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Hi, am Vicky 21 from India, I am a regular at your website and so thought would post my story also. This is an incest with my cousin sis meaning the daughter of mothers brother, am telling you this specially because in India we can marry such a cousin as its not in fathers relationship directly.

Anyways, continuing with the story now, It was at the start of this year back in January, when my I went to meet my cousins, I asked aunt where is Ria and Amit, she said they are upstairs, and I quickly went upstairs to meet them, I saw Ria and she was in front of mirror as expected combing hairs, I saw her beautiful face and that curvy body with big globes and nice hump, the sheer presence of her in the room was making everybody in the room including some more relatives feel uneasy, I said a hi to both and Amit took me to his room to show me his paintings, we were busy in them when Ria came to us, let me describe her more, she is 18 but looks 2-3 years more older than 18 making just fine for me, she has figure of 35,28,36 with 35D bra size. Her boobs are very attractive and everyone notices them first, they seem like totally unused, her whole personality makes a charm and a sex appeal.

Returning to the story she sat down on the floor and peeked in the paintings made on the book and showed me her paintings too, she bent a lot and I can see the curves of her upper boobs a bit which reminded my friend saying to me sitting in a large group of friends that Ria is so hot I saw her boobs in white shirt making nice view in the rain(for which I scolded him), I got aroused a bit, she saw my face and she instantly came to know what I was looking at, with that she went away to another room, I was disgusted and could’nt now talk to her at all, the whole day passed and in the eve she said while having breakfast that, what happened why are you so shy with your own cousin sister?. I got red in face but also I got a bit relief and got the courage to talk to her as usual. After that I went home and was finding another opportunity to be with her. Later in a weeks time I purposedly went to her house knowing there wont be anyone home except her and Amit, she opened the door and to my amazement Amit was gone for some guitar classes. I thought wow what a chance I have and I must not let this go, I wanted to atleast have an adult talk to her that day and so I started asking her about college and stuff and slowly came to the point and asked “how many guys are behind you?

There must be many proposes on the line”, she said “no nothing like that”, I said “please don’t lie” with which she said “yea some stupids proposed me in the beginning of the college days”. I said “yea its obvious, you must learn to react to such a situation”. She was shocked and said “what do you mean by obvious?” I said “now you dress well and do so much makeup in the mirror and then you think no one would notice you?”, she said laughingly “yea, thats true” , I then felt it right time to tell her and said “one of my friends was making obscure sentences on you I noticed it when I was with my friends”. She asked who was it? in a questioning manner, I said “was one of my friends in your college, he said about your figure”, she again asked “what exactly did he said tell me”, I said on that “he was talking about you getting wet in the rain and thus making a nice view of your. . ” pointing towards her boobs, she quickly said “my boobs?” I was shocked, but nodded a yes and said “its obvious you wear tight white tank tops like your wearing now and plus you get wet in rain, that’s an insane act, any guy would surely get aroused”, I thought what would be her reactions now, but she reacted asking “any guy?”, I said “yea, neither ways you are beautifull and anyone would get attracted”, she said “it means you are also attracted to me, as I have noticed you before”, I asked “what you noticed about me?”, she said “I noticed you peeping in my tops”, I was scared a bit but said boldly enough “yea your boobs were and are making your tops tear out”, she blushed a bit but made her whole chest part peek forward like an army man and said “I cant hide them”. I said “yea they are so hot”, she paused and said “What?, you must not think so about your cousin”,on which I said, naah you also know that you’re my mothers relative and so we can you know. .

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  ”, she whooped and said “what?, have sex?”, “I said no I meant married not sex, you are so kinky you think about it”, she quickly asked “whats kinky?” I told her “it’s that you act sexy and talk sex talks all the way and bitch up a bit”, she said “you are also not a saint, you have bad intensions on me”, I said “yea but whats wrong in it?, two teenagers talking about sex which they are going to do all the lifetime for the rest of our lives” she said “you mean only after being married”, I said “naah, nowadays all are so mature and have sex in their 16’s and being vergin till 18 is no more happening”, I knew she would be encouraged on this as she wants to be on top of everything HAPPENING, and she said “are you also vergin?”, I said “naah I have been having oral sex from my girlfriend(I lied)”, she said that means your not vergin?, I said no I mean I am having sex like she sucks my cock and I have had a nice time with her boobs sucking them and stuff, but have not fucked her yet, she is scared of being pregnant, even when I show her condoms and nowadays you know new contraceptive pills are also available, like the one I have. She quickly asked me “show me how are they, common please”, her voice sounded so sweet, I told her, they are only to be taken after sex, she pleaded please show me, I said ok but on one condition. She asked what?, I said you show me those big ones(boobs) by lifting up your tank top.

She said ok lets go to my room and I will. Once in her room she a bit smilingly but shy took off her tops completely, I was surprised, I saw that she took of her whole tank top off from her neckline too and threw it in the chair besides us, I saw those big D size boobs hanging in the air with brown nipples and the aeriols a bit dark at the corner sides and her nipples not erect as if its usuall, I showed her the pills and quickly grabbed her right big humungous boob, it was hot and heavy, I quickly squeezed it in my whole hand very tightly, making her say “aah,aaaah leave it”, I said ok I will don’t be scared of me at all “and sucked her right nipple hard and thus it came to life and go erect, it was nice tiny and beautiful”, I said wow you are so hot, I didn’t left her boob and looked her into the eyes squeezing her nipple part, she looked directly in my eyes, her eyes told that she is a bit scared. I said “what are you scared of?, you have the pill right here iin your hand, we can do anything we want thanx to the technology” she said yea, I thought of it as a yes to all my questions and quickly landed a small tiny kiss on her sweet completely filled spouted lips, it ran a current in me and hers too, her eyes were saying it all, I quickly did a French kiss to her and we kissed for almost 5 minutes after which she parted, I thought she might break it from here so I need to make some move, I quickly got my cock out, it’s a 6” in size, she saw that and was confused whether to do it or not and I quickly put her hand on my dick, she grabbed it with her long soft fingers and said wow its so hot, I made her stroke me, she did and by now I was massaging her boobs doughing them with both hands on each boob and then I removed my right hand and put it in her panty, it was her pajama and pink panty making my hand hard to move, but I worked up on her clit and on the right spots, I made it vibrate and she came instantly, gliding her nails in my upper back, I inserted a finger as deep as it can get in her wet pussy and pulled down her clothes to her ankles, made her sit on the bed side and saw her pussy lips, they were pink and hot as hell, I inserted my finger more deeper and started to stroke her, then took her pussy in my mouth and started giving her the pleasure she describes pleasure of a lifetime, I did’nt stop until she came again, this time vigorously but in a sensible manner not hurting me or my back. I said wow your learning, I put my cock on her mouth lips, and told her to suck, she hesitated a bit but took my cock head in her mouth, she again resisted, I thought what the heck, anyways I removed it and put it on her clit, she looked into my eyes a bit scared and I started to push it into her a bit wet pussy, I made my way through her pussy lips and just my cock head was inside when she started to feel the pain, I said its ok you will feel it for a fraction of a second, she was scared so I took it off and fingered her insterting 2 fingers in her pussy deep within and taking them out I smelled it and made her smell it, again I tried to insert it into her while kissing her, I inserted my dick in her pussy this time more than the head of the cock and kept on pressing in while rubbing and pinching her clitoris, she started to moan and now was the time, I inserted the cock with a thrust which made it go half way and she had pains, I continued to press in and finally it slid inside her pussy breaking the hymen wall and there went her cherry and my virginity too, I made some soft moves and kept working my cock in and out a bit and then she started moaning, I thought wow, its so hot in there, I fucked her hard and harder the way in, my whole cock was fucking her now, we kept on it and after just 5 minutes of it she started to cum and started digging my back with her 3-4 nails and I said am about to explode in you but that’s not a problem, I gave a big thrust clamping my pelvis to hers and stated to cum one after another I shot a big load in her and was working my dick in and out, I bet I had never exploded so much and so hot, I removed my dick and saw the cum coming out of her pussy, It was surely very hot, I liked it and so did she.

After that we continued to fuck and explore ourselves everyday for a week and now I am writing this story to you. .
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