Adventures at Camp Crazyshit Pt.2


Topic: Adventures at Camp Crazyshit That morning I was in a funk, and understandably.   The guy I was crushing on just saw me topless, as did 2 little camp boys (one of whom was in my group!), and my girls had seen me freak out about the whole thing and look totally not cool. And yes, of course, it was Tyler who had gotten the view of the century.   That same piggish little Tyler.   After that morning, everything about him drove me crazy: his southern accent, his constant snacking, his crude jokes (he still insisted on calling me Double Dee).   He was just pissing me off.
So, and I think understandably, when it came time to do something he was scared of, I planned to milk it for all it was worth.
That afternoon, our group and a couple others were slated to go swimming at the outdoor pool, and the lifeguards were teaching the kids to dive.   Tyler waited nervously at the back of the line, his big white belly and little manboobs shining in the sun like a beacon.   When it was his turn, he hesitated by the diving board.  
“Come on, Tyler!” I yelled in mock encouragement.   “Don’t be scared!”
“I ain’t skeert!” he yelled back, his voice wobbling a little.  
And as he stood trembling on the edge of the blue abyss, the feared Deep End, I realized that, despite his snide little remarks about my womanhood and his annoying pervishness, he was just a kid after all.   He had as much hair on his chest as I did, after all; he wasn’t a man.  
“It’s ok if you don’t want to do it,” I said in a moment of compassion.   “Why don’t we start out jumping from the side?  Wanna do a cannonball?”
He smiled up at me, relieved, and I felt like a hero.

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    But don’t worry: it didn’t last long.
After swimming, we were getting changed in the “changing room,” which was actually just a wooden, roofless rectangle with a thin wall down the middle to separate boys from girls.   And that wall must have been ten feet high, but if you get a bunch of horny boys together that close to a bunch of naked girls, they will find a way.   And somehow as I looked up, peeling my bikini top off my wet chest, I saw a little curly-haired head peeking over the divider.   Guess who.
“Tyler!!  Get down from there!!”
The girls were in an instant panic, but Tyler wasn’t going anywhere amidst the screaming and hasty covering-up.   I looked around quickly: Emily was wearing nothing, clutching at her bare, early-developed body and trying to find a towel; Sarah was still in her bottoms, covering her little buds with one in each hand; and Katie, in all her flat-chested boyishness, was actually fully clothed.  The only one that didn’t matter.
Tyler wasn’t coming down, and man was I pissed now.   After I had been so nice to him he goes and spies on us!
“Come’ere you little pervert!” I yelled as I stomped out of the girls’ side and around to the boys’.   The small pyramid of boys that had formed against the wall was quickly crumbling and dispersing, and those who hadn’t been involved were covering their mini-wieners at the sight of me.   An arm across my bare chest, I marched up to Tyler and grabbed him by the shirt.   But instead of cowering away, he lunged at me and pulled my other arm away, revealing by Double Dees.   Again.  
They bounced there for a very slow moment.

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    I was too shocked to move, and actually, the kid was surprisingly strong.   Not stronger than me, though, I realized as I wrenched my arm away and slapped him across the face, hard.   I didn’t plan it, but it happened.   I’d never hit anyone like that before, and apparently it hurt, because he walked away and started to cry.  
“Finish up!” I said in a huff.   “Archery in 5 minutes!” 
That night we split up into girls and boys again for bedtime.   And once again, the girls piled onto my cot for the mandatory after-lights-out whisper session.  
“What happened in the changing room?” they asked.   “Did the boys see your boobs again?”
“Yep,” I said, realizing that the incident had brought my total boob-viewers to 7 on the week.  
“Did you see their penises?” Cayla asked.
“Uhh, I didn’t really look. ”
“Why not?”
“Well, they’re young, you know?  You guys are all young; you’re like 13. ”
“So, I don’t wanna look at 13-year-old wieners!” I whispered sharply.
“Look,” I started, glancing over my rapt audience of 8 in the low light, “boobs grow when you get older.   So do penises.

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“Whoa, really??” they gasped.   “So are they small?”  “Does Tyler have a little penis??”
“I… don’t know,” I said, starting to crack up.   “But yeah, probably. ”
We were all giggling when I noticed that Emily was sitting kind of oddly.   Her knees up and apart, she was hunched over herself, hands between her thighs.   And then I noticed her underwear was bunched around one ankle.  
“Emily!!” I whispered.   “What’re you doing??”
She looked up and the rest of the girls turned to her in surprise.  
“Tyler saw my boobs too,” she said softly, then paused for a second.   “Miss Alice, where do boys put their penises?”
With her middle and index fingers, she had pulled apart the lips of her vagina, and was studying the pink middle curiously.   I blushed immediately.  
“Em, I don’t think you should…”
“Is it where you pee?”
The girls giggled a little, and Sarah bent over to examine her friend closer up.
“N-no…” I stammered, not sure of what to say.   “Sarah, don’t do that.   Look, it’s not where you pee, it’s…”
“Is it where Katie touched you,” Cayla asked, “this morning in the shower?”
“Ummmm…  Ok look,” I said, trying to get everyone’s attention.

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    “Oh God, how can I explain this?”
And then, moved by some inexplicable and dumb force, I slid over to Emily and put a gentle hand between her still spread legs.   She looked up at me in half wonder, half fright as I traced a line down her little slit with my middle finger.   About two-thirds of the way down, I pushed gently forward and slid inside her.   She inhaled sharply as the girls looked on, and I was surprised how slippery wet she already was.  
“This is where it goes, alright?” I said matter-of-factly.   I had hoped my demonstration would end the scene, but it only made it much worse.   In ten seconds, every one of the girls had her own panties off and was probing around down there with clumsy fingers.  
“I can’t find it,” Katie complained.
“Ooh!  I did!  I found it!” Cayla whispered.   “How far does it go?”
“Uhh…”  I didn’t know what to say here; this was all getting out of hand pretty fast.   But once again, the worst was yet to come.  
Glancing around and trying to think of a way out of the situation, I was surprised by a small, warm hand pulling gently at the waistband of my panties.   Looking down, I saw Katie’s red little curls and freckled face.   She had pulled the top of my underwear back and was peering down into them like she had just dropped a quarter down there and made a wish.  
“I can’t find mine,” she said quietly.

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    “Can I look for yours?”
I was breathless and confused, and before I could recover to say anything, she was tugging at my undies with both hands, and I found myself lifting up to let her have them.   She slid them slowly down my legs, and the girls all stopped playing with themselves to watch.  
My bare lips sat before her, dripping wet I realized, and she bent down to look closely.   Pushing the skin apart with her left hand, she mimicked what she had seen me do to Emily, tracing a line with her fingers down from my clit.   At once my body responded to the touch, and little waves of naughty ecstasy shot up through my spine.   Katie pressed forward gently and found the spot.   Her fingers slid slowly into me, two at a time, and I felt my eyes glaze over at the penetration.   Thoughts like “There’s a 13-year-old girl fingering you!” and “This is so wrong!!” entered my head, but just floated away.   I was powerless to stop it now.
“Is this it. . ?” she whispered.
I could only nod.  
“Can I feel it?” Cayla asked.  
“Me too!”
“I wanna try!”
And in a moment, five or six hands were caressing my inner thighs, running down my clit, and pushing gently into me.

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    In and out.   Another girl went in and out.   I leaned back and braced myself against the edge of the bed.  
“What does it feel like?” I faintly heard Katie ask.
For a moment, I couldn’t say anything in response.   But then I managed to squeeze out, “Don’t stop…”
I was breathing pretty hard by now, and the girls were still taking turns penetrating me and feeling their way around inside me.   Their little hands made for incredible probes, a lot nimbler than my own, and they curled and turned in ways I’d never experienced.  
And then I felt another hand lifting at my shirt.   Glancing down, I saw Emily pushing the cotton fabric up over my breasts, and at that point, I just put my head back and let her play.   She took my left breast in her hand, delicately at first, and began squeezing and massaging it.   Then, as I had done to her in the shower to get her hard, she began gently pinching my nipples and squeezing harder, pulling my boobs up and toward her.  
I couldn’t help but let out a faint whimper of pleasure as a couple other girls joined her and rubbed and squeezed my chest.   Down below, I was getting wetter and hotter, and I could feel a warm tingly sensation building up from deep inside.   Katie and Sarah responded to my slowly gyrating hips by filling me up with as many fingers as they could.   It felt like about four each, but I wasn’t sure.

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    The only thing I knew was that the incredible sensation of all those little fingers was quickly washing over me, and in a sudden flood of pleasure, I came.  
I moaned softly, unable to suppress it, and sank down into the bed.   The girls all stopped on cue, as if they knew it was time.  
“Are you ok?” Emily asked, leaning over my face.   Her loose t-shirt hung low around her neck, and glancing down at her, I saw straight down to her full breasts.   Instinctively I reached my hand up from the bottom of her shirt and took a hold of one.   Reaching around with my other hand, I pulled the surprised Emily close and whispered to her:
            “Definitely ok.   And tomorrow night, we’ll do you. ”