jamie and silas


I watched her from across the room flirting with the cute blonde at the bar. Jamie and I had been friends since high school. she was the girl all the guys drooled over and all the girls wanted to be. She was 5’8” tan, had legs that went of forever but ended in the perfect round ass. She was thin and had perfect 36 C breasts. She was a cross between Jessica beil and lena hadely. Perfect waves of honey brown hair flowed around her shoulders.

                I watches as all the guys in the bar stared at her ass as she leaned over the bar to watch what the bartender was doing. Jamie knew what she was doing and she loved it. her jeans were skin tight and her shirt, well I don’t know if you could call it a shirt, it didn’t cover much came down just below her breasts.   All eyes were on jamie and she was in heaven she would tease every person in this bar but wouldn’t give anyone more than a few moments before she lost interest.

                Jamie was openly gay, she would flirt with the guys to get free drinks and then hit on their girlfriends because that’s what she was after. I was gay too, I guess I should take a moment and explain myself right. Im silas, I know lame name for a girl. But im 5’10” thin with 32 C cup breasts they were proportionate to my build and I liked them enough.

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   I got hit on a lot by guys because they thought I looked a lot like scarlet Johansson but I don’t think I look anything like her.   I have grey eyes, and pouty full lips and I have freckles because im Irish. But im also blonde.

                jamie and I were both single and looking to find some hot girls to take home and have some fun but it seemed like every girl in this bar was straight. Which meant we were out of luck. When jamie came back to our table she sat right next to me instead of across from me like she normally did. She set a beer infront of me and huffed. “sigh, this place is a dud. There are normally some really hot girls looking for some really hot girls here. ” Jamie sighed and handed me a beer. “wanna try somewhere else?” I asked looking at her and she shrugged. “not really. That means we have to get someone to drive. ” She huffed. “true.

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  ” I sighed and scanned the crowd looking for any girl who might be interested.

                “this sucks silas. im so fucking horny and I want some action. ” Jamie sighed and I just laughed. Drunkenly we had hooked up a few times but it never past kissing. And I didn’t like that. I loved jamies body and always wondered what it would be like to have her in my arms. Being able to have my way with her. “go hit on some straight girl. They might be into it. ” I shrugged and jamie put her hand on my thigh and I smiled. “what’s the smile for?” she asked and I just shrugged. “nothing. ” I laughed and went back to my beer. “what do you like this?” jamie asked moving her hand up my thigh and tired not to react by I was hopeless.

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   I could feel the heat building.

                “do you like me?” jamie asked moving her hand and just looking at me. “and if I said yes?” I laughed trying to be casual about it.

“kiss me?” jamie laughed and leaned in and her lips met mine and I kissed her back letting my tongue explore the inside of her mouth. Almost  forgetting we were in a crowded bar. “jamie. ” I pulled away and sucked on my bottom lip. “come back to my place. ” Jamie got out of the booth and took my hand dragging me with her out of the bar.

                “jamie. ” I sighed and she pushed me up against the wall outside. “shut up. ” she laughed and kissed me again. This time deeper. It was almost instinct for me to run my hand up her side feeling the warm soft skin under my fingertips.

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   I may my way to her breast and she laughed. “why did you let me come out tonight if you had this in mind?” she asked pulling me back towards her apartment that was behind the bar. “I didn’t have anything in mind. ” I laughed and pushed her up against her door when we got to her apartment kissing her again. The second her lips met mine my pussy went wild and begged for attention.

                “let me get the door open. ” She laughed and I pulled away only to undo the button on her jeans. “door. ” Jamie laughed and fumbled with her keys trying to ge the door open. “hurry up. ” I laughed and ran my hands along her bare waist. Wanting her out of her jeans and shirt. So I could take all of her beauty in. I wanted to eat her out and fuck her. I was sober but I was drunk on jamie.

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   On her kiss her smell the feel of her skin and I had only just started. “finally. ” Jamie laughed and kicked the door open and pulled me inside pulling off my shirt. I kicked the door closed and forced her back into the wall working my hand between her waistband and her skin. Feeling her bare pubic mound and the heat radiating from her pussy.

                “sigh. ” She breathed and I worked her clit with one hand while I tried desperately to get her out of her shirt with the other. “here. ” She pulled off her shirt and I smiled. “bra. ” I laughed and kissed along her neck and shoulder watching goose bumps form in my wake. Feeling her pulse quicken as I kissed up her neck. “oh god. ” She moaned and I kissed her hard working her right breast while I worked her clit and her lips. I left a trial of kisses along her shoulder and neck as I made my way to her nipple wanting to feel the stiff little bug in my mouth.

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   I wanted to roll it around on my tongue. I forced my hand further into her pants and smiled. “you were waiting for this right. You cant be this wet this fast. ” I smiled and she covered my mouth. “shut up keep working. ” She laughed and I inserted two fingers into her pussy.

                “oh my god. ” She moaned again and I smiled. “I like the way that sounds. ” I smiled and went back to working on her nipples taking each one in my mouth and biting down softly felling then harden even more. “im going to fall over we need to get to my bed. ” jamie laughed and I moved my hand from her pants and she took my fingers and put them in her mouth and smiled. “follow me. ” she laughed and lead me to her room.

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   I pulled her back to me and kissed her again wanting to taste her juices. Hoping I would find that taste in her mouth. “I want your jeans off. ” I laughed and tugged at her waist band and she squired out the skin tight denim. I watched her ass as she did. Wanting her so bad. Not even caring that my own pussy was begging for attention. I pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs.

                I loved the fact that she didn’t wear underwear. It was one less article of clothing I had to take off. “no. ” jamie closed her legs and looked at me. “get naked bitch. ” She watched me and I smiled and did as she said and got naked.  Jamie looked me over and I spread her legs again.

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   I wanted to taste her to hear her moan. I took in the magical sight of her pussy for a moment then I dove in. licking from top to bottom and back up. she took a sharp breath and I smiled and took her erect clit into my mouth and suck. “fucking eh. That’s amazing. ” She laughed and I smiled. she tasted amazing. Better than I could have thaught. I smiled and stuck two fingers back in her. Finger fucking her as I ate her out. “oh my god. Oh my god. ” Jamie moans taking a fist full of my hair and pushing my head deeper into her pussy.


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   Please fuck me harder. ” She breathed and I curled my fingers looking for her G spot as I pounded in and out of her. Her was moaning loader until she was scream out my name. “silas. on my god silas. ” she screamed and I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers and her hips bucked and her pussy was shoved back to my mouth. I removed my fingers and lapped up all of her juices. Once I felt like I got then all I went back to working on her clip. Feeling her inhale. “stop. ” She laughed and rolled away from me.

                “why?” I asked trying to pull her back to me. wanting her pussy back at my mouth. I wanted that smell that taste. “I can’t take it.

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   one orgasm and im that sensitive. ” Jamie laughed and brought me back to her lips. Tasting her own sweetness. I let my tongue dance with hers until she pulled away. “I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner. ” She laughed and pinched each of my nipples. “hey. ” I swatted her hand away and she smiled. “shh. ” She smiled and bent down and took each on into her mouth sucking softly then running it between her teeth. It felt amazing. I felt her hand work its way lower finding my pussy. “you said I was wet” she smiled and started fingering me. I was lost in that moment the feeling of her fingers finding my G stop instantly.

                “you smell so good.


  ” Jamie breathed and I felt her lips latch onto my clit. I moaned and gripped handfuls of her bed sheets. “jamie. Oh yeah. ” I moaned and she worked faster and hard on my wet hole. I want you to cum for me baby. ” Jamie looked at me and worked her fingers faster. I could feel the orgasm building in me. starting my chest and working it was way all the way threw my body until it released in my pussy.  “im” I moaned. ” On my god im cumming. Jamie baby. I fucking cumming. ” I almost creamed as a power full orgasm took over and jamie fucked me faster and took my clit back into her mouth. I wanted to pull away but I couldn’t I could feel the second orgasm building in me.

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   I wanted to save it to keep it but jamie held me in place and it ripped threw me. “oh my god. ” I screamed and felt the third one start to build. Jamie worked my clit with a furry and I never wanted her to stop.

                “jamie on my god don’t stop keep go baby please keep going. ”  I gripped the back of her head with one hand and rolled my nipple between my fingers with my other. “oh my god. Oh my god. Ohhhhh myyyy godddddd. ” I screamed and felt the forth orgasm rip threw me and started moving my hips with jamies rythem. She removed her fingers and I sighed. “did you like that?” jamie asked licking her lips. “shut the fuck up. ” I pulled her up to me and kissed her wanting to taste my juices. That was the most amazing thing I had ever felt.

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   “rest up. because im not done with you. ” jamie smiled and sucked on her fingers. “I cant wait for whats next if that’s not the whole thing. ” I smiled and tried to work my hand back to her pussy. “not yet. ” Jamie laughed and kissed me again.


                This is my first story. Feedback would be greatly appreciated dinkonit@gmail. com . More may be to come.


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