finding the love of another woman part 2


I woke in bed with Anne some how I had good feelings no guilt or any thing it was more a happy feeling I need a pee so I slipped out of bed and went to the toilet completely naked some thing I had never done in my life with some one in the room that may look at me
As I came back I could see Anne was waking up as I got under the novae she looked at me with a smile morning
darling she said I leaned over and kissed her as I did my hand was on a large soft breast I lay beside her with out taken it off but massaged it gentle playing with her nipple
It seemed so natural her body was warmbefore this I had never thought about being a lesbianor even being attracted to another woman
I knew then Anne must be gay it all made scenehad she planed it or did jest happen I am suer she put some thought into what happened thinking about it I am glad she did really she never raped me I was a willing partner
It was the first time I had ever had ant one make me climax or help me to cum I had only ever had any thing to do with boys and I been so self conscious about my pussy and its size and shape I never let them touch it or go near
it thinking I was some sore of freak but last night Anne had done the most interment thing to me any one could ever do and to my surprise I had returned the fever and loved doing it
Then I felt a hand drift down my tummy as it got lower my legs seemed to part a little by them selfs the fingers played in my pubic hair till they found that large bulge at the start of my Virgin I court my breath as the fingers hooked over the top of where my clitoris layunder its hood
I stiffened Anne scened thisand wisped relax daring mummy will look after you as she moved on to her side more and lifted a little over me her big tits spreed over mine feeling warm her hand was right over my clit area my legs parted more she had the top half of my pussy cupped in her hand now my clitoris had a minded of its own it seemed
to push out into the pram of her hand she had both lips where between her fingers closing and opening them my flaps where over the fingers at the ends she pinched them like that for a moment or two my legs where fully open now she drew the fingers back slowly mt lips rolled back as the fingersreleased them and opened like flower
My clitoris must of been well over a inch long by now and swelling I gasped
Anne pushed the covers off me and lay over my tummy looking down she gentle pulled on my clit it must of been at its full size I moaned my tummy was getting tight inside her fingers started playing with it pulling it she was using a wanking movement as she pulled it back it seemed to be tight at the endshe repeated this loads of times getting faster as she did it I leaned to my left with my arm our she lifted a leg and bent it at kneeso her crouch was open foe me my finger found her slit and pushed in she was socking wet I fingered her she said harder more fingers I had four in her and could hear a sloppy sound go on harder she shouted keep going
Her movementon my clitoris was much harder and faster a huge climax was building inside me I started to shack and gaspit got digger and digger I had jammed almost my hole hand in hershe was almost screaming
Anne pumped me I could feel a dribble run out my slit I jerked a few times I arched and screamed the climax was huge I could feel hot wet drops on my thighs my hole body spasmed and shook it all went wet between my legs
I was gasping my hand in Anne was coved in a sticky wetness I had after shocks I was twitching and shaking my hips jolted and jerked a few times
Anne rolled off me kissed me and said you really are fabulous I have never seen any one squirt that much before
there was a warm wet patch under my bum the hole room smelt of sex I was still panting
We lay together a long time cuddling and talking Anne got up and went to the bathroom she ran a bath and called me in I needed a pee I told her she lifted the seat up and gilded me over the bowl standing my knees bent a little
she leaned round me pulling my pussy lits open I let a golden stream go into the blow when I had done she wiped me and we got in the bath together she washed me then dried me and gave me dressing gown to wear
We spent the day chatting hugging and kissing like two school girls I think I had falling in love
In the evening she got me a meal and lots of wine we where like a newly marred couple couldn't get a nuffof each other it turned outAnne is lesbian but also she has a bisexualto her as well her true love is for other women she enjoys a more dutch manly roll and likes the lead
I was so relaxed with her I did feel very safe with her I was laying with my head on her lap she opened my dressing gown she parted my legs looking down at me she told me I such a lucky girl you are really beautiful down there
That really did make me feel good I had told her how I hated how it looked and how self consciousI was about itthat is my first time I have ever deed relaxed about letting any one look at me
She opened her top and lifted out one breast and lowered it to me saying suck this for mummy she feed it into my mouth I sucked on the nipple for ages as she pulled very hard on the other one her self and played with my crouch with the other hand she looked down and said I need to bed you right now
We went into the bedroom I lay on the bed she went to a chest of drawers and opened a drawer which was full of sex toys she took out a very large strap-on and two dildos and put them on the table by the bed
She lay beside me we kissed she seemed very aroused this time and I could see she wanted to take all the lead she was not quite as gentle this time she went down on till I came she swung her self round till she was over my head her pussy came down on my face her face was back between my legs she was running with juice it was all over my face I loved it we both climaxed
She reached out and got a dilod I had to stop her I told her I was a vegan she look and said your kidding
NO I said my god your never been penetrated I said no never she got off and came back with a lot smaller vibrator she kissed me and said darling I will be very gentle she parted my legs I took a very deep breath it buzzed then it touched my pussy I feel it vibrate she moved it all over my pussy I gasped at the feeling it gave me
I watched as she lifted it and pointed itmore down she found my opening the end went inside I gasped the buzzing got duller as it moved into me the feeling was wonderful I was panting it felt tighter now and seemed to stop Anne looked into my face and said I love you as she said that she pushed I felt a sharp pain and flinchedthe thing when rightall the way in me the feeling was magic wonderful I had my eyes closed she moved in and out slowly I soon got that nice feeling I was about to cum and I did but this a first it came from deep inside me it touched some thing that made my climax deep in there
We spent a long time holding each other after that and kissing she rolled me over and pick up the strap on and put it on it lookedhuge like a man but a lot digger it was very fat as well as bing long I must of looked scared Anne looked at me smiling and said don't worry I make you a real woman I reached out and touched itit seemed
soft and warm but very stiff
I was on my back she moved between my legs lifted them so they bent at the knee my thighs where open she felt my pussy and said yes your ready it very wet she came closer pulled a pillow down and put it under my backside lifting me up she pushed the enddown moving up and down my slit my clit was swelling she had her thumb near the end as she pushed I gasped my hole held it not given way then it was forced open and the end went in me stretching me I cried out it was sinking into me forcing me apart it started to get uncomfortable
not heart she moved very slowly going deeper all the time stretching me it seemed to come to a stop
Anne moved it back then with a couple of short sharp pushes it heart then it moved in medeeper every nerve in my pussy was on fire I cried out Jesus my god she was laying on top of me I was impaled on her latex cock
it was so tight I thought it never move again she kissed me her body lifted it did feel as if some part of me was being pulled from inside me she came back quite a way before it ripped deep into me again the feeling was incredible she repeated this a few time it got easershe soon pick up some speed her hips trusted faster
I was panting and gasping I never felt any thing like this before some how my legs had got in the air as far apart as they would go the bed was dousing and danging on the wall Anne was coved in sweat as she humped me like a man I was screaming she was gasping she grated my legs and pushed then on to my chest almost as she shagged me as hard as she could I had orgasm one after the other I was buckingand lifting and arching under heras she road me she jest couldn't keep it up she flopped on top of me panting we where still joined

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