Twisted Sister Part One


This story is a work of fiction. The people named and events are all figments of my imagination. If you are under 18 or if sexual fiction bothers you do not read any lower. This story involves Incest, M/F Intercourse, as well as F/F Oral. I hope you enjoy the story.
It’s amazing how twins can be so different when they look so alike. I am Lisa and Lora is my younger sister. She is two and half minutes younger to be exact. We are both nineteen and graduated this summer. Well before I tell you all about the past month. I think I should describe us as well as the events leading up to last night.
Now that we were out of school mom and dad decided it was time for us to move out. After nineteen years they wanted some space. Our family had done ok on the stock market so money never seemed an issue growing up. They told us a week before school started that during the spring they had enrolled us. Now we did not get any say where we were going to school but the bill was fully paid.

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The apartment was a two bedroom with a bath in each room. The walls seemed thick enough for privacy. (Later I would learn I hadn’t took into account the air conditioning vents) I took the room closest to the balcony. With Lora taking the room closest to the door. These choices were for obvious reasons. It had a nice living room with a small kitchen and a breakfast bar.
Now onto us and the meat of this story. We are both 5’5 with long straight blonde hair. Our eyes look like my fathers a pretty green almost like emeralds. We both shared so many cloths it was hard to remember whose was whose. Even our panties and bra’s were the same size. After the second week we came to call this place home school had already begun by then. I thought things might have changed with Lora and her partying but I was mistaken.
We are not hard to look on my boy friend had been with me for over a month. Lora I not even sure if she had a boyfriend.

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   Although she had several callers thru the nights. This had been one such night but her pick of the eve had left when he got a page from work so for a change I was the one with a man over and not her. Michael was sitting on the couch with me sharing his rum and coke. He was twenty-two years old, working construction had built him up so he looked really yummy.
I rose up from the couch heading to my room the slight wiggle of my ass as much an invitation as a tease. I looked back and licked my lips with a grin I blew him a kiss and vanished inside. Michael took the hint and followed behind me shutting the door. Lora was in her room pouting so I felt comfortable enough to do this. I didn’t think we would get any uninvited guests.
I slipped off my shirt my small shorts followed swiftly. Letting him see my curved ass while I was still facing my bed. I heard his clothing come off, turning I was able to look him over. I pulled him close to me, kissing him hard. Feeling our naked bodies touching was such a turn on to me. I reached down between us to find his seven inches already waiting for me. 

   Pressing my C cups to his chest I moaned as I squeezed his cock. My tongue invaded his mouth as his arms held me closer pulling me so his cock was trapped between us. Breaking my kiss I sat back on the bed my shaven pussy had started leaking sometime ago, now it was soaked.
I was leaning forward to devour his cock when I felt Michael push me back onto the bed. I fell back with a soft hiss as he pressed his cock into my shaved pussy. I loved the way he made me feel, but damn it I had wanted to taste him. To late now his cockhead began sliding between my waiting lips. I groaned as he took one mighty shove pushing his cock home. I was whimpering part of it pleasure but allot of it pain from his hard stroke. Looking up I saw his eyes were closed already. He withdrew almost to the head then began to pump into me once more. His cock began to make me feel only pleasure after several more thrusts. His cock always felt like it had been made special for my pussy it fit so perfectly once we got going.
His thrusts felt wonderful my pussy was on fire, a fire only he could put it out. With each thrust I started lifting my hips to meet his moaning in the sheer joy of it.

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   As he drew his cock back I clamped my pussy down on him making it as tight as I could for him. I was feeling my orgasm as it was building, I could feel it deep in my body begging to be let loose like some wild animal. Reaching up I cupped my tits and pinched my nipples. Rippling thru my body I felt the pleasure growing centered deep inside my pussy. Michael began to swell I knew he was getting close. I figured he would slow down like he always did so I could cum with him.
The rum must have had more of an effect then I thought. Instead of slowing down he began to thrust harder into my pussy. I could hear the squishing sound of our damp flesh slapping together. His cock swelled even larger in me as he continued to ride me with hard thrusts. I loved the way he was taking my pussy each stroke was so perfect. Sadly my pussy was still far from cumming when he let out his groan of pleasure. I felt his cock quiver inside me as he went still buried to the hilt. My pussy was milking his cock for all it was worth all I knew was that I needed to get his seed. His cum spilled out of his cock sending stream after stream of molten seed into my poor pussy.

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   After about a minute of filling me with his cum he leaned down kissing me sweetly on the lips as he panted for air.
I was in for a shock as I began to grind on his softening cock. I was trying to get him hard enough to finish me off. He broke the kiss just as I was starting to moan with pleasure once more. He slid out from between my legs slowly sitting up he began to dress. “Where the hell are you going Michael?” It was obvious from the need in my voice that I was far from finished with him. “Got a shipment arriving on site at sun up Lisa I got to go. ” His words were slurred from the rum. I know I should have kept him there, but I was so mad I was shaking. After he got on his clothing he leaned over my naked form, kissing me deeply once more. The kiss just made my condition worse I was so horny my pussy and clit began to throb. “Sleep well Lisa” that was all he said as he walked out of the room. I heard him distantly tell Lora goodnight then she locked up behind him. I began to cry in frustration my poor pussy was aching with need. This was how I found out our air ducts carry sound.

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Lora could hear Lisa crying as she walked by her room to lock the balcony door. Lora knew her sister was always so emotional when it came to relationships. Lora had a different outlook on relationships. She had to much fun having sex and knew her looks were enough to draw men and women into her bed. She walked by the full length mirror in her room and admired herself a moment. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a pony tail which hung over her small nightie. Her C cups pressed into the silk with some force allowing an outline of her nipples to be seen. Pulling the nightie over her head she now admired her naked skin. Her tits were cream colored with small dark nipples capping them. Her nipples were only about a quarter inch long but each was almost an inch and half around. Looking at her body like this was causing her pussy to leak. Lora noticed her nipples pull into tight puckered little buds of pleasure.
Moving into her closet Lora set her nightie on a shelf as she looked for what she knew she would need tonight. Her naked form stood inside her closet for a moment stroking up her flat stomach she caressed her tight nipples without thinking about it. Lora’s mind was on the reason she had come in here.


   A small moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she stood there making up her mind. Rummaging thru her toy bag she found what she was looking for, an eighteen inch double headed dildo. Slipping out of her closet she left her room moving to Lisa’s door. Listening Lora heard Lisa’s soft sniffling. It sounded pitiful Lora slowly opened the door. The lights were all off since it is late so Lora doubted Lisa so lost in depression would notice her sister slipping into the room.
In her frustration Lisa had thrown a pillow over her eyes blotting out the world. Lisa had not moved a muscle except to cover her face since Michael left. Lora moved to the foot of the bed looking down she swore her sister was an angel. It took her a long moment then Lora realized that she must look the same when she was open like this. Lora’s pussy began to leak even more at that thought. She could smell Michael’s cum and a hint of Lisa’s musk mixed on the air. Leaning down Lora knelt before the bed bending forward taking in the sight for a moment longer. Lora opened her mouth slipping her tongue out she pressed thru Lisa’s pussy lips. Swiftly Lora slid her tongue till she found her sisters clit.

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   Lora’s hands reached out catching Lisa’s hips in the same moment to hold her in place.
Lora tasted Michael’s cum as soon as her tongue slid into her sister’s pussy. Lora was glad Lisa shaved her pussy to it made it all the hotter feeling the smooth flesh rubbing her face. Lora drove her tongue past the salty fluid that had slowly been leaking from her sister. Lora used her tongue to thrash Lisa’s clit lovingly with all the attention it deserved. Lisa bolted up about to scream when she saw it was Lora it swiftly became a moan of pleasure. Lisa’s eyes when wide as she looked down seeing Lora hungrily lapping at her clit. Lisa was trying to think, to form words to stop her sister when another wave of pleasure seared though her body. With a gasp of pleasure Lisa fell back, not knowing what to make of her sister between her thighs. Lisa’s pussy began to respond to Lora’s tongue. Lisa found she loved how it felt to be eaten by her sister. Lora never let up each time her tongue touched her sisters clit it brought another shiver of pleasure. Now Lora could taste her sisters juices as they washed Michael’s cum from her. The taste of her sister was hot and sweet just a little different from her own.
Lora knew she had won when Lisa laid back her moans coming more often now. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   Lora released Lisa’s hips, slowly her hands traveled over Lisa on their way up to her breasts. Lora palmed her sister’s tits now finding the nipples she clasped them between her fingers and squeezed. Lisa began to lift her hips to her sister’s hot mouth each point of contact made Lisa hotter with need. Lora’s tongue dug into her sisters slit then releasing her clit, diving into her hole. Lora could feel each contraction around her tongue as she drilled Lisa’s pussy. After several strokes into Lisa Lora began to use her tongue to scoop up her juices drinking them like a fine wine. Lora moved her tongue back to Lisa’s clit with a moan of pleasure. This time Lora ment business catching her sister’s clit between her teeth Lora gently began to thrash Lisa’s clit.
Lisa moaned unable to stop the pleasure coursing thru her body. Lisa’s hands found Lora’s head holding Lora tight to her slit. Lisa had gotten close already once tonight there was no way Lora was stopping till she came. Lisa would hump her sister’s face raw if she had to she no longer cared who was eating her pussy. Lora loved the feeling of being pinned helpless to her sisters slit it made her moan hotly into Lisa’s pussy. Lisa moaned feeling it deep in her body the pleasure of her sisters tongue snaking all over her pussy was pushing her closer to the edge. Lora was now in heat as well her left hand pinched Lisa’s nipple just before releasing it.

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   Lora moved her hand down to Lisa’s pussy sliding two fingers to the hilt trying to get Lisa to cum for her. Lisa couldn’t take it anymore the pinch causing her to scream in pleasure. A moment later her sister’s fingers slid home in her pussy throwing her over the edge. Lora could feel Lisa’s stomach rippling in pleasure seconds later Lisa’s slit was rippling out of control. It was so wild for Lora her body did the same thing before she came hard.
Lisa’s screams of pleasure grew louder as the orgasm washed over her. “Yes. . . . Yes. . . Ye. .


   Yessssssss. . . . . . . . ” Lisa’s words blurring into a mew of pleasure as she shook from the force of what her sister had done to her. Lisa was cumming so hard she tried to shove her sister all the way into her spasming pussy. Lora held on for dear life trying to keep in contact with her sister’s clit. As Lisa came Lora drew out her fingers opening her mouth as wide as she could in an attempt to catch all of Lisa’s juices. There was just to much for Lora to capture some spilled out coating her lips and chin in a sheen of cum. Lisa’s orgasm began to slow down going from a molten blaze to a slow burn of contentment. Lora looked up at her lust and love warring in her eyes.

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   Lisa was still gasping for air as the last after shocks ran thru her pussy.

    Lora smiling crawled up Lisa’s body till she was inches from her face. Lisa looked into her eyes seeing no teasing there she tentatively leaned in to her sister’s face. Finding her lips Lisa kissed her sister but like never before. Her mouth met Lora’s soft lips both mouths opened sharing their first lovers kiss. Lisa so unsure slid her tongue into her sister’s mouth finding Lora’s tongue waiting. They began to duel Lora had much more experience but wanted Lisa to enjoy the kiss she was gentle. Soon enough she forced Lisa’s tongue out taking the duel to her sister’s mouth they began to explore each other with lust. Soon Lisa broke the kiss gasping for air, it was so different from kissing Michael she had forgot to breathe. Lora’s hand slid up Lisa’s face stroking it gently like a lover but it was so strange like looking into a mirror.
    Lisa was the first to speak just a soft whisper of words. “Lora why did you do that isn’t it wrong?” She never tried to move Lora enjoying the company after such a bad evening earlier. Lora smiled and kissed Lisa’s chin. “Most people would say it’s wrong but did it feel good? Did I hurt you?” She takes a deep breath looking at Lisa. “I did it because of what Michael did sis I couldn’t listen to you suffer like that when I could help you.

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      ” Lisa tilted her head slightly sliding over she motioned Lora to lay there. Lora could see Lisa was thinking over her words as she moved onto the pillow with Lisa she pulled her into a hug. Lisa felt Lora snuggling them together feeling her sister naked was almost like a shock.
    Lisa finally spoke as she snuggled into her sisters arms. “No it didn’t hurt and yes it felt wonderful but does that make us sick?” Lora just snuggled her closer and kissed her softly. “No sis it doesn’t, when I ate you sweetness it was like loving myself. It was so perfect I knew just what to do to show you pleasure. ” She kisses her again deeper this time when Lora comes up for air she can feel their nipples pressing into each other. “I need to cum sis you gonna help me?” Her tone is full of lust and passion. Lora’s eyes are full of love for her sister, but hidden in there is the need to cum.
    Lisa didn’t answer but reached up slowly stroking her sister’s breast unsure if she wanted to do this. After a moment she reached for Lora’s nipple and rolled it between two fingers slowly teasingly like she did her own. Lora let out a gasping moan arching her breast trying to press more into her sister’s hand. Lisa smiled sliding down her lips catching the other nipple she licked it with a long slow swipe of her tongue. Lora whimpered at that and began to wiggle her hips as if begging for attention down there. 

       Lisa took her time on Lora’s nipples knowing how much she liked her own fondled. By the time Lisa moved down to her sister’s pussy Lora was panting in need almost begging Lisa now. “Ple. . . ase, Sis. . . ea. . t. . . . me” She lifted her hips trying to bring Lisa’s face closer.

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       It was about this time that Lisa’s knee bumped into the dildo on the bed. Looking down she saw it grinning with mischief in her eyes now.
    Lora was humping the empty air trying to get Lisa to touch her she was hot now. Lisa inhaled taking in the scent of her sister’s pussy. Sticking out her tongue she slowly licked one of Lora’s outer lips. Lora whimpered like she was in pain thrashing her head from side to side. “PLEASE” She was begging now for Lisa to give her pleasure. Lisa grinned as her tongue slid between her sisters lips tasting her first pussy. With a gasp of pleasure Lora reached down catching fistfuls of Lisa’s hair holding her there. Lisa had a surprise for Lora though as she slowly explored her sister’s pussy she was using her own to wet the dildo. Slowly she had been sliding inch after inch into her own pussy. Feeling it was wet enough she slid it out lining it up on Lora’s hole. As the head touched her lips she groaned feeling it invade her swiftly Lora was in heaven now.
    Lisa worked her way up to Lora’s clit stroking her tongue over it over and over she began to try and duplicate what her sister had done for her. Lora was moaning in pure bliss now the dildo filling her so well she bucked into it wanting more.

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       Lisa had other ideas drawing it out part way she slid it back in her sisters sheathe. Lora was moaning now unable to do anything but lie there her orgasm was growing closer. Lora could feel the plastic cock as it invaded her, her sister while not a pro did a passing job on her clit. Just then Lisa used her other hand to pinch her sister’s nipple hard. Lora screamed in pain/pleasure as her body surrender to Lisa.
    Lisa never stopping licking wanting to give her sister a big orgasm. Her hand was moving in a blur as she pumped the fake cock in and out with abandon. Lora’s body was rippling just like her sister had, first her stomach then her pussy. Lora was gone she could feel the orgasm ripping thru her coming up from depths no one had ever taken her to before. Lisa finally pulled out the dildo and covered her sister’s hole with her mouth. She was trying to do what Lora had failed to a drink all her delicious juices. Lora bucked loose as another wave crashed thru her body ripping Lisa’s mouth from Lora’s pussy. Lisa got soaked as the next onslaught of juice poured out coating her face.
    Lora was spent shaking she lay there releasing Lisa’s hair. Lisa free now crawled back up her sister’s body and snuggled once more into her sisters arms.

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       Kissing her with a cum drenched face she snuggled wanting to be held desperately. Lora came back to earth to find Lisa curling into her side like a scared child. Lora stroked Lisa’s hair softly her other arm wrapped about Lisa’s hip keeping her close. Both girls felt it in the moment their grips were protective of each other but now there was a possessiveness to their contact.
    Each seemed worried the other would leave so they held each other tightly needing the companionship. After several minutes the warm glow of orgasm seemed to infuse them both. Soft petting slowed, lips stilled from tiny desperate kisses. Lora was the first to fade snuggling her arms about her older sister she began to snore ever so slightly. Lisa snuggling in the nape of her sister’s neck listened to Lora’s heart beat. “I love you Lora” Her voice was a soft whisper of sound as she slowly grew lost in her sister’s heart beat. It was late as both girls slept dreaming of what tomorrow might bring for them.
    To Be Continued. . . .


      . .
    I hope you enjoyed this section and had fun. Send any constructive input to TwistedDemise@Hotmail. com.

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