Twins' Summer of Discovery-Ch01


“Damn that asshole!” I cried, tears streaming down my face, as I slammed doors throughout the house. I continued cussing out my FORMER boyfriend Paul, using every expletive I could think of, and coming up with a few new ones! “Dorean, what the hell is the matter? If you don’t stop slamming those doors, we’re going to have to repair some pictures before Mom and Dad get back from their Caribbean cruise. Will you PLEASE calm down and tell me what the hell Paul has done this time!” Donovan demanded. I looked at my twin brother and exclaimed “I don’t want to talk about that two-timing, low-down, snake-in-the-grass, chauvinistic bastard, or my FORMER best friend, Lisa the SLUT!” as I banged another door closed with my foot, this time succeeding in breaking a picture. “Whoa, what’s all this about Lisa being a slut, and when did she stop being your best friend? Weren’t you two all chummy with each other on the phone this morning? You talked for what seemed like hours!” he inquired, clearly confused at the turn of events. “Well, if you must know the sordid tale, I just found out from the two of them that they have been shagging each other. That explains why he wasn’t interested in ‘Rocking the Boat’ with me! Apparently, I wasn’t the ‘Barbie doll’ type that he wanted: hourglass figure, instead of my ‘real woman’ body-type. He couldn’t handle the fact that my temper matched my red hair. I am so MAD I could spit nails!”“Now, that would be a sight! Should I call the tabloids? Anyway, try not to break any more pictures, sis. In any case, Paul lost out big time, Dorean. I happen to like your figure, and your temper is quite entertaining sometimes, as long as it’s not directed at Me. ” he teased me. “But how could they do that to me? My own best friend since grade school, and my high school sweetheart, going behind my back! I thought he loved me. Instead, he was just using me to get to HER!” I asked with obvious pain in my eyes. He pulled me to himself, and I laid my head on his chest, sobbing on his shirt. “Why do I always seem to fuck things up with my Irish attitude? Sometimes being Irish can hurt!”“What do you mean, ‘being Irish can hurt’? I kinda like that we’re Irish.

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  ” he retorted as he stroked my long red hair. “No one can handle my Irish temper! No one understands me!” I hiccoughed. “That’s not true! I have helped calm your temper. I understand you better than anyone else!”“Yeah, that’s because we’re twins! That doesn’t help me in the love department. I want to get married one day, and if I keep chasing off all my dates, I’ll never become wife and mother!” I pulled back to look him in the eyes. He held onto my hand. “There are plenty of men who would marry you. I would in a heartbeat!” he exclaimed. “Once again, there is the fact that we’re twins! Society doesn’t approve of that kind of relationship. ” I replied.  “Well, I don’t agree with society’s rules!” he retorted. “What do you mean by that? Are you saying that you don’t agree with the taboo against incest?” I asked him with some shock. “What’s wrong with making love to someone that you love? Does being related somehow make it bad or evil?” he demanded passionately. “I didn’t say that I was against it. I’m just surprised that you feel that way.


   We never discussed this matter before. Are you saying that you have feelings for me, or am I misunderstanding you?” I responded. “We never talked about because you were wrapped up in Paul for several years now. You never thought of anyone else, have you? I was never in the picture, no pun intended. Is it so hard to believe that I care for you? We are twins. We have been raised together. Hell, we even took baths together until we were seven! Why else do I seem more protective than most brothers?” my brother remarked. I was beginning to see my brother in a new light. It got me to thinking about how much I really cared about Donovan- more than what society would condone. My obsession with Paul blinded me to my true love for my twin. Why had I not seen his passion for me in the past? Now that I thought about it, all the signs had been there. He comforted me as a lover would, instead of as a brother. The way he looks at me, sometimes when he thinks I don’t notice was a hint that I did not want to see. “Are you saying that you want to be intimate with me? I’ve always been closer to you than I have with anyone else. You do understand my temper and me more than others do, including Mom and Dad.

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   I just always chalked it up to us being twins. I realize now that it was more than that. Hell, even when I got scared at night, I turned to you instead of Mom and Dad. ” “Hell, yes, I want to be intimate with you! I thought I had made that obvious by now! Why else do you think I have only had flings instead of girlfriends? I have been waiting for you to stop wasting your time with losers like Paul!” “Well, in the past I would have gotten mad at you for calling Paul a loser, but right now, I would have to agree with you 110%! I just figured you for more of a Casanova, playboy type, you know, a stud! I didn’t think that you wanted a serious relationship, and I didn’t want to admit how deeply I love you. ” “Well, sis, have my ears fooled me, or have you just admitted to being in love with me? By the way, those girls that I fucked, I kept picturing you in my bed instead of them. It was never about romance with them. It was just taking care of a basic animal need. ” he answered me with evident sincerity. “Yes, you big lug, I love you! Are you happy now? Do you mind returning the favor?” I taunted him. “Now, was admitting that so hard? Of course, I love you! If you want it spelled in black and white, there it is!” he returned my teasing. “Yes, it was! In addition, if I have to admit my love in so many words, then so do you! It’s only fair!” I needled him. “There you are, sis, being feisty again! You know what you really need to help you with your temper?”“No, what?”“You need to be turned over my knee for an old-fashioned, bare-bottom spanking! If you ask me, your ex had the wrong approach. You don’t run away from a redhead. You just stand up to her!” he winked at me. “You wouldn’t dare!” I said, covering my ass and backing away.

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   “Just try me, sis, just try me! You never know- you might just turn out to like it!” he grinned at me. “Yeah, right!” I replied, sticking my tongue out at him and high tailing it out of there. He ran after me, picked me up, and slung me over his shoulder, carrying me to his bedroom. I attempted to struggle and hit him on the butt with my fists, which only resulted in him tightening his hold on me, and a loud smack across my ass, giving me a sample of what was to cum. At this point, I started to get rather wet at the thought of him being my first and spanking my bottom. I was starting to think that the summer would turn out to be pretty good. It was a good thing that Mom and Dad would be away for at least a month. They also mentioned that they might extend their vacation if everything went well. “Little sis, it’s time for your attitude to be adjusted!” he said to me, while he set me down inside the bedroom and locked the door. “This ought to slow you down, if you get any ideas of running from me again. ”“I am NOT your little sister! You may be bigger, and fifteen minutes older, but you know I hate being called ‘little sis’, Donovan!” I replied as I stuck my tongue out yet again in total defiance of his claim to authority. “You’re my kid sister, Dorean, so face it and bend over my lap, NOW!” he ordered me. “I AM NOT YOUR ‘KID SISTER’!” I said, stomping my foot. “And I will not bend over your lap!”He grabbed me, pulled me toward himself, hiked up my skirt, and started to swat my behind, when he noticed my thong underwear and the absence of any pubic hair. “Dorean Riona McKensie! Since when you do shave your pussy? I thought that you were a virgin, waiting until graduation to have sex.

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  ” “You know how much I hate my middle name, Donovan Riordan McKensie! Anyway, do you like it? And what does shaving my pussy have to do with my virginity? This was something I was gonna show someone else, but…. ” I replied impishly. “You’re really asking for it, missy! I told you to bend over my lap, and you haven’t done it yet! Also, I told you NEVER to mention my appalling middle name! Now, bend the fuck over my damn lap!” he commanded as he sat down on the bed. “But you said my middle name, and you know much I hate it!” I said with a pouty look on my face while my hands covered my bottom. Totally dismissing my last comment, Donovan yanked my thong down to my ankles, and my skirt soon followed, leaving my ass bare for his inspection. He then put me across his lap and gave me several more swats with his hands. “You have a nice smooth ass, sis. I wonder if it feels as good inside of it as it does outside. I love those cheeks. ” he teased me while still spanking my pink ass-cheeks. “I will NOT do anal!” I told him defiantly, while feeling the sting of his hands on my butt and attempting to cover it. “Hmm…well, I think that you will cum around to it, given enough time and motivation. After all, if we’re going to be a couple, I’ll want anal from time to time. ” he corrected me, as he started stroking my virgin pussy and noticing that I was extremely wet. “Well, it seems that you’re not as turned off by this activity as you continue to protest, given the wetness between your legs.


  ” he taunted me. “Well, you do have me rather turned on by the idea of you taking my cherry. Furthermore, I kinda find you rather attractive. ” I informed him. “And to be honest, I’m curious as to what kind of a package you have there, bro. Are you as red down there as the rest of you?”“You’ll find out soon enough, baby sister!” he teased me as he continued playing with my pussy. Ignoring his previous comment, I started squirming on his lap, aroused by the image of how his “sword” looked and felt. I was eager to continue this in a missionary position. I moaned as he played with my clit. Suddenly, without warning, his finger began sliding into my cunt, readying me for his entrance, and then adding yet another digit into my tight, wet opening. He stood me up, then removed my blouse and discovered the absence of a bra. “Well, now, sis, you seem wilder than I thought! Quite a rebel, not wearing a bra! What would Father Kelly say? Something tells me you’ll be in confession for a while!” he needled me. “Oh, I think that we’ll BOTH be in confession, Donovan!  Think of how many ‘Hail, Mary’s we’ll have to say for this. ” I teased him back. “Or how many years we’ll spend in Purgatory for doing this!” he grinned at me.

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   He stood, sat me on the bed in front of him, and took off his shirt, showing me the red hair on his chest, many of them pointing like an arrow toward what was hidden in his pants. He slowly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and lowered them teasingly down his hips and legs to the floor. I took in a deep breath as I saw that, not only did he go “commando”, but his cock had to have been at least 7 and a half to 8 inches long, and rather thick at that (and yes, he was a “natural redhead”). “So, it seems that I’m not the only rebel here! That is quite a weapon you’re toting between your legs there! Just how big is it?” I said with mounting excitement. “Oh, it’s about 8 to 8 and a half inches long, five inches thick, when fully erect. Why do you ask?” he asked with mock innocence. “Just wondering, if it was gonna fit me or split me! I’m a virgin, after all!” I taunted him. “Oh, I think that it will fit you alright, sis, with enough lubrication! Haven’t had any complaints yet!” he winked at me. I held my hands out to him, inviting him to me. I was eager to see how a real cock felt. Was it soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom or hard as steel? “Enjoying the view, sis?” Donovan asked me tauntingly, as he placed my hands on his lance. He instructed me on how to stroke him, in order to get him completely erect. I was relishing how smooth and hot it felt. I ran my fingertips lightly over the opening on the head. I was startled when it jumped in my hands.

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   “Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s perfectly normal. It’s an erogenous zone on most men, rather like a woman’s clit. ” he reassured me.  “What’s an erogenous zone? I’ve heard the term before, but I don’t know what it means. ” I asked him, blushing, slightly embarrassed at my ignorance. “Well, sis, it’s an area on the body that is sensitive to sexual stimulation. Your clit is one area, as are breasts to some women, along with the anus, and men’s genitals. Some men are even sensitive in their nipples. ” he patiently instructed me. “Oh, okay, thanks, like I said, I’ve heard the term, but I’ve never fully understood what it meant. ” I replied. He laid me back on the bed, straddling my body with his, and he leaned down to give me our first French kiss together. Wow, was it ever better than Paul’s was! I ran fingers through his long, wavy hair, as I deepened the kiss. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

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   He pulled back and looked into my brown eyes, with evident passion. “My God, sis, you’re a damn good kisser!” he exclaimed with conviction. Apparently, his one-night stands had all been purely physical, without any strong emotion, which was unmistakable in his green eyes. He slipped his index finger into my virgin pussy, getting me ready for his rather large member. After a few minutes of that, he added his middle finger, alongside the index finger, being careful not to break my hymen, as he wanted that for his cock. I moaned again, pleading him to take me already. “Since you seem to be wet and ready, I will go ahead and ‘throw out the first pitch’, baby!” he grinned at me, as he started to sink his “anchor” into my “sperm harbor”.  When he reached my maidenhead, he told me “This IS gonna hurt you some, baby doll, but I’ll make it as quick and painless as I can, and then it will feel much better. ”He pulled out of me slightly, and then thrust into me hard and fast, kissing me while he did so, to distract me from the pain and catch my groans. Once through the barrier, he paused to allow me to adjust to his size and the feeling of having him inside me. After the pain started to subside, he began moving in and out slowly, gradually increasing the momentum. I arched my back in pleasure, moaning as the pleasure replaced the pain. “Mother of God, if I’d known it would feel this good with you; I’d have dumped Paul for you! Faster, baby, faster!” I panted. “Damn, sis, you’re really hot and tight down there!” he declared, as he played with my clit, stimulating it further. “I want to see the look on your face when you cum.

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  ”“Oh, shit, yes! Fuck me hard! This feels better than I imagined! This is so much better than when I have brought myself off!” I exclaimed as I wrapped my arms around my brother, holding on as if for dear life. I arched my back again, and this time he took my breast into his mouth, sucking it. He then took the other as well, going back and forth between the two of them. This brought me closer to a climax, which made me realize that my breasts were erogenous zones. I cried out in pleasure, unable to hold back anymore. I came for the first time of the night on my brother’s cock. This was totally different from any other orgasms I have ever experienced, making me appreciate what I had been missing.  “Yeah, THAT is what I wanted to see- that look of utter ecstasy on your face as you cum!” Donovan rejoiced, as he continued to stimulate me, thrusting harder, and bringing himself closer to release. “Man, you’re getting even bigger in me! I can feel you swelling! I didn’t know that I could handle that much inside me! You’re going to send me over the edge yet again!” I cried out. My brother then moved his fingers from my clit to the outside of my rectum, stimulating the hole by massaging it, and then inserting his fingertip into my anus. This sent me into orbit, causing me to tighten around his cock. “Oh, Jesus Christ, you’re milking the cum from my balls and cock! I’m cumming now, sis!” he yelled out, as he went off like a rocket. “Holy cow! I can feel your cock pulsating deep inside me! Yes!” I exclaimed as I felt his cum leaking out from his cock. He collapsed on top of me, and then we rolled over onto our sides. As our breathing and heart rates slowed, the worries set in.


   We both realized that we had neglected to use protection. “Shit, we didn’t use protection! You might get pregnant!” he panicked. “I don’t think I’m fertile right now, bro. Maybe I need to get on the pill, now that I’m old enough. I don’t need our parents’ permission. ” I reassured him. “Well, if it does happen, I’ll be sure to support you and our baby. We do have our trust funds available now, which will help while we get jobs. ” he pointed out. “So, how are we going to work out our relationship without tipping Mom and Dad off to what is happening between us?” I asked him, somewhat worried. “We’ll just go to college together and tell them we’ll share an apartment for practical reasons. ” he suggested. I laid my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat, as we drifted off to sleep. . is the best online escort agency in Rhodes!

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