Wake Up, Daddy! Chapter 4


Chapter 4
“Vasectomy. V-A-S. . . ” Sara mumbled to herself as she flipped through the big dictionary in the library. She had heard her Mom talk about her Dad’s vasectomy before and was pretty sure she knew what it meant, but she wanted to check just to be sure. She had been fucking her medicated father every morning for the last three days, filling her cunt with his gorgeous cock and scalding hot cum. Last night she had a nightmare that she was pregnant and had to explain to everyone why her baby had three heads.
Sara’s thoughts were never far from her Daddy’s cock and her naughty little secret had become a bitter-sweet pleasure. Sara loved the way her Daddy’s cock made her feel, and not just when it was inside her. She was different from all of her friends now, like she knew something that none of them knew. And her secret made her feel special, powerful. But at the same time, she was desperate to tell someone what she had done. During speech class, she had to bite her lip to keep from laughing when she composed a speech in her head called, My Daddy’s Cock. She could imagine the looks on their faces as she stood up at the podium and described the taste of his dick dripping with cum, or how his huge cock stretched her pussy and made her scream. She wanted to explain how it felt to walk to school in the morning with his cum melting deep inside her cunt.

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As Sara flipped through the pages of the dictionary, she realized she was getting herself worked up thinking about her Daddy’s cock. She tried to concentrate on something else. Tomorrow was Saturday and her mother wouldn’t be leaving for work. Her father was off limits for the weekend, and on Monday they would be cutting back his meds. Sara couldn’t count on him being completely out of it anymore. She started to realize that the timing of events over the past two weeks had been perfect. Maybe too perfect to ever happen again.
Sara tried to convince herself that life going back to normal was a good thing. As much as her father’s cock had sated a deep need within Sara’s young body, it had not managed to chase away her guilt. She found it impossible to look her mother in the eye and hardly knew what to say to her anymore. Her Mom had noticed the change and kept feeling her forehead for fever and threatening to send her to Dr. Lynch for a checkup. But as guilty as she felt, as soon as her mother drove off for work each morning, the thirteen-year-old practically sprinted up to her Daddy’s room, tearing her clothes off along the way.
Then there was her Daddy. She had been fucking and sucking his cock like a little girl possessed and he had no idea.

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   She loved crawling up on his bed and straddling his muscular thighs. She loved the feel of his cock as she forced her cunt down its length. She loved rubbing her naked body against his. But still, she wanted more. She was tired of rushing each morning with less than an hour to play. She wanted to take her time. And even more, Sara wanted her Daddy to wake up. She wanted him to know he was fucking his little girl. She wanted to feel his hands on her, his lips. She wanted to feel him thrust his cock into her as he called out her name. She wanted to look into his eyes when he made her cum. How was she going to go back to being just his daughter again? She wanted to be Daddy’s Little Girl.
It was too late. Sara was already worked up and it was only 2:00 on a Friday afternoon. How was she going to make it through the weekend? When her best friend Jill asked her to spend the night, Sara jumped at the offer.

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   She had stayed away from Jill’s house all week because of Kevin, but she didn’t care now. She needed her best friend to distract her and get her mind off of her Daddy’s cock. Sara could tell that Jill knew that something was up so she started working on a story to explain her behavior over the past two weeks.
Little did Sara know, that Jill had her own secrets. The biggest secret, in regards to Sara, was that Jill had been with her Dad the day his back went out.   Jill had actually been in Sara’s bed, biting into Sara’s pillow, while Sara’s father fucked her tight cunt hard from behind. He had his “blow out” the moment his body tensed and he filled Jill’s eager pussy with his sterile cum. Vasectomy, it was Jill’s favorite word.
To be Continued. . .

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