She said that she never tgought of me as a protester but said she could understand now. I was just suprised she new who I was. She asked if I wanted to take a walk with her. I was unsure as to why - but agreed. She offered me her hand and I took it. As soon as our palms touched - I had a great feeling run through my body. Like I could only get when i was "with myself". She led me to a bench and we had a seat. She took my hand in both of hers and said she wanted to talk to me. I was a little scared, but excited too. The most popular girl in school has just taken me by the had to a secluded bench and wants to talk. She said that she had a friend that had a crush on me. It was her brother. His name was Jake, and he was not well known - shadowed by his sisters popularity. Kylene said that he had a crush on me for a month now and did not have the courage to say anything. I was not that shocked - I am pretty good looking - Brown hair, hazel eyes, and 34c's on a 5'3'' frame is pretty big.

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   Kylene asked if I was interested - and my answer was yes. After that night of demonstrations - I got home and pulled out a yearbook. I found a lot of pics of Jake - probably because he is Kylenes' bro. I got pretty excited about the date set up for the next night and had a little fun - including my fingers and some ice cubes. I woke up pretty late the next morning (Saturday), at 11:00. I had eight hours untill Jake was going to pick me up. I had some breakfast and watched some tv - and before i realized it - it was 3:00, and my doorbell was ringing. I got up and opened it to see Kylene standing outside with a red dress and a small suitcase. I greeted her and let her in - and she said that we had some work to do. We went to my room and she layed out the dress and opened the case. I had never seen so many personal care products in my life - as well as a couple of sets of panties and bras. She said the first thing we start with are the legs. Before I knew it - she had reached down - and was feeling my legs up and down. She said that I needed a hot wax - and that we should head into the bathroom. She ordered me to strip to my bra and panties, and I did as I was told.

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   She then told me to lay in the bathtub without any water. As I did, she was plugging in the hott wax machine - and pulled out some lotion. She liberally spread it all over my legs and said that this would soften the hair first. After she finished - she proceeded to wax my legs - which took thirty minutes of pain - but I must say that that was the best that my legs had ever felt before. When I got out of the tub - she pulled out some tweasers and told me to close my eyes. She tweased my eyebrows (which I had never had done before). And when she finished - mine looked just like hers. Next was the shower - which i got to do by myself. She waited in my room - and when I came out - she was ready. She sat me down and started the blowdryer. I had on only my towel from my chest to my thighs. After she finished drying, and styling my hair, we went to the bed and she told me to drop the towel. I was hesitant at first, but did it anyways. She looked up and down my body and comented that she was suprised I shaved - that not many girls do - she then picked up a set of bra and panties. She handed them to me to put on - but she helped with the snap.

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   Then came the dress - a perfect snugg fit in all the right places. She took me to my mirror and finished up with the makeup. It was 6:30 and we had finished early - so she said she had a treat for me. She told me to lay down and close my eyes - so I did. All of a sudden - I felt the bottom of my dress come up to my chest and my panties slide off. I was too scared to look. I felt something very cold on my mound. I finally looked - and as she was spreading my legs - she started to push an 8" metalic cock into my pussy. It was an exact replica of a real dick. I felt the huge head slide in - and got that same tingle all over. She started to pump it in and out - she would stop and kiss me -or stop and massage my breasts - never allowing me to orgasm. She was teasing me. After 20 minutes - the doorbell rang - but neither of us moved. She started to lick my cunt lips around the monster inside me. As she started to move the dildo in and out again - we heard the door open - but nothing was going to stop us.

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   She started to slam it in hard - and I knew I was going to cum. I started to scream, but muffled it with my pillow. It was the best orgasm of my life!! When I felt it being pulled out - I looked up to see Kylene packing up her stuff - and when it was away - she grabbed the panties and put them back on me and pulled down my dress. She kissed me hard on the lips and pointed towards my living room where I heard Jake "hello? is anyone home?" She Kissed me once more with tounge and ran into the bathroom. I got up, straightened my dress - and went on a date with Jake. .

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