A Chance Encounter Pt. 2


Part 2:

This story takes place directly after part 1 of A Chance Encounter


The next morning I woke up to see Katie lying naked on the bed next to me, with her, the bed and me covered in a mixture of our cum and sweat. I started fingering myself whilst looking at her wonderful body, and soon I decided to wake her up by licking our cum off her body. I started at her perky tits, and worked down to her pussy, which was still wet. I sucked her cunt, and pushed my tongue inside her, trying to make her cum onto my face. She woke up, and soon was squirting all over me, moaning and saying my name.

We were obviously making a fair bit of noise, because I heard footsteps approaching my bedroom door. Quickly I threw the sheets over both of us, just before the door opened and my sister Jenny walked in. Jenny is 21, a year younger than me, and also a lesbian. Although we have both been openly lesbian and have talked about her adventures for many years, and having lived our own house for six months, we had never gone further than a quick kiss. Ever since I had realised I was lesbian at the age of 16 I have found Jenny attractive, but I don’t know what her opinions are of me.

She looked at us together on the bed, to the dildos on the floor, and then said “Seems like you two have been having a good time.

” As she was also lesbian, she didn’t mind me fucking other girls, but then she looked at Katie, and asked her “Aren’t you Katie?”

Katie replied that she was, and it soon turned out that the two of them had fucked about a week ago, and were planning another time. I then felt quite bad that I had enjoyed Katie so much, and decided to go for a shower to let them talk. I got out of the bed, and walked past Jenny, who I noticed was staring at my pussy, and wondered what she was thinking. Although we are quite close, we don’t very often see each other naked, as she is quite shy.

I turned on the shower, and started massaging my body, particularly my tits and ass, which I have always loved to touch.

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   I then realised that I had not locked the door, but decided that since they both knew I was in here they wouldn’t come in. I was quite wrong, as Katie came in, naked, and joined me in the shower, which is quite big, so there was loads of room. “I’m sorry” I said, but she just kissed me and we stood under the water together for a minute.

“Jenny didn’t mind,” Katie said, “In fact she said thought it was quite funny that you had both fucked me without knowing. ” This was what I had wanted to hear, as I had hoped Jenny wouldn’t be too upset. Katie and I started washing each other, and then the door opened again and Jenny came in and sat on the toilet. She finished her business, but instead of leaving she took off her shirt and skirt, and joined us in the shower.

Now I was quite surprised, as we have never showered together before, but before I could say anything she kneeled down, and started licking Katie’s pussy. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I realised that they must have planned this, as Katie then started massaging my breasts, while Jenny’s hands grabbed my ass. I turned off the shower, and said “If we’re going to do this why don’t we move somewhere more comfortable?” They agreed, so we towelled each other off, and went through to Jenny’s room, where she has a King sized double bed.

They lay me down, and Katie started fingering me while Jenny asked me to lick her pussy and ass, which I started doing.

After about ten minutes of this, Jenny and Katie stood up, and picked up a strap-on each which were on the table. I liked this idea - having two cocks around me, but both on a girl. Katie sat on the edge of the bed, and I sat on her lap, with the dildo pushed up my pussy. She started pumping it in and out of me whilst I took Jenny’s cock and started deep-throating it and fingering her at the same time.

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Quite soon my pussy was getting sore from the pounding it was receiving, so we stopped, and lay down for a ‘rest’. We talked, whilst absent-mindedly fingering ourselves, and I found out that Jenny had always wanted to be with me, but had never found the right time. After a while Katie handed me her strap-on, and Jenny lay down on the bed. Katie impaled herself on Jenny’s cock, facing her, and invited me to fuck her ass. I stuck the dildo up my own pussy to lubricate it, and strapped it on. Working the end of the dildo around her ass, it was soon loose enough for me to push my cock into her, which I did, and soon my sister and I were fucking her hard, and she came many times.

We then all swapped places, so Jenny was fucking my ass while Katie’s cock was stuck up my pussy. I loved the feeling of my sister’s tits against my back, and Katie’s against my own, and soon I too came, and we swapped again. This time my fake cock was in my sister’s pussy, we were kissing madly, and Katie was fucking her ass doggy style. Soon we stopped, as we were all spent, and Katie had to go, but we agreed to do it again soon.

After she had gone, Jenny and I took a shower together, and sat talking about our relationship, and how everything was going to change from now on. We were abruptly interrupted by the doorbell - we had forgotten we had a visitor. We jumped up, threw some clothes on, and Jenny went to the door while I attempted to hide the dildos. . .

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