Blair returned the hug and whispered, "I certainly hope so, dear, the deception is driving me crazy!!!" After a moment of silence, Jan questioned, "What made you take such a dramatic step, I mean, you know, to take a lover!?!" With her face turning a bright shade of red, Blair stammered, "T-this is so embarrassing, I don't know quite what to say, it just happened!!!" "Do you love him," Jan asked, "your lover I mean, are you in love with him!?!" "I think so," Blair replied dreamily, "it's hard to call it love when you lust after someone, it's easy to get the two confused!!!" "Oh my," Jan whispered, "lust must mean that he's very good where it counts!!!" Blair took Jan by the arm and replied, "I shouldn't be telling you any of this, so you gotta promise me that what I tell you stays between you and me!!!" "Cross my heart," Jan answered quickly, while making an "X" across her chest with her finger, "so tell me, how is he!?!" "He's just fabulous," Blair gushed, "he is so attentive to my needs and always makes sure I'm taken care of before he has his own, you know!!!" Both women giggled like school girls at a slumber party, and Jan asked excitedly, "Is he, uh, you know, big!!!" "Jannnnn," Blair admonished, "how can you ask me such a question," while trying to control her giggling, "but yes, he's huge, he makes Frank look like a little boy!!!" The conversation had moved from boss speaking to employee, to that of two hens cackling over the latest gossip, and upon hearing that Blair's new boyfriend was big, she just naturally had to ask, "So tell me, how big is big!?!" Blair looked around her office as if there might have been someone eavesdropping their conversation, and when she was convinced the coast was clear, she whispered, "He let me measure it the other night, and it was nine and a half inches long and six inches around!!!" Now both women were breathing a little shallowly and Jan pressed on, "Do you suck him off!?!"As soon as the words were out of her mouth, both Jan and Blair squealed like a couple of piglets before Blair replied softly, "I never really liked sucking Frank, but David's cock, that's his name, David, his cock seems like it was just made for sucking and when we're together I just can't seem to get enough of it!!!" "I know what you mean," Jan replied in a raspy voice, "when ever I'm with Ed I just have to have him in my mouth!!!" After both women had quieted down, Blair asked softly, "D-do you swallow, I mean when he cums do you swallow it down!?!" "Mmmmmm, yes," Jan replied, "unless he pulls it out and shoots it on my breasts, he just loves seeing the cum drip off of my nipples!!!" Again they broke out with the case of the giggles, and Blair said between laughs, "We sound just like a couple of sluts, total cock hounds!!!" Jan laughed a little harder, but then quieted down and said seriously, "I guess that is exactly what we are, cock hounds, we just can't get enough of that thick meat!!!" "That's a pretty harsh assessment of the situation," Blair offered, "I'm not sure I'd go that far!!!" "Okay," Jan said, "has David ever called you up and had you come out to his car and drive to a secluded spot just so you could suck him!?!" "Uh, well, uh," Blair stammered, "but he really needed it, and I didn't want him to feel bad!!!" "I see," Jan retorted, "he called you up and you ran out an sucked him off, I detect that we might be just a wee bit attached to that big pecker!!!"The two of them spent the next ten minutes comparing notes on how much they loved sucking and fucking their boyfriend's big cocks, until Jan noticed, "Maybe it's just me, or is it getting hot in here!?!" "I'm getting pretty warm, too," Blair replied and then under her breath she asked, "are you getting warm somewhere else, I certainly am!?!" Jan was now sitting on the edge of Blair's desk, and incredibly, and without warning, she hiked up her dress and said, "Look at my panties, they're soaked!!!" Blair just stared at the thin strip of white nylon that was pulled tight over Jan's bulging vulva and whispered, "My god, girl, you are drenched, and I don't see any pubic hair on your lips, do you always shave them smooth!?!" Now emboldened by her boss' interest in her crotch area, Jan quickly slipped off her panties and said, "I keep my pussy baby smooth so that when Ed sucks me he can really get at my clit!!!" Blair had never seen another vagina this close before, and this one, was completely flushed and ready to be sucked or fucked, so she was totally mesmerized by the sight as well as the aroma of the drooling slit!!! Even for as long as she had worked for her, Jan had always called her boss, or Mrs. Vogelson, but at this very moment, it seemed quite appropriate to say, "Blair, darling, please put your mouth on my vagina and suck me off, after hearing your story I know that you are a very oral woman and it will come quite naturally to you!!!" When her boss seemed frozen and unable to make the move by herself, Jan took her hand and gently but firmly pressed Blair's mouth directly into her love canal, whereupon the red hot secretary immediately had the first of several convulsive orgasms that left her drained and limp as an old wash rag!!! Taking a tissue paper from inside her desk drawer, Blair wiped Jan's cunt juice from her face and said awkwardly, "I-I don't know how that happened, I've never done anything like that before!!!"With her legs still wide apart and her cunt lips still obscenely gaping right in Blair's face, Jan said softly, "I was right wasn't I, you loved it, you can't help yourself, you're addicted to oral sex and there's nothing you can do about it, that is except suck off what ever is in front of your face!!!" "Y-you're nuts," Blair stammered, "I have complete control of myself, this was just a one time thing, it just happened, it was a total fluke!!!" "Really," Jan said softly, "then look at my pussy, if you can look directly at my pussy and not bury your face in it, then I'll believe you!!!" "What on earth will that prove," Blair replied, "I can easily stare at you and with no problem shoo you right out of the room!!!" "Okay," Jan shot back, "look at my pussy right now, my lips are all nice an smooth and just dying to be sucked again, oh myyyyyyyyy, I'm so wet!!!" Out of the corner of her eye, Blair could see that Jan's cunt was indeed in an extremely high state of arousal, and much to her consternation, she turned her head and began staring at the dripping organ, which was having almost a hypnotic effect on her!!! "That's a good girl," Jan cooed softly, "mama needs another orgasm, and you know you want to suck it, don't you dear, that's right, mmmmm, yes, baby come to mama, that's a girl, take care of mama's pussy!!!" "Shit," Blair said to herself as her tongue snaked out and caressed Jan's erected clit, "I don't have any will power at all, I just hope this little slut doesn't pull this on me everyday, otherwise we'll never get any work done around here!!!" Her thoughts were quickly brought back to the task at hand, when Jan begged her to stick her tongue into her asshole and finish of her clit with her fingers, and dutifully, as if on automatic pilot, she slid her tongue down to Jan's bung hole and gave her an unbelievable rim job while using her finger to frig Jan's little clit to completion!!!After taking about ten minutes to recuperate, Jan hopped of the desk and asked, "Will there be anything else, Mrs. Vogelson, at least until tomorrow!?!" "Uh no, that will be all," Blair replied, "but I guess you're right, I am addicted, and there's nothing I can do about it, so until tomorrow morning......."THE END
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