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This was the first time back home in a long time for me since i moved away to college. It was a family get together for my fathers birthday. Its just me (vicki), my mam and dad and my little 16 year old brother Dan. Dan had grown since the last time i seen him. He was 6ft and had joined the gym recently so filled out a little bit. He had dark brown eyes and brown hair. He was popular with the ladies aswell. I on the other hand looked nothing like him. Im 5ft 8 with natural blonde hair and blue eyes. As part of my course in college aget to use the gym so i have a great body and im not afraid to use it. I have 32c tits and a tight little ass.  I also like to keep my body hairless so the means my pussy is clean shaven. I like it especially when i wear mini skirts and no panties.
We came home from our meal together and i was already a little tipsy from the wine. Istarted to feel the usual tingle between my legs and needed to finger my already moist slit. That was gonna be a problem.

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   When i left home my dad converted my room into a games room so i had to sleep in with dan for the night. We did the usual family thing that night. Had a few beers and talked about old time. I couldn't help but notice how grown up Dan looked as he swiged his beer. I thought to myself he must get all the ladies with those big brown eyes of his.  I found myself attracted to him. Now mayb it was just the beer talking but i need to cum so badly. It was getting late so we all decide to go to bed finally at 4 in the morning.
I went upstairs closly followed by Dan. I could feel his eyes on my ass so i decided to put a lilttle exra shake into it. "hey dan have ya got and old t-shirt i can barrow? I usually sleep naked and have pj's with me. " He took out and old t-shirt and threw it at me, "there ya go sis. " He striped down to his boxers and lay on the bed. He had a tonned body and by the looks of his shorts was well endowed. "Turn around now while i get changed" i said given him a wink.

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   I slid out of my jeans and top and was standind there in my pink lace thong and matching bra. I could see him takeing a peek at my body so i dropped the shirt jus so i could bend over for him. I unsnaped my bra and my tits bounced loose. I was so horny my nipples were already hard. Sliping on my t-shirt i climbed in beside him. "You know i love you" i said given him a big hug. I pulled him close so my tits were pressed against him. I could feel his cock pressing against my thigh.
"You a virgin bro?" He look at me and fell slient. "Come on bro im your big sis you can tell me anything" given him a puppy dog looked. He laughed and answerd me no. "how many?" "just the 1 sis" he said. Our conversation lasted a while and i could feel myself gettin wetter with all the talk about sex and by the looks of things he was horny too. I rolled ove and got real tight to him so his dick was at my ass. He wraped his arm around me.

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   I moved it so it was resting on my tit. I pushed my ass against him and began humping his dick. He let out a little moan and i knew i had him.  I reached aroung and cuped his balls, "hey bro, I think we shoud do something about this hard on of yours" He was stunned as i looked into his eyes. I took the lead and leaned in and kissed him. Our tongues played with each other as he pulled me close to him. He wanted me as much as i wanted him.
I broke the embrace and started to kiss and lick down his body. I slid his boxers and let his 8'' cock spring free. Wanking him slowly teasing him. "You want your big sis to suck you off bro?'' He let out a moan so i took it as a yes. I licked the lenght of his shaft taken his purple head into my mouth. I love the taste of cock as i took his full lenght into my mouth. Licking and swirling my tonge around his throbbing head. Getting faster and faster as he breathing got deeper.

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   "Im close!" i wanked him off keeping my mouth over his head to taste his swee juice. He exploed into my mouth send a hot stream down my throat. He sent wave after wave into my moutj and some dribbled out onto my chin. I kneeled up taking my shirt off letting him see my tits and hard nipples. I climbed up and kissed him letting him taste his own juice. He licked his cum off my chin.
He rolled over on top of me and started to kiss down my body stoping at my tis. He took a nipple into his mouth sucking and licking it as he rolled the other with his thumb and finger. "Mmmmmmm yes suck on your sisters nipples. " As i held the back of his head. Kissing down my tonned stomach he began to kiss my pussy thre my soaked panties. You cold clearly see the out line of my shave slit. Taken my panties off he spread my puffy lips revealing my pink snatch. Sliding two fingers into my wet pussy he licked and sucked my throbben clit. I pushed my hips up wraping my legs around his head.

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   Finger fucking me faster and faster as i moaned out loud "YES, YES MAKE UR SIS COME, LICK HER PUSSY OUT" I screamed as wave after wave of orgasim fell over my body.
He kissed me again and shared my sweet pussy juices as the head of his cock was positioned at the enterance of my pussy. He looked at me with lust in his eyes as he slid into me. He buried his full 8 inches into my tight pussy. I wraped my legs arond him as we picked up the pace. Faster and faster we fucked as i whisperd in his ear "Fuck your sisters little pussy. make me come im so horny for you. " The room was filled with the sound of moans and his balls slapping off my ass. He flipped me over and began fucking me doggy style. Deep into my pussy he pushed as i matched his thrusts. My pingers found my clit abd started playing as my pussy griped his big cock. I screamed out " yes yes im cumming. im cummmming" He shot his load deep into me as my pussy milked him dry. Wy fell into a heap beside each other and fell aslepp wraped in each others arms.
The next morning at breckfast we just smiled at each other as i opend my legs for him.

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   Giving him a few of my shaved pussy under my t- shirt. "hey mom, maybe dan could visit me sometime?"

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