Unknown Occupation - Part 1


Sometimes I wondered if it was fate. I'd come home from school each day and think that boys had absolutely nothing for me. I'd be broken hearted each time and unfulfilled. It made me wonder if I could ever find exactly what I was looking for in a person. Would I ever find the guy that could fuck me just right and know exactly what I needed? But, I'm getting ahead of myself.
My name's Mia. No, its not short for anything, just Mia. My dad and I had been living alone together since I couldn't even begin to remember. He said Mom left us because he didn't make enough cash for her, but I couldn't see that as a real reason. My dad never had girlfriends and never seemed to have anything 'Adult' around the house at all, atleast that I could find. . . Which was why I hid my porn videos away like they were gold. I really would hate to have that kind of talk with him. Afterall, what's more embarassing than your dad finding your porn? I couldn't think of much. .

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  . Maybe my dad finding my porn in front of my friends at a slumber party. . . . Yeah, that'd be pretty bad.
It was early one morning, I woke up feeling this ache in my legs again that put me in my usual grumpy mood. By the time I got downstairs in my soft and snuggly red bathrobe, Dad was at the table with his coffee and paper. He was a morning person since forever, and I definitely wasn't. I looked my best, felt my best and was most cheerful at night. . . Which was probably why Dad would always bring home a movie or game to play with me. He might have been a workaholic whenever he could manage, but he never passed up time to laugh and hang out with me.
" Dad? "
" What Mia? "
His brown eyes looked up passed those black glasses of his and he offered me a small smile.

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   Maybe hoping I'd tell him what I wanted for breakfast before school rather than what I was about to say.
" I've got those cramps in my legs again, can I -please- stay home?" I put on this little pout. You know, the one that makes your eyes go all doe-y and bright. My lower lip slowly pouted out and I held my hands together in the innocent pleading sort of way.
" You really shouldn't be missing any more school. "
I nodded, as if feeling ashamed before he sighed softly himself, " Okay Mia. You can stay home today. But get that project done early so I don't feel like I'm letting you flunk. "
I hurried over as fast as my cramped legs could manage and I hugged him tight. My lips met his temple and I smooched him loudly. Inbetween the snuggly affection, I murmured how great a Dad he was. He really was great. It was a rare time he ever got loud with me, never hit me. . . 

   He always seemed so extremely gentle when it came to me. But whatever, Dads were supposed to be like that!
Eventually, his coffee was done by the time I'd settled down to eat something and he was out the door as quick as Superman. His car engine sounded and off he rolled. I yawned a little as I slowly remembered I was still really tired, but I honestly didn't know why. Sometimes I got really horrible sleep. The kind where you sleep so deep but wake up exhausted still. Maybe it's low blood sugar or something.
It wasn't long before I scooted my way back up into my room. My bed was still warm and cozy when I climbed in beneath those covers and curled up as tight as I could. Naked as I was, the blankets made up for extreme heat that nearly had me purring as I laid there. Oh, man. My bed was so comfy. We'd just gotten me a new mattress since my single sized bed wasn't big enough for me. I wanted to sprawl out, so Dad got me a double and figured it'd be good for the size of my room. The four posts on the edges and the old style wooden headboard and footboard were classy.

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   They were some weird specific victorian style or something like that. Expensive to buy, but they were hand-me-downs in our family.
The dark of my room was pretty soothing with the sunlight spilling in from the hallway. My eyes slowly drifted shut and I was back off to sleep like I'd never woken up. Kind of funny how groggy I felt. Oh well, I'd wake up before noon and it'd all be good. I'd get my project done, Dad would be appeased and all would be well in the world.
Boy, was I wrong.
When my eyes opened next, I nearly smacked myself. 11pm? I'd slept all day? A soft groan slipped from my lips as I flopped out of bed with one of my warm blankets around me. Dad probably came home and left me to sleep so he didn't have to deal with me. I shook my head just a little as I wandered out of my room towards the bathroom at first before I stopped when I heard noises. With a little turn of my head, I was looking at my dad's mostly closed door and blinked when I realized it -was- nearly closed. . .

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   Dad never closed his door.
With a few silent steps I was peeking through the crack of it. The Hall light was off, so it didn't honestly matter. Yet, I spotted something rather crazy. On the small tv screen where he watched the weather in the morning, was a young girl bent over a bed. Her hands were bound by handcuffs and she looked like she was getting humped pretty hard. The 'film' looked amateur, but I was still surprised to know my dad had porn on at all. . . . The TV was kind of loud too. So, I leaned a little to peek in and around for my Dad, but he wasn't on the bed.
" Dad? "
It was kind of stupid to bug him if he was taking care of himself, but I could just claim the tv woke me up and I thought something was wrong. Yeah. My foot nudged the door just a little before the front of my blanket was snatched and I was yanked in like I weighed ten pounds at best.

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   The door shut behind me just as the tv was shut off, leaving the room in sudden blackness. I heard a click, and I felt like I was standing alone there, clutching my blanket as I felt my heart pick up a little. I hadn't -seen- anybody in the room. Who grabbed me?
I didn't have a chance to ask. My lips parted a little only to be pressed on by another pair. A tongue invaded into my mouth and curled around my own tongue. I nearly squeaked in surprise before I felt a strong hand rip off my blanket. I pulled my head back, attempting to get a breath to scream but as I did, I was spun around and pushed onto my father's bed which felt like it was turned down. My arms were painfully pulled behind me and held with one muscular hand before the click of metal sounded. . . . Handcuffs? Where the hell did Handcuffs come from in -this- house?
" What are you doing? Let me go! "
Something was placed over my eyes, a blindfold maybe. . .

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   Maybe even one of those sexy ones they had in fetish pornography. But it held tight to my head, like it was just -perfect- for my head. It kind of reminded me of the hat-feeling I had in some of my dreams lately where I could never remember what I was doing. . . but I remembered a hat! I think.
Whoever just bound me up, wasn't talking. I felt two muscular hands grab me and turn me around again, pushing me onto my knees with my hands behind my back and facing some unknown direction. I stayed there a moment, kind of scared really to think why I was naked, kneeling bound and not with a voice atleast yelling at me for some psychotic reason. I felt a hand grip my jaw and pry my mouth open with a thumb. I had the urge to bite, but soon felt something spongey press against my lips, even play over them. My current 'Keeper' seemed to breathe in. . . So I didn't quite wound the jerk yet.

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Instead, with my hesitancy, that spongey warm piece of whatever pushed into my mouth and it didn't take me long to realize what it was. A cockhead, plush in size and heated up with horned up blood rubbed against the back of my throat in no time at all. My tongue squirmed and I gagged a moment, only to feel that cock hold still. . . Maybe letting me get used to it. A minute or so, I got over the lurch in my throat only to feel that hot cock start sliding back and forth in my mouth. A strong hand on my head and one at the back of my neck pulled me into him so gently but slid me back when he was retreating.
Then I heard a voice, a whisper kind of. Soft, gentle, fatherly.
" Princess. Suck on it. "
I nearly gagged again. Princess? My Dad called me that! Yet, when I tried to pull back he rammed down my throat and nearly scared me to death. With another near gag, I gulped.

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   My father had his cock rammed in my mouth? He's the one who was slowly skull fucking me? I. . . didn't know what to think.
" Come on, Princess. Don't leave me wanting. "
His voice was so soft though. Maybe something different kicked into me when my tongue moved. It touched just a little over his vein covered shaft before my mouth settled to just slowly sucking on him. Light movements that made the muscles in my mouth and tongue move slowly as I did. He let out another soft breath, soon setting to raping my mouth again. . . Well, maybe not raping. He just seemed so content to push his large cockhead deep into my throat without quite making me hurt.

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My tongue would round the underside of his cock as he panted softly and moaned. When he began to push and pull quicker, I'd suck on him a little harder. It was almost like rewarding him. Yet, as I kneeled there, bound and sightless, I felt a little twitch in my cunt that caused me to push my thighs together a little desperately. . . This was turning me on? Yes, it was. . . I felt a little throb soon after that made me wince. How could this be turning me on?
He must have noticed my legs move, because I felt him slowly stop before that voice picked up once more.
" Getting a little warm? That's alright. I'm going to give your jaw a rest. "
His hands left my head and neck as he pulled out of my mouth. I felt suddenly like breathing was the easiest thing in the world when that cock was out.


  . . But I felt trailing saliva clinging to my lips and very likely the head of his cock. My tongue moved to wipe it away, only to lick the tip of that cockhead which hadn't gone very far. I jumped a little, surprised it was still so close. Was he standing that near to me?
Eventually, I felt strong arms slip under mine. With an easy motion I was tugged up and on my feet. A little shiver rolled up my spine as I stood there, naked and stuck. That feeling of someone watching me kind of tingled over my skin before I felt myself falling again. I nearly caught my feet, only to end up on my back on the bed. My wrists immediately stung with pain as those handcuffs dug into my wrists and up against my back. It made me whimper, but my father's lips were on mine again.
His tongue slipped inside with a much more svelt intention. The tip of his tongue seemed to explore my mouth before curling around mine to suck softly upon it. His head tilted as needed to mold his lips to mine.

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  . . and I almost didn't feel gentle fingertips running over the insides of my thighs. The gentle touch was nice, smooth and sweet on my nerves only until my thighs were forced apart. He seemed intent on balance gentility with harshness as I felt him snuggle his way up against me tight.
I can't describe the fear that tugged into my chest as I felt that saliva covered cockhead press to my cunt. . . It was probably just as scary when he pushed his way in hard to pin me there with that very same organ that had just raped my mouth. I tried to protest, but his mouth just pressed to mine harder. The sounds of him thrusting against me soon filled my ears. The soft thud of flesh on flesh as his cock began to plow his way in and out of my inexperienced, but not virginal cunt.
" Oh, Princess. You don't know how amazing you feel. .

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  . I'm so used to you being unconscious, but you're tighter when you're awake. "
" . . . w-What? "
Suddenly, the kinky dreams I'd had sometimes didn't seem so dream-like. An aching cunt, aching legs. I'd end up with sore spots after just sleeping the night before and I could never understand why. I assumed I just flailed and moved in my sleep but. . . that rational explanation now seemed like a big mental lie.
" You. . . 

   raped me in my sleep? "
My jaw was kind of loose at that point, unable to hold back the shock from that fact. My loving father had his way with me when I was out of it?
I soon felt his lips close around my right nipple, biting it softly before sucking on it like my skin tasted better than sugar. His tongue slathered over my breast, wettening it before leaving it to the colder air as he attacked my other. My question left unanswered even as he continued to thrust into me. The wet squishing sounds as his cock was massaged and gripped by my cunt that he knew much better than I ever could have thought. The tip of his cockhead reached far into me, maybe hitting a little too hard as his more forceful thrusts pushed him just a little into my poor cervix. . .
" D-Daddy! Don't do that! "
He let out a low groan when I said that and pushed harder against me. It made my stomach tighten from the pain, and my cunt reacted just the same. A vice-like squeeze that made him wrap his arms around my arched out torso as I felt a new lava-hot wetness in my cunt. He filled me up entirely and far too deep for me to be anywhere near comfort level.
My eyes were left a little wide under that blindfold. His cock slowly slid from my wet insides. A small trail of liquid slid down between my thighs as he squirmed us both into the center of his large bed and nestled his face against my neck.

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   I couldn't believe what just happened, even as those handcuffs came off and he pulled that blindfold from my eyes to look down at me with a smile I'd never forget. His lips softly pressing to the corner of mine before he whispered softly.
" You're such a Beautiful Porn Slut, Mia. "

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