The Missionary Wife and the Tribal Chief


Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

No one in the small town of Greenrock, Indiana ever thought that Kathryn Brunelli would get married to George Wynter. They didn't seem like the definite perfect match. He was plain-looking, always hanging out with the C-crowd (C for Christian), and never hung out with those that needed his Christian influence like the drug dealer, Morris, who lived in the trailer park on the edge of town. She was classically georgeous (like those paintings of aristocratic women in the Victorian era), hung out mostly with the F-crowd (F for Fun), which consisted of people who just wanted to have fun whether they were Christian or not, and took time out to socialize with non-believers so that they could see the love of Christ in her life and come to believe and get their souls saved.

However, from a social point of view, Kathryn and George were a perfect match, because together, they reached a broad spectrum of people. Greenrock was a church-based community and almost everyone went to one of the ten churches located in that small town on Sunday, but there was also a substantial number of town-folk who had never heard a sermon.

George and a bunch of people in his church finally felt pressured to address the issue of non-believers in their community. They organized community events and outreaches to reach the lost souls in their town. At about that same time, Kathryn and her fun Christian friends were doing their own outreach. One day the two groups had a clash of schedules when they both decided to have free-for-all community cook-outs (George's group was going to do hot dogs and Kathryn's group was going to do burgers) at the town park.

A good thing happened: both groups joined forces and had one big hot dog-and-burger cook-out that day at the park. Since it was free-for-all, a large number of people from the town community - and even people just passing through town - attended the event and a good number of them got to thinking about their spiritual conditions when they interacted with their Christian fellow community members.

Another good thing happened that day as well: George met Kathryn and they both hit it off well with each other. Because of the success of that combined event, both groups decided to work together and share ideas on how they could best reach out to non-believers in their community. This also meant that George and Kathryn got to see more of each other.

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It wasn't long before they were dating (first in community events, then with select friends, then one-on-one). Soon they got married, surprising many folks who knew them individually. Almost the entire town attended their wedding, except for Morris, the drug dealer, who died that same day from an accidental drug overdose (he'd wanted a fix before attending the wedding but oops!).

After almost four months of newly wedded bliss, George received an email notifying him that a missionary friend of his had died from jungle fever in Zamboa, a tiny remote island in the South Pacific, while trying to mediate peace talks between two warring tribes. His post was now unmanned and the conflict was still raging between the opposing tribes.

George felt the need to go there and take his friend's place, but had to consult with his wife, Kathryn, to know what she thought about the idea. When Kathryn heard what the email said and what George wanted to do, she was all for it. "We will honor your friend and take his place as missionaries to Zamboa and also help to resolve this conflict between the tribes and bring them to the knowledge of eternal salvation," she told her husband. He told her that he was truly the most blessed man in the world to have a wife like her who was always supportive of him and eager to serve the Lord.

They told their church and fellow Christians and friends in Greenrock about their decision and received encouragement and support in material, financial, and spiritual ways. On a Saturday morning, they caught a plane to Los Angeles then on to Sidney, Australia, and from there, to Zamboa.

They were welcomed to Zamboa by a member of the local church of their denomination who's name was Harold. Once their luggage was loaded onto Harold's Land Rover, he drove them to the mission post just nine miles away from the airport. The nearest urban area to the misson post was the town of Bigtown (the Zamboan's called it that because it was the biggest they had and the only one), half a mile from the mission post. Bigtown was one-third the size of Greenrock (and the Wynters thought their town was small).

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The next morning, after a cold shower - the only kind you could get in Zamboa - and breakfast, George set out to begin the conflict resolution between the two warring tribes. Kathryn had breakfast but didn't use the shower in their house because she wanted to bathe in the deep, clear, and beautiful river that ran by the mission post just outside the boundaries.

Taking a towel, body scrubber, and a bar of soap, she left the house and made her way toward the river.

She got there and was amazed by the lush scenery filled with wild flowers, green bushes, large rocks on and by the river, birds, and morning sunlight filtering through the overshedding branches of the trees nearby the river. The river was crystal clear as she'd seen it when going past in the LandRover the other day.

Kathryn was unaware of another pair of eyes watching her as she hopped from rock to rock until she was on a large one with a flat surface big enough to lay down spread-eagled on. This rock was right in the middle of the river and gave her a sense of isolation from the rest of the world and security from the water that flowed past.

Still unaware of the pair of eyes watching her, she stripped off her clothing until she was naked, then she jumped from the rock and landed in the river, making a splash. She was carried under the current and then her head broke the surface. She let the river continue to carry her ten yards then she kicked with her legs and dug into the water with her hands, swimming diagonally toward a rock near the river bank.

She rock hopped from there, back to the big rock in the middle of the river where her things were. But before she could make the last jump to her chosen place, she came to a full stop. There was a man, dressed in nothing but a pair of brown pants that were cut from above the knee. He was standing on her rock (well, the one she'd placed her stuff on) and staring at her. He was about her same height, muscular, had dark brown skin, was hairy, had a beard and black fuzzy raggedy hair, and piercing brown eyes.

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   Because of his beard, she was unable to tell his age which could've been anywhere from 20 to 40. He looked at her with a sort of frown on his face, then abruptly smiled at her.

She was naked and didn't know what to do about a man smiling at her while she was in that condition. As if reading her thoughts, he turned to look down at the water flowing and jumped from the rock, making a splash. Seeing that her rock had been vacated, she quickly jumped to it and put her clothes back on faster than she'd ever done before.

With her final piece of clothing on (her shirt), she grabbed her towel then noticed that the man had returned and was sitting on the rock she had been standing on while seeing him for the first time.

"You from America?" the man asked, pointing at her shirt which happened to be white with the US flag printed on the front. She could not just walk past him since she needed to step on the rock he was sitting on in order to get to the riverbank, and his form took up the entire stepping surface. The only other way to the bank would be to jump into the water and swim to it which she didn't want to do because that would get her clothes wet, but. . . yeah! I'll jump in since these clothes are dirty anyway and I really want to get away from this stranger, she thought to herself.

However, before she could pick a spot to jump into, she saw the man slide off the rock he'd been sitting on and get in the river. He clung to the edge of the rock and looked at her saying, "I just ask question, but if you want go then I give way for you go. "

Kathryn looked into his eyes and saw that they were sincere, even though he spoke with a weird accent and had left out a few words that would've made his statement more complete.


   She thought about it for a while then sat down on the rock she'd been ready to jump off from into the river.

"Yes. I'm from America," she replied. The man smiled as he clung to the rock, then ducked his head under the water and lifted it out again to shake out the water from his hair and beard, sprinkling Kathryn in the process. He smiled again and lifted himself onto the rock he was clinging to.

When he was sure he was sitting securely, he looked up at Kathryn, sitting on the bigger rock, and asked, "You missionary?" "Yes, I am a missionary. Are you from around here?" she motioned with her hand at the surrounding area. He straightened up and smiled as if she'd just asked a stupid question. He pointed to his chest with both hands and said, "Me, I am chief of tribe!"

Kathryn smirked thinking about how she'd always envisioned savage tribal chiefs in fancy tribal dress with lots of wild colors and a long elaborately carved and adorned stick carried in their hand as a ruling scepter. How could this unkempt wild man be a tribal chief?

She chose, however, to play along and pretended to believe what he'd said. She asked, "Are you the chief of all of Zamboa?" He frowned as if she'd askedanother stupid question. "No! Just my tribe! Many tribe in Zamboa. My tribe just one. " "How many tribes are on Zamboa?" she asked and held up her hand, making a counting gesture with her fingers, "Number. Count.

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   How many exactly?" He looked down at his fingers and muttered to himself in his own language, bringing them down onto his palms one by one as he counted. "Ten!" he answered looking up. "Ten? Wow. That's a lot of tribes for just one tiny island," she said. His brow furrowed when she said this. Of course, with all the knowledge he has right now, he still thinks his island is a really big place, she said to herself.

He pointed a finger at her in an almost accusing manner and said, "You read book? letter? word?" She nodded replying, "Yes, I can read books. How about you? Can you read?" He shook his head, rubbing his palms on his pant thighs like a child caught doing something wrong, and said, "No. I read no. "

An idea sprung instantly into her mind. She smiled and told him, "I can teach you how to read. Do you want to learn how to read?" He smiled brightly, still rubbing his palms on this pant thighs, and said "Yes. Thank you. I learn read book. Ah.

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  . . . " he paused as if thinking and muttered to himself in his own language. "What? Is something wrong?" Kathryn asked. He looked at her and said, "I no learn read. Big fight now! My tribe and other tribe fight. Big fight!" Oh, so he's involved in the conflict that's going on on this island, she thought. George is trying to stop that right now.

"You don't have to fight. Just come to the mission when you are free and I will teach you how to read books. " He stopped rubbing his palms on his pant thighs and looked at the river flowing between them and then to the mission post. Turning back to look at her, he said in a regretful tone of voice, "I no learn read. I no go mission. My tribe fight, I fight! I chief, I fight go first, tribe go later.

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   I no learn read. Big fight now! I fight!" Hmm, she thought. In this culture, the chief must lead from the front. He can't take time out to learn how to read because the conflict is still going on and the tribe needs his leadership. This stupid conflict has got to stop!

Kathryn asked, "Who is the chief of the other tribe?" He looked at her with those piercing eyes and said, "Woman. Wife of chief. Chief die. Accident, one my tribe kill him. Accident! Now big fight, woman go first, tribe go later!" "Wow! A woman leading her tribe into battle, now that her chief husband is dead! Awesome!" She saw the look on his face and said quickly, "I mean, sad. With people dying and getting hurt, it's definitely sad. The big fight is messing up everybody's lives. "

They spent twenty minutes talking about Zamboa and each other. In between the discussions, she asked him what his name was and he told her it was a native name which was hard for non-Zamboan's to pronounce so he had taken on a second name, Luke. She told him her name was Kathryn, but he could call her Kat. Luke had taken over as chief of his tribe when his father had died from a rare disease and this tribal war was his first hurdle as tribal chief and the next would most likely be his marriage.

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   Kathryn was surprised when she heard this, but was also relieved because she thought it wasn't as bad as having a married man see her naked. At least he wouldn't have been unfaithful to his wife for lingering on the sight of her nakedness since he didn't have one.

She finally told him that she needed to get back to the mission, otherwise they might send a search party out to find her. He smiled and waved goodbye, heading in the opposite direction that she was going in. As she approached her and George's house, she made up her mind that she believed that Luke really was the tribal chief he'd said himself to be.

When George returned home in the early afternoon that day, he had a smile on his face. He said that both sides of the conflict were tired of the fighting and wanted to call an end to the war. Kathryn was overjoyed and embraced and kissed her husband.


After a week had passed, all fighting between the two tribes had stopped and there was peace and a sense of security for the common person living on Zamboa. The natives flocked to the mission and the church to tend to their spiritual concerns now that fear of death and harm had gone away. Life was looking good for everyone, especially Kathryn who learned from the mission doctor that she was pregnant.

The months passed and a lump grew on her belly and increased in size as time flew by. George worked really hard to monitor and foster the stability of peace in Zamboa along with other churches and missions on the island and also to make sure Kathryn was taken care of and her needs and wants met.

Kathryn began to wonder what had happened to Luke. He had not been by the mission as the other folk from his tribe and a few other tribes on the island had done, and since he was the chief of his tribe, he should've been the first to do so.

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The time came for Kathryn to give birth. She was taken to the mission hospital and the resident doctor saw to the safe delivery of her baby. It was a boy and both his parents fell in love with him from the moment they saw his little face. Kathryn asked George if they could name the baby Luke, after the tribal chief, because she was sure he had been a major contributing factor to the ending of the tribal war and also because Luke was the name of a disciple of Jesus. George readily agreed and so the Wynters' first born was named Luke.


It was a Thursday afternoon when Kathryn got an unexpected visit from someone she hadn't seen in a long time. It was Luke, the tribal chief she'd met on her second day in Zamboa. This Luke was different, however. He had three severe wounds which looked like they'd been made by machetes. He'd stumbled onto the Wynters' front porch and gave one knock on the door.

Little Luke Wynter had been asleep in his crib in George's and Kathryn's bedroom. Kathryn heard the knock and placed the feather duster she'd been using to dust the furniture on top of the television set. She opened the door and saw Luke lying at the doorstep, bleeding profusely and badly wounded. She almost screamed, but controlled herself.

On receiving a phone call from Kathryn, the resident doctor hurried over to the Wynter residence with two male nurses to take Luke to the mission hospital.

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   They did so and treated his wounds while Kathryn watched over. When she was sure that they had his bleeding stopped and had more than halfway completed his patching up, she went back to her house to check on her baby.

That day, George had been discussing with community leaders about how Zamboan's could make money from the goods they produced without the money becoming a cause for crime and other evils. On his return home, Kathryn told him about what had happened that afternoon. He was immediately concerned and went over to the mission hospital to check on the tribal chief. The Wynters made Luke their first prayer point for that night and continued to pray for him in their regular prayer times as well as in between.

Luke recovered fully from his wounds in a matter of weeks. He was released from the mission hospital and left the mission post without stopping by the Wynter residence. He had some things to do as soon as possible.


One beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, Kathryn went down to the river by the mission boundaries to bathe.

The big rock that she'd first placed her stuff on, that second day in Zamboa, now had three other big rocks arranged around it in a crooked C shape that created an almost still water area within the almost completed circle right in the middle of the river. This had been done for her when she requested it from George as a Mother's Day gift. He'd hired a small locally-owned construction company to move the three other rocks into place on either side of the big one that was already there. Kathryn loved to bathe naked in the river, in that little pool created by the strategically placed large rocks.

Kathryn now stripped naked, as she'd done quite a few times since that second day, and jumped into the almost still water.


   She emerged from beneath the surface and climbed back onto the main big rock. As she picked up the soap, a figure jumped into the water she'd just come out of.

Kathryn quickly grabbed the towel to cover herself when a familiar head broke through the surface of the water. "Good morning," said Luke with a smile on his face. Kathryn tried to smile and blushed at the same time. Luke lifted himself up out of the water and onto the rock that she was sitting on. He sat beside her, naked as she was.

There was ten inches of flat rock surface between both Kathryn and Luke. She tried to increase the space between them by sliding on her butt, away from him to the edge of the rock, but stopped when she felt her soft skin hindered by the not-so-smooth surface of the rock. "Ouch!" she said on feeling the effect it had on her ass cheeks. He chuckled and said, "No. You move here. " (He meant to say, "No, you're supposed to move like this"). He pushed himself up by his strong muscular arms, lifting his body an inch above the rock surface and then across toward Kathryn, setting himself down next to her.

Crap, she thought to herself.

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   Now there was no space between them. Their thighs and the sides of their asses were making contact. "You see mark," he said to her. "What? See who?" He pointed to his chest, "You see mark?" "Oh!" She saw what he was referring to. The scars (marks) left by the wounds he'd had some weeks before. They were healed really good. The resident doctor and his nurses had done an excellent job. Despite her shame at sitting naked beside a naked man, she was happy for his recovery.

"Good to see that your wounds have healed, Luke. George and I prayed for you a lot while you were still recovering. " He nodded his head, looked at his scars, and then back at her. "Thank you. Tomorrow I come to church!" She was delighted to hear that and almost hugged him, but didn't because the towel she was using to cover herself might drop.

"You have mark?" he asked and reached over to pull down the towel that she was covering herself with. She clasped the towel firmly to herself and shook her head saying in a stern voice, "No! I have no marks!" He withdrew his hand with a hurt look on his face, dejected.

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   There was silence for a while between the two of them as they sat on the large rock on the river.

Luke looked at his body and began tracing his fingers over his scars for a few seconds before saying, "I no go first church. I say stop fight. My tribe stop fight. Some my tribe no stop. Some my tribe want fight. Some my tribe want me die. I say stop fight, they want fight! I run! Some my tribe want me die. They find me, some my tribe cut me. They want me die, I no die. I run. They cut me. I run mission. You house. Doctor help me.

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   You help me. God help me. I have mark; no big blood cut. Small mark. You God help me!"

Kathryn understood what he was saying. Because he'd told his tribe to stop fighting, those in his tribe who'd wanted the fight to continue had turned against him and he had been on the run from them. That's why he hadn't showed up at the mission or the church when others from his tribe had done so. They'd finally caught up with him somewhere and had given him those wounds in an attempt to kill him, but he'd escaped and ran to the mission to seek help for his injuries. Now he was thanking her, the doctor, and God, and saying he was going to show up for church.

"What about those of your tribe who want you dead? Where are they? Are you safe from them?" He looked at her and smiled a sad smile saying, "Yes, I no die. They some my tribe die. I tell story other my tribe, they angry, they make die some my tribe want me die. " Okay, so he'd told his other tribesmen about what had happened and they had punished the rebels who'd wanted him dead by killing them. Tribal justice.

"I'm happy you're alive and well, Luke.


   I look forward to seeing you at church tomorrow. " As she said this, she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and smiled at him. Then something awkward happened that made her turn red: Luke's penis seemed to take on a life of its own and quickly grew in size from a sausage to a super big savelloy. He looked down at where she was staring and smiled in embarrassment. Then he took the hand she'd placed on his shoulder and put it down between his legs until it touched his super-charged dick.

"Oh!" she exclaimed and quickly withdrew her hand. In her panic, her other hand let the towel slip and it fell into the river. "Oh!" he said more as an apology than an exclamation of shock. He quickly picked up the shirt that was laying behind her and placed it over her good-sized breasts himself. "Here," he offered, not taking his hands off the shirt, pressing it against her round tits.

She looked down on where his hands were on her boobs with her shirt pressed against them. Her nipples instantly went solid. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest. Could he hear it? No, she could hear two hearts. The other one was his and she could hear it from the contact he was making with her tits.

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   She wanted him and he wanted her.

Kathryn reached out and softly scratched his beard with a curious look on her face. "How old are you, Luke?" she asked. "Twenty five. You?" "I'm twenty eight. You look older with this beard. " He let the shirt drop, but his hands remained on her boobs, cupping them perfectly. "You want cut beard?" She smiled and said, "No. Keep it. It looks manly on you. " Then her hands fell onto his shoulders and she felt his shoulder muscles. He fiddled with her nipples and felt the smoothness and softness of her tits. His hands were shaking at how amazing these two orbs felt in his hands. Truly, God exists if such things are real and not part of my imagination, he thought to himself. She brought her arms down to his chest and gripped the hard pectoralis major.

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   "Luke, you work hard. I know the men on this island don't exercise, but you all have tough muscular bodies so I know it must be from the labor you do from day to day. " "Yes," he replied, now trying to weigh in his hands those lovely white fruits attached to her chest, "Zamboa people hard work plenty all day. "

She grabbed his waist and kissed his naked torso, licking and sucking the muscle-filled flesh. "Mmm," he said in a moan of pleasure as she did this. He caressed her damp brown hair. She sucked his dark brown nipples then went up his neck and kissed him there. He adjusted his position so he was now facing her body straight. She moved closer to him, raising her legs so they rested on his right thigh, her ass rubbing against his left. His cock was super stiff and leaning upward against her thigh. He put his hand between her legs and twitched his fingers as they penetrated her pussy. "Mmmm," she said in appreciation while kissing his neck. He fingered her pussy and she came face to face with him to kiss him full on the lips, which was an unfamiliar act to him.

She explained, "Back where I come from, men and women kiss each other like this to show that they like each other. " She kissed him again and he followed her lead as she opened her mouth and set her tongue on his.

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   He opened his mouth as well and let her inside to teach him what to do. Soon he was tonguing her mouth aggressively pushing her back down onto the surface of the rock. She got up quickly when she felt the hard uncomfortable rock against her back. She rubbed her back because it was sore and looked a bit disheartened. Luke didn't want her to stop what they were doing so he looked quickly around and noticed that the towel she'd dropped had caught onto one of the rocks that'd been arranged beside the main big rock. He caressed her hair and told her to wait just a second while he go get something. She nodded with almost a pouted lip because of the untimely pause in their activity.

He moved as fast and agile as a spider over the adjacent rocks and went down on his knees to grab the soaking wet towel from where it was floating caught in the rock. He picked it up with a smile on his face and was back on the main rock with Kathryn in a flash. He laid out the towel, along with some of her clothes, to make a soft enough surface for her to lay on. When it was all prepared, he bade her lie on her back and asked how she felt. She responded by pulling him down on top of her and sliding her hands up and down his dark brown back and spreading her legs out so he could get comfortable against her in that section. He moaned approval at how soft she was under him and kissed her face with big wet suction-like kisses. She felt high-spirited and giggled, which was a real turn on for him.

His cock went extra hard and she knew it was time to let him in.

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   Reaching down between their bodies, Kathryn took his hard cock and put it in the right place between her legs. She sighed with pleasure as his thick long cock sunk down into her cunt. He helped by pushing it in further until he was all the way in. He groaned in satisfaction, running his fingers through her damp hair and kissing her deeply on the mouth. Then she squeezed his ass and he started to make love to her. His weight pressing down on her against the hard rock with only a layer of cloth to cushion her body was exhilarating. She felt a rush of freedom and wildness surge through her body as his waist thrust up and down onto hers, her tender pussy getting pumped by his muscular solid cock.

His breathing became more short and quick as he increased his speed into her. She moaned as he tensed up, ready to ejeculate. The thought just hit her: why wasn't he wearing a condom? But she'd always been taught abstinence in school and sex without a condom when you got married. What about situations like this? Oh, missionary life could be so hard sometimes and yet so adventurous and fun!!

She smiled pushed her hips upward to meet his downward assault on her vagina. "Aooouuuugghh!!" he breathed hotly into her ear. "Luke, go hard and fast. You're going to spill your semen in me soon. Don't slow down when you do.

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   Go hard and fast! Please!" He obeyed and she could feel his pace quicken and his thrusts getting more intense. She caressed his fuzzy black hair as he made love to her and then shot sperm inside her pussy. She pushed his ass down onto her so he could go deep and ejeculate more sperm inside her vagina. It was nice and warm and felt so good inside her. "Mmmm. Nice. Thank you, Luke. " He just sighed and embraced her body tightly. She hugged him back, cuddling and stroking his lean frame.

They lay on the main big rock in an embrace for fifteen minutes, then Luke asked her if they could do it again. She wondered about the time, but then decided that there was enough time for another round.

This time she told him to lay on his back. He did so and she got on top of him, sitting on his waist, straddling his lap. Then she adjusted her ass so that his erect cock slid into up inside her pussy. She pushed herself down on him until he was all the way inside her.

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   She smiled at him and he reached out to fondle her breasts again. Since he liked them a lot, she rode his cock while leaning over him at an angle. She enjoyed it and so did he. Her pussy sliding up and down his love pole and her ass bouncing on his balls and thighs. His hands squeezing her tits and pressing the nipples like buttons on a remote. She laughed and laughed. Then she slammed her body hard and fast up and down on his cock and things got serious.

Her tits bounced in an erotic jiggle and her ass slapped down on his balls. Her damp brown hair she shook from side to side and he reached up to play with it. Then he brought his face up to suck on her boobs. "Mmmmnnn" she moaned in response. It felt so good to have his mouth over her tits and sucking on her nipples and round gorgeous flesh. He sucked more and harder and she let out a little squeal that frightened off a few birds lazing in the nearby trees. She continued to ride him fast and hard and then went into a machine-like bouncing frenzy as she ejeculated on his body, her juices running over his cock, pelvis, stomach, and thighs. He looked at the new wetness and smiled thinking: White woman's love fluid.



She continued to ride him after cumming and then he grabbed her ass and squeezed it. He took possession of it and pushed his cock inside. "Aaaah!! Luke!!" He continued to push it until it went all the way in. "You happy?" he asked her. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and said, "Yes!!" "Good," he said and thrust upward into her asshole. She moaned nonstop as he drove his cock in and out of her ass. He massaged her butt cheeks while doing this so she could get more pleasure. She leaned over again to caress his body and face, then kissed him passionately with his cock still sliding in and out of her ass. Then he got onto his side and laid her on her side and anally fucked her sideways. Her mouth opened in an expression of unbelief and utmost pleasure, "Aaah! ooh! Yesss! Luke, yess!! Aaah! Oh!"

Luke pulled out then slid his cock back inside her pussy and fucked her sideways in that manner as well. She grabbed a hold of his waist and pushed herself against him. Thrusting at each other in perfect harmony, then pausing to kiss deeply, and picking up again with the sexual thrusting. His blackish brown cock drilling her pink pussy. "Kat! Kat! Good, Kat! Oh Yes!" said Luke as he pushed her ass against him and pummeled her pussy with love from his penis. She looked into his eyes and he into hers and they held the longest stare as both their bodies intertwined, moving against each other.

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Kathryn put on her clothes and Luke put on his brown cut pants. She squeezed as much water as she could out of her towel. As far as anyone else was concerned, she'd fell into the water while going to bathe at the river. She went home and Luke went back to his village.

Luke ended up becoming a strong believer and regular church-goer and Kathryn eventually gave birth to his baby (it was a girl). George was disappointed, at first, when he learned the truth about the child's conception, but eventually let go of all negative feelings toward Kathryn and Luke and took care of the child as his own. The Wynters served Zamboa faithfully as missionaries for twenty years before deciding to become citizens of that country and and settling down there permanently. Kathryn and Luke still made love at the river on the big rock as much as they could, but they used condoms.

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