What the Bear?


Kyle couldn't believe he had come to this stupid high school party. To make it worst it was a costume party. He had let his buddies talk him into it, saying how much hot ass would be here. Nothing but jail bait though. Kyle was 20 now and couldn't legally touch all this fresh high school pussy.

He decided that he was gonna leave but he had to take a piss before. The only bathroom he could find was in the master bedroom luckily this room was empty, the last two he tried has some angry teens in them. He found his way into the restroom without turning on the light, so what if he missed the bowl, wasn't his house.

He had just finished when he heard someone come in the bedroom.

"I can't believe this is finally happening" Came a boys voice.

All Kyle could hear in response was muffled moans and incoherent words. Obviously this chick was wasted and this little fucker was about to take advantage and get lucky. Kyle looked out the bathroom door and saw a skinny girl in a skimpy bear outfit. The boy already had his pants down around his ankles. The girls head was pushed down in the bed and her ass was sticking up in the air.

Kyle went back into the bathroom and looked for another exit but found none, he was gonna have to wait it out.

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   It didn't take long, after about six minutes the boy was spent and left. Kyle walked out of the bathroom and was surprise to find the guy had left the girl passed out on the bed.

His used condom laid close to her bare pussy and around it was small spots of blood, the lucky bastard took her cherry. From what Kyle could see of the girl she was extremely hot. She had brown furry boots on and brown stockings all the way up to her thighs. She had a brown short skirt, with a fur lining that was now pushed up around her waist. Her pussy was just a little pink slit, clean shaven and glinting wet. Her ass was perfect milky orbs that had enough that you could grab on to. She had a brown tank top on that hugged her petite little titties. There was gloves on her hands that looked like bear paws. To top it off was a bear head that covered her whole head.

He took his phone out and snapped a few pics to remember her. He really wanted to see those small perky tits of hers though. Kyle coughed and she didn't move. He tapped her and she didn't respond.

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   Kyle gently pushed her top and bra up above her breast. The hard pointy nipples tickled his hands. He couldn't help himself, he had to feel them. Kyle cupped her small 32 A boobs and squeezed them. His dick was rock hard.

He got up and locked the bedroom door. She was pasted out and wouldn't know it wasn't her boyfriend or what ever, no one would know but him. Kyle stripped and mounted the young girl, he was going to be her second. He wasn't prepared with protection but he would just pull out and cover her ample ass with his cum. He spit on his hand and rubbed it against her cunt. It was so small and tight, she couldn't be any older than his little 15 year old sister. That made Kyle even harder,

He rubbed his throbbing hot tool against her lips and lined up with her pussy. He grabbed her meaty ass checks and pushed into her. Only about a inch of his 7 inch dick slid into her.

"Oh my god!", Kyle whispered

She was so damn tight.

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   He started to wiggle his hips, working more of his manhood in to her. He could her soft moans coming from the bear head. Awake or not, the little teen was enjoying his meaty cock. He managed to fit all of himself into her, his balls smacking against her. Kyle let go of her ass and leaned over her, grabbing her tits again. He started pounding his dick into her.

It felt amazing. Kyle never had anyone this young. After about 15 minutes he pulled out of her but wasn't ready to stop yet. He flipped her on he back and opened her long slender legs as wide as he could get. He was pretty sure that she was awake now but still to wasted. He pushed into her again.

"AaaaHhhhhh, Mmmhmmmm" She moaned and screamed with pleasure.

Her tight pussy clamped down on his thrusting cock and exploded with her hot juices, she bucked her hips like a bull and arched her back. Kyle tried to pull out of her but couldn't pull free.

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   His hot seed mixed with her juices as they both had their organisms. She calmed down after a few minutes and let Kyle's soft dick slide out of her. Their juices spilled out of her cunt and down her ass. Kyle leaned back and tried to caught his breath.

The girl sat up and took off the bear head and something was horribly wrong. She had long blond hair that was up in a bun, baby blue eyes, with long black eyelashes and big soft pink lips. She was a smocking hot babe and she was also Kyle's baby sister!

"WHAT THE #*$@ (BEAR)!", Yelled Kyle.

She turned the bear head up side down and threw up into it. She wiped her mouth and winced at his scream.

"Not so loud my heads killing me" She whimpered.

Kyle tried to cover himself in a hurry.

"Oh, now your shy", She said in a weak voice.

"I had no idea, I didn't mean to Kate". He cut him off.

"Didn't mean to rape me, or you didn't mean to get caught?" With a feeble laugh.

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"Mom and Dad will kill me if I come home this drunk. Let me crash at your place, tonight and I'll let you start making up for the whole accidentally fucking me thing". , She said.

Kyle and Kate sneaked out of the party and went back to his apartment. Kate was going to get back at her brother but not tonight her head was splitting in two. .

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