High Experiences


* Ally *
Mindy opened the door, after I knocked three times, her face lighting up with a mischevious smile, as she saw the large plastic bag in my hand.
She smiled, placing a finger to her lips to make sure I stayed quiet, motioning towards the stairs, indicating that her little sister was still home.
I nodded, before we crept upstairs and sprinted to her room, all the way at the end of the hall, many rooms away from her sister's room.
Everything was all set up, her window propped open, and incense candles already lit and smoking.
~ Perfect, ~ I thought, to myself, before dumping the contents of my bag onto the bed.
A month's worth of weed fell across her bed, already rolled into cigarettes, all scattering over her bed.
There were atleast sixty two of them, since I had already used eight in the past two weeks since I had gotten them.
She smirked, before pulling a lighter out from her underwear drawer, wrapped up in a pair of skimpy lingerie that she always wore, for her ' just in case ' moments.
I smirked back, before locking her door and grabbing a cigarette, before lighting it up and propping myself out her window, glad that her window faced the trees surrounding her back yard, with no nosy nieghbors around to catch us.
I began to inhale, deeply, on the cigarette and in no time, I was smashing the end on her metal window frame and flicking it onto her roof, where it would blow away and remain unfound by her parents.
She sat next to me, handing me another as she puffed two at the same time, giggling silently as the cigarettes began to take affect and begin to make her high.
I giggled too, as I finished the second and went for a third.
She grabbed two more, before we had become pretty high and her sister knocked on her door, whining for some lunch.
We giggled, before smashing the cigareete ends and flicking them onto the roof, before quickly hiding everything in her lingerie drawer where noone in her family ever wanted to search through, afraid of what they might find.
We left her room, and went our separate ways, with me going over to her couch and laying down as I flicked on the tv, while she went to the kitchen to make her sister something to eat.
After a few minutes, she came back over to lay on the couch with me, plopping her feet on top of my, so that they laid just above the crotch of my skirt.

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After a minute of channel surfing, we came to a channel that held a movie that was starting to become very sexual.
We left it on the channel, knowing her sister didnt care about what happened in the movies we watched and that it would take her a while before she finished eating.
As the movie grew more intense, I felt something begin to slink down the front of my skirt, feeling the tug of the fabric, before feeling it go away and the fabric being replaced to it's original spot.
My attention went back to the movie when I realized Mindy was just moving her foot.
After a few moments, the movie went on commercial and I turned over, laying on my back, with one of my feet fflailing off the edge of the couch, while the other rested on the back of the couch, allowing Mindy's feet to be on the couch, since it was her couch.
I closed my eyes, and sighed, before I felt something rubbing up against my panties.
First soft, then getting harder and more arousing with each rub.
I looked down and saw Mindy's toe rubbing on my panties just over my pussy.
I moaned, lightly, but knew she heard it, when her toe began to go faster, and more moans were coming from me, as I felt myself grow wet.
" Mindy, can I have the tv now? "
Mindy's sister Clair whined, as she came from the kitchen after finishing her food.
Mindy's foot went back to where it was and I sat up, looking at Clair, who stood in the living room door, and I was thankful that the back of the couch was facing her.
I smiled, a goofy grin, and giggled.
" Come on, Min, let's give her the tv and go up and listen to some music or something. "
I said, putting emphasis on ' something '.
She looked at me, that high mischevious grin returning, before nodding and turning the tv to something her sister would like.

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We got up and went to Mindy's room.
I went to Mindy's drawer to retrieve the weed cigarettes, but Mindy stopped me.
" Hey, how about we sleep this high off, before starting a new one? "
She asked, and I shrugged before plopping down on her bed and snuggling beneath the blankets, before she joined me, snuggling up to me and draping her arm across my chest.
I didnt think anything of it, due to the hieght of my high so I just closed my eyes and waited for sleep.
I felt her hand begin to rub my stomach, before I felt her mouth by my ear.
" Place my hand ANYWHERE, on your body. "
She whispered, and I didnt respond, thinking she was joking in her high.
Obviously she wasnt, when after a few moments, her hand began to rub it's way down to my skirt, sliding beneath the elastic and beginning to pull it down, before her hand rested on my panties, just above my wet pussy.
I was getting really turned on now, but I didnt do anything, pretending to be asleep, wanting to know just how far she would go.
Her hand began rubbing my pussy, slowly at first, getting faster and faster each time, before I felt one of her fingers push it's way into my pussy lips through my panties, before she began to rub my clit hard and fast.
I held back my moan and prepared for an orgasm, but Mindy stopped there.
Instead, she removed her arm from me and brought it back to the top of the blankets, lifting the blanket above her head, before I felt her body move down towards the end of the bed, and in a moment, I felt her lips kissing my thighs, just below my pussy lips.
Her hands were busy removing my skirt from my legs, and begining to pull down my wet panties, as she removed her mouth for a moment and slid them off, before she placed a gentle kiss on my pussy lips.
A moan escaped my lips, and in moments, she was sucking on my lips, as she let her tongue slip through them, before finding my clit and beginning to lick it, acting as if she were frenching someone.
More moans escaped my mouth and I felt even closer to my orgasm before she pulled away and whipped the blanket from over top of us, her eyes glistening with mishief as she looked up at me, smirking.

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As she watched me, she lowered her mouth back down to my pussy, but she didnt touch it, just let her mouth hover inches above it.
" You want it? "
She breathed, sending chills through my spine as her breath hit my pussy.
" Y-yes! Oh, please, Mindy, give it to me! "
I pleaded, softly, before she smirked and plunged her head between my legs, pulling my lips out of her way with her fingers, to allow her mouth better access to my clit and inner pussy.
I moaned out in pleasure, and felt my orgasm begin to start as my body clenched and quivered, before I felt my cum shoot from my pussy and into her mouth, but her tongue still moved expertly over my clit and I felt myself preparing for another orgasm.
She moved her head closer in my pussy and I felt her teeth clamp down on my clit for only a moment, before I was shooting cum into her mouth again, moaning very loud.
I could here the tv downstairs, knowing that her sister wouldnt be able to hear us, and was thankful that Mindy lived by herself and only babysat her sister when her parents went away on business trips.
As Mindy went to continue nibbling my clit, her doorbell rang, before I heard Clair yell,
" Mom and Dad are here! "
Mindy sat up, quickly, muttering,
" Shit! Stay here, I'll be right back. Stay quiet. "
With that, she bolted from the room, wiping her mouth as she left and went downstairs to see her sister off.
I laid back, panting softly, feeling my body begin to relax as the orgasm faded away and my pussy leaked the little bits of cum Mindy didnt have a chance to get.
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