Annie Ate Ashley


Annie's younger sister Ashley had stole her husband Mike.   Ashley and Mike were married just five days after their divorce.   Annie hadn't seen either of them in a year.   Annie had gained alot of weight and now weighed 155 lbs.   She had lost her job and just happened to be driving by Mike and Ashley's mobile home as Mike was leaving in the afternoon for work.   She decided to stop and have a talk with her younger sister.
Ashley met her at the door and invited her in.   Ashley still looked the same weighing 120 lbs. , long straight brown hair and a very dark tan for a white girl.   Annie was now fat with her scraggly dirty blond hair and white as a ghost.   I'm just here to tell little sis that my life has been hell since Mike left, Annie told her.   Mom told me that you're broke and all, Ashley said with an arrogant smile.   Out of the kindness of your heart could you do your big sister a great favor and loan me some cash Annie pleaded.    Sure I have some saved, follow me.
They went into the master bedroom and Ashley grabbed a shoebox from under her bed and opened it up to what she said was 7 grand in assorted bills.   Annie asked for $300 to which Ashley said was kind of alot.

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    As Ashley sat on the bed Annie fell to the floor at her feet literally begging for the money.   I want you to kiss my feet for me you fat bitch, Ashley ordered.   Will you give me the money if I do what you want?, Annie asked her little sister.    I'll tell you what. . . the clock is now 12:15.   If you do my bidding for one hour I'll give you $400.   Annie quickly agreed raised her little sisters leg and started laying kisses all over it.   That's it you ugly blond cow. . . you're my little bitch now aren't you? Ashley asked.   Annie moaned yes and put her sister's big toe in her mouth sucking it like giving a blow job.   Her eyes were staring at Ashley's crotch.

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    Ashley saw it and spread her legs while running a hand down to cup her box.    You like staring between my legs big sister? Ashley asked and Annie ran her tongue up the length of her little sisters foot.    So how does it feel to be ugly, fat and 40 now compared to me being sexy as ever and only 36?   Annie didn't say anything but looked over at the clock to see only 3 minutes had passed.    Get up and close the door and then I won't you right back here where you're at Ashley told Annie.
In a second she was back at her feet.   Kiss your way up my legs leg licker.   When we were young girls and you bullied me I always swore that I'd get revenge on you and today is the summit of it all.   I took your husband and now I have you.   Annie was at Ashley's knee now licking it it and kissing it.   You like my pretty tanned legs slut? Ashley questioned her.   Yes I do alot to which Ashley countered suck on them then and Annie did on the insides of her thighs again staring directly at her sisters crotch area for her to see.   Ashley reached down unbuttoned her tight shorts and then unzipped.   Annie stopped sucking and stared.    Take them off whore Ashley demanded raising her ass in the air.   Annie was then told to remove her red satin panties to which she promptly did.

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     Ashley stood up then and went across the room and sat in a low cushioned chair closer to the floor than her bed.
Annie crawled over to her as she threw each of her long tanned legs over each arm of the chair.   You gonna be a good big sister and lick my hot snatch?  Oh God yes I've wanted to do this for so long Annie moaned.   Ashley's vagina was a perfect triangle of dark black pubes all over it.   She had a real big clit and her mound was really the only thing even close to fat about her.   Mike came in me before he went to work so here's what I want you to do. . . put your hands behind your back and lay your head here on my thigh.   Annie did and then Ashley continued. . . tell me what you think about having your face between your little sister's legs?  I love it Ashley. . .

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  please let me suck it for you. . . I promise to make you feel real good.   Ashley wrapped her hand around Annie's hair and head and then guided it to her steaming cunt.   Yeah suck that hairy pussy of mine you little dyke. . . does my pussy taste good sister dear?  Annie moaned yes and then got deep enough in it where she was extracting her ex-husband Mike's cum.   Run your hot tongue all up and down my wet crack.   Oh yeah that feels so fucking good now let me stand up.
Ashley stood before Annie on her knees with her hands still folded behind her back.   Holding her big sisters head she fed her furry twat to Annie's hungry mouth.   Yeah bitch. .

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  . eat my hairy pussy good. . . just like that.   Ashley humped her beaver back and forth in her sister's mouth and then threw a leg up on a counter.   Oh I love seeing you munch on my muffin.    Suck that hot pussy good while I grind my wet hole all over your face.   Annie gasped for air and blurted out I want you to sit on my face.   
Little sister Ashley had Annie lay on the carpet on her back and then said give me your hands as she straddled her sisters neck region and pinned her big sisters arms above her head.   Now I'm gonna ride your face while you suck on my dripping cooche real good.   Yeah that's it. . . suck your sisters hot hairy pussy real good.

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  . . and I'm gonna absolutely drown your face in my cum.   You wanna drink all my hot pussy juice baby?  Annie moaned an audible yes to which Ashley started rolling her twat in circles on her face and then started humping up and down.   Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. . . this is it. . . chew on those pussy lips. . . that's it, that's it. .

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  . now suck on my clit real good. . . yeah! attack it!. . . I'm cumming, Oh I'm cumming. . . lick it all up and drink it you fat bitch!  Annie's mouth was wide and sucking deleriously on her fat clit.   A hot torrent of pussy nectars gushed into her mouth and then all over her face.   Ashley kept Annie's head in a vice with her legs for minutes as she came all over her face.   Then Ashley commanded Annie to follow her to the bathroom.
In the bathroom Annie was again on her knees as Ashley stood by the commode.

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    Ashley wiped alot of sweat and whatever else off the inside of her legs and then stuck her fingers in her gash and had Annie suck  her fingers clean.   Then Ashley spent said I have to pee and Annie begged please make me drink your hot piss.   Ashley had her lay down in the bathtub and squatted her hairy pussy over her face and told her suck my bushy pussy. . . here comes. . . yeah bitch drink all that piss. . . don't spill a drop.   That's right.   When we're done with this our oldest sister Irma is stopping by and your gonna give her some cunnilingus too.   Fuck what the clock says.

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