Tommy and his sisters pt.I


Topic: Tommy and his sistersTommy watched his twin sisters through the open door to their room. They we getting naked and ready to take a shower as they were doing this they were fondling and groping each others tits and rubbing each others pussies. Tommy was glad his parents weren't home maybe he could fulfill his fantasy of screwing his sixteen year old redheaded sisters, with their 36c breast and their perfect round asses that looked great in their matching green g-strings. As his sisters began making out on their bed Tommy pulled out his erect 9 inch cock he was going to screw his sisters weather it was rape or within their will. It would have been funny to seen that fourteen year old try to rape his two big sisters. His sisters were so zoned out that they didn't notice him walk in and get behind them. Molly was the oldest by three minutes she had long hair that went half way down her back and beautiful jade green eyes. The other sister was Maxine she only had shoulder length hair and she had blue eyes.  The girls had always did this before they took a shower is started after they hit puberty they started playing with each others breasts and  it eventually turned into having sex with each other. Molly was the dominant one she was always on top, she would kiss Maxine on the lips then go down and gently bite her neck then kiss down to her breasts, then she would lick and suck on Maxine nipples until Maxine was wet and ready, that's when Molly move farther south to Maxine's pussy she would slowly lick her clit then dart her tongue in and out of her pussy. Molly also had a kinky side sometimes when she was doing thing she would even farther south to Maxine's asshole. Maxine always loved it when Molly rimmed her she could cum on just that alone. Molly licked the soft rim of Maxine's asshole then shoved her tongue in fast then back out. The real reason Molly did this was to get Maxine lubed up and ready for the double dildo she had got from their older sisters room. When Molly thought Maxine was ready she put the dildo in her in pussy slowly, she used it like she saw the women on Cinnemax use it, she rubbed the head on Maxine s rim then slid it in slowly inch by inch until all 7inches were in Maxine s virgin ass.  The whole time Molly was screwing Maxine in the ass Maxine screamed and moaned as Molly pumped into her ass to Maxine this was the best feeling ever.

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   Molly felt close to orgasm so she grabbed Maxine's hair and rode Maxine twice as hard as she exploded and her pussy juice ran down the dildo into Maxine's ass with a few more thrusts Maxine came and collapsed on the bed. *To Be Continued*.