Just A Little Quickie...


Just A Little Quickie. . .
By Gia1978

I was working the late shift (4-12) shift at the coffee house again. I was normally not alone but this night, the kitchen staffer (Jose) had to leave early because his kid was sick and had to go to the hospital. I had been closing for a few years on and off since my first job at a place like this in my freshman year of college, so it was no big deal to me. I sent him off to go be with his family, closed the kitchen and continued serving lattes and mochas. I called the owner and let him know I was closing alone. He offered to come and help me, but I told him it was slow (there were only two people in the store) and that I had it under control.

He thanked me for covering, due to the fact he had to open the place back up at 6 AM, and told me he would make it up to me soon. I grinned, full well knowing he sported quite a package in those baggy Dockers he always wears, and I know just how he intended to use that package to make it up to me. Bill is 17 years older than me and married, but hey. . . he's really hot and I go weak in the crotch for a good fuck! What's a girl gonna do? Anyway, I hung up and refilled the coffee for the two college geeks, studying for an upcoming final before Christmas break. The boys weakly flirted with me and I smiled back with my patented 'crotchmelter' grin (named as such by an ex-boyfriend of mine).



I went back to my stool behind the counter and turned up the volume on my iPod. Bill rigged the sound system in the cafe so the employees can plug in our own music. I was in a Jeff Buckley kinda mood and I went back to reading The Da Vinci Code. It is getting more than a little cold here in 'Porn Valley' lately. For those of you who are not aware, I live in the San Fernando Valley. In the winter it can get down to about 40 at night. Not cold by winter type standards in a lot of places, but cold enough for this valley girl. I was not really dressed for this, as when I came into work that afternoon, it was in the high 70's. I had on a pair of Levi jeans and a white wife-beater, with my new black 'Very Sexy Secret Embrace' Victoria's Secret bra (for my female readers, you really need to check these out). My cleavage rocks in this thing!

Around 10 PM or so, two Filipino couples came in for a drink. They were dressed a little "too fast and too furious" for my taste, but one of the girls really stood out to me. She was a tiny little thing, about 4'10" and had a round face that just about killed me. She had deep brown eyes, and a truly button nose. Her lips looked so full I thought she might have been punched in the mouth, but the swell was natural and put Angelina Jolie's lips to shame. She caught me staring and hit me with a smile that rivaled my own 'crotchmelter'.

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   I felt myself blushing as I took their order. I told them to have a seat, and I would ring it up when I finished making the drinks. As they made their way to the table, I got a long look at her perfect little butt. She had jeans on and they were a size 0 if they were adult at all! What really killed me was the red Chuck Taylor high tops, I really like that look.

I made their drinks, and motioned to them to come and pay. The little pinoy walked right up to the counter and pulled her credit card (platinum, I might add). I coyly asked for I. D. and she pulled out her license and I read it.

Rose Gutierrez just turned seventeen; she was indeed only 4'10" and weighed 91 lbs. The dimples she flashed on the license photo caused another surge of juice in my g-string. She reached out and her fingers stroked mine as I handed her back her card and license. She blushed and lowered her eyes as she brushed her jet black hair from her pretty face. We made eye contact again and I felt my nipples pop up to say hi. I swear to Christ, she licked her fat lips and smiled when she noticed them.

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   I blushed AGAIN and I introduced myself.

"I'm Gia," I said with a slight crack in my voice (FUCK!).

I am telling the truth here you guys, her answer totally floored me!

She said, "I'm so fuckin' yours. . . " and she flashed a grin that said SHE MEANT IT!

She signed the receipt and then wrote her number on a napkin on the counter. I took it and folded it up, sticking it in my bra. Her eyes twinkled at that maneuver, and I winked at her. I watched her strut back to her table with the drinks and I pretended to go back to my book. Truth is, I watched how she acted with her date. She was clearly not into him, and I caught her stealing glances at me every couple of minutes.

Thirty minutes later they got up to leave, and she came back to the counter to 'tip me'. She looked me dead in the eye and asked what time we close. Her voice sounded so high and cute (most times I hate when girls do that 'little girl' voice, but hers was real and I fuckin' melted on hearing it). I smiled and told her midnight.

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   She checked her watch and said Goodnight. Little Rose and her friends walked out the front door and I started breathing again.

I closed the doors at about ten after twelve, and got back to closing up the shop. I had cranked up some Nine-inch-nails, and was mopping the floor when I heard someone banging on the glass. My heart jumped into my throat when I looked up to see little Rose standing at the door, looking cold as hell! I grabbed my keys and opened the door for her. She smiled as she stepped inside and she shivered as I locked the door behind her. I turned and she stepped right into me and reached up to kiss me! Now I'm 5'7", so I bent down to meet those unbelievable lips in an open mouth kiss.

I think at least two songs went by before we stopped kissing. Right there in the door so anybody driving by could see us. I took her by the hand and lead her to Bill's office. Stopping only to turn off the lights in the store, I joined her on the black leather couch I had fucked on many times before. She had pulled off her big sweater and I got a good look at her little titties. She was still dressed in a tee and her jeans, but I got a quick appraisal of this little atom bomb. I started to pull my wife-beater off and she stood to help me undress, kissing my belly as I lifted it over my head. Her hands were behind me, unhooking my bra and her lips locked onto my left nipple the second it was exposed!

BOOM! A tiny orgasm surged thru me as my bra dropped to the floor.

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   I groaned as she sucked and nibbled on my erect nub. Her tiny hands fumbled for my belt and my jeans were quickly open. I was stunned how quickly the little Filipina got me down to my panties and shoes. I sat back down on the couch and we took off my shoes and pulled my jeans off my ankles. Rose took a step back and started to strip for me. I swear she did it for a living. The teen took of her clothing slowly and seductively, like a seasoned stripper. As her bra came off, I gulped. Her brown skin was flawless and her chocolate nipples stood out at least an inch from her pert A cup titties. Now we were both in panties only and she fell forward onto me on the couch and we resumed our kiss.

We must have kissed for another hour or so, feeling each other up pretty good but we both avoided each others crotch. (it was like we were saving the best for later). Finally, she pulled away and lay back on the far arm of the couch. I got up on my knees and hooked my fingers in the elastic band of her thong. Slowly I pulled the top back to reveal the hidden prize in her soaked panties.

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   I was panting loudly as I exposed the soft black line of straight pubic hair. Rose lifted her tiny little ass up for me to slip off her thong. She was so wet, the crotch stuck to her fat puffy mons as I pulled them off. I slipped them off her tiny ankles, and Rose opened her stubby legs for me.

Now if you have read my stories, dear readers, you know I have a few fetishes that show up in my writing often. Well, let me tell you that the world stopped spinning for just a second when I saw the present little Rose had for me. She had a pencil thin line of hair that extended straight up from her dark brown acorn of a clit sitting at the top of her swollen labia! It was big, I mean IT WAS FUCKING BIG! I laughed out loud and shuddered with joy and lust.

Rose was clearly embarrassed by her 'deformity' and covered it with both hands. I saw this in her eyes, and I said, "No, no baby. . . Don't cover it, she's beautiful!"

I saw the relief in her face and she grinned so sexily at me, I about came right then. Rose pulled her hands away from her pussy and I fell forward to climb between her short little thighs. I drew in a deep whiff of her strong scent. Her pussy was so wet and juicy, and it smelled spicy and very strong.

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   Not bad or unclean, but strong like when a woman is really turned on and wet. Her labia glistened in the light and looked as if they had been dipped in chocolate! I stuck my tongue out to take my first taste of the crinkled flesh in front of me. It was heaven, and I began to lap away at the delightful feast.

I was sucking out her juice, my slurping stifled by Rose's moans. I savaged her labia, thrusting as deep as I could with my tongue to scoop out as much of the tiny brunette's essence as fast as it flowed. The flavor filled my mouth and I had never tasted anything so wonderful. Rose's head snapped back on the couch, her cries of joy filling the office. Her tiny body rocked back and forth, pulling me with her as my mouth remained glued to her drooling pussy. Barking and whining noises escaped from Rose's throat, through gritted her teeth. Then louder, heaving gasps. I slipped two fingers inside of her and my lips found Rose's awesome clit.

Her tiny hips bucked as I applied suction to the fat little mini-cock in my mouth. I giggled as I felt the next surge of juice around my fingers. Rose's pussy was as fresh and as sweet as I imagined it would be. I roughly ran the tip of my tongue across the huge nub, wrapping my lips over my teeth and holding the fat nub immobile.

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   My fingers sought out her G-spot, as I attempted to coax out more of the tiny teenage fillipina's juice.

"Oh yes, you're soooo good at this," Rose squeaked softly as she felt my two fingers working their way across the roof of her pussy.

She lifted her head up to smile at me. I reached down under me to play with my gooey pussy with my left hand. I was making all kinds of noise and grunts eating this little Asian treat. I felt the walls of her pussy begin to spasm and I knew I had her now. I doubled the suction and tonguing and I pressed the tips of my fingers up into her spot hard.

Rose began to buck and snort as she came. There was a white thick cream dribbling into the palm of my hand, and I continued my attack on that amazing clit of hers.

Rose now bucked her hips up and down, "Fuck yes! That's it. . . go. . .

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Then she stiffened and slumped in front of me. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her and released her clit from my lip grip. I looked down to see that her clit had now extended almost an inch out of her hood. Fuck! I really have a thing for the big ones. I shivered with excitement. My palm was filled with a big hot glob of her cum and I lapped it up and swallowed. YUMMY.

As Rose sat up, I lay back. She climbed between my thighs to give me the same treatment I had just given her. Being ten years older and having taken some pretty big cocks, I was not nearly tight as the little teen and she was instantly able to slip three fingers inside me. I was already sopping wet and her hand surged forward. Rose worked in her pinky finger and was able to run four fingers across the roof of my hot pussy, really doing a number on my G-spot.

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My brain flashed and I saw white. I grunted out a warning to the teenager.

"Ro. . . Rose, I. . . I'm a. . . a sq. . . squirter.


  . . be careful. "

She giggled and doubled her efforts as she asked in her squeaky little girl voice,

"Is your puss-puss gonna spit at me Gia?"

She pulled her fingers from my pussy, and then drove back in, filling the space with her tiny hand, which she pistoned in and out as fast as she could. The thumb of her left hand she used to rub my clit. The index finger of her right hand, the one so recently pressed inside her own juicy cunt, went to my asshole and slowly worked its way in. If we would of had some lube she could have fisted me easily.

My eyes lost all focus and I heard the familiar rumble in my head. I was about to cum in a big way!

I gasped out, "Oh. . . Ok. . . FUCK!.


  . . CUMMING!"

And with that, I cut loose with a jet of cum juice from my piss hole, right into her open mouth! I cramped hard in my abdomen as I felt a liter or two of my fluid shooting into Rose's hungry little mouth. She slurped and swallowed, gargling, "Uh huh, uh huh" as I flooded her mouth.

When I came to, she was holding me in her tiny arms. My juice dripped from her matted, black hair down on to me and I weakly smiled at her. She nodded and kissed me gently.

We got dressed, and she helped me clean up the office. Then we finished closing the coffee shop. I walked her to her car and kissed her goodnight.

Rose and I have a date next weekend. .