What Happens in Vegas...


 The move from her family home to her new apartment had been difficult for Candy. It closed the book on her marriage to Jerry and for the first time in her life she was solely responsible for herself and her daughter too. I thought a change of scenery would do her good and remembered we had often spoken about a trip to Los Vegas, renowned as the playground for adults. I called my Dad to get Uncle Gene’s phone number and than called Uncle Gene to ask if we could visit him during our stay. He had moved there years earlier. He insisted we stay with him and stated he would be offended if his favorite niece refused his hospitality. He had plenty of room in his two-bedroom apartment and the money we saved on a hotel room could be used in the casino. It made sense as we were operating on a shoestring budget. We planned a three-day weekend that to coincide with Jerry’s court ordered visitation with Jenny. Candy and I requested the time off with our employers. Candy drove to my place to leave her car in our garage and my husband drove us to the airport. We flew out early Friday evening to arrive just as the sun was going down.
 I had worried I wouldn’t recognize my Uncle after all the years that had passed but recognized his tall, lanky form the moment I saw him. The years had been kind to him, his hair had grayed a bit but his ready smile had not faded a bit. If anything that quick wit of his had sharpened with age. As Gene drove us to his apartment he pointed out the various casinos and recommended his personal favorites.

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   His apartment was on the third floor of the building his windows faced the strip offering a breath-taking view. He insisted on carrying our bags to the room and placed them in the guest-room, which boasted a dresser, a pair of twin beds with night table and lamp. The room lacked any finishing touches except for a vase with fresh flowers, obviously purchased for this occasion. Candy unpacked while I showered and dressed to go out for the evening. Gene and I had a chance to visit while Candy showered and dressed. After his divorce he felt a change of scenery would do him good and Vegas’s nightlife appealed to his more prurient side. He soon found a job working in one of the casinos as a dealer, which paid a respectable wage. He told me he remembered me fondly and asked if I felt the same. I smiled and reassured him that all my memories of him were associated with good feelings. This seemed to comfort him as that old sparkle in his eyes returned. He was about to say something else when Candy entered the room dressed in the wrap around dress she had worn previously only for Dave. Uncle Gene stared her up and down and gave out a low whistle of approval. He pointed to the window where the glisten of a thousand lights beckoned to us. “By day she’s nothing special but when the sun goes down and the lights come on she comes alive,” Gene stated. He drove us down the strip and dropped us off in front of his favorite casino.

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   He handed me a business card with his cell phone number on it and told me to call when we were ready to call it a night. The lights and sounds of the casino were seductive, luring us to try our luck with the slots, dice, roulette and cards. The drinks were free as long as we were playing and the service was excellent. Our outfits drew a lot of attention from flirtatious males and we did nothing to discourage them. Anonymity empowers one with the right to say and do anything you want to and we did. It wasn’t until much later that we realized the casino had no windows or clocks. Nearly twenty hours passed before our bodies gave out on us. We had been awake for almost two days and Gene responded quickly to our call. Candy and I were barely able to change into our bed clothing before falling to sleep.
 How many hours I slept I cannot say but I awakened with an urgent need to pee. My panties were soaked and I took them off with the intention of changing them after I relieved the pressure on my bladder. I was reentering our room when I heard a woman’s voice coming from Uncle Gene’s room. I proceeded down the hallway and standing by his door overheard a woman’s groans. I cracked the door to see my Uncle lying naked on his bed alone, slowly stroking his rigid cock by the dim light of the television. He was obviously jerking off to the porno he was watching.

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   I opened the door and strode into the room to stand next to the bed. Startled he grabbed a pillow and placed it over his crotch. He seemed a bit flustered by my intrusion, “Deb, I didn’t hear you get up,” he mumbled. I sat on the bed beside him and glanced at the action on the TV and than back at him. He smiled weakly, like a boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I smiled back while grasping the pillow covering his crotch, pulling it away exposing his still rigid cock. “It seems a shame to waste this, let me help you with it,” I remarked as my head sank to his crotch. I licked the length of his shaft before encircling it with my lips and sucked it deep into my throat. Groaning he grasped my head whispering, “Damn Baby! That feels good. ” His hands groped at the neckline of my nightgown trying to pull it off. I stood beside the bed and slowly drew my nightgown down my shoulders exposing my breasts to him and than pushing it over my hips to expose my well-matted pussy before allowing it to fall to the floor around my ankles. Lust filled his eyes as he glanced up and down my naked form. “Damn you got a nice set of tits, Baby,” he quipped.   I bent to grasp his head and pull it to my breasts for him to suckle while saying; “I’m not anybody’s Baby anymore. ” He greedily lapped at my nipples while his hand traveled to my moist crotch, “Your already wet, you are one hot piece of ass,” he observed.

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   “You don’t know how hot,” I remarked as I straddled his hips grasping his cock and inserted his saliva-coated dick into my dripping cunt. I sank my body onto his, driving the length of his cock deep into my body until our pelvis’s met. Clasping his cock with my cervical muscles I began to grind my pelvis against his rubbing my clit along the length of his shaft. He groaned his approval while begging me, “Damn your hot girl! Slow it down or I’ll blow my load to quick. ” I didn’t care what he wanted his cock felt so damn good in my pussy I just wanted to be fucked. Our groans grew loader as we fucked. He grasped my shoulders pulling me to his chest than rolling us over so that he was on top and I was on my back. He reached behind himself grabbing my ankles to lift them to his shoulders tilting my pussy up to allow him to drive his cock into me while achieving the maximum penetration. His arms encircled my legs hugging them to his chest and giving him absolute control of the fuck. As he leaned his body into mine it drove his dick into my pussy only to slowly lean back withdrawing it. His cock drew its length slowly against my clit as he withdrew it, only to quickly ram it back in again. He took his time driving my pussy to a frothing frenzy and my body into a writhing mass of muscle spasms. My head rocked from side to side as I gasped for air and my blood-swollen tits demanded attention. I grasped them tweaking my nipples between my fingertips. Out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed movement in the doorway as Candy entered the room pulling her nightgown over her head and discarding it.

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   She than bent to pull off her panties, walking out of them without breaking stride. Naked she climbed on the bed behind Gene wrapping her arms around his chest pressing her breasts against his back. “Mind if I join you,” she asked. To wit Gene replied, “The more the merrier. ” My body rolled into an orgasm but his didn’t. He quickly pulled out of me to grab Candy and laid her down on her back beside me on the bed. He assumed the same position between her legs as he had with me. She squealed her approval as he drove his now well-lubricated cock into her pussy. I got up on my knees to kiss him and rub my hands over his chest as our lips met. I than bent to lick Candy’s rapidly swelling areoles and nip at her distended nipples. She grasped my head and drew it to hers kissing me deeply. As our tongues did battle I felt fingers grasp my ass-cheeks and spread them I opened my legs and arched my back forward to allow this unseen player to drive his cock into my well lubricated pussy and I felt his ball sack slap against my thighs as he pistoned his cock in and out of my already aroused pussy. Gene’s cock glistened with Candy’s thick white pussy cream as he drove in and out of her. My fingers sought out my clit rubbing it furiously to assist my unseen partner with helping me to achieve another orgasm. Just as I felt it start my partner with drew from my pussy turning me to lie flat on my back again.

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   As he did so he withdrew from me and switched places with Gene. As he drove his cock in Candy I saw his face for the first time and realized Gene must have called him. Candy was lost in the throes of her passion and wrapped her long legs around my Dad’s ass pulling him into her harder and faster as she focused her energies on rubbing her clit along his shaft. Gene assumed the same position he had before and quickly drove me to another thundering orgasm draining his ball-sack into my thirsting pussy. Candy squealed grabbing her partner to her lips to kiss him as her body shuddered into one orgasm after another causing her partner to blast his semen deep into her quivering body. My Dad rolled off Candy to lie beside me on the far side of the bed wrapping his arms around me while facing Candy, Gene did the same beside Candy facing me. My Dad fondled my breasts gently than dipped his hand to my dripping pussy to roll my clit between his fingers. I grasped his pussy soaked cock and nursed it back to life. “Baby, you always had magic fingers,” my Dad said as my pussy began to crave another pummeling by his cock. I rose to my knees straddling his thighs grasping his now reawakened cock and inserting it back into my pussy saying, “Fuck me Daddy! It’s what it was made for!” I glanced at Candy to see the shocked expression on her face. I rose and fell on his body drawing groans from him as he grasped my breasts drawing a groan from deep within me. I savored the sensations of his cock throbbing inside my body and his hands grasping my now developed breasts. I now had the woman’s body he deserved so long ago. My body creamed around my Dad’s cock as I had so often seen Candy’s do. My pussy was made for this cock and for the first time in decades sex was not just something I did it was something I felt.

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   Candy saw the change in me and knew I was a willing participant and turned her attentions to reawakening Gene’s slumbering pole. She followed my lead assuming the same position as me. I turned to see her, our eyes met and she smiled. I tapped my father’s chest saying proudly, “This is my Dad. ” My orgasm washed over me in a flood that I had never known before as I felt my Dad empty his load deep inside me. Candy and I each took a bathroom to clean up in. As I showered I heard someone enter the room and the curtain was drawn back exposing my Dad’s naked form, “Baby, could I wash you? Like I used to. ” I smiled taking his hand guiding him into the shower. He took his time scrubbing me carefully examining every inch of flesh I had as he gently scrubbed me clean. “Baby could you do me a favor?” He asked. Giddily I replied, “Anything you want Daddy. ”  He turned off the shower and led me to the other bathroom where Gene was cleaning Candy. My Dad pointed at Candy and I immediately understood what he wanted. I walked up to the shower drawing the curtain aside and took Candy’s hand. Gene smiled and stepped out of the shower as I stepped in wrapping my arms around Candy.

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   Candy looked at me puzzled as I wrapped my arms around her to kiss her. She returned the kiss as ardently as it was given. My hands cupped her ass as I trailed kisses down her neck and across her chest to first lick the outline of her areolas than nibble at her nipples before suckling each. I than kissed and licked a path down her body as I sank to my knees in the flowing water. She lifted her leg to allow my tongue to probe the recesses of her gash sucking the semen from her cervix. Dad moved toward me handing me a razor. I took it from him and shaved all the hair from Candy’s crotch between licking her clit. I rose from my knees handing Candy the razor while pleading with her to do the same. I had never shaved myself bare before but if this made him happy I would do it gladly. Candy sank to her knees and shaved me bare as I had her. When she finished I led her back to the bedroom pausing only to remove the double-headed dildo from my bag. Candy lay down on the bed as I positioned my now naked pussy over her face and sank my head between her legs to snake my tongue between her labial folds and awaken her slumbering clit. I could feel her tongue doing the same to me. Soon both our hips gyrated to the others tongue swipes. I arose from between her legs turning around to sink one end of the dildo into her cunt and the other end into mine.

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   We had never done this in front of anyone before but soon forgot our audience as we each drove the dildo into each other. Our lust gathered steam as our pussies filled with this mammoth intruder. We soon felt the hands of our partners separate us as they sought to assuage the carnal lust our show had inspired in them. Dad started with me but switched with Gene to dump his load in a now mewling Candy. Needless to say we didn’t spend much time at the casinos or sleeping. We climbed on the plane exhausted and satisfied.