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Teri watched his sister walk past in her new outfit. His balls ached as he watched her delectable ass sway and her c-cup tits sway as she bounced past him on her way to ballet. He watched her go past and sighed, it was another one of those days where he would be tortured by having to sit thru his sister’s ballet recitals. It wasn’t that the ballet was bad or anything that was torture, but rather having to watch all those fifteen year old girls strutting around in skin tight leotards and nylons which drove his mind to near insanity – not to mention a serious case of blue balls after they were finally finished. Of all the girls in the class, it was his sister who was the most prettiest of the bunch and she knew it. She carried herself with an air of superiority which projected her confidence in her looks. Teri focused his attention away from the group of girls who were doing their warm-ups and tried to focus on his book which he was reading but to no avail. Every time he would start a sentence the picture of what his younger sister would look like in various outfits would drift through his mind causing him to get a boner. Eventually he left the room and sat outside facing the trees and began reading. A while later there was a tap on his shoulder, it was his sister. “Hey, we’re done. Time to go. ” Was all she said. “Ok,” he replied as he folded the page in the book to keep a tab on where he was. He packed his book back into his bag and headed out the door to walk home. They lived not too far away and as such the daily routine would be for him to wait for her to finish before they both walked home.

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   Nothing ever happened but this time would be the exception. They were a few blocks from home when a bunch of rowdy boys came around the corner. “Oohh look what we have here guys,” said the apparent leader of the group, “a sweet little thing no less!” “We don’t want any trouble so we’ll be on our way,” replied Teri as he grabbed Kari’s hand to lead her around the group. “Oh, there’s no trouble here is there boys?” said the guy as he shifted around to block them from leaving. The five of them then proceeded to surround Teri and his sister. “How old are you sweetie?” he asked Kari as he snickered to his friends. “I’m fifteen!” pouted Kari back at him. “Fifteen? Ah what a nice age,” he snickered. “Old enough to fuck I would say, right boys?” “You got it Dan!” was the reply from the other four as they moved in on Teri and his sister. Seeing them begin to move in on them, Teri lashed out with his fists and caught one of them in the nose but that was all he managed before a kick from one of them caught him in the groin, forcing him to the ground out of sheer pain. Two of them pummeled him with their feet and fists until he could move no longer, the other three held down Kari and had begun to run their hands along her body. “Whoa Dan nice choice, she’s got some nice tits and a nice ass!” laughed one of the guys as he tore away her clothes to leave her in her ballet leotard. They began to feel her tits as she screamed in desperation as they began to pinch and grab at her tits and nipples. Suddenly a voice came from around the corner and a man came running down the street with a cane in his hand. “Get away you punks!” he shouted as the five of them ran off leaving Kari holding the remnants of her clothes to her body and Teri on the ground, bruised and battered.

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   “Are you all right?” he asked as he helped up Kari from where she was sitting. She nodded and then he moved on to Teri who was groaning in pain. “All right then let’s see the damage here,” he said as he sat up Teri and looked him over. After poking and prodding for a few minutes he sighed. “Well there’s nothing broken and apart from a few bumps and bruises you’ll be fine. Do you need help getting home?” “No, it’s only a few streets over. ” Replied Teri as Kari came over to pull his hand over her shoulder to help him walk. “We’ll be fine, thanks for helping us. ” “No problem, next time hit them in the nuts first before they hit you. Ok?” he replied with a chuckle before waving them off. The two siblings hobbled home and was there a few minutes later. Kari helped Teri lay down on the bed and hurried out the room to get some towels and some water to clean off Teri’s face. A while later she had cleaned up Teri enough that he didn’t look as badly as before. She sat facing him as he struggled to sit up. “I’m sorry,” she said as she hung her head.

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   “Sorry for what?” he asked. “For getting you beat up like that,” she replied. “It’s not your fault, those guys were looking for a fight anyway,” he replied as he tried to stand up but failed and fell back to the bed in pain. “You’re still hurting?” she asked as she watched his face. “Yeah, that guy kicked me in the balls really hard. ” He replied. “Lie back, and close your eyes. ” Said Kari as she pushed back Teri. He lay back and closed his eyes when suddenly a hand cupped his balls and began gently massaging them. “What?!” he almost shouted. “I heard from a friend of mine that this usually helps in situations like this,” said Kari as she continued to massage his balls. Suddenly she stopped. “Teri, your dick is growing!” “Yeah that happens when you do what you’re doing. ” He replied in ecstasy. Kari resumed massaging his balls and was quiet for a while.

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   “Teri,” she asked. “What?” “Who do you think is the prettiest girl at the ballet class?” “Umm, I guess you. ” He replied Suddenly the hand stopped massaging his balls and a pair of lips mashed up against his. He opened his eyes to see Kari kissing him ardently, and began to return the kiss when he remembered who she was. He pushed her off and held her away at arms length. “We shouldn’t be doing this you know. ” “Don’t worry, I’m just glad you said me. I was going to ask which ever of the girls you said was the prettiest to fuck you but you said that I was the prettiest. ” “What?” “The girls at ballet, they’ve all been talking about you for a while now. Many of them would love to get into your shorts but I’ve been holding them at bay for some time now. I was going to ask which ever one you said was pretty to get laid with you but you said that I was the prettiest. I’m glad you said that I was the prettiest. ” She explained as she leaned back into him and began to kiss him again. At first the kiss was a bit awkward but then it grew in intensity as the two of them flirted with each other’s tongue. Kari then pushed away from Teri and began to remove her ballet clothes.

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   But when she got to her nylons Teri stopped her and pulled her back onto the bed. Her breasts were perfect as was her pussy which was wet from anticipation. He lay on top of her and flicked her nipples with his tongue as he ran his hands up and down her body. With every stroke, she moaned lightly, all the while she ran her hands up and down the length of his body. “I’m goin to start now Kari,” he told her as he lined up his cock at her pussy. “Take me now Teri, I can’t wait any longer,” she said as he thrust home his cock. She let out a loud yelp as he tore past her hymen but soon his constant hard thrusting began to produce sighs and moans from her mouth which was clamped around his. He pounded that forbidden flesh with all his strength as if there was no tomorrow from this taboo moment. Soon the tightness of her cunt and the heat emanating from it had it’s effect on him and he let loose the biggest cum in his life. She came not too long after as he continued pounding her pussy. Then they were done. She hugged him close and kissed him as she snuggled to his body. “So, is this the end of it?” he asked as he fondled her ass with his hands. “You know it isn’t, though I may ask some of my friends from time to time to join us. That is if you don’t mind,” she replied.

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   “Won’t they be freaked by the two of us fucking?” he asked as he nibbled at her ear. “The ones I plan to ask, no. They’re really into threesomes and stuff like that,” she replied with a grin. “But you know you will have to accommodate me first. After all I am your little sister and you don’t want me upset. ” “Of course, I’ll keep you happy all the time,” he replied as he felt his cock stir once again. He then mounted her again and this time they fucked slowly, each enjoying each other’s company and body. .

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