Whoa Momma!!


I came in quietly so as not to wake up my mom, and I heard what sounded to be moaning from her bedroom. My mom is a diabetic, and sometimes she has an increase in her insulin, and it causes a reaction that leaves her disoriented and delerious, and moaning usually accompanied these effects as well. So, I quietly went down the hallway, and stopped outside her door and listened a little more closely. Her door was not fully closed, and it was open a crack and I could see faint light from the television being on in her room. It became apparent to me that my mom was fine, for her moans were not like the ones I heard when she was disoriented. These sounded more like the moans that Kimberly made when I had brought her off with my tongue. As my eyes strained in the dark, and finally focused on her bed, I saw my mother covered to the waist with the sheet from her bed, with one hand under the sheet and the other massaging her left breast. She then brought a dildo out from under the sheet and began licking what appeared to be her pussy juices from it. She ran her tongue along the dildo and moved it in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace, and I couldnt believe what I was seeing. Her free hand roamed over both of her huge breasts and pinched and rubbed her nipples as she sucked on this latex cock. I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with my mom. She was fucking hot, and Im a sucker for big breasts, and hers were the biggest Id ever seen. My cock was hard as a rock as I spied on her, and I quietly released my rock hard cock from my jeans and began to stroke it. My mom moved the sheet back and exposed her naked body to my spying eyes, and I saw her gorgeous shaved pussy for the first time. She began sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy and moaning and constantly playing with her tits. I was nearing an orgasm, when I heard the most shocking thing I had ever heard in my life.

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   She began to moan at the top of her voice. . . "Oh John fuck me! Yes, fuck me with your hard cock!! Yes!! Just like that!! "I couldnt believe my ears. I had thought for a moment that she had seen me spying on her, but then I realised that she hadnt seen me, she was having a sex fantasy about me! "Holy shit!" I thought to myself. "Okay, she didnt hear me come in. . Ive got it!"I sneaked back down the hallway and tore off my shirt and my shoes, socks, and jeans, and I was left in my boxers, what I normally slept in. I could still hear her moaning my name, and I was never so glad to have been so quiet coming in in all of my life. So, I decided that I was going to do my best to fuck my mother that night. . . . "John! Oh God! John fuck me baby! Yes! Fuck my tight pussy with your cock! Oh Oh OHHH! "I quickly moved down the hallway and burst into her room, and shouted "Mom! Are you all right!?" Making her think that I thought she needed my help, and that I thought she was calling my name for me to help her. My mom looked at me in shock, it was true, she had no Idea I was home.

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   She was totally naked and exposed to me, and on the television was a porn film playing. Before she could say anything, I moved to the bed and dropped my boxers around my ankles. I ran my eyes all over her naked body, slowly stroking my cock in front of her. "Why play with that cock, when there is a real one right here?"She was still too shocked to say anything, and when she finally did, she said. . "Oh we shouldnt do this. . it isnt right. . ""You sure sounded like you wanted me to fuck you a minute ago. "I moved to the bed and eased up next to my mom. I reached out and ran my hands over her huge breasts. She began to moan softly as I touched her, and I bent down and kissed her deeply, our tongues entwining and swirling around in each other's mouths. "Wow, you really are a great kisser!" Mom said to me. "Obviously a talent I got from you, youre an awesome kisser.

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   I cant tell you how long I have wanted to do this with you. ""Really? I have been fantasizing about you since you were 16 years old. I fucked you in my mind over and over again, but I never dreamed it would ever get this far. ""I was watching you for a while outside your door tonight. I was really getting into it when you said my name. . . I. . . I couldnt believe it. So I ran off like a madman, stripped down and made like I thought you were in trouble so I could have an excuse to come in when you werent ready. This is the first time Ive ever seen you naked, and when I saw your pussy I nearly shot my load all over your door. ""Really! Well, we dont want to waste any of it. Tell me, have you ever.

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  . . . ""Had sex? I have with Kim, but noone else. She is kinda shy I think, she doesnt want me to go down on her, or want to go down on me, so we just have had straight sex a few times. ""So. . youve never had a blowjob?""No, I wanted her too, but I didnt want to force her. ""Oh honey, are you in for a treat. Come over here. Im going to suck your cock for you, and then I want you to eat my pussy. Come here and lay back. Im going to show you something you will never forget. "She moved down the bed and grasped my rock hard cock in her soft hands. "Wow, you are much bigger than anyone Ive had before.

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  . . If I accidentally get you with my teeth I dont mean to, just let me know. "She began stroking my prick and bent her head down and ran her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock. Then, in one swift motion, she ran her tongue up my shaft and my cock disappeared into her mouth. "Ohhhhh FUCK!"The incredible sensation hit me in a huge wave, her hot mouth and tongue bathing my cock and stroking up and down. I had to grit my teeth and fight with every fiber of my being not to come down her throat right then, I wanted this incredible feeling to last. There I was, with a gorgeous, naked, big breasted woman sucking my cock for me. I didnt give a fuck if it was my mother or not, she was fucking gorgeous. She began using her hand to jerk my cock as well as her mouth, taking my cock all the way out of her mouth with a loud pop from the suction. Then, she took my cock all the way, in a full deep throat. It was fucking amazing. "Ohhhhhh God! Fuck it feels so good! Suck my cock, ooooh god suck my fucking cock!"Mom looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes, and began to bob her head up and down at a very fast pace, jerking my cock with her hands. She removed my cock long enough to tell me what she wanted. "I want you to come all over my tits.

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   I fucking love hot cum sprayed all over my tits after sucking cock. "I was in 7th heaven. Id seen scenes like this in porno films, and now here I was, being asked to come all over this gorgeous woman's huge tits. She resumed sucking and licking my cock and I couldnt fight it anymore. It was too fucking good. "Mom, Im. . . gonna. . . cum. . . ohhhhh right now!!"Mom took my cock out and kept jerking my cock while aiming at her big beautiful tits.

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   My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, and I shot my hot cum all over my mothers tits. Ropes of my hot, sticky, cum shot over her chest in about 6 long spurts. I had never shot that much before, and my vision blurred and I had to fight to keep from passing out. As my cock stopped spraying jets of cum all over her tits, she put my cock all the way back down her throat again, sucking my cock clean. She rubbed my hot cum into her breasts and her nipples, and licked it off of her fingers. "Ooooh you taste soo sweet. Your cum feels so good all over my breasts. Its sooo hot. I definately want some more of that. "When I finally got my senses back, I told her that it was her turn. "I want your pussy, mom. I want to eat your pussy right now. I cant wait any longer. Move up here and spread those legs for me, show me your pretty pink pussy. "Mom did as she was asked, and moved up against the pillows and spread her legs.

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   She spread her pussy lips and stroked her clit for me, and I told her to tell me what she wanted. "I want you to eat my pussy for me baby, Please eat my pussy. I want to feel your tongue fuck me and stroke my clit. I want to cum all over your face. "I kissed her deeply, and ran my hands over her tits again, still sticky from my cum. I kissed down her neck, to her chest, and moved to suck on her left nipple while I pinched her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I could taste my cum that had been massaged into her breast, and as I sucked her nipple she began to moan and run her hands through my hair. I kissed my way down her stomach, and stopped just above her perfectly shaved pussy, and moved to her inner thigh. I kissed and licked her thighs, and lightly brushed my chin over her pussy, causing her to thrust her cunt up into my face. This was driving her wild. "Ohhhh god! Lick my pussy now!! I cant wait any longer!"Before she could finish her request, I buried my tongue deep into her pussy, and swirled it around in circles, and moved to her clit, which I sucked into my mouth and ran my tongue over extremely rapidly. The sensations she was getting were causing her to buck like a raging bull and she began to moan, louder and louder, until they were no longer moans, but pure screams of ecstasy. "Thats it! Right there. . .

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  YES!! YESS!! OHHH FUCK!! Im cumming!! Im cumming all over your tongue. . . . Right now!! GOD!! GODDD!! OH MYYY GODDDD!!! OH! OH! OH!! UHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!! YESSSSSS!! FUCK!! FUCK!! Ohhh you make me feel sooooo fucking goood!!"Her orgasm shook her entire body, and her cum cascaded over my tongue and mouth. She tasted so good, and I lapped up every bit of her cream while she moaned and squirmed beneath me. "Oh fuck. Fuck! Kim doesnt know what she is missing!!!!! Ohhh. That was good baby. The best I ever had. You are VERY GOOD with your tongue. ""Again, another talent I got from you, Mom. "Mom looked at me with pure lust in her eyes as she pushed me back on the bed. She began sucking my cock again, and I was hard as steel under the onslaught of her tongue. "MMMmmm, I could suck on this beautiful cock all night, but I have to have it now.

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   I want you to fuck me. I want you to slide your huge prick into my aching pussy. I want to fuck you John, I want to make you cum for me. Ill do anything you want me to. Just say the word and Ill do it. ""Fuck me. "Mom climbed on top of me, took my cock in her hand and guided it into her dripping cunt. "Oooooh youre sooo big!! Noone has been where you are now!! Ohhhh fuck Im going to cum again!! Holy Shit!! Uh! Oh!! OOHHHHHHH!! "I had thought that my mom's mouth was the best thing that I had ever felt, but that all changed the moment my cock was buried in her tight hot pussy. She was so wet, and hot, and her cum cascaded down over my cock and made her even slicker. She began to bounce up and down on my cock, her huge breasts bouncing and swaying as she did. She was fucking gorgeous. Better than any porn queen Id ever jerked off watching. The image of her tits bouncing was nearly enough to put me over the edge, and when she bent down and began sucking on my neck, it was too much. I felt cum surge through my cock and into her snatch. "Ohhh GOD!! FUCK!! Im Cumming!! Unnnnnghhh!! Keep fucking me!! God you feel so fucking good!!"My prick was still hard as steel even after blowing my load, and I rolled her over to get on top of her.


   I began fucking my mom for all I was worth, as fast as I could go. She went completely wild from the piston action I was putting to her, biting my neck and running her fingernails down my back, her legs locked tightly around my waist. "Ohh fuck! Fuck! FUCK!! Ooooooh faster!! Dont stop!! Oh baby im cumming again!! You are such a great fuck machine!! Im gonna cream!! Im gonna CREEEEEEAAAM!!! Oh FUCK!!!!"I kissed her deeply as her orgasm overtook her, and she ran her hands all over my chest, and down to her breasts, sucking on her own nipples. "God you look so fucking hot when you do that! I love your tits. They are so fucking huge!!""You like my big fucking tits baby? I have an Idea. Why dont you fuck them for me, and come all over them again? Let my big tits get that awesome cock of yours off again. "I pulled out of her hot pussy, and she smeared her pussy cream all over her tits, and in between them. My cock was slick with her cream as well, and she squeezed her huge tits together, and I slid my cock in between them. It felt so good. Her breasts were so soft, and she sucked the head of my cock every time I thrusted it through her melons. After about 10 thrusts, I was spewing cum all over her again. Stream after stream of hot cum covered her breasts and face, and once again, when I had finished, she deep throated me, sucking my prick clean. She rubbed my cum all over her body, and licked it again from her fingers. "Wow. This was the greatest night of my life mom.

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  . . . I still cant believe it. ""Me neither, I usually dont get that loud when I masturbate, and Usually you arent even here. I guess its a good thing youre as sneaky as you are huh?""Hopefully I dont have to sneak anymore. . . ""Honey, after tonight, you can have momma's body whenever you want it. I know I need that cock of yours at least once a night, and with Jacob and Christine gone to their dad's for the summer, that leaves us 3 whole months of fucking. Think you can handle it?"I kissed mom deeply, and as I felt her breasts against my chest, I got another hardon. I slid my cock into Mom's pussy, and slowly fucked her for another hour before covering her in cum again. Exhausted, we both fell asleep. I awoke around noon the next day, and Mom was standing in the doorway, with a robe on. "Hi honey, care for a little breakfast in bed?" WIth that, she flung off her robe, and sauntered over to the bed, completely naked.

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   She positioned her pussy right above my mouth, I grabbed 2 handfuls of her sweet ass, and took her up on her offer. .

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