High School For Sluts Ch. 2


Chapter 1 left off with Britanny and Racheal together in Racheals bedroom. Now, its the first weekend of the school year. Racheals throwing a big sleep over party, and, you guessed it, her parents aren't going to be at home.
Other then the two girls, Amy, a tall, brunette with decent breasts and a great ass will be joining them. The Goldberg Sisters, Ann and Linda, will be there. They are identical twins, both blonde, both gorgeous.
When all the girls arrive, they take turns changing and showering, so that they can be comfortable for the all nighter they have planned.
The Goldberg come out of the bathroom wearing identical pairs of black silk thongs and matching bras. Amy comes out wearing a tight fitting pink top and short pink shorts. Brittany comes out wearing a skin colored thong, and a tight white t-shirt.
Finally, Racheal comes out. She is wearing nothing but a 10 inch strapon dildo. She says "grab Brittany girls, we're inducting her right now. "
Ann and linda each grab one of Brittany's arms, as Amy spreads Britanny's legs, and rips off her bottoms. Then Racheal moves in between her legs, and slowly pushes the dildo into her.
Britanny screams in pleasure.

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   "Oh god, fuck me with your fucking huge cock. Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me harder!!" she screams
Racheal starts pumping her strap-on like wild person, fucking her like no other. Before long, Brittany had her first orgasm. Racheal just kept going.
Brittany had 5 orgasms before Racheal finally stopped. When she did. Amy got in between Brattany's legs, and started slowly lapping up her juices. Meanwhile, Ann and linda started sucking on Racheals cock, until they finally took it off, and sucked Racheal off for a iant, mind blowing orgasm.
~~~This is just the beginning of the fun guys. I want you guys to.