Tilly, mystified, looked at her mum. Her mum shrugged in equal loss then followed after him into the living room. Steve headed over to the TV and hit the on button with enough force to make his wife wince. The video got equal abuse. He reached into his coat and withdrew a video tape. Stuffing the tape into the machine he changed to video channel on the TV then pressed play on the remote. Tilly watched the scene appear on the screen. The picture was black and white and it was a moment before she realized that the selected camera view was high, looking down. The camera appeared to be aimed down at what appeared to be an alley way. Tilly suddenly realised what and where the image was. "Oh no" She whispered in growing terror. Her father paid her no heed; her mother looked in askance, still puzzled. In black and white and silence, two figures came round the corner. Both were dressed in school uniforms. The two solitary figures reached the end of the alleyway and slipped into a close embrace. The camera angle moved down and zoomed in on the two lovers, revealing that the camera was being monitored and controlled and was not just there for show.

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  Although it was black and white and grainy, it was clear enough that the uniforms were similar to the school uniform that she was currently wearing. Not surprising, since it was her on the screen. The video footage was taken from around the back of her school. The wall that the CCTV was mounted on was the storeroom and the other wall that formed the small cul-de-sac, was part of the boundary wall. It was a favourite haunt for all those wishing to get intimate as the only apparent way to see into it was at the entrance. Or so they had all thought. The silent lovers were kissing passionately and deeply on the screen. Then the girl- Tilly- broke the kiss then slowly dropped down, to rest crouching. Her head was now at a level with the boy's waist. Tilly watched as the hands of her screen image slowly unzipped the boys fly then as an after thought, unbuttoned his trousers. Her mother gasped in horror, Tilly wanted to disappear into the carpet. Maybe her father would stop the tape. He did not. The screen Tilly slipped her hands into the pants of the boy, drawing his just visible erection out into the air. She studied it for a moment before she moved her head closer, obscuring the view.

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  Her mother cried out as the screen Tilly started to move her head in short repetitive jerks. There was no movement or sound from her father. The boy on screen tilted his head back in pleasure. Three sets of legs appeared at the top of the screen and the camera operator panned out, to reveal another girl and two boys. The on screen Tilly turned her head to look at the new arrivals but did not pause in her rhythm. The new girl raised a hand to point at Tilly and said something, forever lost due to the lack of sound capability of the camera. Tilly turned her head back to the job at hand. One of the new boys slipped behind the girl and slipped his hands up her skirt. She made no move to stop him. The other boy gave them a cursory glance and turned his attention back to Tilly. The unknown boy at the receiving end of Tilly's ministrations now had his eyes closed and mouth open, head still back. Suddenly he clasped Tilly's head with both hands and bent over her. After a moment he slowly straightened, Tilly's head no longer bobbed. After a moment she slowly straightened and stood, wiping the back of her right hand across her mouth. The other boy, bereft of a partner, moved forward and placed his hands on her hips.

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   He fumbled with the waist band of her skirt for a moment then her skirt fell in a ring around her feet. Tilly made no effort to arrest the fall of the garment. The camera zoomed in on a smiling Tilly. The bottom of her shirt just covered her pants from the cameras view. Having undone her skirt the boy raised his hands and lifted the bottom of her shirt, exposing her pants to the view of all and sundry. He ran his hand over the front before roughly pulling them to her knees. Tilly laughed silently on the screen, even as the boy's hands slipped between her thighs. The living room had gone deathly quiet, the only sounds were of the clock on the mantelpiece and the video as the tape went round. The groping boy pushed the screen Tilly up against the wall. Her pants fell to her ankles and joined her tangled skirt. He fiddled with the crotch of his trousers and the tip of his erect penis came into view. The screen Tilly opened her legs wider and the boy, cock in hand moved closer. Suddenly all youths looked round, then at their watches. Hastily clothes were donned and rearranged and they left the alleyway to head back to class. Steve savagely kicked the eject button with the toe of his boot.

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   The front panel of the video shattered and the tape ejected. He bent down, picked up the tape and threw it violently across the room. The tape smashed into the family photograph resting atop the sideboard used to hold the good dinnerware. Glass, exploded as the photograph was sent flying and the tape fell down behind the sideboard. Furious he turned to look at his daughter. "Get upstairs to your room, now" His voice was cold, almost devoid of emotion. Terrified, Tilly fled past her quietly sobbing mother. Upstairs, she threw herself on her bed. Downstairs she could hear her mother crying loudly. The hours on her alarm clock slowly ticked past. She heard the muffled voices of her parents downstairs, sometimes raised in anger. She was hungry, it was late and she'd had no tea. Nor did it look like any was going to be forthcoming. Eventually she heard her parents go to bed. Rising from her bed, she started to remove her much crumpled school uniform.

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   She watched herself slowly stripping in her mirror. Something she had done in many a boys bedroom with many an audience. She could not even remember the school break that had been caught on camera and watched this night. There had been many such school breaks. As emotionally devastated as she was, she felt the warm tingle start to suffuse her lower body as the video replayed in her mind. As much as she wanted sexual release, she dared not touch herself between her legs. The bedside alarm went off. Tilly rubbed the sleep from her eyes, surprised that she had fallen asleep. Naked she walked round her room as she assembled a clean school uniform. Finally dressed, she made her way down the stairs. The video still sat, broken, under the telly. The family picture still lay where it had fallen. Her parents were in the kitchen, so she headed there, desperate to get any confrontation over and done with. Her father turned round at her entrance. He looked at her and snorted, "If you think you are going back to school you can bloody well forget it! As of now you are confined to the house until further notice.

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  "Tilly gasped and looked to her mum, who just shook her head. Numb, she turned round and headed back upstairs to her room. She lay back down on her bed as the seriousness of her situation started to sink in. She looked at herself in the mirror, splayed out on the bed. "It was only sex" she muttered, "It's not as if nobody else is doing it"She heard her parents leave for their respective jobs and wandered over to the window to watch their cars depart. Suddenly feeling hungry and realising that she had not eaten since yesterday lunchtime she made a beeline back to the kitchen. The house was deathly quiet and slightly unsettling in its loneliness', so she flicked on the stereo in the living room on the way past. As the dulcet but tedious tones of yet another prefabricated pop group blared out of the speakers, she prepared a hearty breakfast. Arms laden with food and juice she headed back into the living room. Plonking herself down on the sofa, she looked at the TV and damaged video player. Pulled as though with a magnet, her head and gaze followed the previous night's videocassette trajectory. She stared at the landing area for moment before setting her food aside. She wondered if the tape still lay where it had fallen. Curious she went to look behind the sideboard. The gap was dark and tight, but there was definitely something lying within.

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   She tried to move the sideboard but it was too heavy. She sat back against it to think for a moment. She needed something long and thin. She rose and headed back into the kitchen. Opening cupboards at random, she came across a mop. Suddenly excited she raced back with her prize. It proved ridiculously easy to slide the tape out slowly with the mop handle. The tape was cracked and the clear panel over one of the spools was missing. Nevertheless, it still might play. She had less hope for the player. The liquid crystal display on the video was smashed and unreadable, but the buttons still seemed to work. Tilly inserted the tape and turned on the TV. She didn't bother to turn the stereo down. Sitting back down on the sofa, she pressed play on the remote. The picture jumped wildly for a moment then the automatic tracking kicked in and the picture steadied.

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  Tilly was tempted to rewind the tape to watch her-self in action again. There was a strange sense of erotic surrealism in the act. Curiosity at what else was on the tape over rode her bout of narcissism. The tape showed the now empty close, then in jump of novice editing, jumped to another scene. In it, a slightly older girl that she only vaguely new, was busily being fucked by a boy she also did not know. It was not very good as their bodies blocked any potentially interesting views. The boy continued to thrust into the girl then slowed, stopped, paused and then withdrew. He did up his fly as the girl pulled up her pants and smoothed her skirt back down, and then they headed out. "That was a bit of an anti climax. " Tilly said to the screenThe screen jumped again. It was another unknown girl. The boy she did know, he was in her class. He had taken her back to his house on more than one occasion. The boy had bent the girl over and was taking her from the rear. His favourite position.

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   She tuned out the TV for a moment as she remembered one of the similar fuckings he had given her in his bedroom. She had gone back repeatedly because of how good they had been. She felt herself starting to moisten between the legs and moved a hand down to hasten the flow. The pair finished and departed. Again, she was tempted to rewind and watch the scene again. The screen jumped to an empty setting and Tilly paused in her fondling. She was about to press fast forward on the remote when two girls walked round, hand in hand. Seeing that their destination was empty, they turned and kissed. Tilly was gob smacked. She had never seen anything like it. The girls' hands wasted no time in delving up each other's skirt. Tilly was fascinated. Three boys appeared on scene, they had obviously followed the girls for a free show. The two girls looked at them for a moment then resumed their kissing. The boys unzipped and pulled their erections out and started to rub furiously.

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   Tilly, watching the two girls, found her hand movements matching those of the three boys. A mixed gasp of surprise and pleasure escaped Tillys lips as one of the girls broke the kiss to sink down and kiss the inner thighs of the other girl. Stopping her licking of the standing girl's thighs, the kneeling girl looked at the boys then deliberated removed the standing girl's skirt. Holding up her lover's blouse bottoms so the boys could get a clear unobstructed view of her simple white panties; the kneeling girl deliberately opened her mouth wide and placed it over then on the standing girl's panty clad pussy. This proved too much for one of the boys and a thick stream of white sprayed forth from the end of his cock. Tilly missed the eruption, all attention on the actions of the kneeling girl. The kneeling girl played with her partner's pussy through her panties for a moment before pulling the white material down. The standing girl's pussy was almost hairless. All three boys moved closer for a better view. Unconsciously Tilly lent closer to the TV as well. Kneeling girl, knowing that the boys had moved closer, stuck her tongue out and ran it over the now bared fleshy ridges. Another fountain of white as another boy reached climax. The remaining boy was frantically pumping his rod as the tongue of the kneeling girl disappeared within her standing partner. With a sigh of pleasure that Tilly could almost hear, the third boy emptied his load across the ground. Heedless of the three boys, kneeling girl continued to delve deeply with her tongue into standing girl.


  Burning up herself, Tilly pulled her pants down to her knees. She inserted a finger into herself, pretending that it was kneeling girls tongue. Tillys breathing was short and ragged. Her small breasts and nipples strained against the fabric of both blouse and training bra.
    Standing girl must have cum, as kneeling girl pulled her pants back up and re attached standing girls skirt around her waist. Pausing only to kiss deeply the two girls left followed by the three boys. Close to her own orgasm, Tilly wondered if that could be beaten. The picture jumped again and Tilly laughed at the sight of the new girl. It was herself and two boys from her class. She was kneeling in front of both boys, who had their cocks out. She was taking it in turns to take one boy in her mouth while she wanked the other off. Unlike her previous clip, she actually remembered this one. Suddenly, she became aware of another presence in the room apart from her. She looked round. Her father stood in the doorway.

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       She had not heard him arrive and enter the house over the sound level of the stereo. In addition, there she lay, pants around her knees, busily wanking while she watched herself give two boys a blowjob. Her father entered the room proper and looked to see what was being shown on the TV. He made no sound or movement at what he saw there. Tilly found that, close to orgasm as she was, she could not stop the movement of her hands between her legs. She desperately needed release; she needed male flesh within her. Any male. Steve did not know what to say or do. He could not believe she continued to rub herself as he watched. He stepped forward to stop her hands and remove her from the view of the TV. She watched her father come closer, still with no sound. Her desire overrode all common sense and inhibitions. She had only one goal. Orgasm. He stepped closer; soon he would be within arms length.

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      As her father stepped up to the sofa, her arm shot out and took hold of his man hood through his trousers. Surprised Steve stopped dead. His daughter was fondling him actively now. He made a move to break her hold but caught the scent and sight of the flesh between her legs. Primal synapses kicked in and he started to harden rapidly. She felt his arousal and immediately raised her other hand to undo his fly. With the finesse and speed of long practise, she quickly had him in her hands. She lent over and transferred her prize to her mouth. He watched with disbelief as his cock disappeared between his daughters lips. How had he let the situation get so far out of control? But it felt so good. Every thought said to pull back, but his body would not listen, it wanted more. The size of cock was a new experience for Tilly. She had only experienced the size of cocks normal to boys between the ages of twelve to sixteen. Contrary to what they might otherwise boast, they were all pretty much the same size. She had never had 'Man sized' before.

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       She hoped it would fill the need between her legs in the way that it filled her mouth. All thought had now left Steve's mind. All that was left was need. He pulled himself from his daughter's mouth and pushed her back against the sofa. Her pants, he all but ripped from her legs. The short school skirt he pushed up to her waist. Spreading her young thighs apart, he moved into position between them. The strength of his actions excited her. Her sexual encounters with boys had been mutual fumblings of carnal need. To be so strongly dominated was exciting experience in its own right. She felt him move between her legs. The tip of his cock touched her sensitive slit. She felt his head worm its way in. Oh! He was so big!He watched as the tip of his erect cock closed the distance to her young, almost hairless pussy. He wanted nothing more than to be deep within her.

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       His tip nestled between the two opposing folds of flesh and he slowly pushed in. The two folds did not want to part and let him in at first. He pushed harder. God! She was so deliciously tight!The feeling was unbelievable, she was unsure if she could take him at first, but she continued to expand as even more of her father pushed in. She had never felt so filled before, she was almost suffering sensory overload. That was it, she would never fuck a boy again, this was definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the way forward. He could not believe how tight his daughter was. He had not expected her to be a virgin especially after watching the tape, but to be this tight. Her flesh followed -sucked at, even- every fold and crease of his flesh. He buried himself to the hilt, slowly withdrew then repeated the motion. She could not believe it. He just seemed to continue to go deeper within her. It felt as though he had reached her stomach with all intention of continuing. Finally, she felt the flesh of his balls meet the skin between cunt and arse. She felt his member slowly starting to withdraw.

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       It seemed as though it was pulling her flesh out after it. The suction on his bell end as he withdrew was awesome. It felt as though she did not want him to leave. And nor did he. Just as he thought that the feelings could not get any better, the walls of her cunt started to shiver and vibrate. He groaned as she cried out loudly beneath him. The orgasm that had been building when she had started to watch the tape crashed in waves around her as the last bastions of her sanity packed their bags and left. She was not aware of what her body was doing, only of the sensations that it was providing. The sight of his daughter crying out beneath him in rapture and the feelings her body was spasmodically transmitting to him was too much and the rush of fluid along his cock was of a speed and pressure he had never felt before. She was so high in pleasure; she failed to notice the sensation of his sperm flooding into her, only of the extra intense feelings it supplied. She was unsure how long she coasted on those waves of pleasure, but when she landed, it was into the arms of her father. She slowly stirred in his arms. She looked so young and innocent. Maybe it was caused by the school uniform she wore. He felt a stirring in his loins.

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       He could not believe such a recovery was possible, but maybe it was the incentive lying in his arms. He wanted to go again. She opened her eyes and looked at him; a dreamy, contented smile crossed her face and stayed there. Her hand stroked his flaccid cock. As he slowly started to harden beneath her touch, her smile broadened as she spoke. "Can we go again?"He though of his options "Yes. Your room or mine?"She purred as if a cat contented "Mine" she said as he lifted her and carried her up the stairs. The End.
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