Job Interviews


I was 18 and finally graduated and took a little time off. I was still living with Aunt Claire and Uncle Jack but he was away on business a lot so it was mainly just she and I most of the time at the house unless we invited friends over and that happened about once every two weeks at least.
I decided that I needed a job for a while so that I had some extra money when college began. This was the first time I began and so, at the age of 18 I was job hunting. There was an add in the paper that Aunt Claire saw one day and she said I should give it a try. It was an office respetionist and it was for a small company in the Mobile and since we lived in Bay Minette it was not really that far away. I called for an appointment and was given one for 11 the next day. Claire and I went shopping for an outfit for he interview. We found a nice kind of black business type suit. A black skirt and white blouse and black jacket with medium heels. I hate high ones, they really have always killed my legs. I wore a white "factory strength" bra and some panties that were not thongs. I got everything on the next morning and she looked me over and said, "Hun, there is now way to hide that lovely chest of yours but do your best to impress them. " She kissed me and I was out the door.
The ride was nice and I got there in time to find a good parking place in the small parking lot that was shared with a lounge next door. "Great lunch times" I thought to myself.

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   I walked in and a woman in the receptionists office took my name and asked me to have a seat. I had given her my application after about 15 min of filling it out and so I waited. She kept looking at me and smiling. After a half hour a woman came in, tall, and very nicely built. She must have been 5'10" without her heels that put her well over 6 feet. She stopped and took messages and the receptionist gave her my application. She stood there and glanced through it and said, "Good to meet you Teresa, come one back if you will please. Just let me get settled and I will be right with you. " she said. "I am Helen and I am both the owner and the CEO of everything around here. " she said as she left and I seated in a low sitting chair that she had directed me to across from a huge desk with the usual office stuff on it. There was a strange sculpture on it made of a deep red wood that was difficult to see what it was but it attracted my attention right away.
I was looking towards it and Helen came in and walked over to me and leaned down to shake my hand as I began to get up she said, "That is okay, don't bother, you are fine right there. " She walked around her desk and said, "I have got to get these shoes off. " and as she did she gave a sigh of relief. 

   "Now, I see you have word processing and spreadsheet experience and you are comfortable around people and can do a lot of the regular office work, is that right?" "Yes Mame," I began and she said, "Oh, please call me Helen, I am very informal. " "Okay Helen, yes, I am good at all those things and I am very comfortable meeting people. " I said. She got up and came around the desk and leaned against it and crossed her arms. "Well, Teresa, I must be honest with you, the young lady at the desk has just been hired. " she said and looked at me.
She looked at me and said, "Teresa, do you like to travel?" "Well, yes, I do. " I told her. "How about staying extended weeks out on trips and some out of country? Can you get a passport?" she asked me. "Yes, I love to travel and out of country is not a problem, I am sure I can get a passport. " I told her. She slipped off her business jacket and draped it over the back of her chair. "Stand up Dear. " she said and I did just that, even with the problem of having sank into the deep chair. She watched me closley.

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   "Walk up and down some for me. " she said and I did and asked her, "Am I going to be a model?" and I laughed. She laughed too, "Well, no, not a model but maybe a traveling companion, you know a "girl friday" sort of thing. Would you mind a job like that for at least a year?" she said. I was still walking back and forth and she said to stop and take off the jacket. I did and one of the button came off as I did and landed on the floor. It was the one that is in the middle of the blouse and so the bra was now exposed. "Opps," I said and now turned red. "Things like that happen to me all time especially at the worst time. " I said. "Well, I think it was at a very good time. " she said smiling and walked to the love seat type couch next to the chair. "Can you give shoulder and back rubs?" she said turning mher back towards me as she sat down. "Yes, I think I am very good at that, My Aunt Claire taught me how. " She offered me her back and I began massaging her shoulders that were very strong.

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   Her head leaned forward and she said, moving her hair, "Do the neck. " and so I did. "Oh yes, that is nice, very nice. " she said.
"Well, at least I see you do not mind close contact. " she said after a half hour of massaging. My foreames were tight from the massaging and she saw that and took one at a time and was massaging them all the time talking and looking at my eyes. My hair was mid back length at that time and she said, "do you mind if I do your shoulders and let your hair down?" "No, not if this is part of the interview" I laughed. "It is dear, and the next hour will tell if you get the job of not. " She went behind me and her hands undid my hair and it dropped down, "Oh very nice Dear. " she said and her face was near my neck. She was rubbing my shoulders and her hands managed to get around to move the collar off my neck and my top button came undone and then the next one leaving my blouse open to below my bra with the button that had come off. "Now the next part is very important" she said. "Okay" I was barely able to get out since my body had already given up. She kissed my neck below the ear and then around the back to the other ear and then back around making my body warm all over.

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   Then she circled my ear with her tongue and it slipped inside making me instantly wet. "How was that?" she asked me. "Oh, that was wonderful. " I moaned. "How old are you dear?" she said. "18" I said. "Will you sign a consent form for me dear?" she asked me. "Yes. " I said. "Don't you want to know what is expected?" she said. "I don't care, I will do anything that the job takes. " I said and she suddenly moved to take my blouse out of the skirt. I stood up and said, "Wait, let me. " and I faced her. Slowly I took off the blouse and reached behind and undid my bra.

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   She stood licking her lips and I slowly let the bra fall away. "Oh my god, how can you be 18?" she said and I walked up to her. "who cares," I said, "What else does the job require?" I said and slipped off my skirt and undies. I leaned against the desk and now saw the sculpture, it was two women entwined making love. I picked it up and carressed it and said, "Now this looks nice. " and sat it down and walked to her.
"Does the boss stay dressed when she has her employee all naked and wet?" With my weight gain in my last year of high school I was a 40EE now and had just the right curve on my hips. I was shaved nicely and clean and she stood there looking at me. "Well," I said and walked to her and undid her blouse and she had nice 38DD breasts and as I undressed her she had lovely hips and red hair between her legs just closley trimmed. Her hands were on my shoulders pushing me into her chest and I sucked her nipples slowly and made mer moan. "Oh yes, you have the job Dear. " she said. "Good, sit down. " I said and she sat on the couch and laid back. I sat next to her and kissed her deep and long like Aunt Claire loved to do.

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   She was moaning and moving her body against mine as I slowly kissed her nipples and then to her tummy. She had a nice tatoo of two women again intertwined in a 69 making love. "I love this. " I said, "Will my benefits pay for one for me?" I moaned and she said "It will be no problem at all. "
She moved her legs apart and I kissed the insides and went to her pussy lips and gave them little bites, "Oh, you have done this before. " she said. "Yes, lots of times. " i said and she laid back her legs on my shoulders. I licked her slowly the faster as my fingers slipped inside her.
    She moved against my faceand moaned and began calling my name. "Oh yes, Teresa, this is nice, of we will enjoy some good times together Dear. " Suddenly she exploded and her orgasm shook her body and she laid back limp. "Oh my god, that was fabulous. " she was saying kissing me as she held me to her. She reached for the intercom and told the girl out front.

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       "Karla, close the door and lock up and come into the office. ' she said. She did just that and she opened the door to see us kissing naked on the couch. "Oh my god," she said and almost fainted. "Oh my god, I can't watch this, I have to go. " she said and was going out the door and Helen said, "If you leave you will not ever work around here. " she said firmly. "But I need the job, please Helen, please. " she said almost crying now. Karla is 17 and she is really cute don't you think Teresa?" she said smiling and touching me inside my legs slowly working up to my pussy and as my legs spread she slipped in her fingers until three were in me and I was spreading them and moaning that I thought Karla was cute.
    "Come here Karla," she said and she walked over to us shaking. She got me up and she stood in front of her and me at her side. "Don't you like the female body?" she said. "I know you don't like men, they have that 'thing' that hangs down. " she said almost spitting the words out.

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       She laned to me and told me to begin seducing her as she watched. I touched her face and she moved. "Now Karla, just give in to what you know you want to do anyway. " She stood there and I kissed her and there was no response at all. Her lips were hard and closed. "Oh well, there is another way to do this, undress her Teresa. " and I began taking off her clothes as she stood there doing nothing. We walked to another room that was a bedroom behind the office. Helen turned back the sheets and told Karla to lay down in the middle. I got on one side and she on the other. "Now Karla, we are here until you give in Dear, until you begin to enjoy it, understand. ?" she said. "Please don't, please?" she said crying now. Now Helen said, "Teresa, if you really want this job, you will help me convince her now matter how long it takes, she is going to give in. " she said.

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       I began kissing her breasts that were about a 34B or so and making sure to tease them and they were responding even if her mind was not. Helen was kissing her too and playing with her ody if I was not there then Helen was. After about an hour she had relaxed and Helen had her legs moving apart. "I think Teresa needs to eat you Hunny. " she saidand I moved to her legs and got them apart and over my shoudlers and began licking up till I got to her pussy that was not trimed but there was very little there excpet a nice pink pair of lips that were moist. I licked them and spearated them until my tongue slipped inside and Karla moaned, "Oh please no, no I don't want to be a lesbian, please. " she was moaning. "Oh but you are my Dear, just like your mother is, and so are you. " Helen said and she kised her deep and Karla gave in and kissed her back and wrapped her arms around her and kissed her.
    Her legs came apart and she was humping against my face suddenly and after a little while she hada sweet orgasm and laid there kissing Helen and then me. Helen walked to her desk and came back with a strap on and gave it to me, "Here Teresa, she is yours, she is virgin and she is going to give that to you. " she said and stood back. I put it on and laid back down thing how strange a young woman with 40EE tits looked with a dildo on. She reached out her arms to me and I laid between her legs, "Oh yes, please fuck me Tersa. " she said and she put it at the openeing of her soaking wet pussy.


       I managed to get some in and she cried in pain, "Oh it hurts, but I want to do it. " she said looking into my eyes. "Do ahead. " she told me and moved her legs apart and she told me, "Do it fast. " and so I plunged into her pussy as she cried out and then began humping against the dildo. "Oh yes, oh, that was good, of yes. " and she had an orgasm. I moved from her slowly and there was blood coming out of her pussy onto the bed. The dildo had blood on it too. She stood up and put her arms out to Helen. Helen came to her and they kissed deep. "Thank you so much Mommy. " she said and I almost fell over. "Mommy? She is your Mom?" I said. "Yes, she is my daughter and has come to live with me since her Father died.

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       "And now she is really part of the family. " she said.
    We all dressed and Karla had to have a pad on for her bleeding but she was happy. "Be here tomorrow at 8 sharp. " she told me. "and have all the paperwork for the passport and we will get  that tatoo. " she said.
    I got home and came in beaming, no bra and my jacket off. "Guess what, I got the job. " I said to Claire. "I bet that is not all, come to bed and tell me all about it. "
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