Me and Teri


Topic: Me and TeriI’m sorry Teri, but I have found out where you live. We have been text messaging for months now and I am so hot for your body. You have sent me photos of you naked and you know it is driving me out of my mind. You sent the photo of you spreading your butt cheeks and showing me that glorious ass. I get to see your freshly shaven pussy. One with your finger rubbing your clit. But the most damaging photo is of your sweetie Laney. She gets to have you any time she wants. She is so hot. Anyone would want her and I can see why you want her. Did you say she was only 19? Well, if you can imagine going to bed after having an exhausting night of sex with Laney, you are so tired that you just pass out with your pussy still wet with your cum and Laney’s mouth juice. Your pussy is so satisfied that you lay with your legs still spread. You don’t remember but you left your window open. I have been outside watching you and Laney. I watched as she left. Where was she going and when would she be back? I am able to climb through your window.

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   You are completely nude so I strip all my clothes to make me as nude as you. You look so beautiful laying there as your chest, and what a chest, rises and falls as you sleep. I slip into bed with you and you never know. I have brought my little bag of goodies and I open it now. I remove a pair of latex gloves, two marshmallows, a vibrator that is slim and about 8 inches long with a bend on the end on which an egg about the size of a golf ball sets, and a tube of motion lotion. I put on the gloves. I put my mouth next too your ear and I slowly massage your breast. You moan a little and I whisper in your ear that it is OK. You turn toward me and put your arms around my shoulder. I turn your head up a little to make your lips next to mine. I slowly met your lips with mine and you open your mouth and I feel some tongue. I offer you mine and you readily accept. We hungrily kiss for some time and then I slowly move my lips to your magnificent breast. Your nipples are already hard. I place my lips around your nipple but I never let my tongue touch.

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   My tongue circles your nipple and I allow some mouth juice to drip on your breast. I continue this for some time and you start to moan and then I know it is time for my tongue to flick your nipple and start to suck. You are starting to moaning louder. I take the two marshmallows in my hand and put them between my soft gloved hand and your sweet wet pussy and move them all around. You move your legs as wide as they will go as I continue to rub the marshmallows around your pussy and across your engorged clit, as I continue to suck on your nipple. I can see your are close to cuming. Your moans are getting louder and your ass is starting to jerk. I continue. After a few more circles on your clit you raise up in bed and scream as you cum. You focus on what is going on and your eyes meet mine. I hear “Janey” what are you doing here. I say “lay back” and nudge her with my hand. As she lays back I reach for the motion lotion. I spread in on my smooth glove. I am between your legs lapping up your old cum from Laney and the fresh cum that just leaked out.

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   I am in heaven. I have eaten pussy juice before, but nothing like this. I can’t get enough, but I know if I rub the Lotion on you it will destroy your flavor, but when I put it on you and blow on the lotion your pussy will be on fire. I love lickin you but I want the heat on you before you cum. I take my hand full of lotion and rub it from your asshole to your clit. I know it feels good to you as you lay there moaning. As I start to blow a little on it and you can feel the heat, you start to breath faster and moan louder. Your ass is starting to jerk. On my down stroke with my tongue I got to your asshole and go around it like I did your nipple. Then I try to slip my tongue in your ass and you seem to like it. I shove it in as far as I can and try me best to wiggle it. I go back to your clit and I need to hold on as you are thrashing about so much. I reach for the vibrator and slowly push it up your little pussy hole. I turn it so the egg will hit your ‘G’ spot. As you are bucking about I start the vibrator to vibrating.

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   As it hits your ‘G’ spot you are screaming so loud that I am worried about the neighbors. As you jerk, my slick fingers start up your ass. In and out. You love it. As I get four fingers in your ass and the vibrator on high and me sucking on your clit as hard as I can, you gush juice out of your cunt like I have never seen. I have never sucked a pussy that would squirt. You had told me that you didn’t squirt. I guess we know different now, but you didn’t squirt, you gushed. Yes I tried to swallow as much as I could and it didn’t taste like your regular cum and it certainly didn’t taste like piss. Again I was in heaven. I think you must have passed out as you lay there breathing hard and a wild moan coming from somewhere deep inside you. You raise your head and say “Janey, what are you doing here”? “I had to taste that beautiful pussy of yours before I die and this was my opportunity. If you will allow me to hold you as we sleep, I will leave in the morning, go back to Ky and cause you no more trouble”. You didn’t have to answer as your hand went between my legs. It was many hours later that we was able to try to go to sleep.

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   In the morning we kissed like we would never see one another again and I thanked you over and over for the best time of my life and slowly walked out the front door on my way to Ky. Good by my sweet Teri. Have a wonderful life. Jane If you like you can e-mail me janey1113@att. net.