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I came home from collage to see my family. I was a first year and it was really hard but I know this would be  for my future. My name is Anna and we live in a big city. I got inside and no one was home so I decide to get something to eat and after maybe try to lay out at our pool. After lunch I went to my room to change. Being home brought alot of memories to me and the one that I will never forget is watching my dad jerk off to my panties. It was my last year of high school and I had some friends over for a swim and to lay out. My dad was a big perv and sometimes I would chat him looking at me but never really bother me and I never really told my mom. Well that day my dad was doing some yard work and I could see him looking at us. I would see him rubing his cook but I had sun glass on so he could not see me looking at him. I was so mad but something inside made me watch him and now I could feel my pussy get wet. after awhile my dad went inside. My mom and brother went shopping so it was just my dad and me. After about 15 mins I could see him upstairs in his room looking down at us. ever few sec he would leave and come back. About 20 mins I did not see him so I decide to go in and see what he was doing.

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   As I got in I slowly made my way up the stairs to his room but I heard something coming from my room so I decide to go quitly to my room. The door was crack and I could see my dad smelling and jerking off to my and my friends panties. I watch his cock in his hand jerk slow and him smelling my panties and my friends. For some strange reason I was getting turn on by this. I felt between my legs and my pussy was hot and getting wet. I never mention this to any one and sometimes at school I would masterbate thinking about him smelling my panties and jerking off. I was not the best looking girl just your avg but was really into sex. I love to suck cock and fuck. One night at school my boyfriend and I was drunk we went back to his frat house and fucked.  Later that night I got up and need a drink but walk in on his 2 room mates watching porn and jerking off so me being in my panties and shirt only I walk over and we fuck all night long. One would fuck me while I suck his the other off.  
Well back to my story I was laying out when my family came home. My mom, dad and little brother and sister. I walk in to greet them with huges and kisses. my mom was in the kitchen so after a bref with her I headed to chat with my sis and bro.

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   As I sat there I kept thinking about that day my dad was smelling my panties so I got up to see my dad. I made my way to his room where he was laying on the bed watching TV. I walk over and he got up and I was focus on his cock. As we hug I felt his soft cock against my stomach and felt his hand run along my back and to my bikini bottoms. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and we both sat on the bed chating. i was home for summer and my family had a trip for us to Europe for 2 weeks on a train. the day came and we where flying to Europe. On the plain at night I was sitting with my sis to my right and my dad to my left. The lights where off and everyone was asleep except my dad who was watching the giant TV.  As I was asleep I woke up a bit but did not move just open my eyes a bit. As I tryed to focus my eyes I saw my dad rubing his cock in the blanket. I just layed there to watch him. I watch the blanket move up and down very slow and could hear him moan a bit. I was so trun on by this and watch. I decide to flirt a bit with my dad so I perten to move a bit and push the covers down past my waist.

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   I was wearing warm ups and when I look down my thong was shoing on the side.  I move a bit so my ass was faceing him. I rub my butt to act as if I had a scratch. I layed there for a couple of mins when I felt my pants being to pull down a bit very slow. It was my dad so I let him do this. I move a bit so now I could feel my butt crack expose to the air a bit. I felt his finger go in my crack and slowly and gently move lower and lower to my ass hole. I pick up the blanket and cover myself again.  After a couple of mins his hand was under my blanket. I turn aroundon my back so my front was showing and under the covers I push my pants down a bit and thong. I felt his hand rub my stomach and slowly move to my pussy. I felt the first finger try to make its way under my panties. I was so wet now and wanted my dad to finger my wet pussy.
I felt his finger touch the top on my bush and thats when the lights came on. After we got off the plane we headed to get our bags and get to our motel.

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  That night I could not sleep and was fingering my pussy all night thinking of my dad. we had 2 rooms with my parents in 1 and us in the other. The next day we boreded our train and it was going to be a 12 hour ride.  We got one of those room carts you see on TV with the 2 beds and TV and bunk beds on the side. As night came my sis and bro was in the bunk bed sleeping and I had just finish taking a shower so my mom was next. As she was in the shower I watch my dad look at me and knew he was thing about my pussy. I jump in bed with him and we chated as I huged him. I was so horny I made my move as we chated I slowly move down to his shorts and started to rub his cock. My dad stop and look right in my eyes. We both just look and then I unzip his shorts and grad his cock. My dad look at the TV and I felt his hands run down my back and in my nighty and right to my ass hole. His finger ran circles around my ass hole so now wetness was come from my pussy to my ass. I grab his cock and started to jerk him off and feel his balls. I wanted it so bad in my pussy and mouth. His hand made its way to my front and I open my legs so he could get his finger in my wet pussy.

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   i was so turn on and horny that wants he was in I cum so hard and my panties got a big wet shower. I could still heard the water in the bathroom running so I went down and place his cock in my mouth. I wanted to taste my dads hard cock and lick the pre cum from it. I ran my tong down to his balls and could feel his hands push my head down I place it my mouth while I play with his balls. I heard the water turn off So I got up and got in my bed. That night my dad fuck my mom and I watch but pretended to sleep. I could see my dad look over at me while my mom sucked his.
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