in front first and put his hands on Chandra's knees slowly opening her her legs. The three brothers gawked at the sweetest and tighest pussy they'd ever laid their eyes on. It was all shaved and so wet. Her pink clit barely peeped out of her slick lips. All three brothers had hardons and were so ready to feel that luscious pussy. Mark wanted to taste it first. He knelt down and had Chandra's pussy right in front of his face. He'd always dreamed of this moment and now it was becoming a reality for him. Mark began to slowly suck on Chandra's clit making her squirm as Andrew and Jared began to suck on her beautiful breasts. The two brothers flicked her tongues on her nipples at a very fast pace.


   Mark continued to suck her now swollen clit and felt his little sister begin to ooze more sweet juices out. Chandra had never known such incredible pleasure before. She felt her heart racing with excitement and anticipation. She was now moaning with pleasure as her brothers sucked and licked her most intimate body parts. She then finally felt her body begin to quiver like never before. She just felt a rush of heat all over her as he came on her brothers mouth. Mark sucked harder to get all her juices. Andrew and Jared pinched Chandra's nipples as she climaxed. Her nipples now so big and so sensitive. Mark raised himself back up and let Andrew and Jared begin to suck the remaning juices out of Chandra's pussy. The two brothers took turns licking her juices off as they kissed her thighs and her flat belly. As the younger brothers licked off thier sister, Mark began to strip off his clothes. He was now naked and so willing to just tear that pussy up. Chandra looked up in the middle of her delight as her two brothers licked her up, to see her eldest brother with the biggest cock she'd ever seen standing in front of her. She took a big gulp as fear crept all over her.

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   Was her pussy going to be able to handle such a huge monster? Mark pushed his brothers to the side again as he stepped closer to his sister. "Ok guys take off all your clothes. It's time little sister learns just how much we love her. " Mark said as he pulled Chandra closer to the edge of the pool table. The two brothers followed big brothers orders and were all so ready for little sisters tight little pussy. Mark began to stick a finger in with ease as Chandra's pussy was already soaking wet. He twisted his finger inside letting her get the feeling of something in her pussy. Chandra felt a sharp discomfort at first as her brothers big finger entered her virgin pussy. Mark the began to slide another finger in to get her more ready now. He knew two fingers were nothing compared to his big cock. Chandra felt more intense pain but little by little was loosening up. Andrew and Jared watched closely as their big brother was about to fuck their little sister. Mark began to glide his cock slowly in chandra's pussy. The hot swollen cockhead went in first. His precum was being sucked up by his sisters tight opening.

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   "oh baby, your so tight. Chandra you feel incredible!" Mark exclaimed as he entered her more. It took a while but finally Mark was all inside Chandra's pussy. He'd never felt a tighter pussy before in his whole life. He loved the fact that she was chaste and now she was giving it all up to him. He'd be her first fuck. Her own brother would be the one to enter her pussy first. He felt so powerful at that moment. Chandra felt her pussy stretch open with plently of pain as her brother began to fuck her slowly. Her hands rubbed all over his chest as he fucked her. Andrew and Jared were just watching with awe as they envied their older brother. Mark began to pick up speed as he rammed his cock more into Chandra's pussy. He felt his balls swell up with plenty of cum to shoot into his sisters virgin hole. Chandra felt her big brothers cock so deep inside of her. She felt her juices overflow as her brother began to bang her pussy ever faster and harder.

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   Mark began to feel his cock tighten up and he knew he was so ready to cum in his sisters cunt. He started to feel intense pleasure rush all through him. Finally there he was shooting all his load in his sister. He was so hot for her. Chandra felt the warm cum flow all inside her. And she took it all. she loved it all. She wanted more of it. Mark slowly slid his cock out as he breathlessly kissed his sister thanking her for letting him fuck her. For letting him take away her purity. Mark stepped aside and sat on the old couch they had there. He could hardly catch his breath. He knew his brothers wanted Chandra. He knew he was selfish for having her first, but hey he was the eldest and that gave him the right to fuck her first. Andrew looked down to Chandra's pussy.

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   It was all so red and drenched. He wanted it so bad. He looked at Mark as his older brother gave him the "OK" to fuck little sister. Andrew held Chandra's legs open and began to slap his cock on her pussy. Chandra was so ready for Andrew. He was about an inch smaller than Mark, so she knew he'd be a little bit easier to take. She saw how Andrews cock throbbed for her. She was so amazed how much her brothers did love her. Andrew eased his cock in his sisters pussy as he felt her still a bit tight. She felt so warm inside. He felt her pussy immediatly swallow his whole cock. Andrew began to fuck her hard right away. "Fuck yeah! OH baby sister you feel so good! Take my cock. Take it all. " Andrew found himself just blurting out these words he'd never thought he'd be able to say to his sister.

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   All Chandra could do was moan. Andrews cock was making her pussy more wet. She felt him cum inside her immediatly after. He began to kiss her hard as he came hard like never before. He loved that fact that his sister was taking all his cum. No other girl would have done that. Jared was waiting with anticipation as he kept jerking off the whole time Andrew fucked Chandra. He didn't seem to hold it any longer and he just began to cum all over his hands! Andrew and Mark just stared surpsingly as the youngest brother couldn't wait any longer and just took it upon himself to cum. Embarrassed, Jared began to blush. Chandra just sat up just signaled for Jared to come to her. Jared still feeling a bit mortified, he walked slowly to his sister. Shockingly she got his hand where his gooey cum was all over, and he sucked the cum off his fingers and licked it off his hands. Chandra tasted her brothers bitter salty cum but the thought of swallowing her brothers cum excited her. Mark and Andrew walked over to watch their sister cum guzzle their little brothers cum. Chandra just smiled at Jared with sweetness and love.

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   "Don't worry Jared. I'll give you a few minutes to freshen up and then I'll be ready to let you fuck me too. " The four siblings all lived happily ever after. The End. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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