Two sisters 15 & 17 and half Brother with family Great Dane caught


My wife & I had gone out for the evening the Kids not expecting us home til 3or 4 in the AM. We had decided on an early nite and when we walked in the house we could hear Bart saying " Suck that big dog cock Camy, I want to see him squirt hot dog cum all over your face and down your throat. " Then " Amy suck my cock while Sis sucks that dog cock. " My Wife and I looked at each other and quietly walked over to the bedroom, looking in we saw our Daughters. Camy sucking our Great Danes huge 10" cock and Amy sucking her Brother's, Bart, cock. My Wife Started to go in and I stopped her, whispering to her My cock was getting hard. She smiled at me and reached down feeling my growing member thru my pants.
The Kids were so engrossed in what they were doing they didn't even hear us come in or notice us at the doorway watching. We went to the bedroom, got undressed, my wife grabbing the camcorder. My cock was so fucking hard. Fully 9" erect, head purple, veins bulging. We have bestiality movies, but this was different, watching our own Daughters and their Stepbrother. My, Wife, Nancy, started filming, while I started licking her now dripping cunt.
Bart had grabbed the back of Amy's head shoving his 8" of hard cock deep into her throat, " I'm going to cum, you slutty little sister of mine. " he said. next was " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, FUCK YEA, SUCK EVERY FUCKING DROP, BITCH.

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  " With that he let loose his hot sticky load of cum down his Sister's throat, pulling out once to shoot on her face then finishing in her mouth. She was his good little slut drinking all the cum that he sqirted into her mouth. She wiped off what he squirted on her face, then lick her fingers clean.
While this was going on, Camy was doing a job on that 10" cock of our dog. Bobbing her head up and down his long shaft, his humping was becoming faster and faster. Both Bart and his Sister were now watching their Sister sucking that dog cock. Amy said " Bitch, Suck that fucking cock, make him squirt his hot cum down your throat and all over your face. " I knew he was ready to squirt his huge load, as my wife had sucked him several times, and I knew his pace. All of sudden I could hear Camy sucking harder and harder, she pulled back off that huge reddish pink cock and let some cum suirt all over face, then opened her mouth wide and let the rest of that hot dog Jizz squirt into her mouth, swallowing every drop.
Camy the said to her Brother " I did what you wanted, now get down here and clean of his cock for me. " To our surprise Bart sucked in that still somewhat hard cock sucking and licking it clean. The girls were now locked in a passionate kiss each sucking the cum from each others mouth.
Now it was very HARD for me not to jack off while all this was going on, but I managed to refrain, as I had other ideas. My wife had at least two orgasms while I licked her cunt during the show, so I wasn't sure how the movie we made would turn out, but later we watched and except for a liitle shaking it was great.
Now the kids, aware of their surroundings, were surprised by us standing there.

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   I think they thought they were in real trouble until they realized Mom and Dad was standing there, both naked, and Dad had a huge hardon with pre-cum oozing from it.
I told them " you do know there will be punishment for what we just saw going on. " A look of despair came over all their faces. I told them " Get your asses into our bedroom. " They all started to grab their clothes. " Leave the clothes where they are, you won't need them. " Now fear spread accross their faces. I think they thought they were in for a bare ass whipping, Little did they know what I had in mind.
I had never really paid that much attention to the sexual areas of the girls, or Bart for that matter, but now I looked and took in those bare little cunts. Those budding tits and pert little nipples.
My wife didn't know what I had in mind, but I knew she was as horny and hot as I, so whatever I said she would follow.
     I told Nancy to lie down, and said " Bart I want you to eat your Mother's cunt and you better do a damn good job, or you will pay the consequences. " he immediatley started to object, when "slap" his Mother slapped him accross the face. " Your My slut, now " his Mother said. " Get your face in my cunt, NOW.

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      "  I inturn said " Amy, Camy, on your knees, suck my cock and balls. " They didn't hesitate. They took turns sucking my hard throbbing cock. I didn't want to cum right away as I wanted to feel those tight little hairless cunts, so after a little sucking and licking I told Camy, " get on your hands and knees, I'm going to fuck that sweet cunt of yours. " I could hear Nancy " FUCK, THAT'S GOOD,EAT MOMMIES CUNT TIL SHE CUMS. "I turned my attention back to the girls, Camy said " Daddy your cock is too thick for me, please don't. " " Too bad. " I said. I ordered Amy " tongue my ass while I'm fucking your Sister, and be qucik about it. "  I licked Camy's sweet cunt to get it wet and ready. A moan came from her lips as I did. Then I placed the bulging, throbbing tip of my cock at her cunt and with a hard push shoved myself deep in Camy's cunt. " OW, GOD that hurts" she screamed. Then as she became more wet her cries of pain changed. " AAAHHH, FUCK ME DADDY, YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD IN MY TIGHT LITTLE CUNT.

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      " While I was fucking Camy, Amy was driving her tongue into my asshole, licking from my balls back to my asshole, then driving her tongue as deep as she could. " FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD AMY, YOU"RE SUCH A GOOD LITTLE SLUT" I yelled.
    I could hear my Wife, " BART, YOU"RE GOING TO MAKE MOMMY CUM, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCK,YESSSSSSSSS. " With that my Wife started squirting her cum ( My wife is a squirter and can shoot about 2', Bart didn't know this) Bart was taken by surprise started to gag, I think he thought his Mother was pissing down his throat. His Mother was quite dissapointed he didn't finish drinking her cum. I told her he would pay for that later.
    I had enough of Camy, now I wanted my sweet litle girl Amy. " AMY, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE FOR DADDY TO FUCK. " She was quite scared, as she was the youngest, but she was going to get FUCKED. She got on her hands & knees in front of me. I took it a little easier on her. I was plenty wet from her Sister's cunt juices and I slid slowly into her very tight cunt. I didn't think I'd get in without cumming, but I managed. I heard her say " OH DADDY YOUR COCK FEELS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD IN ME. " Hearing these type of words out of my 15 y.

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      o. started me slamming into her, my balls slapping against her. I didn't last long. I yelled " AMY, CAMY ON YOUR KNEES IN FRONT OF ME, OPEN YOUR MOUTHS AND TAKE EVERY DROP OF MY CUM. " I let Loose " AAAAAAHHHHH FUCK, DRINK DADDY"S CUM YOU LITTLE SLUTS. " Squirting the hugest load of HOT, THICK, STCKY CUM into my daughters mouths. After I was done I ordered them " SWALLOW ALL OF IT. "
    Everyone was spent. There's more. Bart's punishment for not doing the job he should have for his Mother. He get a hard fucking from the family Great Dane. . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . That's later.