Another School, Another Teacher and The Other Girls Pt. 1


I changed schools again. The second time in the school year. My Aunt Claire and Uncle Jack did not mind since we moved and he now owned a security survailence company in South Alabama. I was still letting my breasts get sweled with milk since I had delivered and loved the attention of men and women. I signed up for classes and found that Ms. Grey was my gym teacher. She was stocky and not fat in any way. She was a 38DD (I found pater) and was really hard all over. She had retired from the Marines at the age of 40 and was now 42 and still in top shape. She was a power lifter and had been a D. I. in the service. I always picked gym last period of the day so I did not have to shower with the other girls since they always took to making fun of my short frame and huge (to them) tits.
At 38DDD and sometimes biger if I was full of milk, I was the envy of the girls that wished they had tits in high school and the boys found reason to stop and talk or bump into me. I showered alone as much as possible and Ms. Tonya Grey always locked after I left.

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   I saw her looking at me a lot and sometimes I caressed myself while I knew she watched. THere was a lesbian in our class named Joyce and I knew she and Tonya played ometimes after classes. They made enouigh noise from her office that told me orgasms were happening. Since my Uncle hada survalence business he had cameras of all types and I asked him for one to fit in my bag that I could blackmail Ms. Grey with. I set it all up and one day asked to see her after class with a "Problem. " She was there and I went in and put my bag so it could se us really well. I had worn some very thin strap bras for a couple days so they ut into my shoulders from the weight of my tits and that was the reason I was seeing her. I put some fake tears on and went in and she sat at her desk.
"What is it that is bothering you Teresa?" she said. I opened my blouse some to show her the straps cutting into my shoulders. "This is killing me, what can I do Ms. Grey?" MY blouse was unbuttoned some and my cleavage was showing. I had not expressed my milk so I was full and sensative. "Oh my Tersa, I see yur problem, you need different support Dear.

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  " she said walking around the desk behind me. Her hands went to massage my shoulders at the marks. I let her and even moaned some as she did. I managed to unbutton a couple more buttons. "Oh that feels great. " I moaned. "Does it really?" she said and was breathing deeper. My perfume was for her and I knew she liked it. I let my blouse fall off my shoulders. I leaned against her softly and moaned again. "Oh please keep rubbing them. " I said. She did and now my blouse fell to the floor fully unbuttoned
"My you do have a lot of breast for a girl yuor age Teresa. " she said. "Thank you" I said again.

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   "Do you think they are nice?" I said. "Well, I can't see them with this bra on. " she said still rubbing my shoulders. I stepped away and undid my bra and it fell to the floor and I turned to face her and cupped them in my hands and the milk sprayed out and hit her. "Well, are they nice?" I asked again. "Oh hell yes Baby, they are great. " "Well, if you like you can massage them or whatever you ma want to do. " I moaned again. She stepped to me and took them and began massaging them and milk was spraying and leaking all over her. Then she was on her knees in front of me sucking hem, first one then the other milking me like I enjoyed so much. "Do you like them Ms. Grey?" I said. "Oh hell yes Baby, they are beautiful. " I undid my skirt and it too fel to the floor and since there were no panties under them I was now naked. I spread my legs apart and her hand dove between them and into my soaking pussy.

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   I moved and sat on the couch she had there and laid back and spread my legs. "Eat me please Ms. Grey. " She stood and stripped and said, "Call me Tonya. " "Okay Tonya, now will you eat me?" He rface was in my pussy and I was soon squirting all over her face. Soon we were kissing and in a wonderful 69 on the couch, all in view of the camera. Soon I got up and went to her desk and pulled out her big dildo I had seen her use on her girlfriend. I brought it over and told her to use it on me. "How did you know that was there" she said. "You think I seduced you by accident? I have planned this for a month. Now use it. " She began again and I kept telling her how to do it to me the way I liked.
After an hour or so I laid there with her kissing me all over. We got up and dressed and she was about to tell me when to come to her office again. "Sorry but no.

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  " I told her. "What do you mean no. " she looked at me thinking she was in charge. "Well, my Dear," I said leaning so she could see my tits again since I had no bra on now. "You are my slave, I am not yours. " "Maybe you forget who the teacher is. " "No Dear" I said, "Maybe you forget who had video of us doing all that we just did for the last couple hours. " she looked at me now wondering what was going on. I pulled the camera out and showed it to her and showed her the trasmitter. "My Uncle has been recording everything from the van out there. " I pointed to the van outside the yard a little ways away. "I will have a copy for you tomorrow if you want to be sure I am serious. " She was now ready to explode, "So what does the little bitch want?" she said. I put my arms around her neck and kissed her deep. "Just you any time I what to have you.

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  " "That is it?" "That is all. "  I told her and went to the door, "Well, maybe more, but nothing yu will not want to do for me. "
THe next day I gave her the tape and she disappeared to her office. Later she came out and asked to see me. "Yes, what is it? I said closing the door again. "Anything you want is the deal. " "Good. " I moaned, "My tits are full again. " and took off my blouse. "Suck them again. " she did and I had an orgasm again. I dressed again and kissed her knowing she was hot now. I will be back later for more. Oh yes, have Joyce here this time, both of you naked and ready to take care of me. " I kissed her again and left.

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   After classes I saw Joyce walking to the gym and gave her time to get there and them to get naked. As I walked in they were standing there naked. "Hello girls, shall we get started?" and I undressed and spread out on the couch.
It was nice having my own 2 lesbians that were always there for anything I wanted. I was also protected from the taunts of the "flats" as I called the titless girls that hated me in school. Lots more happened and this is just part one. More later.