My Teacher, My Lover Pt. 2 of Seducing My Twp Favorite Teachers


Topic: Linda separates from her husbandLittle by little, Linda and I became not only steady lovers but friends, or rather girlfriends. We had to be careful since she was still my teacher and so went to hotels a little ways from home to spend weekends together. She had separated from her idiot husband since he ignored her most of the time and sex with him was, as I said, get on, get off and roll over. She was becoming more and more attached to me as a lover and I to her. MY time at home with my Aunt Claire and Uncle Jack was wonderful and I told them all about Linda and I and they realy could not wait to meet her. We made plans for an accidental meeting one weekend.
I told Linda that they were out of town for a week and she could stay at my house instead of a hotel that weekend. Since we lived outside of town in the country I talked her into it and we could not wait to get together for the weekend. I had lots of wine and so when she came in Friday evening after classes I met her at the door in only a tank top, my nipples were swelled thinking of the plans that had ben made. She came in and I undressed her at the door and took her to the living room where I had glasses of wine already cooled and waiting for us.
"My you are the little seductress aren't you" she told me massaging my breasts slowly making me moan softley. "You have no idea" I said and kissed her deep. We made love on the couch and slept some and about midnight I woke up. I heard the door opening slowly and since the light was on at the end of the couch it was perfect to "Get caught" by my Aunt and Uncle. Linda was on top of me and betwen my legs sleeping softly and I winked as Claire and Jack came in. They smiled and then got ready.

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   "What the hel is going on?!!" Jack and Claire shouted almost at the same time. Linda almost fell off the couch but I held her tight in my arms. "What is it?" she was panicking and trying to look around. "Leave us alone, we love each other. " I cried out. "Leave us alone. " Claire cae over and pulled her up as Linda tried to cover herself but our clothes were far away. She sat putting her hands over her tits but I sat there wide open. "Who the hell are you, you are older and taking advantage of our neice. " Claire was still shouting and red faced. "No please, no, it is not like that, she, we , ah, she and I. . . " she was stamering and I moved over and out my arms around her, "We are lovers. " I declared.

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   Linda was looking from one of us to the other like she had been trapped. Claire stood with her hands on her hips then smiled and then laughed. "You know how to pick lovers Teresa," she said and walked to me and kissed me. She was taking off her blouse and skirt as she spoke. "Teresa has been telling us all about you dear, relax. " Linda was in shock and still shaking all over. "She has?" "Hell yes," jack said as he took off his clothes and showed his very large cock that was bouncing around.
"Oh, I have got to have that. " I said and got up and bent over the couch and begged Jack to slip it in me. "Sure Hun," he said and sank it into my pussy from behind. "Hard Uncle really hard. " I moaned. He began ramming my pussy hard grabbing my hips and I was all over the couch and begging him to do it still harder. "Claire sat next to Linda and put her arm around then took her breasts in her hands. "Oh, you are beautiful, I will enjoy making love to you.

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  " she said as she kissed her. Linda sat still not sure what was happening and then moaned as Claire moved her hands over her body then between her legs. "Teresa says yur pussy is delicious. " and she went between her legs and her mouth found Lindas wetness. Soon she was eating my lover and bringing orgasms from her pussy. Jack was pumping hard and almost ready to fill me with his cum and he slapped my ass cheek making me hotter than before. "Oh yes, Uncle, spank your bad neice, she is a dirty slut, spank her. " I said over and over. He reached back and slapped my ass cheek hard and I cried out soaking his cock with my orgasm and then he growled and filled me with his cum.
Linda and Claire had finished and laid on the floor now watching us. "I. . I don't want to be with a man. . .

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  " Linda stammered out. "No you don't dear," Claire said. "That is why Jack is going to go out for a while and we three are going to our bed. I know you don't like men's cum so I will clean out Teresa before you have to eat her again. " she said and we got up and walked up the stairs to my bedroom. Claire got between my legs and began sucking my pussy getting the cum from it and then we began a night of lovemaking. It was over just before sunrise as we fell asleep.
Claire kissed us and left us in bed and we fell asleep in each others arms.