MOther and Daughter Shopping Trip Pt. 2


Jill was laying on her back with my Mom over her face and Mom had her face between Jill's legs and I must admit that they both seemed to actually be really eating each other with all the moaning and sometimes shouting going on. Tonya and I were sitting in a love seat watching our mothers playing with each other. We were also kissing and caressing each other as we watched and we both were soaking wet from our play, she with my Mom and me with her Mom.

Finally, our Mom's rolled over with seat dripping from them and pussy juices all over their faces and they looked at us, "Enjoying the show?" Jill asked us. "Oh yeah, very much. " I said and Tonya and I caressed each other some more. Jill looked at Mom and said, "What is it hat you enjoy most about making love with young women?" My Mom thought for a moment, "I think it is that they have a taste that is different from us more mature women and I love their enthusiasm, Brenda goes for hours and hours. I can just lay there when I am worn out and she still keeps right on going, licking and kissing all over. "MMMMMmmm, I think that is it for me too. " Jill said as she laid back again and caressed her own body all over. "Well, what do the rest of you want to do now?" Tonya said. We had been there for a few hours and the scent of sex was thick in the room. I thought of something and said, "Have any of you ever been with a girl that was not white?" I asked. Mom and Jill and Tonya looked at me. "You mean a black girl?" Tonya said. "No, I mean of any other group, and other race.

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  " They all said no and I thought well, what the hell. "Well, let's have a scavenger hunt. Each of us draw from a bowl and whatever ethnic group we get we go out and bring her back to the room and make love then share. " Jill looked at me with a very evil smile, "That sounds great Let's do it now, you just made me hungry. "

I got up and got a piece of paper and started writing the different groups on it. Black, Asian (of any sub group), Hispanic, Native American, European and from any other country but they had to be native born there. I cut them up and tossed them in a bowl and said, "Okay, who picks first?" Jill dove her hand in and pulled out a slip of paper. "Asian. " she said and smiled, "I love eating Asian. " and we laughed. Tonya drew next, "Europe" she said and began thinking of all the groups hat had. "I hope I find a red haired Irish woman, I love red hair. " and she sat there. I offered it to Mom and she drew out the paper, "Black" she said and was not laughing much. "MMm, Quinn gets 'soul food'" Jill said and we laughed.

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   I picked mince and it was Hispanic and I said how hungry I was for some Hispanic food too. We did not shower but all dressed and left back for the Athens Georgia Square Mall. I felt so sexy, no panties and bra and hard nipples and really wanting to have fun and win the scavenger hunt. Walking through the mall I spotted several women that were Hispanic and the problem is they were with guys of had kids with them. We had two hours to find and return to the hotel with our women and have them undressed. I was at the food court getting a drink and next to me was a very lovely Hispanic woman. She had to be Mom's age and a little plump and had a low plunging neck line on her pull over blouse and a tight skirt. She really should not have been dressed like that at the age I thought she was but she was hot. "Can I help you?" she broke into my thoughts I was having. "What was that, I am sorry. " I said. She had a beautiful thick Spanish accent. She turned to me, "Can I help you, you are staring at me and I thought that maybe there was something you wanted to say to me. " she said. "Well, I suppose that there is something" and trailed off, faking shyness.

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   "Well, go ahead, what is it. " she asked me. "Well, I was just thinking" (my nipples got hard and stuck out through my blouse, no bra to hold them in, she saw them) I was just thinking how beautiful you are. " I stuttered. Her long brown hair was over her shoulders and she pulled it back to show even move cleavage now. "What else are you thinking?" she said stepping closer. "Go ahead, tell me, what are you really thinking right now?" She stood there and I was really feeling dizzy. "Well, just that, well, you are so beautiful. " I said again and was waiting for her to tell me what I am thinking, that way I would know if she was open for play. "I bet that you were think what so many men think. They look at me and see my cleavage and big breasts and my tight skirt and lovely legs and how nice my ass is and they think they would love to go to bed with me, am I right?" she said all this is a love sexy voice. She had reached up and unbuttoned one of my top buttons on the dress I wore. "Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking, only leave out the part with the men. " I said and she took my hand. I saw her dark eyes and her full lips and wanted to kiss her right there but held back.

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   We began walking hand in hand and went up the little hallway to the Family Room that was a rest room with baby changing stuff inside. She opened the door and I stepped in and she closed it and locked it behind me. She stepped to me and I took her face in my hands and kissed her deep. She returned the passion and soon we both stood naked in the room. "I wish we had someplace to go besides here. " she said and I told her that I had a room across the street. We dressed, kissing and sucking as we did and got to her car and crossed the street and pulled into the hotel. I went to the door and heard loud moaning and groaning inside. Then I heard Mom call out, "Oh yes, why did I not do this a long time ago?!! I knocked on the door and the noise stopped and the door opened. A lovely black woman came totally naked. She was athletic and slim and no fat on her anywhere. She had almost no tits and her dark nipples were hard and very big for the size of her tits. I moved past her with my woman and soon we were all naked and on the bed. Mom was being dominated by her woman and I and mince were kissing and licking and especially sucking our nipples and each others. An hour passed and Jill came to the door with her prize and they too stripped and were on the bed, Myself and my woman sitting in a love seat and Mom and her prize watching.

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   Finally Tonya came with her pries and they stripped and now kissed and hugged and sucked as they watched the others on the bed.

After a long time we all sat around, wine coolers in our hands and sipping and the women that we had not even known a short time before kissing and caressing each other. Karla stood up, (the black woman) and said anyone want a man at all?" and we all said no. "Okay, just wanna make sure there are no surprises coming up. I got all the man I need right here. " she said and the very big wine bottle she had she stood up and slowly lowered herself down on it till it was all the way in her pussy. This is a bottle that is about the two liter size. We all watched as this tiny woman slipped it into her now we knew huge pussy. She sped up and told Mom, come on and suck my nipples woman, come on. " and Mom did and soon she had an orgasm and laid back on the floor. Now we were all hot again watching this. We stayed the night at the hotel and I will include details later. When Tonya's Irish UGA student began to show off we were all amazed and she was the sluttiest of all of us there.