More Than Just Friends...


They took it in turns to sleep over each other's houses each week on a Friday night. This particular week it was Mandy's turn to stay at Chloe's. They couldn't help but grin at each other when the school bell rung to signal the end of a very tough week. It was the start of summer and everyone had been hot and sticky all week. Mandy grabbed Chloe's hand. Chloe felt an electic surge flow through her body that she had never felt before. "Come on then Chlo, let's get back to yours! I can't wait to get out of this shirt. . . it's sticking to me!"Chloe had never really noticed just how beautiful Mandy was but as Mandy pulled her hand she felt the surge again. She shook it off, thinking it must just be the summer air, and the two made their way to the bus home. When they got back to Chloe's house, they saw her mum had left a note saying she'd gone out for the night and wouldn't be back till late. "Looks like it's just me and you then Chlo, eh?" Mandy teased with a wink. Chloe smiled and the two went up the stairs to her room. "Do you mind if I have a quick shower?" Mandy said. "No, that's fine" said Chloe absent mindedly as she searched for her fave CD to put on.

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  Five minutes later Chloe realised she was desperate for the toilet. She tapped on the bathroom door. "Yeah?" came Mandy's voice. "Mand, is it OK if I come in for a quick wee? I'm desperate! I'll close my eyes don't worry". "Yeah no problem" Mandy replied. Chloe pushed the door open and the hot wet steam hit her hard. She sat down on the loo with her eyes closed. She had a sudden urge to take a peak at Mandy. She opened her eyes ever so slightly to see Mandy, her eyes also closed, running her hands through her hair as the hot water cascaded down her stunning body. She could the water running over her round breasts, dripping from the nipple. She glanced down at her neatly shaven pussy. Chloe felt a tingling sensation running through her own. She shook her head to snap herself out of the daze, flushed the chain and made her way back to the room. The two spent the rest of the night chatting and laughing and watching a film while having some vodka and coke. They were lying in Chloe's double bed, watching the TV.

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   When the film finished, Chloe flicked through the channels and they suddenly came accross two girls making out. They were both kind of shocked. . . Chloe went to turn over but Mandy put her hand on hers. "Leave it," she said "My brother reckons these things are such a turn on. "Chloe didn't argue. They watched the porn film for a bit longer and both of them could feel their pussies getting wetter. Chloe didn't know what made her do it. . maybe it was the vodka or the film or the fact that Mandy looked so sexy in her short silky nightdress, but she slowly put her hand on Mandy's knee and ran it up and down her inner thigh. Mandy didn't hesitate in doing the same back, but neither looked at eachother. They carried on watching the film. They felt themselves getting more and more turned on with every stroke. Chloe's hand was getting closer and closer to Mandy's crotch until finally the back of her hand touched it.

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   Mandy let out a soft moan and Chloe could feel Mandy's wetness through her black thong. Chloe knew she was on to a good thing. Finally, she turned to look at Mandy. She could see that her hard nipples were poking through the soft silky material of her nightdress. Mandy looked into Chloe's eyes. . she thought to herself "wow she has such beautiful eyes". They looked at eachother for about 30 seconds before Mandy leaned in and gently kissed Chloe on the lips. Chloe slipped her tongue in and they kissed passionatley. She ran her hands down Mandy's back as Mandy put her arms around Chloe's neck. Chloe ran her hands over Mandy's hips to the hem of her nightdress. She pulled it up slowly until it was around her waist. She slid her hand down the front of Mandy's thong and Mandy moaned in appreciation. Chloe couldn't believe how wet Mandy's pussy was. She slowly rubbed her hand over her throbbing clit.

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   Mandy repayed the favour by sliding her hand down Chloe's thong. Chloe couldn't believe it. . . here she was lying in bed almost naked with her best friend and they were fingering each other. Chloe slid her index and middle finger inside Mandy and Mandy gasped. "Ohhhhhhhh" she said "that feels so good. . "This urged Chloe on and she thrust her fingers deep inside her gaping pussy. Mandy, following Chloe's lead, did exactly the same back and they were lying on their sides both thrusting into one another. They were getting hot and sweaty as it was a warm summers night. The pleasure was getting so intense that Mandy didn't think she could take anymore. Her body stiffened as the most amazing orgasm tore through her body, sending her into throes of ecstasy. This sent Chloe over the top who also had the best orgasm she had ever experienced. They took their fingers out of each other and kissed again.


   Mandy said "Thank you" breathlessly and cuddled up into Chloe's arms, her head resting on Chloe's breast. Chloe lay there thinking how amazing that had been. To have experienced something so brilliant with the person she cared most about. She grinned to herself and thought "I can't wait till next Friday. . . ".