On the sand with Jan and some new friends.


On The Sand with Jan and some new friends.
On one weekend during the summer before Angie and I were counselors I went to California to visit my grandparents. I got bored and one day headed to the shoreline to catch some rays.
 I arrived at the beach about noon and the sun was high in the sky. On a normal weekday the strand is deserted, but today I noticed a beautiful young girl stretched out on a big beach towel, sound asleep, apparently, because her breathing was even and deep. I spread my towel and was about to strip off my outer clothes when she woke up and looked at me.
“You can sit next to me if you like. ” She said.
“Okay, I would like that” I replied, as I moved my stuff over closer to her and spread my own towel about five feet away. She rolled over onto her stomach and leaned on her elbows as she stared at me with the greenest eyes I have ever seen. She was a redhead, and absolutely gorgeous, now that I was close enough to see.
“Hi, my name is Kathy. ” she drawled in some southern accent that I had never heard before. It was sooo sexy that I almost drooled when she spoke. She stared at my body over the top of her sunglasses and then smiled.
“You’re sure a cute little thing, aren’t you?” She said, as I blushed, and slowly pulled my little top off revealing my tiny bikini top.

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“I think I’m too fat! But my name is Jan, and I'm really happy to meet you. " I said, as I pulled my tight cutoffs down over my wiggling hips. I almost lost the bottoms of my bikini and had to pull them back up real fast as she caught a glimpse of my little puffy cunt lips and my white little tummy.
She giggled and said, “I think you are just right, Jan. I hate really skinny girls, don’t you?”
“Yeah, like those models in the mags who are all skin and bones. ”
“Yes. You have a really sexy little figure, so don’t put yourself down, okay?”
“Okay. ” I giggled back, as I stretched out on my back in the bright sun. I turned my head and caught her looking at my breasts and licking her lips as little beads of sweat formed on her upper lip. I could see the sides of her large breasts poking out of her suit and my heartbeat went up a notch. God, she was sexy herself!
“You are a knockout, you know?” I panted, as I felt my nipples begin to swell and push up the fabric off my breasts so she could easily see I was getting excited looking at her. “I’m sorry I woke you up, go ahead and nap some more if you want. ” I said, as I felt moisture slowly working it’s way out of my tight little vagina opening.
“I really am tired, was up all night with that jerk of a boyfriend of mine. He is sooo self centered.

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   He never cares about my needs, you know?”
“Yeah, been there, done that. ” I replied.

“So what did you do?” she asked with one perfect eyebrow raised over her tinted lenses.
“I threw him away and got a girl friend. ” I said, as I held my breath expecting her to jump up and run.
“Really? Hunh. I’ve never been with a girl, what’s it like?” She asked, as I noticed her hips push down on the sand slightly, and her nipples also start to poke out.
“Want me to show you?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t going too fast here.
“No, that’s alright. ” She giggled, as she laid her face down on the towel and grinned at me. “I really think I’ll snooze some more, but thanks for the offer. If I was ever going to do that I would certainly love to do it with a sexy little girl like you, though. ”
I smiled, and then turned my face to the sun as I dozed myself, feeling the hot sun between my legs starting to make me hornier and hornier. I slowly raised my hand on the side away from her and slid it under my little triangle of cloth on the right side of my bikini top. My nipple swelled some more as I teased it with my fingernail.

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   I glanced over to check on Kathy and she was snoring very softly with her lips parted.
God, she was turning me on more and more as I looked her up and down and played with my nipple. “If she is really asleep I can play with both of them. ” I thought, as I raised my other hand up and slid my fingers under the cloth. I kept watching her as I got hotter and hotter, until I was moving my hips and running one foot up and down my thigh.
I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sweet sensations coursing through me. As I rubbed and tugged on my nipples the top slid up until I felt the sea breeze blowing over my hot skin. “Do I dare take my top off?” I panted to myself. The thought of her waking up and seeing me half naked made my cunt start to seep moisture again. I reached up and untied the tie at my neck and the one in front and pulled my top completely off and laid it on the sand.
I arched my back against my fingers and panted softly as I worked my body toward an orgasm. I opened my eyes and looked at Kathy as she moaned a little in her sleep and slid her hands down under her bikini bottoms. I gasped when I saw that, and I realized she must be having an erotic dream while I was playing with my breasts. I couldn’t stand it anymore and I slid both my hands under the top of my bikini bottoms and plunged my fingers into my sopping wet cunt.
The orgasm started slowly and ran up my body as I bit my lip and moaned.


   I shook violently when the full force hit me and I almost screamed, I was in such sweet agony!

By now my bottoms were down around my thighs and I untied them and pulled them completely off and laid them next to the top beside me. Then I spread my legs wide and fingered my cunt furiously while I ogled Kathy’s body now moving up and down on her own fingers in her sleep.
I reached up and grabbed my swollen breasts with one hand as I finger fucked my hot little cunt with the other until the second shock wave rippled through me. I spread my legs as wide as I could and yanked on my swollen clit until I was panting and sweating under the hot sun. The mixture of my sweat and my juices made a slurping sound as I fingered my cunt faster and faster and moaned softly, “Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh God. ” over and over, as the next orgasm built.
I glanced quickly at Kathy’s face and was shocked to see her green eyes staring back at me as her tongue licked her dry lips and she moaned and gasped as her own orgasm hit. ”Oh, God, Jan, that was incredible! You looked so hot fingering your little cunt, it made me cum harder than I ever have before!”
“Please, Kathy, take your suit off so I can look at your naked body too?”
“Oh, God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. ” she panted, as she rose up and literally tore her top off and then yanked on the side of her bottoms until the tie tore loose and the material slid off of her gorgeous rear end. I gasped at the sight of her perfect breasts and huge nipples and jerked up off the towel as another strong orgasm ran through my sweaty little body.
She turned on her side to show me her red haired cunt lips as she fingered them and panted and moaned over and over. She was bathed in sweat like me and it dripped off her nipples and made wet spots on her towel. I turned on my side toward her and we stared at each other as we finger fucked our wet cunts faster and faster.

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"Oh, God, Kathy, I’m about to cum, are you?” I gasped.
“Oh, God yesssss” she hissed, as she pumped her fingers faster and grabbed her nipples hard and tugged on them. “Oh, God Jan, I’m cumming, please cum with me, okay?”
“Oh yesss, I’m cumming toooo!” I screamed, as I jerked and twitched as the contractions ran up and down my heaving little stomach.
“Oh God!” she screamed at the same time, and cum spurted from her cunt lips and poured on her towel and the hot sand to make a puddle by my own between us.
As the orgasm waned I slowly fell back down on the towel as she too collapsed and we lay there panting and smiling at each other as we tried to catch our breath.
“Jan, if you still want to I would really like to try having sex with a girl, would you mind terribly?” she asked, as she stared into my eyes with a sultry look. I melted on the spot as my heart thundered in my ears hearing the thing I most wanted to hear in the world at that moment.
“Oh God, Kathy, I want you so bad, yesss!” I panted, as I got up on my knees and leaned over to run my hand over the side of her face tenderly. She grabbed my fingers and kissed my palm as I moved next to her.
“Before we do anything why don’t we go cool off in the sea for a bit” I giggled, as the sweat poured off our hot bodies. .
“Yeah, that sounds great, I’m soaked here. ” She laughed, as we both stood up and started for the water. We walked down to the wet sand at the waters edge and then dove into the next curl as it raced toward the beach. We came up with foam all over our hair and then swam out past the breakers to calmer water.

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   We floated on our backs as we talked and watched the sea gulls soaring and diving in the clear blue afternoon sky.
Finally we body surfed in to the beach, and got up laughing. She reached out and held my hand and then we walked back up to our towels to dry in the hot sun. We decided to walk down the beach for a while as we got to know each other better. The sands were still deserted so we just left our suits by the towels and walked naked, feeling the cool sea breeze caress out breasts and between out legs. It was fantastic to be walking with this beautiful redhead next to me and she was constantly staring at my own body as my breasts moved slightly as I walked.
We hugged, and giggled, and discussed boys and girls we knew until we were way down by the rocks at the far end of the beach. The constant ebbing and flowing  of the tides had carved a low ledge in the sand and we sat on it as we watched the waves break.
Kathy looked at me and I turned and softly kissed her. She sighed and slid her tongue into my panting mouth as I sucked and licked hers at the same time. I pushed her back so she was leaning on her elbows and slowly ran my hand up over her tight stomach. I could feel her tremble and her nipples got really big as they swelled under my touch.
“Oh, God!” she whispered, as I ran my hand down to the wet red hairs above her cunt lips. She had shaved so her bikini wouldn’t show any hair poking out, but had left a neatly trimmed patch right above her puffy cunt that I was now running my fingers through. I pushed gently as she opened her shaking legs and my finger slid onto her wet opening as she gasped and jerked her hips.

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She tried to stand and I shook my head as I moved between her open legs. “Let me show you the way, okay?” I panted, as I forced another finger in beside the other one. She moaned, and threw her head back, and then closed her eyes, as I began to finger fuck her while I ran my other hand up and down her quaking body. She shivered as I pulled out on her big nipples, and I felt more of her juices wetting my plunging fingers.
I kept it up until she was gasping and moaning.
”Oh God, Jan! Your fingers feel soo good inside me. Oooh, what did you just touch in there? Ohmigod! I feel like I’m about to pee and cum at the same time! Oh, shit, Jan, fuck me faster, honey, please. Unh, unh, unh, unh. Oh God I’m gonna’ cum again, oh Jaaaaaaaan!” She screamed, as she gushed all over my hand and twitched and jerked on the soft sand.
 Each contraction lifted her up in the air as her stomach muscles tightened and then released over and over. She flayed around as another orgasm hit, and she grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers in deeper as she screamed out again and again, from the intense spasms running up and down her sweaty body. Finally I let her come down as I kissed her breasts and belly button and licked her soft red cunt hair.
“Wow! What a turn on!” she said, as she pulled me up on top of her, and kissed me hard on the mouth. “You must have done this before!” she giggled, as I licked her lips and bit her lower lip gently.
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  ” I giggled back, as I slid down over her sweaty body and ran my tongue up into her outer cunt lips and nibbled on her hard little clit. She jerked up off the sand and grabbed my hair and shoved my face hard against her mound as she spurted cum into my open mouth. Her cunt lips were trembling as I licked and sucked her through two more intense orgasms.
“Oh, shit, Jan, please stop, I can’t take any more!” She cried, as she rolled around on the now wet sand.
“Oh, alright. If you insist. ” I giggled, as I bit her clit one last time playfully. I reached out and pulled her to her feet and we walked down to rinse off in the ocean. We splashed around for a while as we hugged and kissed until I was getting so turned on my cunt was dripping down my leg.
“It looks like the little girl has a problem. ” She laughed, as she tweaked one of my rock hard nipples. I gasped, and grabbed her hand and crushed it against my swollen breast. She grabbed the other one and then tugged and twirled the little nubs between her fingers until I was going wild with lust.
“Oh, Kathy, please make love to me now, okay? “ I panted, as I threw my arms around her neck and crushed her beautiful body against mine. I rubbed my nipples back and forth over hers as she ran her fingers down to my cunt and slid one nail up and down my wet little slit.

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   I jerked at her touch and pushed my hips forward as I grabbed her hand and started humping it feverishly.
She curled three finger tips up in me and I fucked them harder and harder until I felt the orgasm start up my straining little body. She was really strong and held me tight as she fucked me, and it felt sooooo good! I slid my leg between hers and she pushed her own cunt hard against it as she started humping me too. Then she pushed me back and I fell to the wet sand at the waters edge. A wave petered out on the beach and the wash surged up my gaping cunt around her fingers and I screamed at the intense orgasm as it jerked me around and around. I gripped the wet slippery shore as she continued to pound in and out until I was screaming constantly, “Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me! Oh God! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” over and over, as I jerked my hips up off the sand and squirmed and shuddered out more orgasms.
She wiped my stringy blonde curls out of my dripping wet face and helped me up. I held onto her body tight as we staggered up the beach to our towels. I flopped down as she tenderly wiped the last of the seawater off me. Then she picked up a blanket that she had with her and spread it out and we laid back on it to dry off and snuggle in the waning sunlight. As the cool air blew off the waves I pulled our towels over us and we were snug as a bug under them.
We heard footsteps in the sand and looked up at two guys and their dates coming down from the dunes behind us. They stared at us lying there, and then the girls giggled and the guys smiled knowingly at the two lesbian girls lying close together under their towels with apparently nothing on, since our bikinis were lying in the sand next to us.
They moved down the beach a ways and set their cooler down and spread their own blankets out. We watched as the girls pulled their sweatshirts off to reveal stunning figures wrapped in the sexiest bikinis we had ever seen! They had tiny little pouches in front that barely covered their cunts and the tops were almost non existent just barely covering their nipples.

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   The thong like outfits revealed their cute buns completely to our gaze and we both shuddered with desire to go fuck them right then!
I caressed Kathy’s breast as she moaned in my ear, “Oh, God, Jan, I’m turning into such a slut here. I want to eat them both while you watch me and I want you to eat me right now while they watch. God, what have you done to me?”
I ran my tongue into her ear and sucked noisily as she shuddered and gasped loudly. She pushed my hand down between her legs and I ran my fingers up her wet cunt as she panted and moaned. The guys were looking at us and their shorts did little to hide the fact that they were both getting rock hard. Their dates giggled, and then reached down and grabbed their bulges as they jerked and gasped while ogling us making out under the towels.
“Jan, pull my towel down, okay?” Kathy panted in my face as I stared into her beautiful green eyes. “I want them to see me naked while you finger fuck me. Oh God, I’m soo wet!”
I smiled at her half closed eyes and ran my fingernail down across her tight stomach under her towel and she jerked and gasped as I did. “Oh, God, Jan, I’m starting to cum again. I can’t believe how horny I am since we met this morning; I can’t seem to get enough! You’re driving me crazy with lust, you meany. ” She panted, as she fucked up against my fingers driving in and out of her sopping wet cunt.
The motion of her hips thrashing around caused her towel to slide slowly off her straining body until the group watching us gasped as her naked body suddenly was revealed as it finally fell completely off. I smiled at them as I fingered her harder and harder, and the girls’ mouths hung open in awe as they rubbed their date’s shorts faster and faster. Then Kathy screamed as she bucked up off the sand and spurted her sweet juices all over my hand.


   At that same moment I heard the guys moan and watched as cum spurted down their legs from under their baggy shorts.
I turned and slid my tongue down over Kathy’s smooth belly to her red cunt hair. She pulled my body over her so my own cunt was directly over her face, and then she plunged her tongue up between the outer lips of my wet cunt, too. My towel was falling off as we sucked and licked each other totally oblivious to the group watching us now. The waning sun shown on our glistening sweaty bodies as we ate each other.
We gasped and moaned in unison until we both came together. I licked hungrily at her soft cunt as she ran her tongue up and down my own slit sucking all the moisture into her hot mouth as she panted.
Finally we collapsed with our heads between each others legs. We heard applause break out and looked up to see the group standing over us grinning and clapping at our naked bodies sixty nined on the blanket. I rolled off Kathy and we both grinned back at them as they offered us each a beer and toasted us with theirs.
“Great show!” one of the guys said as his date ran her hand over his softening penis down the front of his shorts. The other girl was stroking her date in the same way with her hand down under his shorts, too. The two guys were hugging the girls to their sides as they panted and moved their hips as the fondling increased.
We slid over on our knees and pulled their shorts down as their rigid cocks sprang into view. Kathy helped the one girl jack off her date while I fondled the other ones balls and licked the throbbing head with the tip of my little pink tongue.

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   It didn’t take but a few seconds before they erupted and shot white sprays of cum all over our faces and the grasping hands of their dates.
We all laughed as we wiped them off with our towels and then they walked over to their own blanket and stretched out to recover. The two girls stayed and knelt by us as we chatted and giggled about the afternoon’s activities. I saw one girl, who said her name was Kasey, ogling me when she thought I wasn’t looking and Kathy noticed and grinned at me.
“Looks like someone wants to fondle your cute little clit. ” She whispered in my ear, as the girl blushed and her friend laughed. I stared her in the eyes as I ran my fingers over her bikini clad little tits and she gasped as she blushed. But she didn’t move away as I slid one finger under the elastic and traced my nail across her stiff little nipple. She gasped and put her own hand over mine and squeezed my fingers into her swelling breast.
Kathy slid over and did the same to her other nipple and the other girl panted as she watched us playing with her friend. Then we pulled her top off and tugged on her stiff little nubs until she was moaning and trembling from out caresses. We stood her up and untied her bikini bottoms and let them fall to the sand revealing her pretty little shaved cunt lips and the moisture seeping out of them. I licked my lips at the sight and my own cunt erupted as I shuddered out another orgasm. Kathy was fingering her fleshy cunt as I leaned over and sucked one little nipple deep into my mouth.
Her friend watched as she removed her bikini and fondled her own nipples and fingered her cunt.

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   I looked over at her and something in my head rang a bell. I stopped what I was doing and just stared at her. She looked at me questioningly, and said, “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” I wracked my brain and finally realized what was troubling me. I knew this girl! I had seen her picture on the internet!
A short while back some guy had sent me pictures of a girl who he pretended to be, to try and coax me to send him my naked photos. This had to be her, or her exact twin! I stared some more until she blushed and dropped her eyes to the sand.
“Have you ever had a boyfriend in England?” I asked.
“Yeah, I did a few months ago, why? And how could you possibly know that?” She stammered with fear in her eyes.
 “Because he sent me your pictures on the net. ” I replied, as she stared at me in total shock.
“He couldn’t have!” She replied, as she licked her dry lips.
“Your name is Tishy, right?”
“Oh. My God! I can’t believe this! Who are you, and why are you telling me this stuff?”
‘I write stories for a sex site on the web under the pen name DeeDee18. Have you ever heard of me?” I asked.
“Oh, shit! Sure I have. My boyfriend wrote to tell me he was trying to write to you.

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   What a small world! Are you really her? How incredible is that?” She said, as she shuddered and looked at me searchingly.
“Yes I am, and I have thought about your sweet face and sexy body many times since then, and have wanted to eat you so bad that I lay awake nights playing with myself while staring at your tight body and those yummy looking breasts and nipples and your sweet looking cunt lips. And here you are in the flesh, and even more stunning than I imagined!” I panted, as my cunt leaked on the sand and my nipples swelled so hard that they ached looking at her.
“Ohmigod! That is amazing! You really want me that bad, hunh? Well here’s your chance sweetie, get over here and eat me now!” She panted with that sweet little glint in her eye, as I knelt before her parted legs and looked up at her wet slit above my face. I reached around to fondle her tight buns as I buried my face in her smooth mound and ran my tongue up her hot cunt.
“Oh God. How I’ve imagined this moment!” I gasped, as I sucked on her clit hungrily. She smiled down at me and giggled as she swept her honey streaked hair over my head. “You like that, little one?” she panted.
“Umm hum. ” I mumbled as I worked my tongue deeper into her wet cunt. I licked up and down on her inner lips until her hips began to move and her breath was coming in short gasps as she ground her cunt into my face.
“Oh, God, Jan, or whoever you are, you feel soo good in there. Suck me harder, harder. Bite my clit! Yessss.


  ” She panted, as I nibbled and tugged with my teeth on her stiff nub. Then she stiffened, and I felt her warm juices flow into my mouth as she shook from her orgasm. She bucked against my face repeatedly until the contractions eased and she let her breath out in a rush.
“Oh, man, you are good!” She panted, as she ran her fingers through my hair and then kissed the top of my head. I looked up into her eyes and smiled as I grabbed her buns and ran a finger up and down her smooth crack. She gasped, and then giggled, as I stood up and kissed her and ran my tongue over her sweet lips and stared into those mischievously beautiful eyes.
By now Kathy had the other girl totally exhausted so they staggered over to their blankets and flopped down on their boyfriends and fell asleep in their arms. I hugged Kathy, and then we picked up our stuff and shook the sand out and folded everything up.  We walked up the dunes to our cars exchanging phone numbers and kissing and hugging all the way.
As I drove down the highway I recalled the day, and the miraculous meeting with Tishy and Kathy, and I smiled as I headed for the airport to fly back to my little lover Angie to regale her with my latest escapade. She would be sooo jealous! - deedeeo18@hotmail. com -