What Cums Around, Goes Around


I had plan, a plan to correct the injustice of the past. My father, Samuel James Gorman worked like a slave for many years and tonight he may not get even, but he will get his revenge. He works for William Trent and they were best friends in High School. The Trent family at the time was the wealthiest in town. Will's father, Charles, owned Trent electronics, the largest TV and radio store in our town. His father would give his son and my dad jobs during the summer at the store.

Of course Will was mostly inside sales help while my father sweated it out in the loading dock for half the money. My dad didn't mind much since he needed the money. He had a girl in school he really liked, Heather March, they had a few dates and she said they could go to the senior prom together. So my dad saved every penny so he could rent a tux for that evening.

During the new fall term and senior year things changed. Heather became more beautiful and filled out in all the right places. Will took notice too and soon enough Heather gave into his advances and they both went to the prom together while my father sat home.

Eventually Will took over Trent Electronics, married Heather and hired my dad to help him. My father suggested opening a second store and worked out a deal with a small manufacturing company to sell there new computers called Apple. In ten years they opened 35 stores nationally and when they opened them in Canada and Europe they changed the name to Trent International.

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My father made that company but it was Will that controlled the stock. When he took the company public he gave my father only 500 shares of stock. My father had the title of Vice President of Marketing, but others were promoted and paid more.

I hated Will Trent his wife, his perfect life and the fact that he stole the life my father should have had. My dad is too mild mannered and good natured to see this. Whenever I bring it up, usually after a beer or two, he tells me that he is happy and feels no animosity toward Trent. I know different. Although he loved my mother before her death a few years ago, I have seen the way he looks at Heather Trent, probably the same way he looked at her when he was just 18.

Well now I am 19 and I will get my father's due. The beginnings of my plan hatched 9 months ago when I was drunk. I stole a car and stared at the bright shinny Trent International store on Shepherd St. I aimed the car right through the front window. Needless to say, this was not my part of the plan, that came when I was sent to jail for 6 months and met Nicky and Lou. They took a liking to me and being professional felons they took me under their wing.

When I was released I apologized to my father and he made me promise him to go the straight and narrow way.

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   He got me a job at Trent International working the mail room at the corporate headquarters. Every day at work I saw the portrait of the Trent family in the lobby. Will and Heather Trent as well as their 20 year old son, Chip and their 17 year old daughter, Sandra. Both children went to fancy private schools, Sandra was beautiful, and my father told me she was the spitting image of Heather at that age. The guys in the mail room tell me she is the biggest bitch and snob on the planet.

All this time I was planning and the final straw fell. In the mail room I heard some executives talking how Chip upon graduation of Yale this summer was going to take over as VP for Marketing and my father would be forced into retirement.

Will was going to break the news gently to my father tonight; he had invited him over for dinner with his family.

As I drove my father to the Trent estate he recognized something was on my mind. He asked if everything was okay. I admit I was slightly nervous, and constantly looked in the rearview mirror to make sure the car with Nicky and Lou was still behind us.

We entered the iron gate and both cars slipped in. My father did not notice and we walked to the door, as it swung open. The butler, a short middle aged Mexican, greeted us. As we walked in my, my father exchanging pleasantries with Will and Heather, the butler fell back to the floor.

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   Nicky and Lou, wearing ski masks, pushed there way into the house bearing pistols.

"No one make a sound and no one will get hurt " menaced Nicky

Mr. Trent started to protest but Lou pulled out a nasty large black pistol and pointed it at Trent's nose.

"Like I was saying, no noise, do what we say and no one gets hurt. " Lou ushered us all into the formal sitting room. Nicky then pulled out some rope and started tying all the men's hands behind their backs, the women he tied their hands in front, no one seemed to notice the difference they all stared at Lou's gun and whispered "please no".

Nicky went into the kitchen and pulled out a plump Mexican woman, she turned out to be the butler's wife. I was the last to be tied and as according to plan, I turned on Nicky and punched him in the face. I leaped toward Lou and the gun but I missed and Lou hit me in the back of the head with the pistol butt and I fell, pretending to be unconscious.

"Any more heroics like that and the survivors will be planning funerals, if you all survive"

Nicky asked where the cash and jewelry was and Trent easily gave in and directed Nicky to the upstairs master bedroom. When he came back down with his pockets stuffed and carrying some socks. He then placed a rolled up sock into each person's mouth.

"okay folks, we are now going to play a game. It's called 'how not to go to jail' and this is how it's played. .

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  . "

Nicky then took out a camera while Lou tucked the gun into his jeans and pulled out a sharp switch blade knife.

"You see we take some embarrassing, incriminating photo's which get released to your friends, family and co-workers should we get arrested and one of you testify against us. "

Lou then walked over to Heather Trent and cut the straps to her dress and slit it down the front. He then slashed the bra and panties and she was naked. I was still feigning unconscious but had to squint an eye open to watch. For a 40 yr old woman with two kids, she looked fabulous. Obviously she had some breast work done, maybe even a face lift, but I started to get a boner, luckily I was lying face down.

Lou then went to the daughter, Sandra, everyone was gagged but you can see their faces turning red with protest. Nicky reminded them that a little humility was better than a little dead.

In moments, everyone was stripped naked and sitting on the floor. Only I was untied and clothed and pretending to be unconscious. Nicky took some pictures he then instructed the butler and my father to sit on the couch. He pulled Heather by her hair and forced her in front of the two men. He pulled out the sock from her mouth and pushed her head into the butler's crotch.

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"Now Mrs. Trent, you suck his cock while I take some pictures and if you don't I will have Lou shoot your son in his head. "

Lou produced the gun again and put the barrel of the pistol to Chip's head. Heather turned to see.

"Please no, you have want you came for just leave us all alone"

"Listen up whore" Nicky shouted. "suck his dick or your son is dead. . . NOW!"

Heather looked at the flaccid cock and tears rolled down her cheeks as she bent her head into his crotch and took it into her mouth. The butler soon became hard but before he could cum Nicky pulled her away then into the crotch of my father. Heather did not protest, she looked up at my father's eyes and mouthed the words "I am sorry". My father's cock was already hard from watching her suck off the butler and she swallowed his cock. It seemed to me she was doing a better job than on the butler. My father, always the gentleman turned his head away and up toward the ceiling occasionally closing his eyes and enjoying the blow job.

Nicky looked over at Sandra "little girl you better watch and take notes cause your up next"

At that Heather stopped sucking and said, "no leave her alone"

"Or what?" laughed Nicky

"I'll do anything you say, please just leave her alone"

"Hmmm okay get on this guys cock and fuck him till he cums in your pussy"

"If I do that you will leave her alone?"

Nicky then grabbed her by the hair lifting her up.

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"Get on his cock bitch and fuck him. . . there are no deals. . . this is my rules"

He pushed her onto my dad and she then put his cock into her pussy and started to move up and down on it. She then lifted her arms over his head and around his neck. She moved quicker and quicker she leaned into my dad as he bowed his head into her large breasts. Mr. Trent had turned his head and had his eyes closed. Sandra was crying had her head in her wrist tied hands. Chip's face was red with anger but he had pulled up his knees to hide the erection he was sporting. The Mexican help were all watching passively as if a movie they had seen many times before.

Heather moved up his cock faster now and it was obvious that she was having and orgasm as her body arched back and hair cascaded back over her shoulders side to side.

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   My father let loose a groan as his cum entered the woman he had wanted all those many years ago. I was happy to fulfill his dream, but I wanted more.

Nick took some more pictures and then pulled her off him and pushed her back into the crotch of the butler.

"Now finish sucking him off if you don't want your daughter doing it"

Heather bent into his lap again and started sucking his cock. My father's cum was dripping down her leg as she did so. Nicky then took the butler's wife, the cook and pushed her to her knees and into Mr. Trent's crotch.

"Only fair if the Mrs gets to enjoy your man, you enjoy hers. Now start sucking or else". The cook slowly took the cock into her mouth and slowly moved it in and out.

"Hey looky here. . . junior's got a hard on ha ha ha" laughed Lou

Nicky walked over to Chip and stood over him.

"Well son don't be ashamed of that, you are a man after all.

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   Tell you what since you've been so cooperative I'll help you out. Who would you like a blow job from. . . the cook? Oops she's a little busy, how about your sister. . . or maybe you prefer a man. . . how about my buddy, he likes young boys like you. . . choose. "

Chip just stared at Nicky defiantly.

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"Son you choose or I will choose for you. . . and I don't think you will like my choice"

Chip then quickly nodded to his sister and looked down in shame. Sandra struggled to stand and fight but Lou roughly took hold of her shoulders and threw her to the floor in front of Chip.

At that moment the butler shot his sperm into Heather's mouth and she gagged spitting it out.

"You said you wouldn't touch her" she spitting out the rest of the butlers cum.

"Shit lady, I ain't touching her, your son is the one that wanted her. Believe me, if it were me touching her I'd fuck that fine ass of hers. "

Nicky then pulled Heather next to her daughter and told her to watch and give her pointers. Nicky hit Sandra in the head to get her going. Chip was trying to talk through his gag in show of resistance but I think it was just an act. Sandra took his cock in her mouth by just passed her lips. It was obvious this was the first time she had ever given a blow job.

Lou smirked "hey she needs lessons"

"I think your daughter needs some lessons.

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  . . show her how its done" Nicky then pulled up Sandra's head and pushed Heather's into her son's cock.

"No this is perverse"

"yeah. . . almost as perverse as having your husband's balls cut off by a mad man"

Heather looked up and Lou was standing over husband with the switch blade. She then cried again and started sucking her son's cock. Unlike my dad, Chip watched attentively as his mother sucked him off. Nicky then pulled her head back and pushed his sister into his cock.

"Do it just like your mum or else" said Nicky.

Sandra then took his entire cock into her mouth and started sucking it just like her mom did. The entire time Nicky was taking pictures. Meanwhile the cook was still sucking off the master of the house. Nicky dragged my father from the couch and put him behind Sandra.



"I want you to coax her by licking her cunt and do it good or I'll kill the Mrs. "

My father complied and pushed his mouth and his tongue into this 18 year old virgin. Chip was leaning his head back now enjoying the sucking his sister was giving him. Sandra was moaning into the cock she was sucking. Her pussy was betraying her giving her tingling feelings and becoming moist. I opened my eyes open now watching my dad's dick getting hard again. Nicky then pushed him behind Heather and told him to fuck her. This time he did not put up any pretension of fighting it. He crawled behind Heather and started fucking her from behind.

"Hmm I still have some shots left in the camera. Ah, lets get dad involved. "

Nicky then grabbed Mr. Trent by his hair and pushed him behind his daughter.

"Since the other guy is busy fucking your wife, you need to take his place and eat out your daughter"

Trent was a broken man, when Nicky removed the gag from his mouth he no longer put up a fight instead he crept up and started licking out his daughter. She was obviously beginning to enjoy it as she moved her hips into him.

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"Time to take her virginity or her life daddy" smiled Nicky as Lou held the pistol to her head.

Trent then slowly took his cock and inserted it through her pussy lips. Sandra lifted her head Chip's cock making a popping noise as it came out from her mouth "Oh no daddy duuu. . . awwwe. . . no daddy. . . ohhh ahhh"

Trent paid his daughter no heed. He continued to deflower her slowly thrusting his hips into her smooth round ass. Nicky pushed her head into Chips cock again and she continued to suck him off as her father fucked her from behind.

Everything had gone according to plan.

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   His father was fucking his high school sweetheart from behind and right next to him his boss was fucking his young daughter. Chip spewed his jism into his sister's mouth but she was so enthralled in the fucking she paid it no mind and swallowed it all.

Next to cum was her father and he slammed his dick hard into her tender cunt. He collapsed on his daughter her head still in the lap of her brother. Seconds later my father who was fucking Heather with one hand reached around and fondling her tits came in her. That was my cue.

Both Nicky and Lou took up the positions we rehearsed days before. I slowly crawled to my feet I leaped at Lou and took the gun away from him. I then fought with Nicky over the gun. He shoved me back into orgy of bodies and I fell on top of Will Trent. Nicky and Lou then ran out of the house. I jumped to my feet after them waving the gun in hand. Then got in their car and drove off, waving to me and I gave them a thumbs up.

I walked back into the house pretending to be tired and exhausted.

"Call the cops" I said.

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The butler stood to get the phone when Mr. Trent stood up saying "No".

"No cops" he said.

"What do you mean? Those creeps could have killed someone or all of you?" I said.

"You don't understand, they took pictures, what they made us do. . . if those pictures came out. . . I. . . we. .

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  . would be ruined, my family. . . please. . . please. . . no cops. No one can ever know, no one. "

Inside I smiled. I had him. He was beholden to me and my dad know.

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   My father stood and dressed coming over to me to see how I was. Sandra got dressed and told me I was very brave to take on two armed men and Heather agreed. No one mentioned the sex that went on.


Needless to say my father was not retired. In fact he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer and Will Trent left the business, maintaining the Chairmanship of the board. I also spotted Heather sneaking out of his Apartment building a few times and knew they both decided to continue their fucking.

Chip decided not to move back home but stayed away at school to continue on with his Masters degree. He never returned back to visit the family, instead he took a teaching assignment in Colombia where he was taken hostage in the jungle by rebels. We are still waiting for some kind of word about his fate.

I was promoted out of the mail room the next day to the marketing department. When my dad became CEO, I replaced him as Senior Vice President. I had also started dating Sandra and the spoiled bitch was now broken and became a total submissive to me. We married a year later. Occasionally she wants to have her hands bound as a fuck her, sometimes I have her dress like a whore and give blow jobs to guys for $10 a piece. The more I degrade her the better she likes it.

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I got the pictures back from Nicky and placed them in a safe deposit box that no one knows I own. I gave him and Lou $50,000 each a year later. Both of them couldn't stay out of trouble for long, Lou was arrested for identity theft and was killed in prison.

Nicky has come back for money again and again. My fear is that eventually he will tell someone, the wrong person, the true story and my role in it all. So I pay him. I have even let him fuck my wife Sandra.

It's only matter of time however, until I come up with another plan. One to get my revenge on him.
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