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Abby turned off the water in the shower, and pulled a soft Bath Towel from the rail. Wiping the steam from the full length mirror she admired her superb young naked body. Abby was quite tall, and slim and she was often aware for the looks she received from boys at School. Abby was quite excited, as in an hour or so, she was going to a Party, unsupervised or without a Chaperone for the very first time. "I hope that there are some nice Boys there," she said to her self as he began to dry her wet naked body. Abby had never had a Boyfriend, and was often quite jealous of some of her friends at School, who although were still, like Abby, only 14 years old, had steady Boyfriends. Some of her friends had told her of some of the things they got up to with their boyfriends, and although she thought that some of her friends were just boasting a bit too much, and stretching the truth just a bit, she was still a little jealous. It was thinking about some of these revelations, late at night, while alone in her bed, that led to Abby discovering the pleasures of masturbation. At School, that day, one of her friends, Patsy had told her that she and her Boyfriend, had taken off all their clothes and had lain naked together on his bed, while his Parents were across the road at a party. They had lain in bed, cuddling and fondling each other, and Patsy had described in great detail how she had slowly stroked his hard penis and he had touched and kissed her little breasts and nipples and traced his fingers up and down her moist pussy slit until it became fully open and wet, and had French Kissed each other, and had brought each other to an awesome orgasm, and Patsy had told her how Paul her Boyfriend had cum all over her belly, with loads and loads of thick white cum, and how she had been consumed by this wonderful explosion in her fanny. Abby had taken this story all in, and had told Patsy that it was awesome. That night, alone in bed, she had thought over story, and discovered that her little Breasts and nipples were tingling and deep down between her thighs, she had become aware of a nice warm feeling in her little virgin Pussy. The more that Abby’s mind went over the story, the more intense the feelings in her belly and Breasts and Pussy became, and when she touched one of her nipples she found that it was rock hard and sticking up, and as she gently played with it, the heat in her Pussy, became more of a very pleasant itch, causing her to slide her other hand down over her smooth flat belly and Navel until she touched the little nest of hairs surrounding her Fanny. Without really knowing why she parted her thighs, and as she reached down further, she discovered that her little slit was moist and hot, and as her lips opened her fingers discovered hot wet juices inside, and when she slid a finger up and down her inner cunt, and electric like shock went through her. "Oh Gosh, mmmmmm this is nice, I like this," she sighed softly out loud. At the top of her fanny she found that her little clitty was quite swollen and very sensitive to the touch, and as she slowly rubbed it with her slippery fingers, she became aware of her heart beat increasing, and her breath became more laboured and she was moaning out loud.

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  She closed her mouth, lest her parents might hear her moans of pleasure, and continued to slowly caress her nipples and clitty, feeling a really funny, but very pleasant feeling slowly course through her entire young body, slowly taking over her. She began to twist and turn, on her bed under the duvet, and the as this really funny feeling increased she found that she just could not keep still. Gradually, Abby became aware that she was rubbing her swollen clitty and nipples ever faster and faster. "This must be what Patsy and her Boyfriend were doing in bed," she thought. Faster and faster she rubbed her clitty, and nipples, and even with her mouth closed she could not prevent some little moans and whimpers escape, as for the first time in her life, she experienced these amazing and pleasurable feelings. She was sweating now, and her slim hips and trim little bottom was raised from the bed, as her fingers raced back and forth across her clitty and she tugged at her tingling, erect little nipples. "Ohhhh my goood, this is so gooood!" she panted. Suddenly, deep in her belly, she became aware of a new feeling, it made her all hot and creamy, and she began to struggle for breath. Her Bottom was bouncing off and on the bed, and she was twisting from side to side. Her face was on fire, and sweat poured down her body, as this feeling increased. "This must be it, like Patsy said, I am going to cum," she told herself, "or else I am going to die," as she moaned and gasped and panted. Suddenly her body was gripped in the most intense, and awesome feeling, as she gripped the sheet with one hand, and the feeling exploded in her fanny, and she began to shake all over, like nothing she had ever felt before in her 14 years, and finally it calmed down and she lay gasping for breath under the duvet, her slim naked body, bathed in sweat, and her thighs wet and slippery from the hot juices that had flowed from her little cunt. After drying herself off, Abby stepped out of the shower, the Bath towel still partly covering her slim naked body. Slipping off the bath towel she turned and replaced the Bath towel in the rail within the Shower stall and turning to face the full length Mirror in her Bedroom, she admired the slim figure of the naked young girl that she saw in the mirror. Her flawless lightly tanned skin had just a few tan lines.

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   It was the tan lines that Abby did not like about her body. She always pleaded with her Mother to allow her to remove her Bikini top and bottom when she was sunbathing in the rear garden, but her Mother never allowed it. Abby gazed at her slightly sloping shoulders down to her superb little firm breasts. She turned to one side and admired how her small breasts stood out from her body, and were both partly out pointing and up pointing and how the little pink nipples which capped her breasts were partly erect. Her eyes moved down past her trim waist and thighs, over her smooth flat belly to where, nestling between her thighs was the little Brown triangular nest of hairs surrounding her little virgin Fanny. Turning round she bent forward and opened her legs and saw her little bush peeping back at her from between her trim buttock cheeks. "Mmmm, Abby Girl you are quite a looker," she smiled at herself. She sprayed her entire body with a special perfume and Deodorant that she had. Opening a drawer she selected a little black Bra, and pulling it on, over her little tits, adjusted it and clasping it, and then she fitted it over her little breasts and was pleased to see how the Bra made her little breasts stand out even more than they did without the Bra. Opening another drawer she selected a pair of tiny Pink Panties, and stepping into them she pulled them up over her little cunt. She was pleased to see how the outline of her little bush was visible under the panties. She selected a short flared skirt and tight blouse, and as she pulled them on, she wondered if she would attract a nice boy at the party. "It would be nice if I got kissed, like the other girls tell me about. I mean I would not let a boy on my first date put his cock anywhere near my fanny, but I might let him feel my tits through my blouse if he was nice and I liked him, and even put a hand inside my blouse and feel me, and even feel my fanny through my panties," she said to herself. "What I would really like would to let a boy feel my fanny proper, let him put a hand down the front of my panties and touch me.

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  ""Well, I will just have to wait and see," she thought as she completed dressing herself and went downstairs to where her Mother was waiting to take her to the party. "You look very attractive, Darling, I just hope that you are not too attractive to the boys, I told you what they are like. ""Yes Mummy, I will be on my guard," Abby smiled back. Half an hour later her Mother gave her a kiss and with a final warning about watching out for Boys, she drove off, reminding Abby that she would be back at 11 pm. Abby walked up to the door and rang the bell. A few minutes later, the Parents of her 14 hear old friend, Sadie, opened the door. "Hello Abby dear, go right in, Sadie is in the Lounge. "Abby entered the Lounge. There were a lot of girls and boys that she knew from school and Sadie saw her and came over. "Wow, girl you will pull a boy tonight dressed like that, you look stunning. ""Thanks, here's your present. I hope that you like it. ""Thanks," Sadie said, kissing her on the cheek, "come and I will introduce you to my cousin Sarah. "Abby followed Sadie across the room to where a girl, about 16 years old was sitting. "Sarah this is my friend Abby," Sarah said, and the two shook hands.

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  Abby looked at the older girl. She was absolutely stunning. She was tall and slim with shoulder length blonde hair. She was wearing a short flared skirt, quite like the one that Abby was wearing and a revealing little blouse, which showed off some of her trim breasts. "Where are you from Sarah?" Abby enquired. "London," the older girl replied smiling widely showing off and awesome set of white teeth. "Gosh, she is a stunner," Abby thought to herself. Just then the music started and as it was a sort of quick dance type of music, some of the girls that did not have a boy to dance with, began to dance together. "Would you like to dance, Abby?" Sarah smiled. "Yes, thank you," Abby replied and said to herself, "at least I cannot get into trouble dancing with a girl, although I am going to find a Boy later. "The two girls danced for several dances before the music changed to a slower more intimate type of dance, and Abby saw several boys and girls take each other in their arms and begin snogging. She felt a twinge of jealousy as she looked on. "Abby, I am going outside for some air, are you coming?" Sarah asked her. "Ok then, lead the way. "Abby followed the older girl outside onto the large balcony leading form the lounge.

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   It was dark outside, but warm. "Is your Boy friend not here, I see plenty of girls with boys?""I don't have boyfriend yet, my Mother would not allow it, what about you?""No boyfriend, but it is not because my Mother tells me so, ha ha. ""Oh. "The two girls stood side by side at the Balcony railing, looking out at the lights of the nearby houses in the warm darkness. Abby became aware that Sarah had moved closer to her, and that the bare skin of her Left leg touching the bare skin of Sarah’s Right leg. She was on the point of moving slightly apart again, but the touch of the other girls skin was strangely exciting, and she was also aware that she could feel Sarah’s right fingers touching her left hand. She said nor did anything, but stood still, pretending that she had not noticed. Neither girl spoke, but stood side by side, each aware of the closeness of the others body. Abby felt the hand touching hers, move slightly, so as the fingers were slightly moving up her arm. Still she said nothing, but stood still, her heart beat quickening, as the hand slowly began to caress her arm. She turned to look at Sarah, who said nothing, but gave her a sweet smile. Abby was shocked to discover that Sarah’s touch was exciting her. The slowly moving hand slid up her arm until it was on her shoulder, and suddenly Abby found herself responding by putting her arm around Sarah and drawing her closer. "Mmmmmmmm," she heard Sarah sigh. Sarah’s hand was now down touching her back and slowly moving down towards her waist.

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   She turned towards Sarah and found that the older girls face was on her shoulder. Before she knew what was happening, their lips met in a gentle, wet kiss, and Abby felt the hand on her waist slide down and hold her left buttock. She was really excited and turned on now, not really knowing why she was, as never before had she ever considered an attraction to another girl. Her nipples were erect and she could feel a lovely warm feeling in her fanny. "Oh Sarah, mmmmm I love your touch on my bottom," Abby sighed. "Mmmmmm, good," Sarah replied, feeling the younger girl through her skirt. "I can feel your panties," Sarah said, ending a long intimate kiss. "Mmmmmm, it wonderful. ""You can caress me if you want. "Abby reached down and began to gently feel Sarah through her skirt, thrilled by the feel of the smooth skin under the fabric. She caressed lower and lower, and suddenly became aware that she could not feel any panties under the skirt. "Can you not find any panties?" Sarah panted, really turned on my this young girls touch. "Funny, no I cannot. ""That is because I am not wearing any panties, I am naked under there. ""Oh gosh, Saraahh!" Abby sighed, feeling her heart leap in her chest at being told this.

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  "You can feel if you like," Sarah whispered in her ear. Face flushed and hands trembling with excitement, Abby slowly reached down until she found the hem of Sarah’s skirt and reaching under, for the very first time in her life, she touched another persons naked thighs. Her trembling young fingers slid over the satin smooth skin under the skirt and moving up her little fingers found the top of Sarah’s thighs, and then they found smooth pussy lips, hot and moist, and then further up a little bush of silky hairs. "Oh god, Sarah, I am so excited, I have never touched another person there before,""Really?""Your pussy lips are all smooth, but you also have hairs. ""Yes, I shave my Pussy lips, I love the feel of smooth skin. ""Ohhh Gosh. ""I am still a virgin in the true sense of the word, I have never touched anybody but myself. ""Oh god, you sweet, sweet baby," Sarah sobbed. Abby felt a hand slide down over her skirt and then up underneath. She reached for Sarah and kissed her, as she felt Sarah take hold of her panties and begin to tug them down. Slowly, little by little Abby felt her Panties being tugged down until they slid past her trim thighs and they fell to the wooden decking and she stepped out of then and parted her thighs as wide as she could. "Ohhmm, I love you, Abby," Sarah sobbed. "I love you too, oh so good, this is oh so good, "`Abby sobbed back. The two girls stood facing each other on the balcony, kissing and feeling each other up. Abby felt the hand under her skirt feel up her thighs and then smooth small fingers found her hot wet little virgin cunt, and gently slide between her wet outer lips and found her swollen little clitty.

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   Abby felt a sort of mini explosion in her belly, like a mini orgasm. Suddenly Sarah began to unbutton her blouse and with her free hand, she lifted up the small Bra, and closing her hot, wet lips over Abby’s right erect nipple she begun to gently suck it. "Ohhhh Jeeeessssuuuus, ooooohmmmmmyyymmmm!" Abby moaned into the darkness of the night, as her right nipple was gently sucked and at the same time her swollen clitty was gently rubbed. She could feel an orgasm building. "Sarah, I can feel I am going to cummoohhyeess," Abby panted. "Good! Baby, let it go, just let it go. "Sarah took Abby’s free hand and placed on her blouse. Abby knew what she wanted so badly, and began to undo the buttons on the blouse, until she could open it all the way. Sliding in her free hand she found a left breast and pulling away the bra, she found a small firm breast, slightly larger than her own, but firm and with a rock hard nipple, and taking the nipple in her mouth she began to gently suck it. Never in her 14 years, had Abby been so thrilled by anything. Her young body was on fire, and as she felt her orgasm approaching she became aware of Sara twisting and turning on the balcony, just as she was doing. "Ohhhh, Abbby I am cummmmming, ooofffuukuuccckkk!!" Sarah cried out in the darkness and clung to her and then her own orgasm exploded in her cunt and she fell against the older girl. The two girls stood clinging to each other for support for ages, then they broke the embrace and stood looking at each other. "Thank you Sarah, I have never ever felt like that before, it was so awesome. ""Mmm, it was fucking brilliant, look we better go back in just in case we are missed, and you better lift up your panties, ha ha, or someone might find them and accuse you of being fucked by a boy.

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  ""Mmm, he couldn't make me feel like you have, Sarah. "Sarah kissed her quickly, then Abby picked up her Panties from the decking and crumpled them up and held them tightly in one hand and, followed Sarah back into the party, naked under her skirt, and feeling very daring and excited. .
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