After party fun


I felt the alchohol swoosh around my stomach and carress my thoughts, as carol carried me home. She laid me on her bed and asked me "do you want me to get you some of my pj's sara?". i hazily said yea, that would be great. Soon she was back with a small siglet and some shorts. She watched me as i changed. Then after i dressed i got in to bed as she did too. I couldn't sleep and i don't think she could either, because i felt her hand on my stomach. it felt nice as she carressed my belly button. Her hand slowly went further down. i felt her feel my cunt and my juices started to soap through my undies. i moaned in appreciation. She said " do you like that?". i replied " fuck yes". she slowly moved around my body feeling my boobs, then she split my legs and started to lick me to another world. i shuttered with each lick. until i went into a frenzy of an orgasm.

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   "yessssss, fuck yessss" . i said thankyou and played with her tits for the rest of the night, i heard her moan and orgasm many times. I didn't lick her wet cunt out until the morning when i had enough energy.
I loved her smell. i hope i would do this some day again with her.
the end