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"You having some kind of trouble," her good friend Bay asked while they took a booth at a local resaurant for lunch!?! "What ever are you talking about," Alaina replied while picking up a menu, "I feel just fine, why do you ask!?!" A waitress appeared out of nowhere to take their orders, but as soon as she was gone, Bay turned back to her friend and replied, "You know exactly what I mean, for the past month you've been spending more time in the john than at your desk!?!" "Has someone else noticed," Alaina asked fearfully!?! "Not that I know of," Bay answered softly, "but last week I just happened to be using the john when you came in and if I'm not mistaken, masturbated like a wild monkey until you were cumming like crazy!!!" Alaina lowered her eyes, unable to look her friend in the eye and replied softly, "Y-you're right, I am having a problem and I don't know what to do about it!!!"Bay reached across the table and gently took Alaina by the hands and whispered, "What ever it is we're gonna work on it together, so give, what's up!?!" "Well, about six weeks ago, for some unexplained reason, my clitoris just about doubled in size, keeping my vagina in a constant state of sexual arousal, and it's just about driving me crazy," Alaina replied hoarsely!!! "What caused your clit to balloon up," Bay asked softly, "are you taking any drugs or medication!?!" "No, of course not," Alaina replied quickly, "I thought of that right away, but no, I'm clean as a whistle as far as drugs are concerned!!!" "What about Jerry, does he know," Bay went on!?! "Of course he knows," Alaina replied a little harshly, "how could I keep it from him, I'm constantly trying to jump his bones!!!" "Yeah," Bay replied thougtfully, "I guess that would be true, how's he taking it!?!" "Not too badly" Alaina replied, "but his job is really demanding, so he can only do so much for me!!!"The waitress dropped of their lunches, so for the next five minutes or so they both ate in silence until Bay asked softly, "Tell me the truth now, are you aroused right now, I mean at this very minute!?!" After wiping her lips with her napkin and taking a sip of water, Alaina leaned forward a whispered, "Hon, my pussy is absolutely on fire, I could cum just from pressing my thighs together if I tried hard enough!!!" "R-really," Bay asked in a husky voice, "have you ever had a woman take care of you!?!" "No, I haven't," Alaina replied softly, "are you applying for the job!?!" "I was just thinking," Bay answered quietly, "that maybe I could help you, you know, get over the hump!!!" "And how would you be doing that," Alina asked thickly, "with your fingers or your mouth!?!" "W-with my mouth," Bay stammered, "of course I'd suck your clit until you came in my mouth and flooded me with your juice!!!" "That's the way I like it," Alaina replied under her breath, "Jerry does me that way most of the time now, he just can't keep it up forever, and while I just love his big hard pecker, there's just something about having a tongue slithering all around the inside of your labia!!!" Back at the office the two women went directly to the restroom, and after making sure that the coast was clear, they both slipped into the handicapped stall as it provided the a little extra room for maneuvering!!! "Take off your panties," Bay ordered in a shaky voice!!! "I can't," Alaina replied softly!?! "I thought you wanted me to suck your clit," Bay replied, "why can't you take them off for me!?!" "Because I'm not wearing any," Alaina moaned softly, "I took them off just before lunch in case I had to do my clit at the restaurant!!!" "Sweet jesus in heaven," Bay moaned, "y-you mean to say that you were sitting there with a bare cunt all during lunch!?!" "Mmmmmm, yes," Alaina sighed, "and I could feel it bulging wide open when we were talking about it, too!!!" "Well hurry up and show it to me," Bay panted loudly, "I'm getting awfully wet myself!!!" Alaina casually grabbed the hem of her skirt, and after sighing deeply, lifted her skirt above her waist exposing her incredibly aroused vagina to Bay's wide open eyes!!!Bay stood there stunned for a moment or two while she just stared at Alaina's engorged organ, but after clearing her throat stammered, "I-I can see your clit sticking out between the folds of your pussy, and it's absolutely stunning!!!" "I should say thanks," Alaina replied softly, "but it's been such a problem for me!!!" "I don't wonder why," Bay replied sympathetically, "but it must be kinda neat having genitals that are so large and aroused all the time!!!" "Sometimes it is," Alaina replied gently, "when Jerry gets a whiff of me his pecker just turns to steel, even when he doesn't want it too, and the other day on the way up the elevator all the men sensed that one of us women was open and ready, you could see it in their eyes!!!" "Did you notice if any of them had erections," Bay asked excitedly!?! "In fact I did," Alaina replied almost proudly, "one man in particular had a huge erection inside of his pants and evidently didn't care who saw it!!!" "W-what did you do," Bay asked soflty!?! "I ran straight to the john and frigged myself like a maniac that's what!!!"All this sexy talk was having a definite affect on Alaina's wide open organ, and after wobbling from side to side a couple of times, she sat down hard on the toilet and after spreading her legs wide apart, looked Bay in the eye and mouth the words, "please help me", and that is exactly what she did!!! "Are you ready for my mouth," Bay whispered hoarsely while taking her place between her friend's slim thighs, "you certainly seem ready to me!?!" The fury inside of her was now hurtling out of control, so without even bothering to answer, Alaina grabbed Bay by the back of the neck and practically forced her face directly into her drooling muffy!!! "Oh my fucking god," she moaned, "t-that's wonderful, oh yesssssss, right there, do my clit, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so fucking nice!!!During college Bay had sucked more than one pussy, but never had she ever had the pleasure of satisfying one that was in such dire need of and orgasm as was Alaina's!!! Her clit was almost like a little dick as it poked its head proudly out of its little hood, as if to proclaim to the world, "here I am, suck me if you can," and that of course is exactly what Bay was doing, using both her tongue and teeth on the little erection until poor Alaina was practically going out of her mind with lust!!!Alaina's mind was spinning like a top as Bay's insistent tongue worked its magic over her distended clit, and just as she was about to shudder to a murderous climax, Bay practically leaped to her feet, and with lightning like quickness jerked off her panties and hose!!! "Now we're even," she said huskily while pulling Alaina to her feet and kissing her deeply on the mouth and adjusting her pussy so that her clit pressed directly into her friend's monster!!! Both of them gasped in unison as their clits snapped across each other, sending giant shocks of electricity throughout their trembling bodies!!! "Do you wanna cum with me," Bay asked breathlessly, "I-I'm really close now!?!" "Me too," Alaina moaned loudly while crushing her groin against Bays, "in fact, I-I'm fucking cumming right now!!!" Both women probed the other's mouth with her own tongue while their crotches were locked in a form of mortal combat as their clits exploded in one brutal orgasm after the other, until both of them were so spent that they slumped together on the restroom floor, stunned and daze from the experience!!! "Holy smokes that was good," Alaina panted, "I've never done anything even remotely like that, where did you learn that trick!?!" After chuckling softly, Bay looked her friend in the eye and replied, "That my dear was from an advanced course of pussy sucking at State U!!!" "Well," Alaina replied with a smile, "I'd have to guess you graduated with fucking honors!!!" "Summa cum laude," Bay replied with a laugh, "summa cum laude!!!"THE END
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