Wrestling with Love


I decided to ask Steff for some help, but when I saw her I sort of clammed up. 'She's a girl for cryin' out loud!', I thought as if it was the discovery of the year. I just couldn't picture myself groping at my sister's body even in the name of wrestling. Then something went 'pop' in my head. 'What if I can sort of feel her up, or maybe even better. . . ?'. My thoughts were running wild as I watched Steff lazily propped on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table watching T. V, all the while munching on some popcorn. Whoopi Goldberg was telling some joke on 'Hollywood Squares' and it was plain to see that Steff was bored stiff. She was wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants. She must have just got home from work. I saw for the first time that she had good breasts, not too huge, but not that small either. Her muscle toned body was sweaty, but her thighs looked attractive. Her shoulder length dark brown hair suited her not unattractive face.

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   I was wondering about incest, that weird thing which I had kept locked somewhere inside my mind like all the incestual stories I kept locked in my drawer. "Hi Steff", I said as I plopped on the couch beside her. "Hi", she replied not taking her eyes off the tube. I munched on some popcorn trying to summon up some courage. Mom and Dad wouldn't be home till nine or ten at night as usual. Mom doesn't drive so Dad picks her up and they come home together from work. "Steff, could you help me with some moves. My wrestling isn't up to the mark and the coach is on my back. ", I said sheepishly. "I haven't wrestled in a long time Mikey, but what seems to be your problem?", she replied matter of factly. "Well I'm not getting enough practice, I think, and well, I got creamed by a senior today. ", I sounded like an idiot. ' How the hell am I gonna make this happen?', I thought to myself. I haven't really had sex yet, well not all the way anyway. I've been able to neck alot with my stupid girlfriend, but she won't let me go any further.

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   As for Steff, I don't think she's ever had a steady boyfriend. She always finds something wrong with a boyfriend and picks a fight. Of course not a fist and punch fight, but swearing and breaking up sort of fights. I think her problem is she's better physically, and can hold her drinks better than her dates. And her dates aren't the handsome hunk types either. I don't think the handsome guys find her that attractive. But she's definitely not a virgin. "Ok. Let's go to the basement and see what we can do. ", Steff said and broke my reverie. "Ok", I said. 'So far so good', my wicked mind whispered. We moved all the weights and stuff to a corner and made some room in the middle of the room. The floor was matted with a rubber mattress. This was where Steff usually worked out.

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   I hardly find time to work out. "Ok, Lets start Mikey", Steff said and we began dancing in a circle with our arms raised like two cats ready to fight. Although I'm well built I am a bit skinny. Me and Steff are both 5' 10''. I noticed that her tits were jiggling inside her bra. What I didn't notice was that she saw my attention was elsewhere. Before I knew it she had my head in the grip of her well muscled arms in a headlock. "Hey, it looks like I haven't lost my touch, have I?", Steff said pleased with herself. I could smell her sweat and perfume, which was an aphrodisiac. But I couldn't get anywhere in the position I was now, so I made a move. Since my head was locked on her left side, I snaked my right arm behind her ass. It felt her curves and gripped her in a seat. My left arm held tight on the arms gripping my head. Before she could block me I lifted her up and suplexed her on to the mat with a thump. Although she lost her breath for a minute, she started to get up for an attack.

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   But I was quickly onto her and pinning her by one thigh. I couldn't help but feel her tit and ass up. But as my mind went astray with my hands, Steff grabbed me by the waist lifted me up effortlessly, and slammed me down to the mat with a grunt. My breath was gone and I was seeing black when she pinned me down. I could feel the weight of her boobs on my stomach as she grinded "Looks like you're problem is losing concentration, Mike". I sensed something was amiss when she called me 'Mike' instead of 'Mikey', but before I could say anything she smothered my mouth with a kiss. I was stunned breathless. It was a rough kiss and I enjoyed it thoroughly. She still wasn't giving me an inch to move a muscle. When she took her lips off me I could tell she felt my hard-on poking at her, from the smirk on her perspiring face. "So you get turned on from wrestling with me, huh? Well, you're not gonna get it unless you beat me!", Steff said challengingly and got up. She took off her t-shirt and threw it to the corner revealing her bra-clad tits. I jumped up and took off my shirt and threw it to the corner too. "I'm gonna beat you if it's the last thing I have to do Steff!", I said in a light vain. We were circling the mattress like before.

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   "Well come on hotshot!", Steff taunted. We locked ourselves in an arm grapple. I managed to free my right hand and before she could block me I unhooked her bra clasp from her back. She was momentarily surprised to see her bra dangling on her arms revealing her luscious tits to me. Steff laughed and said,"Ok twerp you asked for it". She threw the bra to the corner of clothes that were piling up now. Her chocolate brown nipples were perked up. Beads of sweat were on the valley between her globes. The flesh that had been covered by the bra was a bit paler than the rest of her body. Now her tits were jiggling freely as we circled each other. I couldn't hide the smirk from my face as she said with fake anger, "I'm gonna wipe that smile off your face Mikey". But she couldn't help but give out a small laugh as she saw my gaze on her breasts. We interlocked our arms in an arm grapple again, but before I knew it she threw me down to the mat with an amazing reserve of power. I was stunned and seeing stars. Before I got to my senses, she pulled my pants down with a quick tug on the elastic band and slid them off my legs.

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   She threw her head back in laughter and that's when I realised something was wrong. I got to my feet and found that my pants were at my ankles. My fat member was barely contained in my tight underwear. I was wobbling on my feet because I couldn't free myself from my pants. Steff ran into me like a bull at charge, striking my stomach with her right shoulder in a 'spear'. I lost my wind and found myself on my back again. Steff had her hand on the front of my underwear like a curious cat. But we know what curiousity does to the cat. I somehow mustered up my reserve energy and jumped up. My pants were freed from my ankles now, and I shoved Steff's head between my knees. I locked her head in place and locked her right arm with my left arm. Her ass was sticking in the air and her well toned back was sweaty, yet somehow sexy. I pulled her sweat pant over her ass down to her knees revealing her white cotton panties which hugged her bottom like a second skin. My right palm snaked under the elastic of her panties and caressed her asscheeks. Steff quickly hooked my left arm and managed to throw me off balance.

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   But when I looked up I saw that she was the one off balance, trying to pull off her sweat pant from her leg. I had to admit that she looked extremely sexy and funny. She had succeeded in slipping it off one leg but the other was proving to be more difficult. While she was tugging at the pant on one leg I tackled her down and pinned her legs against her shoulders. My head was between her upraised thighs as I panted, "Ready to give up or should I keep make you pay?". "You're not bad, but you're still not tough enough to beat me. ", Steff managed to say through clenched teeth. I gave her right perky nipple a quick lick and sucked on it. I looked to see what my deed had accomplished and saw that her nipple was hard and definitely aroused. I could smell the musty odour coming from the front of her panties. She forced me off with her powerful thighs and fell ontop of me. She rolled me over and sat on my back with her knees pinning my arms to the mat. My face was down into the mat as Steff grinded her ass between my shoulder blades. She then slipped my underwear to my knees thus immobilising me totally. All I could do was enjoy the feel of her ass on my back as she clawed my buttocks.

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   "You've got a cute ass here Mikey. ", she said comfortably as I squirmed helplessly beneath her. She squeezed my asscheeks and played with them. I put aside my pleasure and wormed around to lie on my back. Steff fell on my left side. I grabbed her ass which was up in the air inches from my face and pulled down her panties. Now we both had our underwear at our knees. We both got up and slid our underwear to the floor at the same time. Then we both laughed and got into the fray again, now naked. My cock was semi erect and precum was oozing out of its eyehole. Steff had a hairy bush and her whole body gleamed in sweat. Her dark hair around her cunt seemed to be trimmed and I could see a bit of her clit sticking out as her legs walked around the mat. She came at me with arms stretched but I ducked and my right arm went between her legs. I held her cunt and then scooped her up and body-slammed her. I quickly pinned her legs to her chest.

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       I held her legs up at the back of her knees and before she could protest I started licking at her pussy which was upward facing me. My tongue found its way between the hairs on her fat cunt lips and licked her slit. I wiggled my tongue on her protruding clit. "Oh. . . ", Steff moaned momentarily distracted from the goal of fighting me off. Her juices started flowing and I inhaled the mixed odour of her sweat and juices. It was intoxicating! But before I could realise what was happening Steff overcame her desire and locked my head in the ring formed by her well formed yet muscular thighs. I found myself momentarily suffocated by her muff has she held my head down. I snaked my arms to her tits and squeezed, hard. As her vice like grip on my head momentarily relaxed I freed my head and got between her legs and hugged her. I could see she didn't relish the pain from my squeezing her tits. "Sorry Steff", I said and quickly kissed her on the lips. I could feel her respond and the kiss turned passionate.

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       Then she rolled me over and straddled my thighs. "I'm not done yet", she said and began to stroke my now erect cock. My cock is at least 8 inches long and now it seemed to be 10". Her hand pumped my cock up and down as her other hand ran over my stomach. "Are you a virgin Mikey?", Steff asked kindly. "Mm, yeah. . ", I reluctantly admitted. "Well enjoy!", she said and propped her pussy above my cock and prepared to straddle it. I couldn't help but watch with a stupid grin on my face as the head of my cock nestled into the groove of her slit. She rubbed it against her clit a few times and then pulled her cunt lips open with her fingers. She slowly slipped my cock head into her wet pussy. She was also watching as if amazed by this magic trick of making my cock disappear inside of her! Her pussy was so warm and wet I was afraid I would blow my load then and there! As she slid down slowly to engulfe my whole cock it felt like a furnace was crawling over my cock. After she accustomed herself to the girth of my cock she threw her head back with her eyes closed. Her wetness was seeping down in streams as she let out a gutteral moan.


       She orgasmed! And I was afraid I was the one going to blow my load too soon! She must have been fantasising about me or must have not had sex in a long time. "Your tool is good Mikey. ", she managed to say. I was just doing nothing but watching her writhing on my pole. Then I pulled her down onto my chest and we kissed deeply, each of our tongues exploring the other's mouth. Her tits felt heavy on my chest and I roamed my hands over her tits, her back and her soft ass. We were both covered in sweat. Then she remembered that I hadn't come yet and started pumping her pussy on my cock. I ran my hands over her tits and caressed them as if weighing them and then our hands met to clasp together to grip as she did the work on my tool. Soon I was raising my hips in time to her ass falling down. "I wanna fuck you on top now Steff. ", I said and rolled her onto her back without taking my cock out of her. I gave each of her tits a few licks and kissed Steff's mouth briefly before I hooked my right arm under her left thigh and started pistoning my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. The room was full of a musky odour of sex and our moans. My hips were working like a machine and slowly gaining speed.

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       I watched as my cock drove in and out of her beautiful twat. Her tits were bouncing in rhythm to my pushes. "Come on, Mikey, I'm cumming again. . . Fuck me, Fuck. . . ", she was in the throes of her second orgasm. "Oh Steff, fuck, Steff!", I gasped as I felt the blood rush all over my body as my cock enlarged and gushed out a spew of spunk into Steffanie's hot dripping pussy depths. My cock spitted spurt after spurt of cum into Steffanie's pussy as she convulsed in her mind blowing orgasm. It was as if she was overcome by some evil spirit or something. After our orgasms subsided we kissed passionately, but broke off the kiss soon as we were tired. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and watched as my spunk mixed with her juices overflowed from her open-mouthed pussy to the mat. I flopped on her side and said,"I've gotta keep practicing like this everyday, otherwise the coach is gonna have my ass!".

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      (plz give your valuable comments and suggestions on this story so I can improve on my next story--snakecore).

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