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    After our swim, Tracy wanted to get out of the house. I asked if she would like to go out to dinner and she said “Yes, dress nice for me. ” I dressed wearing a nice blue Polo, pleated chinos and deck shoes. I thought I looked pretty good. Tracy took longer to get ready as most females do. It was worth the wait. She came downstairs and my mouth was hanging open. With her make-up she had gained at least 6-7 years denying the fact she was 15. Standing on light blue sandals with 4” heels she gained several inches on her 5’5” body. That body was now wrapped in an electric blue, skin tight dress. Open above the chest, it was like a halter, the top part being held to her with thick string tied in the back. The back was open except for the string and plunged to just above her perfect ass, the bottom was about four inches below the cheeks. She stopped in front of me and spun with back towards me, looked over her shoulder with that CFM smile and said, “Do you like?” I walked up to her and put my arms around her, one hand moving down to just above her sweet muff, the other moving up to cup one of those sweet tits pulling her back into me. “You look stunning, sweetheart”, I told her as I pushed my hardening cock against her tight bottom. I could feel through the dress that she was wearing nothing underneath and commented about it.
“There is no way to wear this with anything else.

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   It shows everything underneath” she said.
“Does Mom know you have this” I asked?
“Are you Kidding? She would kill me if she caught me in this. This is the first time I have worn it outside my room. ”
I had been lightly squeezing one breast and moving closer to her pussy when she turned her head, gave me a quick kiss, ground her ass into my cock and spun out of my arms saying ‘later big brother. ’
The restaurant we were going to was about thirty minutes away and Tracy scooted next to me for the ride. I have a large older model Merc. with a split front seat with arm rests in between the two seats. If they are placed upright it turns into a full bench but more comfy. My sister decided she wanted to play and unzipped my pants, freeing my cock. She started to stroke it and soon enough I was rock hard. She was moving her hand slowly but steadily up and down my hard member and raised her head next to my ear.
“I love your hot cock inside me. It feels so good when you rub this hot piece of meat across my pussy. You make me hot just thinking about your hot come shooting deep inside my young pussy. ” She shifted in the seat pulling her dress up above her hips.

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   “God, Steven, I am so hot. My pussy is just flowing. I want you to fuck me hard. I want this cock any way you want it. You have come in my pussy,” she strokes a little faster “my mouth” Faster yet “and I want you to come deep in my ass. ” She stopped stroking my cock leaving me close to orgasm.
We arrived at the restaurant, got out of the car and straightened ourselves out. I looked where she had been sitting and knew why she had pulled up her dress as there was a huge wet spot on the seat from her hot young pussy. As we were shown to our table I could see all eyes, including a few women’s, were on Tracy. She is so young and firm.
We sat down and she said, “They all were looking at me. Even the girls. They know you are with me and it makes them envious. ”
We ordered, ate and finished the meal. Tracy needed to go to the girls room and as she walked to it I could see all the guys looking at her again.

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   As she passed one table the lady sitting there got up and followed her to the bathroom. She was gone about 15 minutes and when she got back I could tell something had changed. I asked what was up.
“I was in there and this lady came up behind me at the sink and started to run her hands over my body. I was a little shaken at first, but it started to feel good. I leaned back into her and I could feel her nipples against my back. She got one hand around my waist and pulled my dress up and started to rub my pussy, all the time kissing and licking my neck. I was so close to coming and she stopped. I’m not sure I should be enjoying that, but I did. She gave me a card with her number on it and said we should call her sometime. ” I looked over her way and saw she was in her late 20’s, good looking and with a guy that was pretty good looking himself. “Let’s go” I said. “We can talk about this later” I paid for the meal and we headed home
Tracy kept me hard all the way to the house, which really was not to tough given the events of the evening. She practically dragged me into her bedroom, and was pulling my pants off as I was removing my shirt. She dropped to her knees and took my throbbing cock into her warm mouth again taking as much as she could.

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   Maybe it was all the excitement, but she grabbed my ass with her hands and swallowed my entire eight inches. She stay that way for a few seconds then needed air and pulled her mouth away just leaving the tip in, using her tongue to tickle the head. I pulled her off my cock and got her to the bed, told her get her ass in the air and pushed her skin tight dress up over her hips and drove my cock once again into my little sisters hot love channel.
“FUCK ME STEVEN!!! FUCK MY PUSSY!!! “ Tracy was using the head board with her hands to push back into me, my balls hitting her clit with each stroke of my steel hard cock. I did not want to come yet as I wanted in that sweet young ass of hers. I grabbed her hips and held my cock inside her. I could feel her pussy clenching me. She is so TIGHT. I reached to the bedside stand and retrieved to bottle of baby oil I had been using to massage her and let it dribble into the crack of that sweet, sweet ass. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and ran the head around the bud of her ass getting oil on it also. I grabbed my cock and ran it up and her ass.
“Steven…. Fuck me” Tracy said as she looked back at me.
“Fuck my ass” I put my cockhead against the rose of her ass and pushed. My cock started part that little hole and I pulled away only to push again.

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   I wanted it to be a good feeling for her. She relaxed and the head popped into her ass. As soon as it did she tightened and I thought she was going to pinch off the head of my dick. Her asshole was contracting as she fought the to relax.
“It hurts just a bit. Go easy” I said I would and eased forward pushing another inch into that virgin ass.
“OOOOHHHH MY, It hurts but feels SOOOO GOOOD” With each inch I had to stop as I was so close to filling her ass with my hot load of come. I got about half my cock inside when she raised her head, pushed with her hands on the headboard and buried the rest of my cock in her ass.
“Stay just like this for a minute. ” she said. “MMMMMMMM it feels SOOOOOO GOOOD”
We stay locked like that for a minute while she got used to the feeling of my 8” rod invading her hot, tight, convulsing ass. She pulled forward and my cock pulled out of her except for the head. She felt the little taper just before the head and pushed back, again burying my cock in her ass. Twice more she did this, each time just a little harder.
“Fuck me Steven FUCK MY ASS” I latched onto her hips and started to plow my granite hard cock in and out of her sweet ass, long stroking her each time.

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   Each time pushing a little
harder. I would pull on her hips and she would push back. I was fucking her hard. My whole body rigid
“TRAAACY Your ass is so tight and hot. GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD TO HAVE MY COCK IN YOUR ASS!!!”
STEVEN, FUCK MEEEEE!!! FUCK MY ASS HAAARRRD. FUCK MY ASS” Tracy’s breathing was ragged as she pushed herself onto my cock. Each time I hit her ass with my hips I could feel my balls slap against her pussy.
I had been so close for so long as soon as her ass started to spasm in orgasm I could hold back no longer. I pushed my cock as far as it would go into her ass and as her ass convulsed around my cock, my cock pulsed stream after stream of hot come into my sister’s ass.
“AAAAHHHHHHHHH” I groaned. As release took over.

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I stayed buried in Tracy’s ass, my cock twitching in post orgasmic pleasure. I reluctantly pulled my cock from her ass and she fell forward onto the bed. I lay down beside her and she once again found her way into my arms. We kissed as we held each other. My sister, My lover.
Will continue with more if you want to imagine. . .

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