Tim comforts his mother


Tim arrived home after school to find his mother sitting on the sofa, crying. She was nearly naked. Her nightgown was ripped and crumpled on the floor and she was wearing a black thong. Tim, was nearly 13 at the time and his mother, Patty, 35. She was thin, with the well toned body of an athlete. Her hair fell to her neck with soft blond curls and her breasts firm, but on the small side, no more than an A or small B cup.
Tim approached his mother and said, mom, “What’s the matter? Do you want me to get your bathrobe? She looked up at her son and said, no, honey, she placed her hand on the sofa beside her and said please sit here and hold me. Tim sat down beside his mother and took her in his arms and pulled her close. She laid her head on his shoulder and he could feel her tears run down her cheek and drip on his chest. Tim asked again, what’s wrong? Patty looked up at her son and said, your father and I had a big fight. I found out that he has been screwing one of his co-worker for 6 months and I confronted him. He got violent and attempted to rape me. I threw him out of the house.
Tim, just looked down at his mother, as he held her. He felt her warmth and almost unconsciously began to rub his hands over her back. Her skin felt as like velvet to his touch.

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   Then he kissed his mother on the forehead and used his hand to wipe away her tears. He asked, what can I do? Patty looked in her son’s eyes and said, please just hold me. With that, she again buried her head in his shoulder and put her arms around her son’s waist. The sat like this for some time, Tim gently rubbing his mother’s back and she holding tight to her teenage son.
Almost imperceptibly, Tim noticed that his mother moved her hands from around his waist and moved them up under his T-shirt. She slowly began rubbing his chest and stomach. The feeling was electric, Tim had never had anyone rub him like that and before he knew it, his cock was getting erect. Tim was uncomfortable and a bit embarrassed, that he would get an erection from holding his mother. His cock caught in his underpants and became very painful. Tim grimaced and his mother noticed and asked what was wrong. Tim didn’t reply at first, but finally said I am in a bit of pain, my penis is caught in my underpants and I need to adjust it. Patty giggled and said go ahead, I won’t look, knowing full well that she intended to look. Tim reached down inside his pants and moved his cock so it could stand up against his abdomen. As he removed his hand his cock poked out of the top of his waist band.   Tim did not at first realize that the tip of his cock was sticking our of the top of his pants.

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   He started to pull his pants up to cover his rigid cock head, but his mother, stopped him and just stared at her son’s beautiful cock head. It was not as large as his father’s, but every bit as much a turn-on as any she had seen.
Almost without thinking, Patty bent over and placed her lips on the tip her son’s cock. The feeling was magic for her, but every bit like an electric current for her son. Tim had never even masturbated, much less had another person touch it. Patty pushed the top of her son’s pants down and took the entire head in her mouth and slowly sucked on it. Almost instanteously, Tim came in his mother’s mouth. The spasms were beyond belief. Tim had read about orgasms in the book his parents gave him the year before and had rubbed his cock a few times, but never experienced anything like this.
Patty had no doubt about what was going on, she could feel her son’s cock twitching each time it sent a spurt of cum deep into her mouth and she could hear her son gasping for breath. Patty knew his cock was getting very sensitive, so she just held it between her lips and enjoyed the taste of her son’s cum in her mouth. She held her son for several minutes until his orgasm subsided and then she straightened up and took her son’s face in her hands and gently pulled his lips to her’s. She was not sure how he would react to a cum filled kiss from his mother, but she did not care. She was fully committed and intended to kiss her son passionately. Patty pulled Tim’s lips to her’s and they kissed gently at first.

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   Their lips met and they pressed together in their first kiss as lovers. Patty was the first to react, she opened her mouth and pressed her lips to her son’s mouth and he instinctively parted his lips and she plunged her tongue into her son’s mouth.
Tim’s first sensation, was the soft wet feel of his mother’s tongue pressed against his tongue and lips. Then gradually he began to feel and taste his cum on his mother’s lips and tongue. The sensation was overpowering, he noticed his cock quickly growing erect again and he found the taste of his cum somewhat sweet and very exciting. He started to pull his mother closer, but she stopped him and to his surprise, she quickly slipped his T-shirt over his head and then she pressed her naked breasts against his firm hairless chest. Tim was getting very excited and could feel another orgasm building in his groin. He said, mom, I think I am going to cum again if we keep doing this. Patty stopped and said, hold it for just a moment, Lets not waste it. With that she stood and took Tim’s hand and led his to her bedroom. Once there, she turned and held her son tight, kissing him gently on the lips. Just as quickly, she backed up a step and began unzipping her son’s pants and dropped them to the floor and helped him step out of them as well as his socks and shoes. Patty stood there for a moment admiring her son’s gorgeous and to her very sexy body.
Then she hooked her fingers in the waist band of her thong and slipped it down and off her hips and let it fall to the floor. She took Tim by the hand again and pulled him to the bed.

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   Patty lay back with her soft blond hair splayed on the pillow and pulled her son on top of her. Tim had a idea of what to do from reading the book, but was not sure how to start. Patty, in a gentle loving fashion, reached between them and took Tim’s cock and guided it to her waiting cunt. She then placed her hands on Tim’s ass cheeks and gently pulled him closer. Tim took the hint and thrust his cock deep inside the cunt that had bore him. Both of them were excited beyond reason and the lubrication was plentiful, so Tim slipped easily inside his mother. At first, Patty feared her son would cum the instant he penetrated her, but when he didn’t she pulled him close and said don’t move, just hold me, hold me close to you.
Tim had trouble remaining motionless, and moved his cock slowly in and out. They kissed again, Tim was more aggressive this time, pressing his tongue inside his mother’s mouth and seeking out the cum that lingered there. They lay like that for perhaps a couple of minutes, and the excitement was too much for Tim. He told his mother, that he was going to cum. She said, please, pump me hard and give me your sweet cum. Tim quickly pumped his cock deep inside his mother and after 2 or 3 strokes, he came again. This time the feeling was even stronger than the first, the effect of pressing his body against his mother’s naked body, the kiss and the feeling of his cock buried deep inside his mother’s cunt. The spurts were powerful and lasted for several minutes, as Tim filled his mother with his cum.

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They lay together, naked with Tim’s cock buried deep inside his mother for nearly an hour. Tim’s cock stayed erect most of that time, each time it started to soften he stroked a couple of times and it hardened again. Finally Patty said, Tim you have gotten pleasure twice, and now it is my turn. Would you like to learn how to pleasure me, to give me an orgasm like the ones’ you had? Tim looked deep in his mother’s eyes and said I would do anything to please you. Patty grinned and kissed her son on the lips and said, first I want you to kiss my breasts. Tim pulled out of his mother and knelt beside her so he could reach her breasts. She directed him as he licked and kissed first one breast then the other. He licked her breasts gently from the base to the nipple and gently took her nipples between his lips and sucked on them. Patty reacted to her son’s kisses, feeling a tingling sensation in her groin as she could feel an orgasm just beginning to build. Patty told Tim to suck harder on her nipples. Tim did so, but not hard enough, so she urged him to suck harder. He did and within seconds Patty was experiencing her first orgasm with her son. It was not a big one, she rarely had a big one, just from breast stimulation alone, but this one was special, coming from her pre-teen son.
Patty was breathing heavy, but was not done yet, she wanted the big orgasm and knew that would cum when her son used his tongue on her cunt and clitoris. Patty, said now Tim I need you to work your way down my stomach to my crotch, you can feel my pubic hair.

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   Your father always found my soft blond pubic hair very sexy, hopefully you will too. Tim reluctantly abandoned his mother’s breasts and licked his way to her stomach and finally her pubic hair. She was right, he found the feel of her pubic hair very exciting. He lingered there, licking the area around her pubic mound. Then Patty spread her legs and said Tim now I want you to lick my lips. Be very gently and lick up and down on my lips. Tim was a little hesitant at first, but once he placed his tongue on his mother’s cunt lips, he caught his breath at the taste and sex smells. He again tasted a combination of his mother’s cunt juices and his cum dripping from her cunt.
After sliding his tongue up one side and down the other several times, Patty reached between her legs and spread her lips and said Tim can you feel a hard lump near the top of my lips? Tim licked between her lips and felt the small lump. He mumbled yes and Patty said Tim please lick it very gently back and forth. Patty knew what was coming, but she knew that as inexperienced as Tim was he was in for a huge surprise.
    She held her lips apart and Tim gently licked his mother’s clit. As he did so, it began to grow in size. Initially it was a small nub of sensitive nerve endings, but it grew, first to a half inch then to an inch and finally to nearly 2 inches in length. Tim did not know what to make of it.

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       Patty was quickly cumming to another orgasm from the soft licking, but she told her son to take her clitoris into his mouth and suck on it, but suck gently. Tim did as he was instructed, he began to wonder if his mother was half man and if this was really a cock he was sucking on and he wondered if it would ejaculate sperm if he kept sucking on it.
    Patty sensed some concern on her son’s part, so she said softly, Timmy, honey, you are doing a great job, just keep doing what you are doing and your mother is going to cum before you know it. And don’t worry, I do not have a cock, that is my clitoris you are sucking on. I will tell you about it after you finish sucking on it. Tim relaxed and continued sucking, very gently. He could sense that it was working, his mother was breathing very heavily and she was thrusting her hips into his face as he worked on her. After several minutes of this Patty let go of her lips and reached for Tim’s hand. She moved his hand to her pussy and gently prodded him to insert first one then two fingers into her cunt and begin finger fucking her as he continued sucking on her clit. That was all Patty needed, her second orgasm was moments away. She felt the pressure building in her groin, She urged Tim to continue what he was doing as she surged over the top with a overpowering orgasm, that sent shivers up her spine and left her gasping for air. Her whole being was absorbed in the intensity of her orgasm. She held her son’s head in place, pressing it into her crotch as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Gradually the spasms ebbed and Patty fell back exhausted. She beckoned her son to come into her arms.

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       They embraced and kissed as they lay in each other’s arms.
    Tim and Patty lay like this til hunger pangs led them to head to the kitchen for dinner. During dinner Patty and Tim discussed what had just happened and both agreed that they would like to continue this relationship,, but they knew they could never tell anyone else about it. After that, they watched TV for a while and then Patty rose and took Tim by the hand and led him back to their bedroom. They made love again twice that night, Tim was adjusting to the this new experience and lasted nearly 20 minutes inside his mother before cumming. Patty and Tim slept together from then on and finally after nearly a month of screwing once, twice and sometimes three times a day, seven days a week, Patty finally told Tim that she would have to have at least one day a week to rest. She suggested that on Sunday they would go on a date and when they returned home, she would strip naked and Tim could sit and watch her and masturbate. He could spray his cum on her stomach and chest, but he could not have sex with her on her day of rest. Tim agreed and they have been together for 15 years now, mother and son. In that time, they had 3 children together, 2 boys and a girl. The boys are 13 and 14 and began having sex with their mother when they reached puberty. Their daughter, Sandy is 11 and showing signs of reaching puberty. She recently asked her mother if she could have sex with Tim when she reaches puberty, just the way her brothers did with their mother. Patty smiled and said, just as soon as you are ready you can join the rest of us and have sex both with your father and your brothers if you would like to do that and maybe if you are very good you and I can have sex as well. Sandy just grinned and asked when she would be ready.

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       Patty said you are getting very close, your breasts are maturing into to ose of a beautiful young woman and soon you will have your period and then you will be ready. It was just two months later when Sandy burst into her mother’s room as she was getting ready for bed and said mom, I think I have my period, see there is blood in my panties. Patty smiled and said, lets go see if this is your period and then we will talk about sex with your father, brothers, and me. J
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