friends to the end


Topic: friends to the endThis all started a few years back and after a great realationship gone bad. My best friend lisa was always there for me no matter what whenever I needed her. This particular night I was really hurt and confused and just like I expected lisa was there. My fiancee and I broke up and this time it was for good. Being extremely upset and crying uncontrollably I ended up having a few drinks with my friend. After the third or fourth long island iced tea I couldn't remember who ted (my ex) was. Suddenly I found myself staring at my bf of 17 years and omg was she beautiful! Lisa is an absolutely stunning young lady 5 foot 7 inches 36D tits with nipples as long and wide as one of those detachable erasers maybe even larger. She has perfectly curved hips and an ass as plump and round as the moon. No lie she's drop dead sexy. But tonite was strange to me, I always knew she was beautiful but I've never looked at her this deeply and she was really turning me on. I have never had feelings like this about a woman until now but they are almost stronger than wanting a guy. After about 3 minutes of staring and pussy pulsating I think lisa caught me staring at her. She leaned forward and put her heavenly arms around me to ask what's wrong? "Lisa, do you know that I love you?" I asked. "Girl I love you too!" she responded. As she leaned back from our embrace the thin strap from her dress fell down off her shoulder and she caught it. "Sorry" she spoke quickly.

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   "Its okay lis" I told her. We sat there awkwardly then I cut in "will you stay tonite please, I can't be alone. " I asked hoping she'd say yes. "Well. . . if u need me. . . . I'll do anything for u Sheila, I'm here for you. " She said. That was music to my ears. We finished our last drink in silence. I went to my room and took a cold shower which by the way didn't help, my pussy was still on fire.

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   I slipped into a tshirt minus the underclothes and went to peek in on lisa. She was in the guest room fresh from the shower drying herself. I was startled when she kissed me deep on the mouth. That's when I snapped back to reality and noticed that apparently she had caught me rubbing my now soaking wet cunt. "This is what you want isn't it?" she asked me. "Yes baby" I replied barely. We went into the room and familiarized ourselves with each others body. "Sheila I've waited for this for so long" she whispered. "Let me make you feel better. " She offered. I lay back on the bed and offered my friend my body. She slipped the shirt over my head and like an animal she hungrily began groping and pinching and twisting my nipples before taking them into her mouth. I begged her to suck them harder. While she was enjoying my tits I began pulling on those huge sensitive nipples of hers. " oh yea baby" she moaned "twist my nipples!" and I did what she asked of me nearly driving her to cum.

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   The sexual tension was climbing. I motioned for her to get up and I sat up with her standing in front of me and immediately began teasing and licking her beautiful tits. She moaned. I was about to have the best night of my life and didn't even know it. I took my free hand and traced my way down into her paradise only to find she was beyond wet and her clit was bigger than her nipples. As I stroked her perfectly shaved pussy she began to thrust her hips forward, I knew she was close to cumming now but I couldn't let it happen like this. I had to taste her. I took one last long pull on her tit before planting my mouth on her sweet juicy pussy. She immediately began screaming my name and pulling my face deeper into her. " u like that lisa? Do u like the way I suck your pussy? Cum for me baby" I told her. "Cum all in my mouth baby, I wanna taste you. " I demanded. "Fuck yea. . suck my clit.

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  . eat my pussy, I love your hot wet tongue inside me baby. . . oh god im gonna cum!" she screamed right before she tensed and came all over my face. That still didn't calm my attack on her pussy. Instead I gripped that big round ass of hers and pulled her pussy into my face so there was no way that clit could escape me and I continued licking and sucking and teasing her clit, varying my speed and direction and within seconds she came to a more powerful orgasm than before. This time she was twisting her own nipples and grinding that soaking wet pussy on my tongue until she squirted all over me. We lay there until we fell asleep but about an hour or so we woke up and did it all over again. She ate my pussy, I ate her pussy, so on and so forth. We took turns cumming all over each other until 545am! Needless to say my ex and I never got back together and my best friend is now my live in lover and we eat each other before and after every meal. . . . .

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  . . the end(for now).
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