Tomboy cousin pt.1


Topic: Tomboy cousin I was 18yo, in shape and loved sex. My cousin Liz was a 14yo tomboy. One evening while we were wrestling like we often did. I noticed that she had a really nice little body on her. She was about 5', 85lbs, b cup tits, and a nice little ass.   Man, my 7"cock started to get hard. As I started to feel her up she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Then she noticed my cock. She just looked at me and said "your weird" and left the room. Man, I thought that I was in trouble.
        Nothing was ever said but 2 weeks later I found that she wanted to spend the weekend over our house. As quickly as our parents left for a night of dancing. She started up with the wrestling. I was all over he young body groping every inch of her, She pretended to try to fight it off. As she tried to get away I held onto her shirt. She wiggled out of it just to get away.

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   Laughing I caught her by surprise and grabbed her by the shorts. "Try it now" I dared her. She turned away from me and began to crawl away. I just held on tight to her shorts has she pulled out of them. She stood up, bra and panties only. "You want me? You have to make me" I was skocked to say the least. But my cock grew harder and harder as I looked at her beautiful young body. "Alright" I said as I tackled her down. Her body was hot and sweaty And felt so good, She did not put up much of a fight as I removed her bra, Now I could grab her tits freely. Now, she started fighting alittle harder. But she was no match for me. I had her over my shoulder and walking down the hallway towards my parents bedroom. When we got into the room I removed my pants and underwear. And began to pull hers down as I threw her down on the bed. Man, I had a tough time getting her panties off.

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   I tossed her around alittle in order ro get inbetween her legs. Has I aimed my fat cockhead towards her little dark hairy pussy. She pushed against my chest in her last attemt to get away. As I entered her she let out a gasp of relief. I slowly pushed all my cock into her. She felt great. Tight, wet and hot! I held still for a minute or two. Then I could not hold back any more. I drove in and out slowly at first. Enjoying her nice little pussy. By the look on her face I can say she was enjoying my cock just as much. As her pussy lossened I began to really fuck Liz. It seemed the harder I fucked her the wider she spread her legs for me. As my balls began to tighten with the need for me to cum. Liz wrapped her legs around my waist and began to fuck herself on my cock.

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   I stopped moving, I could not believe it. The feeling of her sweet little pussy going up and down on my cock was crazy. Then to my surprise Liz began to cum. Her pussy gripped my cock as her came over and over. Now this was way too much for me to handle. As I felt my load comming up my shaft. I made an attempt to pull out of her. But she tighten her legs around me. Causing her pussy to squeeze the cum right out of me. I shot such a huge load into her that it felt like I was peeing in her. I started pounding her hard in order to get every drop into her. Now I tried again to pull out of her. And again she held on. "You have to kiss me before I'll let you go" Liz said. I kissed her softly at first then alittle harder.

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   She was hot. I could feel her hard tits against my chest. And her soft pussy haie against my stomach. "Feel that?t"Liz asked. I could feel her pussy muscles twitching around my cock. Then she started sucking on my neck. Making me hard again. I could not believe how good her cum soaked pussy felt. As soon as I was rock hard again. I was cumming. Another large load deep into her.