Adventures at Camp Crazyshit Pt.4


Topic: Adventures at Camp Crazyshit, Pt. 4    “He what?!” Dana said, nearly choking on his breakfast.     “He raped her,” I repeated, whispering it close so no one would hear.   Katie was still at my side, clasping my hand like a kid who’d never see her mommy again.   Not many of the other campers were up yet, and fortunately Tyler the Rapist wasn’t one of them.      “You saw this?” Dana asked, dumbstruck.      “Yeah.   He waved the thing at me next, said it was gonna be my turn. ”    As he realized I wasn’t joking, a dark sort of expression descended over Dana’s usually calm face.   It was the kind of look righteous people get right before they turn evil, and even in the current situation, it kind of got my blood flowing.      He stomped over to the boys’ tent and silently flung the door open.   In 5 seconds, he was back out, dragging a howling Tyler by the arm toward the center of camp.   There he simply tossed him to the dirt and looked ready to put a hiking boot in his ass.     “What the hell’re you doin’?!” Tyler was yelling, causing every other kid to poke their heads out and watch.      “You know what this is for,” Dana said evenly.   “You’re gonna be with my group on the way back, understand?  And when we get there, you’re gone.

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  ”    Tyler got to his feet and started brushing himself off.     “Whatever, man.   Screw you!”    And suddenly Dana had him by the shirt, nearly lifting the chubby bastard off the ground.     “Listen to me!” he yelled in Tyler’s face.   “You WILL come with me.   You WILL obey.   And if you even think about fucking around, I WILL make sure you’re gone BEFORE we get back!  Do you understand?”    I was completely startled by the outburst, but not more than Tyler, who looked like he was about to piss his shorts.   Even Katie had slackened her vice grip on my hand.      Needless to say, the trip back was a different sort of thing altogether than the trip there.   The four remaining boys were on their best behavior, and even though it hurt Katie a little to walk, she soldiered on tirelessly.   My other girls were serious too; no doubt they had figured out what had happened.   It wasn’t all fun anymore.    And this was exactly what I was worried about from the beginning, when we all started messing around.   Sex can be dangerous.   Boys can be very dangerous, especially the ones with big dicks and bigger egos.

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    This was exactly why I didn’t want to teach my little thirteenies about the facts of life.   I mean, who the hell was I to teach them?  I was still a virgin after all.   What did I really know about it?    We got back around sunset, and apparently Tyler had already been shipped off.   The girls mostly kept to themselves at the evening shower, but it was quickly back to group time in bed.   We all huddled close as the rain pelted the cabin roof and for a while, just enjoyed each other’s company and protection in the dark silence.     “Did it hurt?” Cayla asked Katie finally.     Katie nodded.     “What did it feel like?” asked Emily.     Katie shrugged.     We sat in silence for a while more until one by the one the girls returned to their bunks or passed out on my bed.   I drifted off too eventually, cuddled up between Emily and Katie.   Emily pressed up against my back, snuggling her arm between my breasts, and I did the same to Katie, my hand protectively across her delicate chest.         I had a dream that night that I went to the doctor’s for an exam, and Dana was my doctor.   He took me to a small office room and made me undress, studying my body as it was slowly revealed from beneath my clothes.   He told me to lie down on my back on the examination table, and then locked the door.

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        When he came back into my view, he was stark naked, his fully functional dream member armed and ready for action.   I trembled at the thought of him inside me, but instead, he began feeling around between my thighs with his fingers.   They were warm and soft, like a girl’s almost, and I closed my eyes, spreading my legs a little to give him better access.      Instinctually I ran my hands over my stomach and up to my breasts, squeezing them and kneading them as he fingered me.   I felt a warmth wash slowly over me, and the room began to get fuzzy.   I blinked a couple times and realized I was awake, back in the cabin.      Disappointed but still turned on, I listened to the rain patter against the window nearby and tried to go back to sleep.   And then I felt him again.   His hand pulled down at the bottom of my panties and slid into me again, except this time I was definitely still awake.   Carefully, I lifted up the sheet and looked down in the dim glow of night lights and exit signs to see Katie, her head so close to my crotch I could feel her breath.   Her little hands were busy, one holding my panties down and the other stroking and penetrating me with a gentle hastiness.     She looked up as the covers moved, and our eyes met for a moment.   She pulled her fingers out of me slowly, paused, and then took my panties with both hands and pulled them down to my knees.   Without a word, I sat up a little and tugged off my tank top, sinking back to the bed completely naked and somehow utterly desperate for her touch.     Just as I had in my dream, I spread my legs a little, and Katie traced a path up my thighs to my clit.


    She stopped here and rubbed gentle circles, sending waves of shivers through my body.   Emily stirred behind me at this, but remained asleep.   In a moment Katie had filled me with three fingers from her other hand, and stroked them in and out as she rubbed my clit.     It was only moments befor my climax came knocking, and when I was about to cum, I reached down suddenly, grabbed Katie under the arms, and pulled her up on top of me, locking my lips with hers in a silent kiss.      Her body froze for a moment, then melted against me, relaxing into my chest and pushing her wet, bunched up panties against my needy clit.   She slid back and forth against me, nearly bringing my climax on again, but I kept it bay, pulling off her shirt and pressing her soft, warm body against mine.   I pushed her panties down a little, and she wriggled out of them, sliding back up so our slits met directly.      We were both hairless, and with our combined wetness, we slid easily back and forth, up and down.   I reached down and grabbed her pert little butt, pulling her legs apart and sliding her against me again and again.   My fingers reached around her small thighs and penetrated her, massaging her lips as they moved, and she took my breasts in her small hands, bending in to kiss them all over.      Her body began to quiver and her motions became stiff, and suddenly, she came.   Her fingers dug into my soft flesh and she pushed herself into me, her dripping wet cunt rubbing against mine so roughly that my own climax finally hit.   I grabbed at her strawberry hair and pulled her in again, pressing my tongue into her warm little mouth.      We kissed and pulled back, then kissed again and again for a long time, my idle hands tracing her young curves up and down from her delicate neck to her dimpled back.   Slowly, she kissed and licked her way down to my chest, where she grabbed handfulls of my boobs in both hands and sucked on my pink oreo nipples.

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        From time to time, I used what little strength I had to run my hands along her chest, stopping at her tiny breasts to tease and fondle them.   But soon, exhausted and satisfied, we both drifted off again into our dreams, her head on my breast and my arms around her.     When the lights flickered on the next morning, I awoke to find myself naked, uncovered, and supporting the supple body of a thirteen-year-old girl.   Not to mention the fact that Emily had shifted in the night too, and was now straddling my leg.      At the morning shower, we were almost back to normal.   Everybody was girly and giggly, the whole bathroom was staring at my Double Dees, and I felt in charge of myself again.   I noticed one of the youngers girls from another group ogling me especially, so I just walked up to her and asked if she would help wash me.   She was embarrassed but agreed, and spent a long time making sure my boobs were squeaky clean.      She bounced them and squeezed them and I shimmied and hopped up and down to her delight.      “Will I have boobs like that?” she asked me as I walked her over to introduce her to my girls.     “If you drink your milk,” I said.      The day’s activities went smoothly without Tyler to disrupt everything.   Even swimming went well; especially so when I saw Dana there.     “Hey,” he said cautiously as we watched our campers relay race across the pool.   “About yesterday.

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  . . ”    “Thank you,” I butted in.   “Don’t apologize, if you were going to.   Tyler needed someone to stand up to him.   And you rocked. ”  I laughed, fake-punching him in the stomach.   “I thought you were gonna knock him out!”    I kept my hand there for a second, feeling his tight belly and teasingly feeling my way south to his waistband.     “Well, uh,” he started, a little distracted, “I wanted to actually. . .   I mean, it’s unbelievable to think that a 13-year-old could do that!”    “Yeah,” I replied, turning back to the pool.   “It’s sick. ”    “But hey, about that thing. .

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  .   What we said when we were putting up the tent. . . ”    “Oh definitely,” I said with a smile.   “We’re still on. ”    “Cool. ”        As I walked back to the cabin that night, I felt like things were really on track.   I was showing the girls a positive version of sexplay, teaching them about the dangers of it, and even though one of them had beaten me to it, I felt like I was on course to experience the real thing.   But little did I know how just how soon that would be happening. . .
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