Adventures at Camp Crazyshit Pt.3


Topic: Adventures at Camp Crazyshit Pt. 3    When the overhead lights crackled on at 8 the next morning, I was not ready.   I shut my eyes tight and rolled over in the tiny bed to hide.   And that was when I felt something next to me.   Something warm and sleepy and wearing only a loose t-shirt.     “Emily?” I mumbled as her face came into focus.   “Did you. . . sleep with me??”      Emily smiled and nodded and the night before came trickling back into my mind.      Oh.   God.     I peeked under the sheets.   Yep, there was my naked vag, just sitting there like it was no big deal, and Emily’s next to it with its little dark blonde patch of fluff.   And as we all got out of bed for the morning shower, everyone was strangely quiet.   Not as many people stared at me and the Double Dees as we soaped up and got changed, and I tried not to notice that Katie was still poking around herself in search of treasure.

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    Today was our wilderness hike.   We split up into our groups and headed out in different directions through the huge forest the camp owned.   My pod of 13-year-olds headed northwest.     “Are we really gonna spend the night out here??” one of my girls whined.     “Oh yeah,” I said sullenly.   At the end of our precut trail were supposed to be two big tents, dinner in cans, and a campfire ready to light.   It would take most of the day to reach it, and most of the next to get back.   I was not thrilled.     Tyler and his two right hand men, if you can have two, were slacking behind our pace and trying to peg squirrels with rocks.   But if they got lost and eaten by bears I really wasn’t about to feel bad, especially after the changing room fiasco.   My shitlist started and ended with Tyler Hutchens.          When we finally dragged ourselves into the camp clearing, the sun was almost down.   Two blue nylon tents stood waiting about twenty feet apart with a circle of rocks and sticks in the middle.   So this was roughing it.   I got the fire going with some paper and matches from the girls’ tent and started doling out our dinner.

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      “Aw sick!” Tyler complained when I handed him his can.   “What is this crap?”    “Cat food,” I said dryly and pried mine open.      Halfway through dinner, our conversations stopped mid-story as a rumble of thunder rolled through the forest.   The sky was getting darker with clouds and the sun was almost completely gone.   It’s moments like these when I know there’s a God, and I know he’s laughing at me.      We heard the rain about half a minute before it got to us.   It came roaring in like a train and killed the fire almost at once.   The girls were screaming and piling into their tent while I tried to pick up the bits of food and cans they had strewn around.   The boys meanwhile were dancing and whooping in the downpour, yelling and shoving each other every time a crack of lightning struck.     “Hey ladies!” Tyler crooned at the girls’ tent.   “If y’all get cold at night, just come on over to the boys’ side!”    I told him to shut up and get in his tent, but he just turned it on me instead.     “Come on Alice!  You know you want some!” he yelled over the downpour, thrusting his pelvis around like no 13-year-old ever should.   Ever.     “No, thanks though,” I said condescendingly.   “I don’t really go for guys with boobs.

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  ”    “Well shoot, I could go fer yours!” he drawled back, and I glanced down at my chest.   The cold rain had soaked my t-shirt completely, leaving little to the imagination, even in the dim light.   But what did that matter?  He’d already seen the real thing.   Three times.   That fact burned me up, and I wanted so bad to just stomp over there and punt his little country balls back to Alabama.   But I refrained.     Back in the girls’ tent, I zipped up the door and stripped off my wet clothes.   The floor space left a little to be desired, but the 9 of us fit in a close circle, our dripping shirts and shorts hanging by the door.      “Here,” Sarah said, tossing me a towel.   “Cute bra. ”    “Oh thanks,” I said, glancing down at it.   Strawberry Shortcake today.   I unhooked it and peeled off my wet undies too, hanging them with the rest.   As I threw on my spare t-shirt and undies, Emily called over to me from across the circle.     “Miss Alice, you wanna borrow one of my bras?”    I chuckled a little.


    “What size do you wear?”    “32C," she said, and all the girls oohed softly.   “Why?  What size are you?”    “34D,” I replied, grabbing my boobs and jiggling them around a little.   “But thanks though. ”  I was about to try and get the conversation onto a different topic when I heard a small sound behind me.   Turning, I noticed our zipper slowly creeping down, magically all by itself.     “Alice?” a guy’s voice said through the downpour outside.   “Girls?”    I spun and smacked my hand against the nylon door, hitting somebody pretty squarely in what felt like the nose.      “Get lost!” I yelled back as the girls clapped and giggled.   “Stay in your tent til I get you in the morning, or so help me God. . . ”    But as I flung the tent door open to threaten them further, I stopped dead, hand cocked for slap #2, and looking down on Dana.   He was on his back, in the mud, and rubbing his face in pain.      “Oh my God!  Dana!!  I am so sorry!!”    I rushed out of the tent and knelt down as he sat up and laughed.     “Had some trouble with the boys?” he asked.

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        “Umm yeah, I am so sorry though!”      His whole troupe was behind him in the pouring rain, waiting patiently and looking somewhat frightened.      “Alice!” cried out a shrill, country twang.   Oh boy, it’s Tyler.   He was standing outside of his tent, looking down at us with a stupid grin.   “What’re you doin’ with no pants on??”    Ah.   Yes.      My pants were still drying, and here I was, squatting right in front of Dana in my now rain-soaked undies.   I might as well have held up a big sign that said, “Yes, here it is!  And for $5,  I’ll take ‘em off!”      I pulled my shirt down between my legs, but Dana was already looking.   He turned away of course, but the damage was done.   That’s it, I thought.   Boobs, twat, he’s seen it all now.   Great.   Maybe I should just tell him my social security number and get it over with.     It turned out though that his group got lost when they wandered off the trail for a pee break.   When they found a trail again, it was ours.

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    But fortunately, the 13-year-olds had to bring their own tents, so we didn’t have to try and fit 20 in ours.   Before long, I was helping Dana set up the last one, his, as his kids all settled into their tents for the night.   Still soaking wet and cold in my t-shirt and panties, I stretched over the top of the frame to hold it in place as he hammered in the anchors.      My nipples were poking out a lot, especially in the shadowy light of his lantern, and my cotton whities were still super see-through, but I didn’t care anymore.   Like I said, he’d already seen everything I had to offer, so what was the harm?  He either already wanted it or he didn’t.     He thanked me for my help and we stood there for a moment, facing each other in the rain.   I probably looked like a wet cat, but he looked. . .   Well, let’s just say when he peeled off his shirt and tossed it into the tent, it was all I could do to not pounce on his lean, ripped body and sink my nails in.   Yummy.     “Look, Alice,” he started, sweeping a strand of hair from my face.   I trembled a little.   “I like you.   Really.

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    But, with the kids and everything. . . ”    “Oh, yeah, totally!” I blurted out, like I felt the same way.      “But, you know. . .   If you wanted to get together, like, after camp’s over. . ?”    I swallowed and nodded.   Somehow I couldn’t think of the word “yes. ”      “For sure, yeah I’d. . .   That would be very cool,” I stammered.

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      “Awesome.   Well, goodnight. ”    “Night, Dana. ”    I stumbled back into the girls’ tent in a haze and zipped the door behind me.   The lights were already out inside, but the girls were still up.   Sarah handed me another towel and I stripped down to nothing to dry off.      “Were you talking to Dana?” they asked.   “What did he say?”  “Does he like you?”    “Well,” I said, barely containing a giddy laugh, “yeah.   He does!”      They broke out in quiet cheers and gathered around for story time.      “So what’re you guys gonna do?” asked Katie as she scooted up.     “Are you gonna have sex with him?” Cayla asked secretively.     “I dunno,” I said honestly.   I laughed at the thought.   “I’m a virgin, so. .

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  . yeah. ”    “What does that mean?”  Katie asked.     “It means she’s never had sex!” Emily said, sounding surprised.     “You haven’t??”  “Do you want to??”  “What's it gonna feel like?”    I tried to answer the myriad of questions the girls threw at me, and ended up telling them about the first (and only) time I ever went down on a guy.   As I talked, the girls got more and more excited, until Katie pointed out that it wasn’t fair that I was the only one naked.   So they all stripped off their night clothes and we sat like a tribe of nudists in a little circle, trading stories about brother’s and dad’s penises we’d seen and whose was the biggest.      As the night went on, Katie started playing with herself again, trying to find the hole, and Emily offered to help.      “I found Miss Alice’s,” she said.   “It’s like, right. . . here. . .

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  ”    She scooted back behind the littler girl and reached around, tracing a line down her bare lips.   There was a moment of silence, and then Katie’s eyes got suddenly big.     “Oh wow!” Emily whispered, looking over at me.   “Hers is tiny!  Come feel it!”    And I blinked, shrugged, and crawled over, and there I was again, for the second night in a row, diddling 13-year-olds.   But as I looked into Katie’s wide-eyed, smiling face and pushed my middle finger into her, something clicked inside and I became the blind, horny self I had been the night before.      My finger penetrated her pink, soft canal and I kept pushing until I couldn’t put any more in.   I remember when I first fingered myself, when I was 13, but I was never like this.   This girl was unbelievably tight.   And I told her so.     “Is. . . ” she whispered between moaning breaths.   “Is that good?”    “Yeah,” I said with a giggle.   “The guys are gonna go crazy over you.


    I mean, the tighter you are, the better it feels for them.   And believe me, they will line up around the block to hit this. ”    “Can I feel her?” Cayla asked, but I kept my finger inside her.     “Just wait a minute.   There’s something I want to do first. ”    “What is it. . ?” Katie gasped.     “I’m gonna make you cum,” I said, grinning down at her pretty freckled face.   “That’s what I did yesterday, when you girls were fingering me.   It feels. . .   Well it feels better than anything you could ever imagine, just wait and see. ”    And everyone gathered around to watch as I slid my finger in and out of her.

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    I let my index finger slide up and down her slit as I did, rubbing her clit with each motion, and she started to push against me before long.     “Can you feel it?” I asked her.   “Is it coming?”    “I--” she stopped and drew in a sharp breath.   “I think-- something’s happening. ?!”    I grabbed her flat chest with my free hand and squeezed her tiny buds, rubbing them up and down as I fingered her faster and faster.   Suddenly, she grabbed onto my arm and let out a high moan, bucking her hips up into the air.     “Ah--!!” she manage to get out.   And then, “OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod!!”    I felt a rush of warmth on my hand, and with a final push, she collapsed down onto the tent floor, panting like a marathon runner.   Her little chest heaved in and out with each breath, stretching her cute circle of a belly button into an oval with every inhale.      The girls cooed around us and whispered to each other in excitement.   I felt like I was the one who had just cum, and I let myself collapse forward next to the prostrate Katie.   I put my arm around her and she rolled into me, burying her face in my chest.   Before long, the rest were calmed down enough to go to bed as well, and we all drifted off.
    At some time in the middle of the night, I was awoken by Cayla pushing on my shoulder.      “Miss Alice!  Miss Alice!” she was whispering.

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    “Katie’s gone!”    This woke me up.   I sat up and checked around our little tent: sure enough, Katie was missing.      “What happened??” I asked Cayla, suddenly panicked.   “Where’d she go??”    “Maybe she had to pee,” was the response.     I threw on my damp shirt and undies and stepped out of the tent.   The rain was lighter now, but still coming down.   Katie was nowhere to be seen.   I loudly whispered her name a few times, but there was still no reply.   It wasn’t until I checked around the bushed behind the boys’ tent that I heard something.   Something from inside the tent.   Something rhythmic.     Oh God, I thought, as I rushed around to the front flap.   What have I driven her to??    I ripped open the door and saw Katie’s face.   That was the first thing.   It was red and tear-stained, and it was pressed sideways against the floor near the doorway.

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    The second thing I saw was Tyler’s hands, holding her ass up off the floor, and then I saw his body slamming into her from behind, over and over and over.   Her tiny little butt was jiggling with each thrust, and at the rate he was going, it never stopped.   The other boys were sitting around watching and beating off, or just staring stupidly at me.      There were no words.   Nothing I could say would address my feelings at that moment.   Had I had a weapon, I don’t doubt I would have killed him.   But I had nothing, and I just watched dumbly as he shoved Katie down onto the tent floor and looked up at me.     “Hey baby,” he said sickeningly.   “You want a turn?”    I was about to kick the shit out of him when I noticed his member.   It was sticking straight out at me, hard as a rock, and reached all the way up to his belly button, which was a feat on his fat gut.   And it was wide, my God, I thought, as wide as my wrist!  There’s no way Katie could take that kind of penetration without a lot of pain in the process.   And then there was me.   Crouched over in my see-through panties and wet t-shirt, I suddenly felt very vulnerable.       I pulled Katie over to me, too shocked at everything I had just seen to have a real response, and checked her out.   Sure enough, she was bleeding pretty well and her thighs were all red from the beating.


    She clung to me like a baby, and I just pulled her back outside in silence.   Tyler grabbed his cock as I left and jerked it around a little.     “Come on, girl!  You know you want this!”    I said nothing, but turned to leave.     “You know you do!” he shouted after me.   “An’ I’m gonna give it to ya!  That was just a warm-up!”    The other boys hooted and howled as I carried Katie back.   She just looked up at me and said, “I’m sorry.   It was my idea. ”