Tim's Mom 1


Stocky was moving too quickly, sure to miss out on her approaching offer of her brown eye to him, more pink actually, her fair skin making for a very inviting asshole. He started grunting a little louder and said he was gonna cum, at which time Tim’s mother flipped around like she was spun, and wrapped her lips around Stocky’s dick, immediately slurping and milking his cock, driving it as deep as it would go down her throat. Tim noticed that Stocky’s dick was considerably smaller than his, but he knew most were. Still though, this guy was about to shoot his juice right into his mother’s craving mouth, thirsty throat, hungry stomach. Tim knew this. It was the most engaging and yet most perplexing thing about his mother. No matter what the night’s antics would be, it would always end in this carnal display. Deep down, it was the part he loved and hated the most. Ever since his father, her husband, died two years ago, Tim’s mom, Susan, had took to drinking, and soon after took to heavy drinking, and soon after that took to fucking. And sucking. At first, it would happen only about once a month, her guilt keeping her from being too stupid too often. She’d say she’s gonna clean up her act, stop drinking and such, but then fall to the weakness of her own depravity once again, and after a few months, regret was forgotten sooner and sooner, ‘till she was giving in one and two times a week. Stocky started bucking and shaking, Susan holding onto his buttcheeks as she drained him of his load, sucking and sucking until he pushed her away, seeming a bit mad that she wouldn’t let go at first. She then leaned back on the couch where she was sitting, and as Stocky was looking for his clothes on the floor, Tim’s mother, still way too drunk, started sliding down the backrest until she was lying partially down, her feet still on the floor. By the time the man was dressed, she was passed out, and he made a quick exit. Tim came out from where he was hiding, knowing that he only had a few minutes before she would wake up and get herself off to bed.

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   After so many nights, with most of the guys leaving after they found out about her temporary narcolepsy, Tim would draw near, at first just looking, but then after a while, touching her, then squeezing and twisting gently her hard nipples, and finally rubbing her tasty little pussy, driving his fingers in, then diving one into her tight little cornhole. More than once he almost got caught as his mother would start to wake. But tonight was different. Out of Tim’s anger and lust an idea formed in his head, a plan to get his beautiful mom to be his for the night. He had to have her. She needed his cock, his cum. He knew she did. It was now time for her to know it. It was the scarf on the floor that gave Tim the idea, nearly buried under the rest of her garb. Before he could regret was he was about to do, he fished it out of the pile and quickly blindfolded her, lifting her head to position it properly. Then he lifted her legs onto the couch, raised her knees and spread her legs wide. His cock, raging hard and thick and 8 inches long was already launched out of the opening of his boxers, and he got down on his knees and positioned it right at the opening of his mother’s displayed goodies. Holding his body above hers with one hand, he reached with the other and started kneading her tits, first one then the other, lightly pulling and tugging at her still erect nipples, and waiting. His cock was jolting in anticipation. Susan came out of her dreamy haze and felt the hand molesting her, as well as the material wrapped around her eyes, preventing her from seeing.

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   She mewed, "Mmmm, baby, I thought you left. Do you want some more?". Without saying a word, Tim lurched his pelvis forward, sinking his thick shaft into her hairless pink pussy, stopping when he was about halfway in. "Oh my, I guess you do", she said, slowly starting to swivel her hips against the invading shaft. "God, you feel big right now" . Tim slowly sawed in and out of her, pulling back when her wet cunt drove forward to engulf him. "Come on baby", she cried. "Don’t tease me. Gimme, gimme gimme", at which time Tim suddenly jammed his big thing deep into his mom, collapsing on her body and pressing his lips against hers as she screamed into his mouth. Kissing her deep and long, fucking her very deep and hard, he started pulling his meat almost all the way out, then lurching forward rough and grinding, at a medium pace, then faster and faster, till he was pummeling her dripping and squirting pussy, his mom screaming at the lashing her pussy was taking. "Oh god, damn, you feel gigantic in me! Fuck me baby, oh god, I’m cumming on you, oh god!" Tim watched his mother’s face, contorted, grimaced so tight as she came on his pistoning dick, felt her pussy contracting, then releasing, then contracting again, juicing the couch below them all up. Her head swinging from side to side as she panted and squeaked and screamed under him. And still he continued the relentless assault. A minute later she came again, hard, the orgasm choking the scream out of her lips to a quiet tweet, immediately changing to a uncontrolable panting moan. "Own me baby!", she gasped.


   "Oh god damn, make me yours! Oh fuck! Cumming again! Cumminnnnng!". Flailing her head again, Tim realized that she was losing her blindfold, and quickly adjusted it back over her eyes before she could open them. His mother giggled through her convulsions and put her hands over the blindfold like a ‘see no evil’ monkey. He lifted himself back from the couch and pulled out, and before she could complain about the withdrawal, he immediately pushed on the back of her knees towards her shoulders, raising her ass off of the juicy mess she was lying in, and aimed his big slippery sausage true, plunging in one slow thrust right into her tiny pink butthole until he was buried to the hilt. He watched as his mother screamed and screamed some more, for what seemed like two whole minutes as she came a fourth time, his big stick punching into her nether depths again and again, her face twisted and distended completely ugly and completely beautiful at the same time. Tim couldn’t believe it. The anger that he had was melting into pure love for his mother. He had never heard her say before the things she was saying to him now. It fueled his control not to cum just yet. He had to see his mom blast at least once more. Before he gave his tasty surprise blast to her craving. Eventually Susan’s intense uncomfortable expression and painful yelps mellowed to smiling moans and aftershocked giggles as she willed adjustment to the length and girth that penetrated her most holiest of holies. In her sobering anal mistreatment, she started feeling very romantic and snuggly. As this trunk of a cock attacked and retreated repeatedly without falter into and out of her puckering ring, she felt as if it reached from deep through her bottom straight through to and touched her heart. "Oh baby, your cock is so big, and you use it so well", she cooed.

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   "If you’re not careful, I’m gonna fall for you big time, and then I’ll have to suck you all day long. " She smiled. Tim continued his machinery, his toned 17 year old body well up to the task at hand. But now he wanted to put his abilities into overdrive. Sliding over to get his feet to the ground he reached around her and swept her off of the seat, using his other arm to help push himself up, never letting his cock’s hold of his mom’s ever tight butt’s hole. He kissed her again as he held her, her ankles pinned to his shoulder blades, and walked around to the arm of the couch, letting her lay on it lengthwise, guiding his mother to slip her own legs beside her shoulders, held down by the force of her arms on top of them, completely open, completely displayed, his feet now firmly planted on the carpeted floor. Now he began again, slide in slide out. It felt like he could get even deeper into her in this position. Her new squeak verified this. Now a little faster, fucking and fucking, his mom’s creaming pussy dribbling down constantly relubricating his incoming missile. Driving deep, now faster still, up to the speed he had on his knees earlier, his mother’s sighs getting yet again higher in both pitch and volume. Now he was ready. Summoning up a sprinters energy, Tim started a pace. A speed powered by a lust and an unending love, he rocketed now into her raw, over-violated backside hole. His mother crying through her blindfold from the pain and the love she was enduring, begged him to continue, her voice contradictory to her request.


   "My god, oh my god, you’re making me cum again! Oh fuuuck", she howled, her ass muscles contracting, her pussy draining, spitting, flowing all over both of them and down the front of the arm. Her spasming butt was now too much, and now he was ready. Tim pulled out as quick as he could, his mothers sucking ass fighting unsuccessfully to keep him deep within her. She quickly slid down to the seat of the couch and leaned forward, her hands reaching blindly for his hips to guide her head to his groin. She found what she needed. This tool and this juice was to be hers, right now. Mouth wide open, she drove her face forward, her tongue sliding past the bulbous head, and past the veiny and rigid wrist of a shaft. She thought she had a much easier time getting it down her throat before. but this head was hurting to get past. She wanted to gag so bad but the fuel of her lust and her need for feed were stronger, and she hugged tightly around her lovers waist and squeezed her head deeper onto him. She needed this cock, deep into all of her holes, forever and ever. She felt it jet it’s way to the tip and beyond. Tim was cumming, cumming very hard. He shook as he sprayed past his mom’s tonsils with his first jet, and bucking, he ended up pulling out from deep in her throat, still latched, though, to her vacuum suction lips and mouth. The second spray was large and strong, filling her mouth full.

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   She gulped and gulped and sucked and gulped. So much cum to drink. So much deliciousness flooding and feeding her. She was ready for her big surprise. In his last act, Tim tore the blindfold off his mother. But she paid no mind. She was determined to get all of her treat, sucking and gulping, eyes focusing on pubic hair and shaft and lower belly. Was something wrong? Her duties now producing minimal results, she pondered, ‘was this stomach so strong and lean before?’. Mouth still clenched tightly to her prize, her eyes traveled up this smooth skin and ripples of the belly and chest and to the neck and finally…"Oh my god!! Timmy ?!".