Twist of fate 3


Twist of Fate…. 3.
Tim Brown’s Mom was the exception to the rule amongst the four mothers, three of which had to be seduced in to the incestuous acts with their young boys, where as Alison Brown had been sexually active with Tim since he was 11.
In the last year she had been coaching him into adulthood, making sure he knew intimately the anatomy of the female body and sex organs in particular. If the truth be known it had been her suggestion to involve the other three in the musketeer’s club, for she had seen them hanging around with her son and well to be honest she had developed a taste for young always ready cock.
Since Tim’s thirteenth birthday she had encouraged him to tell her all about his friends and in particular to describe them when they were naked in the locker room. Tim has guessed where this was leading and offered to invite them home to fuck his mother after he had fucked her first of course. This had set alarm bells ringing in Alison’s head for if they discovered her incest they she could be in real trouble with the law.
But if they themselves were banging their own mother’s they could hardly report her and her son now could they? She began by teaching him to use the words she loved to be called like whore, cunt, slut, cum bucket and slag and started to ask him about the mother’s of the three other boys. One night as they were preparing for another night of lust, she had got him to call her Sarah, and had shown him how to order her about like a sub missive slut.
Alison was 29 years of age having been engaged in incestuous relationship with her own father, she had become pregnant with Tim just before her 16th birthday. She had managed to find a real sucker whom she had sex with and then blamed him for making her pregnant. Of course the guy had agreed to marry her but that was not in Alison’s plans, so he had agreed to maintain her child. She remained unmarried and a sex slave to her father till he died when Tim was only four years old.
She knew she was going to become his lover even then and always when alone spent more time changing his nappy then she reasonably should and always played with his little cock as she plunged fingers into her own juiced up cunt.
He had reached thirteen before she had actually seduced him, although she had masturbated him before that and always insisted in nudity around the house after 9 pm at night, when they were alone.

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Alison stood five foot six tall, of slender build and with 38 C bust line, she had always kept her cunt shaven and at her dad’s request even had as an eighteen year old had her nipples pierced and large gold rings attached, then as a 21 year old as a tribute to her loving dad she had a similar sized ring put through her clit hood. It was one of the things he had always talked about but never got around to before he died so she made sure to have it done and often in those early days she would lie naked on top of her bed with her legs wide open, playing with her clit ring as she spoke gently to her now deceased father and she always asked him if he liked her present to him. She never failed to bring herself to a crashing orgasm as she envisioned him with his wings watching and wanking as she played.
The first night she had full sex with her son, was his thirteenth birthday, after everyone had left she called him up to her room where once more she was naked. Tim expected another anatomy lesson although he now knew his way expertly around his mother’s horny body. She scolded him for he was still dressed when he entered her bedroom. Tim quickly turned the tables on her as his training had taught him and snapped, “In the Jewish religion, thirteen is the age of man hood, now bitch although we are not Jewish, I am the man of this house and I will be given proper respect as befitting my position. ! If you master chooses to walk around fully dressed you will smile and say nothing, however you my fuck slut will always have your cunt and tits available to my fingers. Mouth or anything else I choose to use on them! Is that clear you common street walking whore!”
Despite her training of him to behave in such a manner, she was shocked and delighted with his natural adaptation to the role. And she meekly answered, “Yes, my gracious Master!”
She then asked, “If he was feeling man enough to fuck his slut for the first time properly?” and was delighted when he nodded.
She quickly knelt before him and undid his belt and trousers slowly undressing him as if he was a fragile china doll. Once naked and his cock already three quarters hard, she went to place his cock in her mouth when her arse suddenly exploded in burst of fire. She almost fell over as she spun her head to see what had caused the searing pain in her arse cheeks. Tim laughed as he held up the twenty inch leather paddle which had just left the bright red area of skin on his mother’s arse. He told her, “I never gave you permission, bitch to touch my cock let alone to take it in your slutty mouth!”
A shocked and yet very excited Alison asked, “Where did you get the paddle from Tim”
From Grandma was his reply and he then went on to explain that Grandma had been aware all along that her husband had been fucking her daughter and she too had been educating Tim, but to be a dominant male not just a mother fucker.

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Tim made his mother lay on her back and tie a cord to her right nipple ring, attached three silver cat bells to the line before feeding it through her clit ring and adding another three silver cat bells before tying it to her left nipple ring, however the cord had to be tight enough to pull on all three rings. Alison’s nipple rings were distended down wards pulling on her nipples making them seem elongated and swollen and the ring through her clit hood pulled up forcing the clit to be more prominent than normal.
Then he ordered his submissive mother to get into her natural position, she looked at him funny as if not aware of the position he referred to. He snapped back that all bitches knew their natural position was on their hands and knees doggie style. Alison marvelled at her son’s grasp of the situation and half wondered if she had created a monster for here he was aged thirteen ordering his own mother to be his bitch in the doggie position so god knows what he would be like at 18 or 28 years of age.
Immediately she turned over into the doggie positions and was greeted with another whack of the paddle; Tim demanded she open her legs wider and thrust her butt back higher. Having got his mother into the position he wanted he decided that she wanted her cunt fucking but he was going to fuck her arse first and she would clean his cock orally before he fucked her cunt.
He knelt behind his mother and leaned forward, tracing the v-shaped line of cord from her cunt up towards both tits and suddenly twanged both lines like one would a guitar string, his mother yelped but the tiny cat bells jingled and he warned her he wanted to hear those bells as they fucked or she would receive a sound spanking from the paddle.
Then he took hold of his cock and held it firmly against her anal ring, he commanded she back on to it and he merely waited it his own mother forced herself backwards forcing his cock up her own arse. Once the head entered past the sphincter muscle he ordered her to rest. The he told her to count to three loudly and on three she was to thrust back as hard as she could on to his cock. Between her haggard breaths she relied, “Yes Master!”
One, two and on the count three she lunged back at the same moment that Tim lunged forward with his cock and a vibrator just outside the lips to her cunt. Bang their hips collided and his hard cock was fully homed in her tight anal channel, but also a large thick black rubber cock was also buried deep into her cunt. She screamed for a mixture of pain and passion but he soon began thrusting taking away the initial pain. Leaning back on an out stroke he hand spanked her arse declaring, “I can’t hear those fucking bells, slut!”
Alison now began working her body back to meet his thrusts with such vigour that the cat bells jingled with every move.

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   For ten minutes she lunged back on to her own son’s cock accompanied to the jingling bells sounds. The she felt her son’s cock suddenly swell and the hot strings of spunk scalding her inner anal walls. Then he slowly pulled his still hard cock now covered in her anal juices and his thick spunk from her arse and he presented it to her mouth ordering her to lick it like a lollipop till it was all clean.
Meanwhile he reached beneath her and played with the dildo still buried up her cunt and in doing so he tugged on the line pulling on her nipples and clit winding her passions even higher. When he was satisfied his mother slut had cleaned his cock enough he pushed her over on to her back and brought the paddle down lightly on her right breast which caused the bells to jingle once more. Then having removed the dildo, he climbed between her legs and thrust his still hard cock in to her cunt. He leaned right into her crushing her sore nipples against his chest as he fucked the hell out of her, the sound of the little cat bells continued as each thrust caused tugging sensations on her clit ring and nipple piercing. Then this time as he felt his own climax begin to tingle deep in his balls he pulled out and made his mother wank his cock until he shot his copious amount of spunk all over her face and tits. Before he would allow her to get up he got his digital camera and took pictures of her, he told her he intended to start a mother fucking scrap book and every time they did something new she could look forward to being his porno-star and posing for the pictures afterwards.
Since that day, Alison had always enquired politely of course as to how the plan to seduce the other mother’s was progressing and the first she know of its completion was when Tim arrived home with his three friends and as they all piled into the living room he ordered her to show them all her pierced clit and nipples.
Eagerly she was opening her blouse to reveal her bra less tits and raised her skirt to show off to his friends. She suddenly got a hard spank across her arse for this and she was told that she was supposed to show them off properly and that meant without fucking clothes in the way bitch. Just as quickly she removed her clothes and had to stand hands on her head whilst Tim and his three friends explored the rings. David said, “Wow, we ought to make all our mother’s get this done, we could chain them together by their tits or cunts then!”
Suddenly the door bell rang, a panicked looking Alison stared at Tim, who calmly told her to fuck off and answer the fucking door you idle slut!
Carefully from behind the door she peered around it to see three nervous looking women stood their. Sarah stepped up and quietly whispered, “Musketeer’s meeting!” Tim ordered his mother to pretend not to hear that, and Alison relied, “pardon!”
Sarah once more said a little louder, “We are here for the musketeer’s meeting!”
Again with prompting from Tim, his mother asked, “what musketeer’s meeting, and what is this musketeers thing?”
Sarah suddenly realised this was part of their test, so she responded, “We are the three other members of the musketeer mother fucking group and our son’s and master’s are in there waiting for us!”
Alison merely opened the door wider and all three women hurried inside.

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   Once the door was closed they removed their large outer coats to reveal each one was naked beneath. Then the boys appeared and led them all in to the living room.
The three new arrivals, Sarah, Alice and Carol, all stared at the rings piercing Alison’s nipples and cunt. It was Alice who first spoke of the matter, “Wow Alison, they look really sexy, are they painful and did they cost a lot to have done?”
Alison replied, “Yes they are, yes at first and no not really!”
Alice looked puzzled so Alison explained, “Yes they are real sexy, yes they were really painful at first for the first three months actually and no the two nipple rings cost me £20 each plus a little sex on the side and the clit ring cost £35 and a cock up my arse. ”
The women asked her to explain, until they were interrupted by Tim, who brushed over the topic by declaring my fuck slut of a mother always was a slave for a hard cock. Now the boys who were also naked, made the women shut up and listen to their instructions.
After carefully listening, Alison lay on her back on the floor in the middle of the living room floor with her legs wide open and her arms outstretched, and then Alice was on her hands and knees looking down directly at Alison face and was told that when the action started she was to French kiss Alison. Sarah and Carol were like wise on their knees but one on the right side and the other on the left with instructions to suck Alison’s tits like breast feeding babies would.
Then the four boys lined up at their respective mother’s cunts and on the count of four began fucking their cunts. It was David’s task to keep a check on the time and every seven minutes he would shout, “Change!” and they all move round in a clockwise circle to fuck the next motherly cunt available.
Round and round they went till the boys could not hold out any longer and they all deposited their loads back in their own mother’s cunts. Then the women were made to daisy chain and eat the spunk from the woman’s cunt in front of her face.
As typical with the young boys it was not long before they were all sporting rock hard cocks again and this time they could choose who to fill with their next load only this time it would be in the woman’s arse. And their own mothers would then have to eat their son’s load from the woman’s arse where her son had deposited it.
The last round of fun was again the boys choosing to fuck their own mother’s mouth and making them swallow their son’s spunk from source.

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   Almost shattered now the boys had one final trick, they had their own mother’s wank them off over another mothers tits before having to lick her own son’s cream up and display to all present a mouth full of cream, white tongue and all.
Then as the sated boys sat around the still naked women made them sandwiches and drinks and the plans were made for the next meeting at one of the other mother’s houses. It was decided that the group should not get any larger than it was now and the group would have a mother-slut fest once a week but reserved the right to have specials at anytime they chose.
Then the four boys ordered the nearest woman to suck their cocks as they raised their glasses to propose a toast. As they proposed the toast all the boys pissed into the eager mouth of the woman sucking his cock who swallowed their own golden nectar toast; and the toast was ‘THE MUSKETEER’S CLUB. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL’.
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