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I had caught my attention drifting towards the more curvaceous parts of her body since she had been home, and I was more freely able to do so now with my wife at work. I couldn't believe it, the little girl I'd remembered, was no more. Her former toothpick figure had been engulfed by this voluptuous body of 5'6, with golden blonde hair that cascaded over her perky C cup breasts. Her legs started with juicy mounds of flesh, and went on for days. The squeal in her voice had disappeared behind her big, beautiful lips and was now as soft as it was sexy. As estranged as we had become, I must have gotten carried away, and I think I freaked her out. Because I didn't hear a word she said . . . "Dad! are you OK,""huh? . . . Oh yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just wondering what could've gone wrong at your mom's work" I replied. "Well, did you hear what I said?" she asked. "No dear, I'm sorry, what do you need?".

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   "Do you want to watch a movie?". "Yeah sure, you want some popcorn?" I asked. And with a nod of her head, I was off to the kitchen to make the popcorn. Upon my return to the living room, I found my little angel laying on the floor in front of the TV set. I didn't really want to watch a movie, but I figured this was as good a place as any to get to know her a little better. Little did I know just how well I would indeed know her by the time her mother got home. Chapter 2As the movie went along, it was OK, but what I found more interesting was my daughter. She was on her stomach on the floor, with her feet in the air just a kickin away, while I was on the couch directly behind her. A battle raged on inside me as I fought to keep my eyes on the screen. I didn't feel so wrong looking at her in a less than fatherly way, after all, I've always believed it's OK to look, just not to touch. However, as the rage of the war within began to build up in my pants, I found myself expanding my beliefs. Morgan was wearing an outfit that her mother and I felt was rather inappropriate for someone her age, but we let it slide given the lack of outward expression at her school. As she kicked her legs about, the skirt she was wearing, began to ride up. She would pull it down every so often, but that just loosened it to ride up even more. The lower half of her full, round buttocks were in clear view, and I was going mad.

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   As I repeatedly traced the curves of her lower body, her legs came apart a little further. I could see just how tight her thong was as I could now see the silhouette of her bulging lips through the material. At that, I began to feel some guilt over what I was doing. I began to find any excuse I could to get up, so as I stammered to my feet, I told her I needed to use the restroom and would be back shortly. Damn near running upstairs, I flew into the bathroom and dropped my pants. Needless to say, this was a short wank, as I could think of no less than Morgan's creamy ass cheeks clutching onto that thong for dear life. Walking back downstairs I noticed the smell of heat and asked, "Morgan, did you turn the heater on?" She answered "Yes daddy, it was getting really cold in here, so I turned it on for just a little bit. Is that OK?" "Yeah that's fine dear, just not for too long though. " While getting comfortable in my chair this time, I though of what a hard day I had ahead of me. I was having a hard enough time keeping cool before, now she's got the heat on? I was dead. Instead of resuming her position on the floor, she came to me and asked to sit in my lap, and not wanting to let on to my feelings I welcomed her with open arms. Now this is your typical Lazy Boy, not really enough room for two people, but she didn't seem to care. She climbed on and was sitting with her right arm around my neck and her knees bent up to lay on my right shoulder. This was excruciating, everywhere a tried to lay my arm, I swear I could feel the heat of her lower body. Weather it was my arm on her legs, which I couldn't handle, or my hand just inches from her supple globes.

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   I was damned either way so I chose the ladder sin of the two. With her ample breasts just inches in front of my face, I was oblivious to the movie and completely absorbed in my daughters tender beauty. I thought that the release I gave myself would somehow allow me to regain my composure, yeah right. The war was back on and my fatherly morals were suffering heavy casualties. I fought with all my might, but I simply couldn't resist the urge to find someway to take this a step further. Maybe a seemingly innocent touch, or God forbid, a full on grope. Oh well, with all else lost, I resolved myself to my potential as a pedophile and began to make my move. It started with small circular motions on the side of her calf with my fingers, then gradually, I advanced up the leg, first to the knee, then to her outer thigh. She soon moved her left leg down and stretched it over the arm of the chair while leaving her right leg bent in place. I hesitated a bit as I could now see between her legs the sheer material of the thong clinging to her. This new position made for quite a dilemma, because now in order to continue my plight, I must now sketch my desires on her inner thigh. I must admit, I began to loose my nerve at this, this very subtle sign of possible cooperation. Though I was soon snapped back to my newly found contempt of the laws and religion forbidding this act by the sweetness in it's entirety, of my little angels voice. Chapter 3"Daddy? Does my tan look OK? I try to keep it even but it's hard to get good coverage at school, they're so strict with that boring dress code"Rather dumb founded by this question, I simply told her it looked fine. She then stood and pulled her skirt up to her waist saying, "But look, you can see the line from the hem of the uniforms.

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  " desperately trying to look at her face, legs and nothing in between, I followed by telling her it was barely even noticeable, and in what sounded to be the most innocent voice she could muster, "You don't think it looks bad?"I maintained my positive opinion on it and reassured her it was fine. At that she asked if I would mind stopping the movie, stating that she would rather sit and talk to me. "Of course I don't mind sweetheart. " She jumped back on my lap and asked me to resume my caress on her thigh. I ask "so how's school babe, are you having any problems with teachers or other kids?" "No, not with teachers really, but some of the boys at the school are, well, they embarrass me. "Concerned I ask "How do they embarrass you?" She said "They always make rude comments about my body. Like sometimes in the pool they make jokes about me not having to worry about drowning with a chest like that, cause I'd float right to the top if I went under. " "Well honey, have you asked them to stop?""Yes, I have asked them several times to stop teasing me but every time I do, they tell me they'll stop teasing me if I stop teasing them. " Pouting she says "I can't help it, I'm not doing anything to them, but they won't leave me alone. " Trying to change the tone of the conversation I said "Well do all of the boys treat you like that? Surely there are some that are nice to you. You don't have a boyfriend at school?""I did but one day he tried to make me give him a blowjob. I got scared and froze up, and he didn't like that. Daddy, what's a blowjob exactly? I know it has something to do with a boys thing, but what?" I was shocked, was she really asking me what a blowjob is? I hesitated and said "Morgan I don't think it would be right for me to tell you what a blowjob is. " She responded by saying it was OK and she wouldn't tell anyone about it, so I decided to give her a brief description of it. "A blowjob is when a woman takes a mans thing and puts it in her mouth.

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  " "EEEWWWWW, why would anyone ever do that! That's where the pee comes from. " I questioned "Has your mother or anyone at school told you about sex?" "Yeah, Mom said that's how babies are made, the man puts his thing in a woman's thing and the man moves it in and out until it feels really good. I also learned about it at school, the penis goes in the vagina and moves in and out until they reach an orgasm. I understand all that, but the blowjob thing just seems sick. " Laughing I said "it's not that sick, there's no pee coming out or on it, the same as when a man uses his tongue on the vagina and clitoris. " "Morgan, you've never had sex have you?" "No Daddy, I don't want to have babies yet, so I'm waiting until I do. " Sensing an opportunity here I said "Sex isn't just for getting pregnant, it's something everyone does for fun. " "Why Dad?" "because it feels good, and it's a good way to show your love to someone, that's why it's also called making love. ""Do you and Mom do it?" I told her that we did and then she wanted to know if father's and daughters did it. I told her that sometimes they do, but most Moms don't like it for the Dad to touch the daughter in that way. She asked "Do you think it's wrong to touch me that way?" And here it was, the point of no return, and I didn't hesitate this time. "No baby, I don't think it's wrong, if it's consensual. " At that point she took my hand and moved it farther up her thigh than I had dared to go and placed it directly on her pussy. I slowly started to massage her and I soon noticed the wetness on her panties, far more than I could've caused in just the few seconds I had been rubbing her. This was all her, and as if on command, my cock was standing at attention and awaiting the bunker call.

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   Being on my lap she felt the throbbing under her and she was curious. "Daddy, can I see it?" "Can you see what honey?" "Your . . . thing. " "Morgan, I think maybe you're getting to an age that you can call it by it's more adult name, cock, and your thing is called a pussy. " So with that said I ushered her to her feet in front of the TV where there was more room. Chapter 4I then removed my pant's and boxers at once, and when I stood up straight again, her eyes grew wide with amazement as all 9 inches took aim. "You know you can touch it if you want. " When she did, I nearly lost my load right there. After a few minutes in silence she asked if we could try the blowjob thing, surprised, I said yes. Timid, she knelt in front of me and began licking at the head, she then looked up with a look of uncertainty. I began explaining the process to her in more detail and she all but took notes because within a minute I was ready to cum. As I began to feel my balls getting tight, I told her that I was about to cum and it was up to her weather or not she swallowed, but I suggested that she try to keep going and swallow some. She obviously agreed because she didn't stop when I started, she didn't even stop after I started.

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   A minute after I had stopped she was still going, so I eased back and she looked up as though she had done something wrong. I told her that although I was grateful for the cool down, she can stop at anytime after I've stopped cumming. Disappointed with myself for my lack of control, I was determined to make her completely satisfied. Next we moved to the couch, I laid her down across the couch and began unbuttoning her top. I opened it and leaned forward. I started by circling her navel with my tongue, then making a trail with my tongue and soft kisses all the way up her abdomen. A quick jump over her bra and I was on my way once again. I spent extra time kissing and sucking on her neck, which she seemed to particularly enjoy. I made my way around her throat and up on to her chin, and with that being the last nibble, our lips met. Soft at first, she soon picked up the pace with short flicks with her tongue on my lips. Once we began making out, everything seemed to flow. Within minutes we were both naked and fondling away. I pulled myself away for final assurance, and satisfied with the look of yearning in her eyes, I proceeded to make my way down to her navel once more. Only this time the direction I was headed was down. Chapter 5For the first time I got a good look at her, bald as a baby and just as soft.

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   Lightly kissing, I trailed her groin to her inner thigh. With the anticipation building and building, I decided enough was enough. I went to her sex and set up camp. I knew this would be interesting as her mother was not a fan of oral sex, and it had been many, many years since I last tasted a woman. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, partly stalling and partly teasing. As I did finally begin to part her lips, I was greeted with an overwhelming aroma of bliss. I gently lapped at her juices before I lost control and ravished her for every last drop. I apparently hadn't lost my touch over the years. Within minutes she was panting and moaning as I turned up the heat. Her clit was out of it's shell and just begging for attention. I flicked my tongue over her clit as she shuddered with pleasure. Pulling her clit with my lips I sucked while continuing to flick my tongue. As her body began convulsing and I used my finger in long slow strokes, she screamed "I'm cumming, I'm cumming. . .

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  Don't stop, please never stop. " And I didn't stop, not until after the second wave. While she was coming down I positioned myself on top of her. Feeling her breasts had not received the attention they deserved, I eagerly tried to make up for it. As I caressed one breast, I attacked her with such fury, I though for sure I would hurt her, and sure enough, I did. Fortunately, she seemed to enjoy it. She arched her back and raised her chest toward the heavens as though she was presenting herself to the Gods. I hastily took this gesture of compliance as the golden key and carried on nibbling, biting, sucking, pinching, pulling, squeezing. Ecstasy would be a major understatement if used to describe what I was feeling at that exact moment. I was interrupted by the whispered chants of my tender lover, "take me, take me, take me, take me"Before I could react, she pulled me up and started lashing me with her tongue. I took hold of what was now pure steel between my legs and rubbed it between her swollen lips. From the very depths that wanted this only two hours ago, I was fighting to make this last as long as I could. However, with my will being a pile of mush, I plunged in. I kept pounding and pounding as if driven by a machine. We broke our kiss only long enough for her to release her cries of content.

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   I emptied my sac into her time and time again. I felt like a 40 year old virgin having sex for the first time. I couldn't help myself, and I certainly couldn't stop. The loving clenches of my daughters womanhood seemed to cradle me for hours and hours, it could've only been minutes for all I knew. Just as I collapsed in a wreck of exhaustion, Morgan took over as the nurturer. Kissing me and stroking my hair as the harsh reality of how old I really was, hit me like a ton of bricks. OH SHIT! Morgan, grab your clothes and run upstairs to your room, Mom's home. And much quicker than our day of explicit obscenities of love had begun, it was now crashing into the pile of bricks I left on the couch. The rest of the six weeks was full of a passion unknown to most men. By night, I was a loving husband and by day, I was a loving father. To this day Rachel doesn't know exactly what went on while she was at work. We just told her later that we found our bond, that we rekindled the flame that blew out when she left just over three years ago. Rachel and I are planning another break next year. This is my first story, so constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks for reading.