Virginity lost ... to my mother Part 2


I awoke later lying naked alone on my mother's bed. Just the thought of what had taken place made my cock hard.
I went to the bathroom and showered again. I dried myself off and went to my room. My cock was permanently hard and I stood in front of the mirror stroking my rod and remembering how she sucked me. How I had fingered her and then fucked her. I shot a load on to the carpet.
I pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and made my way to the kitchen. Mum was preparing dinner. She was wearing a cotton skirt and blouse. I could see that she was not wearing a bra and my cock started to stir again.
I was about to say something when my mother started talking to someone I had not noticed.
My sister Meg was sitting on a stool still in her school uniform, quickly demolishing a sandwich. They weren't exactly arguing but it seemed that my sister wanted to skip dinner and meet with her friends.
There was the usual banter and, as usual, my mother gave in. Meg leapt from the stool and rushed past me to her room.

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   My mother smiled at me and turned to continue making the dinner. I moved across the kitchen and sat on the stool that Meg had vacated.
The breakfast bar hid my uncontrolled erection as I watched my mother. I was suddenly aware of everything about her. Her legs, arse, neck and, most particularly, her tits.
Meg breezed back into the kitchen wearing a very short skirt and tight top. I stared at her aware for the first time that she was developing breasts. Just small mounds, but definitely breasts.
Meg barely acknowledged my existence as she kissed my mother on the cheek and left.
My mother turned towards me with two plates in her hands. She smiled at me and said she hoped I was hungry as she had made enough for three. I was feeling bold and incredibly horny. I told her I was hungry for her!
Mum froze for a second. She set down the plates on the counter and walked out of the kitchen. I was confused, so I followed her.

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My mother sat down on the sofa, her head slightly bowed. She told me that what had happened today was wrong, that it was her fault but it should not have taken place. I asked her if I was not good at sex and that was why she wouldn’t look at me while we were having sex and she was now rejecting me.
She looked at me and explained that I had misunderstood what she said. She had enjoyed not just the sex but also the foreplay. She could not look at me during sex because she was enjoying it but could not face acknowledging that she was doing it with her son.
There was a tear in her eye and she apologised again and again for what she had done to me.
I told her not to apologise and sat down beside her. I laid my head on her chest and she put her hand on my head and gently stroked me.
I lay there feeling her breathing, her nipples within kissing distance were pushing against her blouse and started to get hard again. I reached forward and placed my hand on her knee. I began to rub her thigh just above her knee. With each upward stroke I pulled her skirt higher until I could touch the flesh of her leg.
I slowly moved my hand up her thigh, dragging the hem of her skirt upwards. She moved slightly and I thought that she was going to stop me from continuing, but she opened her legs slightly and kissed me on the top of my head.

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I moved my hand higher and found to my delight that she was not wearing knickers. I cupped my hand over her pussy and began to rub. Slowly I slid my finger into her. She was already wet.
I climbed off the sofa and, without looking into her face, pushed her legs further apart. I moved in close and kissed her slit. She twitched a little as my lips touched her and, in a low gentle voice, she began to tell me what to do.
I kissed her thighs, slowly working my way closer to her pussy. As I got closer I pushed the skirt up a little more and she slowly opened her legs further.
Finally I was there. The smell of her was intoxicating but she wouldn't let me rush. I licked her slit and then moved my hand into place to part her lips. I used the fingers of my other hand to rub her clit in a gentle circular motion.
I moved my fingers and brought my head closer to her. My mouth was actually watering as I put out my tongue and licked her clit.

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   I was aware that she was breathing heavily as I continued to lick. I took her clit between my lips and sucked gently.
As I continued to suck and lick, my mother began to move her hips back and forth. Every now and then she would push forward a little harder and I would suck harder.
I moved down and licked her hole then pushed my tongue into her. I worked my tongue in and out for a while then returned to her clit. This time while I licked and sucked I also fingered her cunt.
Her rocking became more pronounced and her moans encouraged me to work faster and harder.
Suddenly she pushed harder and clamped her legs tight around my head. As her cum spirted into my mouth I thought she may suffocate me as her legs tightened around my head.
I continued to suck as best I could in this position between her trembling legs. She started to relax her legs but, as she did and I sucked her again, her legs tightened around me.
Through her panting she told me to stop. I sat back but kept my fingers in her pink, pulsating cunt. She sat there breathing heavily and stroking her breasts.

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My cock was aching for some action so I released her and pushed down my shorts. My cock shot up and I began to position myself to fuck her. She put out her hand and pushed me back.
At first, I thought that she was going to get up and leave but she just sort of rolled off the sofa ending up kneeling on the carpet with her arse pointing at me. My mother lay forward resting her body on the sofa.
I lifted the skirt and pushed it up to her waist, exposing her beautiful arse. I shuffled on my knees, cock in hand and positioned myself behind her. I directed my cock towards her hole and, with us both making small adjustments to our positions, pushed my knob into her cunt.
It took a couple of attempts to get exactly the right position but soon I was sliding in and out of her. I placed my hands on her hips and this gave me better purchase to push into her.
My mother’s cunt felt so good and I began to push harder, slamming against her arse with each thrust.
I reached forward with one hand to grab her breast and, as I got more excited, I heard the sound of her blouse tearing. Mother lifted herself up a little and struggled with the buttons on her blouse. Finally they were all undone and she pushed the blouse back off her shoulders.
Without loosing rhythm I kept pumping into her and reached out to pull the blouse off.

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   As the blouse sleeves reached her wrists her arms were pulled behind her back and she was lying on the sofa with her head turned to one side.
As the blouse came free, mother didn’t move her hands but kept them behind her back. I took hold of her wrists and pulled her arms towards me and slammed my cock into her. Each time I slammed her she took a gasp of breath and gave a plaintive cry.
I realised then that as long as I took control and my mother couldn’t see my face she would enjoy being fucked by her son.
The whole scenario was just too exciting and I slammed harder and faster. I slammed again and gave a loud cry as my cum exploded into her. I was cumming even harder than I did earlier. I pushed my cock deeper into her and pulled back hard on her arms. The pain in her shoulders caused her to throw her head back and cry out.
It seemed to last for minutes, me sinking my shaft into her, crying out and pulling on her arms and her crying with pain.
Eventually I was completely blown and my legs, hips and back turned to jelly. I collapsed on to her back and released her arms. I kissed her back and ran my hands around her to rub and squeeze her breasts.
We continued in this position, both of us breathing heavily, until my cock became flacid and dropped out of her.

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   My mother tried to move but I was pinning her in place and I was not sure if any of my muscles from the waist down would ever move again.
I dragged myself off of her and rolled onto the floor. My mother pulled herself up, gathered up her blouse and walked out of the room. I heard the shower start and just lay in this one position until I heard my mother switch it off.
I pulled myself up and made my way to the bathroom. As I approached the bathroom door, my mother came out with a towel wrapped around her. She turned to me, smiled and told me she had to go out to get the weekly shopping.
By the time I came out of the bathroom, I could hear mother’s car starting and drive off. I pulled on some sweat pants and a top and made my way to the lounge to watch some TV.
When I walked into the lounge I froze. Meg was standing at the kitchen door, tears streaming down her face.
Through her sobs and in a barely audible voice she told me that mum and I having sex was disgusting.
Neither of us moved as she told me how she had come back to get her purse and had seen and heard everything. Meg rambled on and on but I never spoke. Eventually she said mum and I were sick bastards and ran to her room.

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At first I didn't know what to do so I just followed her. Meg's bedroom door slammed shut and, when I reached the door, I just stood looking at it.
Behind the door I could hear her sobbing. I pressed on the handle and gently opened the door. Meg was lying curled up on the bed with her back to me. As the light from the hallway hit the wall she turned her head and looked at me.
I was waiting for her to berate me again but she stunned me by asking me what it was like to have sex!
I asked to repeat the question but she just stared at me. I walked towards her and sat on the edge of her bed. We just looked into each other's eyes and I told her, truthfully, that sex for me was better than anything I could imagine.
There was silence again. I reached forward and put my hand on her stomach. She took a sharp breath and looked at my hand. Then, without speaking, she rolled on to her back and closed her.